Friday, September 8, 2023

GET ME REWRITE: Power-mad Wisconsin GOP willing to do anything to maintain its gerrymandered majorities in the Senate and Assembly

HeadlineVox, 9/7/2023
The state’s legislature is so aggressively gerrymandered that it is likely impossible for Republicans to lose control of it in an election. In 2018, for example, Democratic state assembly candidates received 54 percent of the popular vote in Wisconsin, but Republicans still won 63 of the assembly’s 99 seats. 
There is, however, a light at the end of this tunnel both for small-d democrats and for large-D Democrats in the notoriously contentious swing state. Last April, Justice Janet Protasiewicz won a landslide election victory over a former, very conservative state justice. She took her seat at the beginning of August, giving Democrats a 4-3 majority on the state supreme court. (Technically, supreme court races in Wisconsin are nonpartisan, but every recent race has pitted a liberal supported by Democrats against a conservative supported by Republicans.) 
Litigants challenging the gerrymandered state legislature filed a lawsuit, known as Clarke v. Wisconsin Elections Commission, the very next day. 
A quirk in the state constitution, however, may allow Wisconsin’s gerrymandered legislature to strip Protasiewicz of her ability to decide cases, and to do so indefinitely.

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GET ME REWRITE: What happens when Trump-fueled GOP STUPID runs state legislatures

Top headlineChronicle of Higher Education, 9/7/2023
Bottom headlineNew York Times, 9/6/2023

From the Chronicle:
The increasingly assertive involvement of conservative lawmakers in the affairs of higher education has spurred concerns about “brain drain” — talented scholars choosing to leave their states or not considering employment there. Now, new statistics from a survey of faculty members in Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, and Texas back up those fears: Two-thirds of respondents said they wouldn’t recommend academic work in their state to colleagues.

From the Times:
Idaho’s obstetrics exodus is not happening in isolation. Across the country, in red states like Texas, Oklahoma and Tennessee, obstetricians — including highly skilled doctors who specialize in handling complex and risky pregnancies — are leaving their practices. Some newly minted doctors are avoiding states like Idaho. 
The departures may result in new maternity care deserts, or areas that lack any maternity care, and they are placing strains on physicians like Dr. Gustafson who are left behind.

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What's the matter with Iowa? Kimmi the Clown's happy talk and twisted priorities


"We’re here because this landmark tax reform legislation doesn’t just deliver needed financial relief to everyday Iowans, it does so while placing our state's mental health system on a firm footing for decades to come," Reynolds said.

Amid what professionals describe as crisis-level demand for mental health care for youth, Des Moines' oldest mental health nonprofit this summer saw record referrals: The wait for space at its 88-bed psychiatric unit for children grew to five to six months, a historic high.
“Children are just really struggling right now, and the kids we are seeing coming into our (facility) are more acute than ever," said Anne Starr, executive director of Orchard Place, a charity that provides mental health services and residential care for youth. 
The state has worked to improve mental and behavioral health services for children in recent years, responding to a wave of mental health struggles among youth nationwide. But Iowa families have gotten little help navigating a disjointed system to find care for their children. And sometimes, what they are able to get isn’t what they need.  [emphasis added]

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Mary Louise Hibner Blick (1932-2023) Warren High School class of 1951

1951 Dragon yearbook
Source:  Peterson Blick Funeral Home

1967 Warren City Directory

  • Hibner Ella M (widow William F) retired h106 Jefferson Street
1983 Warren City Directory,
  • Hibner Ella M (widow William F) retired h106 Jefferson Street

The popularity of Mary as a baby name is graphed here.  Let's take a look at Warren.
Social Security Administration

Warren spent the first 70 years of the 20th century in the top 200, his best decade being the 1920s when he peaked at #24 in 1921.   He bottomed out in 2006 and has since moved up 205 places on the chart.

Other members of the WHS class of 1951 (40):

Dennis Bonace.  (6/15)

Robert Hampson.  (11/24)
Doris Mason Sadler.  (8/21)

Next Door Adventures: Wendy channels her inner Gladys Kravitz

Three eye-rolling responses.

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Wisconsin gerrymandering spotlight on Assembly District 93: Cracking Eau Claire County, packing the City of Eau Claire

What's wrong with this picture?

Cracking Eau Claire County, packing the City of Eau Claire!  As we recently saw here and here.
Source:  Wikipedia 

The UW Applied Population Lab defines 'cracking' as 
drawing districts in such a way as to divide a concentration of specific types of voters across several districts such that they are a minority in each one, with practically no hope of achieving representation in any of the districts. This practice also helps make districts less competitive. [emphasis added]
The UW Applied Population Lab defines 'packing' as 
the practice of drawing particular districts in such a way as to ensure that another party's candidate wins that seat by a tremendous margin. Although the opposing party is all but guaranteed the seat, packing makes surrounding districts less competitive, and thus tips the balance of power in the legislative body overall toward the ruling party.

GOP gerrymanderers chomp away at the Eau Claire area community interest..

The 93rd Assembly District stretches 90 miles from west to east across 4 counties:  all but the Town of Clifton in Pierce (red box) a portion of teeny-tiny Pepin (orange), southern Dunn (green), and Eau Claire (purple) .

Passive Warren Petryk (R-Eau Claire) has represented the district since January 2011.  In November 2022, he defeated his Democratic challenger by 19 percentage points.

Day 1042 of GOP election denier hysteria (Trump Big Lie Clown Show Circus, Colorado edition)

ATTACK Of the Clown Show zombies
starring Colorado queen of election deniers
tina peters
Headline:  9News, 9/6/2023
The trial date was reset after Peters changed counsel. She pled not guilty. 
Peters has claimed, without evidence, that Colorado’s elections are rigged. Prosecutors allege Peters breached the security of Mesa County’s voting system in search of election fraud. Information obtained from Mesa County’s voting equipment was leaked to election rigging conspiracy theorists who have celebrated Peters as a national hero.

Thursday, September 7, 2023

This week in the cereal aisle: Kellogg's Fruit Loops partners with Willa Wonka and the Chocolate Factory

Photo by Retiring Guy

With all the remakes and sequels Hollywood studios are producing these days, the modern cinema experience is anything but fresh. But you know what isn’t stale? Your favorite breakfast cereal. If movie studios can make the board game Battleship into a film (starring Rihanna, no less), why can’t some of our go-to morning munchies be adapted into high-grossing films? 
Here are the top ten delicious intellectual properties we’d like to see made into movies.
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