Saturday, February 1, 2014

Climate Change in England

January was England's wettest winter month in almost 250 years. (The Guardian, 2/1/2014)

It's more than a question of temperature.  Flooding has been identified as the most dangerous impact of climate change for the UK and is hitting harder and faster than expected, according to scientists. Thousands of homes have been flooded since December, and much of the low-lying Somerset Levels remains under water.


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Are These the "Assholes on Parade" That Timbuk 3 Had in Mind?

Scout Leaders Who Toppled Ancient Rock Formation Are Charged.  (NPR, 2/1/2014)

Just as the Harley Davidson slogan sez: "The road starts here. It never ends."

Ohio Man Buried Riding His Harley-Davidson Motorcycle. (Laughing Squid, 1/31/2014)

Friday, January 31, 2014

Another Lesson in Hypocrisy: Wisconsin Republicans Disparage Mary Burke for Her Wealth

But apparently, it's just fine, and thoroughly enriching, to have wealthy Republicans make sizable campaign contributions to the Big Guy.

Especially leading up to a recall election, when the $10,000 contribution limit by individuals is thrown out the window.

Here's a sampling from the Wisconsin Democracy Campaign Follow the Money database of individuals who exceeded the regular election limit with a single contribution.

And these individuals also opened up their wallets big time.  (Again, just a sampling.)

Diane Hendricks?

I'm sure you remember her.  Walker and his pals love this woman!

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Alberta Darling's Tailor-Made News Release

Statement by State Senator Alberta Darling on President Obama's Visit to Wisconsin.

First of all, CNBC didn't rank; they reported

The National Association of Manufacturers ranked.  Number of manufacturing jobs gained from December 2009 to March 2013
  1. Michigan (88,100)
  2. Texas (57,500)
  3. Ohio (53,400)
  4. Indiana (51,900)
  5. Wisconsin (38,300, or about 957 jobs per month)
Which is not all that surprising when you consider where Wisconsin ranks in manufacturing jobs as a percentage of the total.
  1. Indiana (16.4%)
  2. Wisconsin (16.1%)
  3. Arkansas (13.6%)
  4. Michigan (12.8%)
  5. Alabama (12.7%)
Wisconsin doesn't fare quite as well when you look at the percentage change in manufacturing employment.
  1. Michigan (20.7%)
  2. South Dakota (17.4%)
  3. Alaska (14.4%)
  4. Washington (13.1%)
  5. Indiana (13.0%)
  6. North Dakota (12.7%)
  7. Idaho (11.3%)
  8. Oklahoma (11.1%)
  9. Iowa, Wisconsin (9.9%)

At the Movies with Rep. Michael Grimm.

Threat by Staten Island Lawmaker Adds to a Reputation as Hot-Tempered. (The New York Times, 1/29/2014)

Haven't I heard you somewhere before? During the 2010 primary, Michael Allegretti, his opponent, accused him of wearing combat ribbons he had not earned.

The Unfolding Apartment (450 Square Feet of Inventive Space Use)

Tiny Unfolding NYC Apartment Gives the Impression of Spaciousness. (Jetson Green, 1/30/2014)

Adapting to a small space.  The Unfolding Apartment is a renovated studio, located on NYC’s Upper West Side, and measures a mere 450 square feet. Despite its small size, the owner Eric Schneider, a young businessman still wanted an apartment that would allow him to entertain and host houseguests comfortably. The architects found a way to adhere to his wishes by making much of the apartment features capable of unfolding as needed.

"I can't be bothered with facts and numbers," he huffs "My mind is already made up."

Yes, the quote is fabricated, but it's certainly within the realm of possibility.

Farmington library caught in the middle of budget dispute. (Morning Sentinel, 1/30/2014)

Photo credit:  Town of Farmington Maine

Wisconsin Public Library Revenue by Decade (1950-2010)

 Source:  Public Library Service Data and its older variations

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Tool Lending Libraries Proliferate

The Tool Library Movement Gains Steam. (Shareable, 1/29/2014

More than just access to tools.  The tool library movement is reinventing itself and growing in the process. No longer just places to get a drill when you need one, tool libraries are neighborhood hubs offering classes, community building spaces, workshops and a variety of tools ranging from belt sanders to lawnmowers and more. Homicki says this transformation from tool library to community space is one that often goes both ways.

A movement that is mostly independent of public libraries.  He points out that in the U.S. there are about 15,000 public library locations, so we’re a long way from having as many tool library locations as libraries, but Homicki thinks that at least 1,000 tool libraries in the next five years in the U.S. is possible.

But there are a few public libraries in the U.S. that lend tools.

The Berkeley Public Library's Tool Lending Library, one of the oldest, has been around since 1979.

Other public libraries that lend tools:

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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Dissolution, "from Latin dissolutionem (nominative dissolutio) "a dissolving, destroying, interruption..."*

*from the Online Etymology Dictionary

Dissolution of library likely. (Sussex Sun, 1/28/2014)

The perils of Pauline.  According to the agreement reached in 1987, "Should termination of this agreement result in the closing of the library, the assets thereof shall be divided among the two municipalities in accordance with the ration of expense sharing in the average of the five year period preceding said termination."  

However, village officials argue there should be no division of the library's assets because the termination of the agreement will not result in the closing of the library since the Village Board intends to continue operations of the library without town funding. 

Town officials argue, however, that once the agreement is terminated, the Pauline Haas Library ceases to exist and the assets should be divided. Any library operated in the future by the village is not the same as the existing library.

One of my guilty pleasures from late '72/early '73.

Looks as though this list will continue to grow for the time being.

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Conservative Young Professionals May Find It Tough to Mobilize After Its Kick-Off Event at Ward's House of Prime

January 27, 2014, news release.  CYP to Mobilize 10,000 Young Voters for Governor Walker,

Ward's House of Prime menu.

A Lesson in Hypocrisy (Waukesha County Edition)

Quotes from the article

Waukesha Mayor Jeff Scrima to skip Barack Obama visit to GE plant. (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 1/28/2014)

So that's just empty thanks, Jeff? There was that one time, he acknowledged. 

In May of last year, Scrima accepted the invitation of officials from La Casa de Esperanza to speak at a school choice rally in Waukesha. He did not know that Walker would be speaking at the same event, Scrima said.

"I didn't know."  You or someone in your office should have asked, if this is such a big deal for you, Jeff.

Editorial:  Waukesha mayor plans to be a no-show at Obama stop.  (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 1/28/2014)

Apparently, he doesn't think Walker's school voucher plan is extreme.  Scrima didn't address that question directly, but he did say in another email that "Both Walker and Obama are extremists. I've never joined a political party because I don't believe that either party has all the answers.

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Water Main Breaks Forces Appleton Public Library to Close

Water main break closes street, library, alters bus stops. (Appleton Post-Crescent, 1/28/2014)

Farrah Fawcett's Influence on Popular Baby Names

Source:  Social Security Administration's Popular Baby Names

1976.  September 22.  Charlie's Angels debuts on ABC.
1976.  "Farrah" makes her first appearance on the list of top 1000 baby names for girls at #276.
1977.  Farrah leaves Charlie's Angels after just one season.
1977.  "Farrah" jumps to #177 in her 2nd year on the list of top 1000 baby names for girls.

2009.  June 25.  Farrah dies of cancer
2010.  "Farrah" reappears on the top 1000 baby names for girls at #551.

Library News from Riga, Latvia

Enterprise Zones: The Sequel

Job Aid Zones Face a New Test in Coal Country. (The New York Times, 1/27/2014)

Trying to reverse decades of declineNobody doubts that this hilly and remote stretch of Appalachia could use the help. The local unemployment rate is 12.8 percent. Drug abuse is rampant. The poverty rate is nearly 26 percent.

But experts are broadly skeptical that any federal initiative would be enough to combat either the immediate economic upheaval caused by the loss of coal jobs or the long-term economic torpor that is a product of remoteness, poor infrastructure and an undereducated work force.

From "A Brief History" (of Hazard and Perry County, Kentucky).  In these heydays hundreds of coal mines were opened and work was abundant. Men were paid salaries never heard of in the mountains prior to the arrival of the railroad. Also for the first time people in the mountains were being exposed to other cultures as foreign nationals came into this prosperous area to work and start businesses. Prior to this time virtually the entire population was made up of descendants of pioneers who came over the mountains from Virginia, Tennessee and North Carolina to scratch out a lonely existence in the wilderness.

After the stock market crashed and the depression set in, however, the glory days ended. Some coal miners were paid as low as $2.00 a day for 14 hours of work. The local economy was at its lowest level since before the railroad came. Coal was being sold in some cases for as little as 73 cents a ton. During this grim period mine and business failures were at an all-time high

A Statistical Look at Madison, Wisconsin: New Dwelling Units, 1921-1950

A Tudor-inspired design in Madison's Nakoma neighborhood.

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Monday, January 27, 2014

Shocking Revelation: Tax-Cut Plan is a Republican Campaign Talking Point

Editorial: State must focus on long-term finances. (Appleton Post-Crescent, 1/25/2014)

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Empathy Alert: Scott Walker Changes His Mind About Leaving Some Wisconsin Residents, Mostly Rural, in the Cold

Scott Walker pledges millions of dollars to ease propane shortage. (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 1/27/2014)

Somebody must have pointed out to him that there is something to lose.   On at least two occasions last week, Walker said that there would be nothing to gain from using a newly announced $1 billion state surplus or other public funds to address the propane shortage.

Beyond natural gas and electricity; more than 10% of U.S. homes use heating oil or propane.  (U.S. Energy Information Administration, 11/28/2011)

Households not likely to be campaign contributors.  Across the country, propane use is most common in rural areas and mobile homes. About 83% of households with propane heating are located in rural areas that are typically beyond the reach of the natural gas distribution infrastructure. In the Midwest, the rural share is greater than 90%. Additionally, those living in mobile homes are twice as likely to heat with propane as those in other housing unit types.

On average, how much time do children spend reading each day?

The study, Learning at Home:  Families' Educational Media Use in America , looks at 2 to 10 year olds.

46 minutes for girls.  34 minutes for boys.

From a 1/27/2014 GalleyCat post.

Parents still emphasize print.  For the study, the organization spoke to more than 1500 parents of 2-10 year olds across the country. According to the report, 62 percent of these kids have access to eReaders or tablets, but only 31 percent actually use these devices because their parents want them to read print books.

Who Will Run for State Office in the 17th Senate District Now That Dale Schultz (R-Richland Center) Has Announced His Retirement?

Howard Marklein, a Spring Green Republicans who represents the 51st Assembly District, announced his candidacy in April 2013.  He has yet to earn Dale Schultz's endorsement.

Democrat Ernie Wittwer, a Town of Willow resident in Richland County, announced his candidacy in November 2013.

The 17th Senate District includes the 49th, 50th, and 51st Assembly districts in southwestern Wisconsin.

Public libraries in the 51st Assembly District, represented by Howard Marklein (R-Spring Green):
Turgeson Memorial Library, Belmont

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Wisconsin Attorney General in 2014: Waukesha County DA Brad Schimel.  (10/10/2013
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Don't Expect to See This Luther Olsen Quote Framed and Hung in Gov. Scott Walker's Office

Gov. Scott Walker sacrifices politics for policy.  (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 1/25/2014)

It's not money in the bank. The heart of Walker's message Wednesday night was a proposal to give back a big chunk of an expected state surplus to taxpayers on the speculative notion that a tax cut will stimulate the economy.

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Sunday, January 26, 2014

What Are the Odds That Governor Walker Calls for Redistricting Reform in his State of the State Address? (The Follow-up)

If you answered "zero to none", you are correct!

 The word search

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Scott Walker on Kids and Reading

Text analysis of Scott Walker's 2014 State of the State speech. (Capital Times, 1/23/2014)

Guess this is already yesterday's news.  2012?  

Coming soon.

Sidebar:  In his 2014 address, Walker used the word "children" once.

We ask adults without children seeking food stamps to enroll in employment training.

On This Date in 1945

My parents were married at Zion Lutheran Church in Rockford, Illinois, on Friday, January 26, 1945.

The only surviving member of the wedding party is the flower girl on the left -- my cousin Carole Benander Hultgren.