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WILL SHILLS: Conservative Dane County supervisors continue to engage in public health malpractice, promote COVID-19 spread

“I’m very proud of the fact that we’re debating and we’re talking about this important issue tonight,” Weigand said. 
Some 80 people spoke on the matter. Health care workers rallied against the resolution, recounting their experiences caring for patients with COVID-19. Those speaking in favor of the masking challenge included business owners who said their employees shouldn’t be deputized into enforcing the rule among customers. Other speakers denied the existence of the virus and questioned the efficacy of masks.  [emphasis added]

Those folks are pictured here.

Jeff is proud to waste everyone's time while this is happening.

WMTV, 1/7/2022

And while Dane County's 7-day average of new Covid-19 cases is at its highest level since October 14, 2020.

12/15/2021 update, "WILL SHILLS:  Dane County supervisors engage in public health malpractice, promote COVID-19 spread", starts here.

Top headline:  Channel 3000 (12/13/2021
Botton headline:  Oregon (WI) Observer (12/13/2021)

12/9/2021 update starts here

New cases in Dane County are up 83% over the previous week. #MaskUp.  

Sups. Jeff Weigand, 20th District, and Tim Rockwell, 19th District, announced late Monday night their plan to host the public meeting at 6 p.m. Dec. 13 in the town of Berry Town Hall at 9046 Highway 19 in Mazomanie. The goal is for residents to voice concerns about the mask mandate.
Guess the inconveniently located Berry Town Hall is the only place where they could book this clown show.

The infection rate among children in Dane County remains high, with about 46 cases per 100,000 children ages 5-7, and 48 cases per 100,000 children ages 8-11. Those are nearly three times higher than the rate for adults ages 50-59, or 17 cases per 100,000.

12/2/2021 update, "GET ME REWRITE: Dane County supervisor has his strings pulled by WILL", starts here.

Tighty Whities

But Weigand has separately requested that his resolution get pulled out of committee and onto the County Board floor, a rare procedural move. Even if Weigand is successful in getting a debate for his proposal, the resolution is unlikely to pass the overwhelmingly liberal County Board.

Dear Emily.

You don't have to be 'overwhelmingly liberal' to prioritize public health protocols during a pandemic.

Retiring Guy

11/28/2021 update, "It should comes as no surprise these "vocal few" conservative Dane County Board members are white males", starts here.

9/15/2021 update, " WILL resolution goes to die in committee on Dane County Board (part 2)", starts here.

Photo credits:  Dane County Board of Supervisors (of which there are 37)

Weigand’s resolution isn’t on any county committee agendas this week, and it’s unclear when or if it will be considered. 
The resolution has been referred to the Dane County Board’s Executive Committee and Personnel and Finance Committee, but the rejection from the Board of Health makes it less likely that the resolution will get taken up. Committee chairs, who determine agendas, could decide against putting the resolution on the calendar given the unanimous opposition from the Board of Health. 


9/2/2021 update starts here

Capital Times, 8/30/2021
Weigand, the District 20 supervisor, told the Cap Times Monday that the public and elected officials should weigh in on the decisions behind mandates. He said that local public health officials should advise elected leaders, who will make the final decision. 
“I’m simply hoping for the issue to be deliberated on and decided by the county board,” Weigand said. “The issue needs to be voted on by elected officials.” 
The resolution was referred to the Board of Health for Madison and Dane County, the Personnel and Finance Committee and the Executive Committee. 
Dane County Board Chair Analiese Eicher told the Cap Times Monday that the resolution is “injecting unnecessary politicization into a very real public health crisis that is impacting our lives in so many ways.”


Original 8/25/2021 post,  "New member of Dane County Board aligns himself with the 'Tighty Whities' at Wisconsin Institute for Law & Liberty", starts here.

The Courier, 8/23/202

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GET ME REWRITE: The unvaccinated fill hopsitals in Wisconsin and Illinois


76% of patients hospitalized for Covid-19 are unvaccinated.

80% in the ICU are unvaccinated.

84% on venilators are unvaccinated.

(arrows added)

A record 303 patients — 80% of whom are unvaccinated — have been admitted for COVID-19 at 15 HSHS hospitals across Wisconsin and Illinois, the health care provider announced Friday. 
Two hospitals within the Hospital Sisters of Health System hit record levels of admitting COVID-19 patients as its other 13 hospitals brace for their highest numbers as cases continue to skyrocket. 
"The timing of this could not have been worse because it follows two long holidays, lots of gatherings," said Dr. Mark Shelton, chief physician officer for HSHS, during a news conference on Friday. "And it's winter, people are staying indoors, closer to each other. The timing is terrible."



New York Times (above and below)

Sylvia Woodruff Anderson (1932-2021) Warren High School class of 1949


1949 Dragon yearbook

Donald Lewis Funeral Home

1967 Warren City Directory

    1983 Warren City Directory

    The popularity of Sylvia as a baby name is graphed here.  Let's take a look at classmate Harrison.

    For the first three-quarters of the 20th century, Harrison was on a bumpy downward trajectory.  In 1977, it looked as though he'd fall off the chart.  But guess what happened that year?

    With star power fueling his rise, he launched himself into the upper reaches of the chart.  So far his peak year of performance is 2015.

    Other class of 1949 members (36): 
    Richard Scalise.  (4/23)

    Robert Blair.  (9/6)
    Geoge Probst.  (7/25)

    Charles Vermilyea.  (11/15)
    Eleanor Shanshala.  (9/10)
    Constance Corbran Albaugh.  (4/5)
    Margaret Chambers Latona.  (3/18)
    Thomas Mowell.  (2/9)
    Mary Ellen Louise Riche Borden.  (1/22)

    Gail Nelson.  (11/2)
    Harold Crecraft (10/24)
    Neil de Stefano.  (1/20)

    Margaret Hartweg Albaugh Dallenbach.  (12/21)
    Dorothea Giltinan Suppa.  (6/15)
    Ruth Bengston Thelin.  (4/27)
    Donna Wenzel Ponsoll.  (1/4)

    Margaret Eustace Sutter.  (11/17)
    Paul Mahan.  (7/17)
    Paul Briggs. (7/11)
    Mary Ann Harrison Hughes.  (3/29)
    Winona Ross Prosen.  (3/5)

    Bertie McConnell Glotz.  (9/26)
    Corrine Culbertson Ryan Shanshala.  (7/13)
    Nicholas Mangus II. (6/15)
    Teresa Nuhfer Sanden.  (4/13)
    Catherine Salapek Freeborough.  (4/10)
    Richard Sharp.  (3/22/2015)

    Richard Hamilton.  (12/17)

    Friday, January 7, 2022

    GET ME REWRITE: Norman Mailer is canceled due to lack of interest


    Just a single selection in the fiction section of Barnes & Noble near West Towne in Madison WI.  The Naked and the Dead, his first book, originally published in 1948.

    Photo by Retiring Guy

    Of the 89 copies of Mailer's books in LINKcat, a shared online catalog for a consortium of 50 South Central Library System public libraries, only 2 of them are checked out.

    What's the point of this exercise? you might be asking yourself.

    New York Times, 1/4/2022
    The fate of Mailer’s collection, however, generated a heated debate on social media this week, after the journalist Michael Wolff reported in the newsletter The Ankler that Random House had canceled its planned publication of the title because it determined that Mailer — who was famously brash, physically violent, misogynistic and pugnacious in attacking those who disagreed with him — had become too controversial. Citing a Random House source, Mr. Wolff wrote that the publisher was also swayed by “a junior staffer’s objection to the title of Mailer’s 1957 essay, ‘The White Negro.’” 
    The Mailer estate was surprised by Mr. Wolff’s claims. “The reasons that were in that piece were news to me,” John Buffalo Mailer said.

    A toilet for cows. It's a thing. Really.


    When cows enter the cubicle and enjoy a portion of pelleted feed, the CowToilet rubs against the suspensory ligament of their udder, stimulating a natural nerve reflex that causes them to urinate, as demonstrated in this video. The urine is collected in the CowToilet receptacle, removed by suction, and transported to an air-tight storage silo. 
    The invention passed the muster of the German Agricultural Society’s DLG Innovation Society, an independent expert jury that awarded CowToilet the only Gold Innovation Award at the 2021 EuroTier, a massive animal agriculture trade show held every two years in Hannover, Germany.   
    Keeping urine and manure separated is a major fete with multiple benefits. When the two combine, they volatilize into gaseous ammonia. This causes problems with on-farm air quality. Plus, ammonia has been implicated in promoting smog formation, acidifying soils, and damaging watersheds.

    Thursday, January 6, 2022

    GET ME REWRITE: Meet the clown show traitors from Wisconsin, Scott Fitzgerald and Tom Tiffany


    After the violence, two of the 10 (House Republicans Tom Tiffany and Scott Fitzgerald) sought to overturn the election outcome in Arizona and Pennsylvania and said they would have voted to overturn Wisconsin’s results if the question had come to the floor

    Original 1/15/2021 post, "Dear Traitor Scott Fitzgerald, The evidence is as plain as the red nose on your face.  Best, Retiring Guy", starts here.

    “I don’t think we know yet,” Fitzgerald said when asked if the president is responsible for the events of Jan. 6. “There has to be more to this entire episode and it needs to be investigated top to bottom to see who was involved and exactly what motivated them to get to where we were, which was a very, very frightening day.”


    SourceNew York Times, 1/6/2021

    Demographics of the January 6 insurrectionists


    Photo credit:  Wikipedia

    The Face of American Insurrection.  (Storymaps, 12/17/2021)
    White, employed and mainstream: What we know about the Jan. 6 rioters one year later. (WBUR, 1/3/2022)

    Bridges of the Danube Canal in Vienna, Austria


    Colorfully lit up at night

    Photo by Retiring Guy (December 27, 2021)

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