Wednesday, December 7, 2016

UPDATE. 14th Wisconsin Senate District GOP incumbent Luther Olsen defeats Democratic challenger Brian Smith

Margin of victory (percentage points)
AD1.    20.2
AD2.    38.8
AD3.    21.2
AD4.    19.4
AD5.    29.2
AD6.    40.4
AD7.    17.9
AD14.  14.6
AD21.  18.8
AD25.  30.0
AD26.  19.0
AD27.  24.8
AD28.  27.8
AD29.  22.2
AD30.  17.9
AD31.  28.2
AD32.  25.2
AD33.  25.2
AD34.  26.0
AD35.  32.2
AD37.  23.8
AD38.  25.6
AD39.  34.8
AD40.  29.0
AD41.  41.2
AD42.  17.4
AD43.  10,2
AD47.  38.0
AD49.  13.8
AD50.  15.8
AD51.    2.6
AD52.  27.6
AD54.  40.0
AD55.  23.0
AD56.  29.0
AD60.  50.2
AD61.  33.4
AD63.  28.2
AD66.  62.6
AD67.  28.6
AD68.  16.4
AD70.  24.6
AD72.  13.0
AD75.  23.8
AD76.  66.0
AD78.  58.4
AD79.  27.8
AD81.  21.0
AD85.    6.8
AD86.  22.6
AD87.  38.4
AD88.  22.2
AD89.  38.6
AD91.  19.4
AD92.    4.0
AD94.    5.2
AD96.  22.2
SD2.     30.0 
SD4.     26.2
SD12.   25.8
SD14.   14.0

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85th Assembly District.  (12/5/2016)
86th Assembly District.  (12/5/2016)
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10/1/2016 update, "Democratic challenger Brian Smith vs. 3-term GOP incumbent Luther Olsen in 14th Wisconsin Senate District", starts here.

Campaign websites:

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Senator skips veterans home tour to judge baking contest, by Daniel Bice.  (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 9/29/2016)
Forced to choose between visiting a troubled veterans home or to judge a baking contest, state Sen. Luther Olsen went with his gut.
Smith seeks state Senate seat.  Waupaca's mayor running as Democrat.  (Waupaca County Post, 5/11/2016) 
“I’d like to see a change in attitude at the state level,” Smith told the Waupaca County Post. “I think we need a better working relationship between state government and local governments, between the state and government employees.” 
Smith described the state’s current attitude toward public employees as harmful to morale and ineffective as a tool for providing additional funds for municipal operations.

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Original 8/9/2012 post, "Who's Running for State Office in Wisconsin 2012:  14th Senate District", starts here.

The 14th Senate District

Public libraries in the 14th.
Kilbourn Public Library, Wisconsin Dells/Lake Delton

Academic library
Lane Library, Ripon College

The Republican Incumbent

Biography: Born Berlin, February 26, 1951; married. Graduate Berlin H.S. 1969; B.S. UW-Madison 1973; Wis. Rural Leadership Program Group IV 1990-92.

Partner in farm supply dealerships.

Member: Green Lake Co. Republican Party; Waushara Co. Republican Party; Education Commission of the States (bd. of dir.); Midwest Regional Educational Laboratory (bd. of dir.); Manitowoc Mutual Insurance Co. (bd. of dir.).

Former member: Waushara Co. Fair Bd. (dir.); Family Health/La Clinica director (1995-99); Berlin Area School Board 1976-97 (pres. 1986-95).

Elected to Assembly 1994-2002; elected to Senate 2004; reelected 2008.

Ran unopposed in 2008.

Won 2012 recall election.

The Republican Challenger:  David Eiler

About:    Being on the Markesan School Board has inspired me to help find ways to fund our schools to keep them the best we can offer our students. Our leaders of tomorrow are our students of today. We must give them the best education we can to prepare them for the struggles they will face tomorrow.

I’m offering myself up to you. Madison needs people with common sense business practices to hold down the spending of our hard earned tax dollars. I will go to Madison to fight for your children’s educational system, to fight for small business owners, to fight for the elderly, to fight for the working class people, to fight to hold down taxes and state spending. I’m willing to fight for these things, are you?

Meet the 14th Senate District candidates.  (Beaver Dam Daily Citizen, 8/3/2012)\

More specifically, the Republican primary candidates, as Worthington is not included in the interviews.

Eiler sets an interesting table in response to the first question:  What sets you apart from your opponent?

Answer: I feel it is the fact that I am a born-again Christian. I have been married to only one woman, and I take my vows very seriously.

The Democratic Challenger:  Margarete Worthington

About:   [bold added]  Margarete Worthington lives in the rural Marquette County with her husband Richard and their 3 dogs. 

Margarete served on her town’s planning commission and is presently is in the Member Advisory Group for her area’s rural electric cooperative. Margarete comes from a military family as her father, uncle, brothers and husband all served in the US military. Margarete’s father was a WWII Veteran and one of her uncles was a WWI veteran. Margarete respects and appreciates those who serve our country and she wants to continue her family’s tradition of public service by representing her district in the Wisconsin State Senate. 

Margarete learned the importance of education from her father who had to quit school in 7th grade to start working. Margarete worked her way through college because her parents couldn’t afford the tuition and she earned a Bachelors degree. 

Margarete has a long work history in business. She has been the Assistant Manager of a family owned art store where she supervised 50 employees and she managed the lab safety program at a large university. Margarete worked in the financial industry and for almost 12 years she worked in the IT Department of a large construction company were she coordinated multi-miillion dollar budgets, negotiated telecom service contracts, leased and purchased all computer equipment.

Wisconsin Eye.  Campaign 2012 State Senate

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