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Front side

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GET ME REWRITE: Rob Stafsholt announces candidacy for Wisconsin State Senate at business of big GOP donor

Rep. Stafsholt announces Senate candidacy in Wisconsin’s 10th District.  (The Sun, 11/29/2019)
Wisconsin Assembly District 29 Representative Rob Stafsholt announced his candidacy for state Senate in Wisconsin’s 10th District in Osceola Nov. 20. His announcement was made at Core Products surrounded by friends and colleagues vowing to represent the people of the 10th District in Madison.

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Who's running in 10th Wisconsin Senate District? (2020 elections edition).  (11/30/2019)

Who's running in 10th Wisconsin Senate District? (2020 elections edition)

Republican Sheila Harsdorf held the seat from 2001 until November 2017, when she resigned to take a position in Governor Scott Walker's cabinet.  Democrat Patty Schachtner won a special election in January 2018.

Source:  Ballotpedia

The art of the Wisconsin gerrymander (St. Croix/Dunn counties edition)

Rep. Stafsholt announces Senate candidacy in Wisconsin’s 10th District.  (The Sun, 11/29/2019)

Democrats need to be concerned about this.

GET ME REWRITE: Brazilian president Jair Bolsonaro rips a page out of the Trump playbook: Tell 'em whoppers!

The bigger, the better for maximum distraction

Brazil’s president criticizes DiCaprio over Amazon fires.  (Wisconsin State Journal, 11/29/2019)

Friday, November 29, 2019

Michael McCaul, one of the GOP lemmings of Congress, gets snookered in a major-league way

Trump's Washington:  A festival of fakery

How did Mina Chang get a State Department job in the first place?  (NBC News, 11/27/2019)
Marocco endorsed her for the job and McCaul wrote her a recommendation letter.
Excerpt from McCaul's 2/18/2019 fawning letter (highlight added)

According to Merriam-Webster, the first known use of snooker as a verb meaning "to hoodwink", occurred in 1925.

Other coinages from the same year include:
  1. acey-deucey
  2. bail out
  3. bench jockey
  4. blooper
  5. curb service
  6. hot seat
  7. soft touch
  8. uh-oh

Original 11/3/2019 post, "Meet the GOP lemmings of Congress", starts here.

One of McCaul's greatest hits:  "One Man, One Woman".

Other Michael McCaul posts:
Meet the members of the Republican Study Committee.  (8/7/2015)
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Bradley Byrne, Alabama.  (10/10/2019)
Martha Roby, Alabama.  (10/10/2019)
Mike Rogers, Alabama.  (10/10/2019)
Robert Aderholt, Alabama.  (10/10/2019)
Mo Brooks, Alabama.  (10/10/2019)
Gary Palmer, Alabama.  (10/10/2019)

Don Young, Alaska.  (10/10/2019)

Paul Gosar, Arizona.  (10/10/2019)
Andy Biggs, Arizona.  (10/10/2019)
Debbie Lesko, Arizona.  (10/10/2019)

Rick Crawford, Arkansas.  (10/10/2019)
French Hill, Arkansas.  (10/10/2019)
Steve Womack, Arkansas.  (10/11/2019)
Bruce Westerman, Arkansas.  (10/11/2019)
Tom Cotton, Arkansas.  (10/16/2019)

Doug LaMalfa, California.  (10/11/2019)
Tom McClintock, California.  (10/11/2019)
Paul Cook, California.  (10/11/2019)
Devin Nunes, California.  (10/11/2019)
Kevin McCarthy, California.  (10/12/2019)
Ken Calvert, California.  (10/12/2019)
Duncan Hunter, California.  (10/12/2019)

Ken Buck, Colorado.  (10/13/2019)
Doug Lamborn, Colorado.  (10/13/2019)

Matt Gaetz, Florida.  (10/13/2019)
Ted Yoho, Florida.  (10/14/2019)
Daniel Webster, Florida.  (10/14/2019)
Mario Diaz-Balart, Florida.  (10/14/2019)

Buddy Carter, Georgia.  (10/15/2019)
Rob Woodall, Georgia.  (10/15/2019)
Doug Collins, Georgia.  (10/15/2019)
Jody Hice, Georgia.  (10/16/2019)
Barry Loudermilk, Georgia.  (10/17/2019)
Rick Allen, Georgia.  (10/17/2019)
Tom Graves, Georgia.  (10/17/2019)

Mike Bost, Illinois.  (10/18/2019)
Rodney Davis, Illinois.  (10/18/2019)
John Shimkus, Illinois.  (10/18/2019)
Darin LaHood, Illinois.  (10/19/2019)

Jackie Walorski, Indiana.  (10/19/2019)
Jim Banks, Indiana.  (10/19/2019)
Larry Bucshon, Indiana.  (10/20/2019)

Steve King, Iowa.  (10/20/2019)

James Comer, Kentucky.  (10/20/2019)
Brett Guthrie, Kentucky. (10/21/2019)
Thomas Massie, Kentucky.  (10/21/2019)
Hal Rogers, Kentucky.  (10/21/2019)
Andy Barr, Kentucky.  (10/22/2019)

Steve Scalise, Louisiana.  (10/22/2019)
Mike Johnson, Louisiana.  (10/22/2019)

Andy Harris, Maryland.  (10/22/2019)

Jack Bergman, Michigan.  (10/22/2019)
Tim Walberg, Michigan.  (10/22/2019)

Tom Emmer, Minnesota.  (10/22/2019)

Steve Palazzo, Mississippi.  (10/23/2019)

Ann Wagner, Missouri.  (10/23/2019)
Blaine Luetkemeyer, Missouri.  (10/23/2019)
Vicky Hartzler, Missouri.  (10/23/2019)
Sam Graves, Missouri.  (10/24/2019)
Billy Long, Missouri.  (10/24/2019)
Jason Smith, Missouri.  (10/25/2019)

Greg Gianforte, Montana.  (10/24/2019)

Jeff Fortenberry, Nebraska.  (10/24/2019)
Don Bacon, Nebraska.  (10/25/2019)
Adrian Smith, Nebraska.  (10/25/2019)

Lee Zeldin, New York.  (10/25/2019)
Peter King, New York.  (10/25/2019)
Tom Reed, New York.  (10/25/2019)
John Katko, New York.  (10/25/2019)

George Holding, North Carolina.  (10/27/2019)
Virginia Foxx, North Carolina.  (10/27/2019)
Mark Walker, North Carolina.  (10/27/2019)
Richard Hudson, North Carolina.  (10/27/2019)
Mark Meadows, North Carolina.  (10/27/2019)
Ted Budd, North Carolina.  (10/28/2019)

Steve Chabot, Ohio.  (10/28/2019)
Brad Wenstrup, Ohio.  (10/28/2019)
Jim Jordan, Ohio.  10/29/2019)
Bob Latta, Ohio.  (10/29/2019)
Bill Johnson, Ohio.  (10/30/2019)
Bob Gibbs, Ohio.  (10/30/2019)
Warren Davidson, Ohio.  (10/30/2019)
Michael Turner, Ohio.  (10/31/2019)
Steve Stivers, Ohio.  (10/31/2019)

Markwayne Mullin, Oklahoma.  (11/1/2019)
Frank Lucas, Oklahoma.  (11/1/2019)
Tom Cole, Oklahoma.  (11/1/2019)

Scott Perry, Pennsylvania.  (11/1/2019)
Glenn Thompson, Pennsylvania.  (11/1/2019)
Mike Kelly, Pennsylvania.  (11/1/2019)

Joe Wilson, South Carolina.  (11/2/2019)
Jeff Duncan, South Carolina.  (11/2/2019)
Ralph Norman, South Carolina.  (11/2/2019)
Tom Rice, South Carolina.  (11/2/2019)

Phil Roe, Tennessee.  (11/2/2019)
Chuck Fleischmann, Tennessee.  (11/2/2019)
Scott DesJarlais, Tennessee.  (11/2/2019)
Marsha Blackburn, Tennessee.  (10/16/2019)

Louie Gohmert, Texas.  (11/2/2019)
John Ratcliffe, Texas.  (11/2/2019)
Kevin Brady, Texas.  (11/2/2019)

The invisible hand of the marketplace strikes a match, lights up nighttime sky in Port Neches, Texas

Reported in Port Neches plant fined $275K for ‘preventable’ violations over past 10 years.  (KHOU, 11/27/2019)

Climate change as a matter of fact: Rising sea levels in the Florida Keys

Photo credit:  ResearchGate

Reported in This Florida Keys Neighborhood Has Been Flooded For Nearly 3 Months.  (NPR, 11/28/2019)

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The $27 Billion QuestionCan the Florida Keys adapt to sea level rise?  (The Nature Conservancy, 11/19/2019)
The Great Chinese Climate Hoax Is Recreating Venice in the Florida Keys.  (Esquire,  11/25/2019)

Previous climate change as a matter of fact posts:
Cape Town, South Africa.  (1/31/2018)
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Sea of Okhotsk.  (11/13/2019)
2022 World Cup games in Qatar moved from July to November.  (10/18/2019)
The thawing of Siberia's permafrost.  (10/5/2019)
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No groundwater for 100,000,000 people in India? That sounds like 'unlivable' to me. (6/21/2019)
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Record heat in Japan raises concerns over 2020 Olympics.  (7/23/2018)
Lebanon's cedar trees.  (7/19/2018)
Rising seas + draining underground aquifers = Jakarta disaster.  (12/22/2017)

Australia and the Pacific
Dying coral of the Great Barrier Reef.  (4/22/2018)
Easter Island.  (3/18/2018)
Green sea turtles of the Great Barrier Reef.  (1/11/2018)
Kiribati.  (7/6/2016)

Business and industry
It's the business of a ratings agency.  (7/28/2019)

White truffles production in Italy.  (11/17/2019)
Italy's olive groves.  (3/11/2019)
Rising seas threaten Scottish heritage.  (9/29/2018)
Norway, Finland, and Sweden.  (7/19/2018)
Portugal.  (6/19/2017)
The Netherlands.  (6/19/2017)

North America
Some parcels are off-limits to development in Virginia Beach, Virginia.  (11/23/2019)
Pecan orchards of New Mexico.  (9/29/2019)
Green Bay, Wisconsin.  (Green infrastructure).  (9/17/2019)
Coming alive in the nighttime in Phoenix.  (8/21/2019)
It's an election issue for young Republicans. (8/21/2019)
2°C beyond the limit in New Jersey.  (8/14/2019)
In the newsrooms of Florida newspapers.  (7/10;2/019)
The Point in Newport, Rhode Island.  (7/10/2019)
Expect more fish die-offs in Wisconsin lakes. (7/9/2019)
Still on the front lines in Miami.  (6/26/2019)
Great Marsh, Cape Cod, Massachusetts.  (6/4/2019)
Alaska:  Iditarod sled dog race.  (3/3/2019)
Greenland's rapidly melting ice.  (1/22/2019)
Insect apocalypse:  Monarch butterfly.  (12/10/2018)
Hot nights in the U.S.  (9/6/2018)
Hampton Roads, Virginia.  (8/19/2018)
Front-page news at Des Moines Register.  (8/12/2018)
Miami, again.  (6/14/2018)
May 2018 record heat in U.S. (6/9/2018)
Melting outdoor ice rinks in Canada.  (3/21/2018)
Gulf of Maine.  (3/8/2018)
Jean Lafitte, Louisiana.  (2/26/2018)
Lodi, Wisconsin.  (2/3/2018)
Maine shrimp season.  (12/27/2017)
California fires.  (12/8/2017)
Wisconsin.  (11/16/2017)
Hampton Roads, Virginia.  (11/4/2017)
Georgia peach orchards.  (9/18/2017)
Northeast U.S. pine forests.  (8/29/2017)
Tangier Island, Virginia.  (8/25/2017)
South of the Arctic Circle in Alaska. (8/25/2017)
New Orleans.  (8/12/2017)
Mexico City.  (2/19/2017)
Kansas.  (1/29/2017)
Moose of Maine.  (1/21/2017)
Florida Keys.  (1/14/2017)
California wine country.  (1/11/2017)
Kaktovik, Alaska.  (12/20/2016)
Alaska's Glacier Bay National Park.  (7/7/2016)

Polar regions
Unprecedented ice melt in Greenland and the Arctic so far this June.  (6/15/2019)
Disappearing old ice in Arctic.  (6/4/2018)
North Pole.  (2/28/2018)
Beavers migrate to Arctic.  (12/24 /2017)
Shrinking sea ice in the Arctic Ocean.  (12/14/2017)
Emaciated polar bear.  (12/9/2017)

South America
Galapagos Islands.  (12/19/2018)
Peru.  (11/26/2017)
Brazil.  (6/8/2017)
Bolivia.  (7/11/2016)
Peru,  (5/21/2016)

U.S. Military
Military prepares for reality of climate change, rising seas.  (8/11/2018)
U.S. military bases around the world.  (1/8/2018)
U.S. Department of Defense.  (12/16/2017)
U.S. military bases.  (9/22/2017)

Shareholders demand companies address climate change.  (10/16/2019)
Business leaders acknowledge bottom line risks and costs of climate change.  (6/5/2019)
Ocean heat hits record high.  (3/30/2019)
Not just a wake-up call anymore.  (8/10/2018)

GET ME REWRITE: Trump impeachment drive has parallels to Scott Walker recall effort, sez Scott Walker

Scott Walker is the first person quoted in this dubious piece by AP reporter Scott Bauer.

Reported in Trump impeachment drive has parallels to Scott Walker recall effort. (Wisconsin State Journal, 11/28/2019)

You must remember this.

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Both sides now: When evenhandedness is simply bad journalism (Christian Science Monitor edition).  (11/16/2019)

Thursday, November 28, 2019

Carol Barrett Boltz (1934-2019) Warren High School class of 1934

1952 Dragon yearbook

1967 Warren City Directory
  • Barrett James R (Romayne L) Vice President New Process h7 Park Street North Warren

1983 Warren City Directory
  • Barrett James R & Romayne L; retired h7 Park Street North Warren

The popularity of Carol by name is graphed here.  Let's take a look at Emily.

 Source:  Social Security Administration

A consistently popular name during the 20th century, her low point being #273 in 1962, Emily has been wildly popular since the 1990s, spending 12 years (1996-2007) at #1.

Other class of '52 grads:
Marilyn Smith Miller.  (8/2/2019)
Ralph Wade.  (7/8/2019)
Dudley Donaldson.  (2/8/2019)
June Odmark Wiggins.  (1/5/2019)

Richard Hansen.  (1/2/2018)

Donald "Dean" Webster.  (8/2/2017)
Earl Henry Campbell.  (7/17/2017)
Theodore Shaw.  (6/7/2017)
Richard Suppa.  (5/27/2017)
Neil Siefert.  (4/18/2017)
Mary Anne Handest McHenry.  (3/23/2017)
Reynold Flatt.  (2/27/2017)

Donald Merkle.  (9/23/2016)
Minnie Bonavita Miller.  (6/10/2016)
Myra Wilson Babcock.  (5/19/2016)
Norma Pierce Nielsen.  (4/6/2016)
Santo 'Sam' Pascuzzi.  (2/14/2016)

Glenn Culbertson.  (10/23/2015)

Elizabeth Eggleston Hoffman.  (10/17/2014)

Wednesday, November 27, 2019

Monona, Wisconsin: Where the sidewalk discussion ends.

Start your count of the miles of sidewalk here.

Improvements for bicyclists and walkers spark controversy in sidewalk-averse Monona.  (Wisconsin State Journal, 8/12/2019)
Still, some of the plan’s projects, if ultimately approved, would represent a significant change in a community in which sidewalks only exist on one or both sides of 13.3 out of 44.3 miles of street — not including the Beltline, which is not open to pedestrians anyway. 
“It’s a huge deal and there’s arguments going both ways,” said PJ DeCamp, who moved to Monona about a year ago from Chicago and has been watching the debate play out among residents in an online forum. 
“By no means are we putting sidewalks in all over Monona,” O’Connor said, and the proposed plan is “not a mandate for anything.”

GET ME REWRITE: One-third of this subset of Trump voters might be just enough to doom his re-election

They Voted Democratic. Now They Support Trump.  (The New York Times, 11/26/2019)
And likely rural and older than the average voter.  OK, Boomer!  This group is only a sliver of the electorate — 2 percent of registered voters — and is not representative of all voters. They are overwhelmingly white, 60 percent are male, and two-thirds have no college degree. But the president’s strength among them helps explain why he is highly competitive in states that Democrats carried just one year ago.

Trump won Michigan by a margin of 10,714 votes, or 0.22% of the total number cast.

Trump won Pennsylvania by a margin of 44,282 votes, or 0.72% of the total number cast.

Trump won Wisconsin by a margin of 22,748 votes, or 0.76% of the total number cast.

All of them razor-thin margins.

As the NYT article notes...
Two-thirds of battleground state voters who chose Trump in 2016 but selected Democrats in the midterms say they will return to the president next year.

That might not be enough.

Yahara Commons UPDATE: November 2019 construction site drive-by

Photos and videos by Retiring Guy

9/8/2019 update starts here.

716-square-foot 1-bedroom unit

7/23/2019 update starts here.

Photos and videos by Retiring Guy

6/1/2019 update starts here.

Photos by Retiring Guy

360-degree view of 2-bedroom apartment

4/25/2019 update starts here.

4/8/2019 update starts here.

Photos by Retiring Guy

1/3/2019 update starts here.

Photos by Retiring Guy

11/15/2018 update starts here

Video and photo by Retiring Guy

10/16/2018 update starts here.

Photos by Retiring Guy

The 3 phases of the Yahara Commons development.  (Monona East Side Business Alliance)

Building features include: 
  • 96 residential apartments 
    • 21% Studio
    • 54% 1 BR
    • 25% 2 BR
    • Residential club room, fitness room, and rooftop patio 
  • 24,050 s.f of commercial space at the 1st Foor (Broadway level) 
  • 3,800 s.f. commercial space (intended for special events) at the public park level 
  • 3,000 s.f. park building, leased back to city for public restrooms, park maintenance storage, and a multi-purpose room that could function as a concession stand, ice skate rental, etc. 
  • 178 Indoor parking spaces 
  • 88 Surface parking spaces + 14 street parking spaces
  • Architectural entrance monument and signage at the new Broadway entrance.

8/12/2018 update starts here.

From the Yahara River Bridge on West Broadway
Photos by Retiring Guy

Near the intersection of West Broadway and Bridge Street

From across West Broadway

From the Yahara River Bridge on Bridge Street

From Winnequah and Pirate Island roads

Yahara CommonsRiverfront RedevelopmentMaster Plan.  (Galway Companies)

6/4/2018 update, "Early June progress report", starts here.

Photo by Retiring Guy

4/11/2018 update, "Excavation and foundation work underway", starts here.

View over the fence from West Broadway

From the West Broadway bridge over the Yahara River

From Winnequah and Pirate Island roads

Video and photos by Retiring Guy

3/22/2018 update, "Drive-by on a sunny afternoon", starts here.

3/9/2018 update, "Chase Bank demolition is done", starts here.

View from Yahara River bridge
Photos by Retiring Guy

Panoramic view of site

2/14/2018 update, "Demolition of former Chase Bank building at Yahara Commons redevelopment site", starts here.

Question:  Where does all that demolition material go?


1/30/2018 update, "Site preparation still underway at Yahara Common redevelopment in Monona", starts here.


Original 11/14/2017 post, "Demolition of buildings underway at Yahara Commons redevelopment in Monona", starts here.

The view from Broadway

Photos by Retiring Guy

The view from behind the building at right in above photo

Major riverfront redevelopment in Monona to begin construction this year.  (Capital Times, 7/26/2017)
The project, known as Yahara Commons, will ultimately create 26,000 square feet of commercial space, 33,000 square feet of office space, a public park and over 230 residential units between West Broadway and Bridge Road along the Yahara River, south of Lake Monona.

Videos by Retiring Guy