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When swooning over Sam Bankman-Fried was a thing

HeadlineNew York Times, 11/2/2023
Sequoia Capital, a top venture firm that has funded Apple, Airbnb, Instagram and WhatsApp, all but begged Mr. Bankman-Fried to take its money during the mad rush when crypto was shiny and new. The FTX founder did. Sequoia then commissioned a very long celebration of Mr. Bankman-Fried by Adam Fisher, a longtime Silicon Valley writer who fell hard for the man whose fans called him S.B.F. 
“After my interview with S.B.F., I was convinced: I was talking to a future trillionaire,” Mr. Fisher wrote. He added: “The FTX competitive advantage? Ethical behavior.” 
Less than two months after the interview was published, FTX collapsed. Sequoia put a note at the top of the story saying this was an “unexpected turn of events.” It later took the story down and wrote off its $214 million investment in the exchange. Sequoia and Mr. Fisher declined to comment.

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Day 447 of aftermath 2020 Wisconsin election review clown show: Michael Gableman and the nursing home vote

Headline:  Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 11/2/2023
Former Supreme Court Justice Michael Gableman, who was hired by Assembly Republicans to investigate the 2020 election, claimed in his report that the WEC rule change led to the emergence of coerced votes from nursing home residents. Former President Donald Trump later alleged, without evidence, that those practices led to "thousands and thousands and thousands of crooked votes."

Alabama librarians meet the enemy within: Nancy C. Pack

HeadlinePublishers Weekly, 11/3/2023
It was unsurprising to learn this week that Alabama's state agency for public libraries has recommended severing ties with ALA, given the right wing political attack aimed at the association and Gov. Kay Ivey's recent demand for action. But in a head-snapping turn of events that hints at the depth of the political pressure state library leaders are facing, Alabama Public Library Service (APLS) director Nancy C. Pack has not only turned away from the ALA (after previously defending ALA in a September letter) but apparently from the ALA's Library Bill of Rights as well. reports that, in an October 12 memo, Pack recommended that the APLS board “strongly consider discontinuing the application of the ALA’s Library Bill of Rights as our guiding principle," and "place a much greater emphasis on addressing community needs.” Matthew Layne, president of the Alabama Library Association, told AL.Com that he "vehemently disagrees" with Pack's recommendations. "We as Alabamians should in no way capitulate to a vocal minority of individuals who wish to control what our citizens choose to read for themselves and for their families,” Layne told reporters. Pack's recommendations also include "finalizing a parent's list of potentially inappropriate book titles to serve as a valuable resource for public libraries." The recommendations will be voted on by the APLS Board later this month.

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ALcom, 10/28/2023
In response to Pack’s recommendations, librarian Marylyn Eubank said in a letter sent to the Alabama Library Association, “it is hard to compose a professional response to fear-based, unfounded, reactionary actions. One shakes with anger and the righteous indignation born from years of professional study and development. But shaking with anger doesn’t make the situation better for the millions of Alabama residents (mostly children) who have been betrayed by the very professionals meant to protect their rights.” 
Eubank said “Alabama kept books used by her black residents separate from books used by white residents” until the 1960s, and today, “funding for libraries is being held hostage by the governor and the state legislature.” “ 
Pack is simply providing the state what it wants - censorship in exchange for funding,” Eubank said.


The state of higher education in Florida under Governor Ron DeSantis

HeadlineNew York Times, 11/2/2023
At Miami University, degrees on the chopping block include critical race and ethnic studies, social justice studies and women’s, gender and sexuality studies. 

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Day 1099 of GOP election denial hysteria (Trump Big Lie Clown Show Circus, Colorado edition)

ATTACK Of the Clown Show zombies
Starring TEA PARTY HOLDOVER Amy Kremer
Headline: Colorado Newsline, 11/2/2023
“People were happy. It was a fantastic event. They got to hear their president, and they love him,” Kremer said. “It was just a happy, joyful event, and you could see it on their faces.” 
On cross-examination, Kremer acknowledged that she had been onstage near Trump during his speech, left promptly afterwards to return to her hotel, and was not among the crowd that began marching to the Capitol. And she said that she continued to believe that the results of the 2020 election were fraudulent, and that a “coup” had taken place. 
“Your view is that there was no insurrection on Jan. 6, but there was a coup on Nov. 4, 2020?” asked Sean Grimsley, an attorney for the plaintiffs. 
“I was talking about, metaphorically, they stole an election. So, metaphorically, they were taking out a sitting president,” Kremer said. “We don’t know who stole the election. It happened in a number of states.”

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Friday, November 3, 2023

Cruising Redwood Street in Warren Pennsylvania (summer of 2023)

Screenshots and video by Retiring Guy

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GET ME REWRITE: WISN broadcasts Foxconn puff piece

HeadlineWISN, 11/2/2023
The production is taking place in the smaller of the two side-by-side buildings the Taiwan-based company produced and once promised 13,0000 jobs and a $10 billion investment. 
"Market conditions have changed as to the original scope as to what Foxconn wanted to do in 2017 and 2018," Schlaeger said. "But what hasn't changed -- what hasn't changed is Foxconn's continued efforts to find business opportunities that can succeed."


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This week in the cereal aisle: Cheerios wins the shelf display against Lucky Charms

Photo by Retiring Guy

Bleeding Cool, 8/22/2023
General Mills is bringing back the Pumpkin Spice for a variety of items, but the big one to make a massive return is the Pumpkin Spice Cheerios. Believe it or not, this one was a super popular addition last Fall that got a ton of people talking, as you didn't have to go wait in line at a coffee shop to get your morning fix of the seasonal flavor. You could now just walk over to the cupboard, pull out a box of cereal, add milk, and you had a Pumpkin Spice start to your day. The cereal is making a return, but as always, it's going to be for a limited time as they don't want to make it a year-round thing.

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Blueberry Cheerios.  (5/16)
Snap, crackle and redpop.  (2/26)
Kellogg's Honey Oat Frosted Flakes.  (2/19)
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Nutter Butter.  (6/24)
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Chocolate Frosted Flakes.  (3/30)
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