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Welcome to the Texas GOP: Troglodyte City

HeadlineThe Texas Tribune, 12/2/2023
In a 32-29 vote on Saturday, members of the Texas GOP’s executive committee stripped a pro-Israel resolution of a clause that would have included the ban— delivering a major blow to a faction that has called for the party to confront its ties to groups that have recently employed, elevated or associated with outspoken white supremacists or antisemitic figures.  
Ahead of Saturday’s vote, Defend Texas Liberty-backed Reps. Nate Schatzline, R-Fort Worth, and Tony Tinderholt, R-Arlington, briefly spoke to the executive committee. The day prior, Sen. Bob Hall — an Edgewood Republican who has received $50,000 from Defend Texas Liberty — was also at the Austin hotel where executive committee members were meeting, and in a speech condemned attempts to cut ties with the group based on what he called “hearsay,” “fuzzy photographs” and “narratives.”  [emphasis added]

GET ME REWRITE: 1.4% of Americans watch made-for-TV programming stunt starring Gavin Newsom and Ron DeSantis

HeadlineThe Hill, 12/1/2023
Fox News got a major ratings boost Thursday night with a prime-time debate between Govs. Gavin Newsom (D-Calif.) and Ron DeSantis (R-Fla.). 
The 90-minute event, moderated by Fox host Sean Hannity, netted a total of 4.7 million viewers for the network, according to Nielsen Media Research data, including 742,000 in the key advertising demographic of viewers aged 25-54.  [emphasis added]

In other words, an audience that looks and thinks like the old white dudes in this photo.

GET ME REWRITE: Wisconsin's Mike Gallagher in pearl-clutching mode over George Santos expulsion from Congress

HeadlineWLUK, 12/1/2023
"The allegations against George Santos are extremely serious and unbefitting a member of Congress. I am glad he is not running for re-election and think he should resign from office," Gallagher said in a statement Friday. 
"But Congress has never before expelled a member in the absence of a felony conviction or disloyalty to the United States. By continually breaking precedents, this Congress is opening up a pandora’s box of perpetual expulsions and chaos. On the current path, Congress is devolving into a green room for cable news shows and social media stardom. The best way to fix this is to simply focus on our committee work and let the voters decide who gets to serve in Congress."

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Since the execrable Robin Vos is parroting the uber-conservative MacIver Institute, you'll want to take his pronouncement with the entire box of Morton's

MacIver Institute

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Chapter 1: The incredible male whiteness of being a Freedom Caucus Crazy

Lunatics do not understand good optics.

 Watch the whole dang video if you care.

Menomonee Falls school board president and her puppet get pushback from anti-censorship group for banning 33 books

HeadlineNational Coalition Against Censorship, 12/2/2023 
According to media reports, the superintendent of Wisconsin’s Menomonee Falls Schools has removed 33 books from school libraries without following the district’s challenge procedures.
The National Coalition Against Censorship has written to the school board to urge them to conduct all book challenges in accordance with board policy, which requires that challenges be adjudicated by a committee of diverse stakeholders.

Day 1129 of GOP election denial hysteria (Trump Big Lie Clown Show Circus, Cleta Mitchell MAGA edition)

ATTACK Of the Clown Show zombies
Starring maga lady Cleta Mitchell
Headline: New York Times, 12/1/2023
Among the leading backers for this new system is Cleta Mitchell, a central figure in former President Donald J. Trump’s efforts to subvert the 2020 election and the leader of the Election Integrity Network, a national coalition of activists built around the false idea that the 2020 election was stolen. 
Ms. Mitchell and others have billed EagleAI as an alternative to the Election Registration Information Center, a widely used interstate system that made it easier for officials to track address changes and deaths as they maintain the voter rolls. That system, known as ERIC, has become the subject of conspiracy theories and misinformation that prompted nine states to withdraw with few backup plans. 
Ms. Mitchell declined to answer questions about the county’s decision.

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2024 elections: Who will run in Utah's 2nd congressional district now that Republican Chris Stewart accepted a DC lobbying job

Most likely Celeste Maloy (R), who won a special election on November 21, 2023.

The sprawling and gerrymandered 2nd congressional district in Utah cracks Salt Lake City, the most liberal city in the state.  Trump won 56.7% of the vote in 2020.

Source:  Ballotpedia

Instead of cleaning out his congressional office and shipping his belongings a couple thousand miles to his Farmington home, Stewart is setting up shop a couple miles away from Capitol Hill — the firm will join countless others on Washington’s storied K Street. 
Just over 72 hours after Stewart’s final day in office, American Global Strategies — a consultancy co-founded by Utahn Robert O’Brien, the national security adviser to former President Donald Trump — announced a partnership with Skyline Capitol, a new government affairs firm headed by the now-retired representative.

Other dropouts:
Debbie Lesko. R, AZ-8.  (11/28/2023
Anna Eshoo.  D, CA-16.  (11/29/2023)
Ken Buck.  R,CO-4.  (1128//2023)
John Sarbanes.  D, MD-3.  (11/30/2023)
John Sarbanes.  D, MI-8.  (11/30/2023)
Kay Granger.  R, TX-12.  (12/1/2023) 

2024 elections: Who will run in Texas's 26th congressional district now that Republican Michael Burgess is not running for re-election

The gerrymandered 26th congressional district packs and cracks Denton County, one of Texas's fastest-growing.  It is also becoming less red.  In 2020, Trump won 58.6% of the vote in the 26th CD and 53.2% in Denton County.

Source:  Ballotpedia
(Libertarian candidates challenged Burgess in 2014 and 2022)

NBCDFW  11/1/2023
Burgess told NBC 5 he didn't want to hold on to power too long. First elected in 2002, the local obstetrician said he was healthy and had no major medical problems. He wants to spend more time with his family in his later years. 
"I have a lot of things going for me, but at the same time I have to accept the fact that I've been doing this for 22 years and I was in my mid-50s when I got there. I already had a career," said Burgess, "This year, probably more than others, there's been more discussion on candidates ages and are they up to the task."

So far, 6 Republicans and 2 Democrats have announced that they are running to succeed Granger.  (Screenshots from same Ballotpedia link as above.)

Other dropouts:
Debbie Lesko. R, AZ-8.  (11/28/2023
Anna Eshoo.  D, CA-16.  (11/29/2023)
Ken Buck.  R,CO-4.  (1128//2023)
John Sarbanes.  D, MD-3.  (11/30/2023)
John Sarbanes.  D, MI-8.  (11/30/2023)
Kay Granger.  R, TX-12.  (12/1/2023) 

CES 2024: Cyrusher electric skateboard

Notebook Check, 12/1/2023
Those gadgets are rated to unlock "the freedom to explore diverse terrains and waves" and to do so at about 50km per hour (~31 mph), unlike many e-bikes. Cyrusher asserts that it will "revolutionize personal mobility" even further by bringing its inaugural electric skateboard to join them.

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Hisense 5S Series Washer.  (11/28/2023)
Samsung Galaxy Z 5Fold.  (11/28/2023)

Cyrusher Hurricane e-bike.  (12/2/2023) 

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CES 2024: Cyrusher Thunders electric surfboard

Screenshot from video below (Look Ma, no waves!)

Notebook Check, 9/17/2023
(also noted here)
The Cyrusher Thunders electric surfboard has been launched in the US. The company, known for its e-bikes, claims its new product allows you to surf without wind or waves thanks to its Jet-Pump direct drive. The e-surfboard has a 5 kW continuous-rated and 10 kW peak-rated electric motor, allowing you to travel at speeds up to 70 kph (~44 mph); the average speed is 50 kph (~31 mph). 
The Thunders' throttle is controlled via a handle attached to the surfboard. A safety shut-off key with a paracord bracelet ensures the motor switches off if you fall from the board. A 3,600 Wh battery allows you to ride for up to 60 minutes and fully recharges in two to three hours with the included 72V 25A charger. The company suggests that a novice could stand up on the board with one or two attempts, though it admits that a jet board would be easier to ride.

Yours for $9,999

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Lumary HDMI sync box.  (11/25/2023)
Serry Smart Cooker.  (11/24/2023)

TomTom Map Maker.  (11/28/2023)
Hisense 5S Series Washer.  (11/28/2023)
Samsung Galaxy Z 5Fold.  (11/28/2023)

Cyrusher Hurricane e-bike.  (12/2/2023) 

From the past:

CES 2024: Cyrusher Hurricane e-bike


Notebook Check, 11/30/2023
The Cyrusher Hurricane e-bike is now available to pre-order in countries worldwide. The electric bicycle features a 1,000W Bafang M620-G510 mid-mounted motor for a top assistance speed of 28 mph (~45 kph) and a carbon fiber frame. An integrated torque sensor ensures assistance feels natural, and a 52V 20 Ah battery from LG allows you to ride for up to 55 miles (~90 km) on a single charge. 
The Hurricane is a 9-speed e-bike with a Shimano rear derailleur, a GTMRK inverted air suspension fork and DNM air suspension. A Tektro 4-piston hydraulic disc brake system ensures shorter stopping distances and 26 x 4.8-inch fat tires improve comfort, grip, and safety. Other features include a thumb throttle and a Bafang DPC18 display with a USB port to charge your phone on the go.

Yours for $5,999.

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Hyundai eVTOL purpose built vehicles (PBVs).  (11/24/2023)

Lumary HDMI sync box.  (11/25/2023)
Serry Smart Cooker.  (11/24/2023)

TomTom Map Maker.  (11/28/2023)
Hisense 5S Series Washer.  (11/28/2023)
Samsung Galaxy Z 5Fold.  (11/28/2023)

From the past:

Friday, December 1, 2023

MAGA makeover queen Elise Stefanik continues to stand with George Santos, votes 'nay' on expulsion

Leadership from the chair of the House Republican Conference.  

7 of the 11 members of New York's GOP delegation to the House of Representatives voted to expel Santos.  Stefanik did not.

HeadlineCNN: 1/23/2023

A slow learner:
Stefanik was a key validator for Santos in their shared home state and often touted the candidate in public and private forums. Several prominent GOP donors told CNN that they gave to Santos, who was largely unknown to them, because Stefanik, the state’s most influential elected Republican and a prolific fundraiser, backed him. 
“I would have never donated without Elise,” said Ken Salamone, who gave $5,800 to Santos’ campaign and more than $20,000 to his joint fundraising committee, after Stefanik’s team reached out on his behalf. “I assumed she did her homework. I always do my homework and didn’t. Shame on me.” 

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GET ME REWRITE: Meet the House GOP members from Wisconsin who voted against expelling disgraced George Santos from Congress

Headline:  Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 12/1/2023
Four Wisconsin Republicans voted against removing Santos, largely noting the freshman lawmaker has not yet been convicted on any of the 23 federal felony charges he faces. But the chamber ultimately expelled him on a 311-114 vote, reaching the necessary two-thirds majority threshold to remove a member. One hundred and five Republicans backed the expulsion resolution, along with 206 Democrats.