Saturday, September 23, 2023

GET ME REWRITE: Republican David "The Choker" Prosser, recently appointed shill to Robin Vos's sham impeachment panel, donated to Republican Dan Kelly's Supreme Court campaign

HeadlineWisconsin State Journal, 9/16/2023
The former justice, Republican David Prosser,

  1.  gave $500 to the conservative candidate who lost to Protasiewicz, 
  2. did not recuse himself from cases involving a law he helped pass as a lawmaker 
  3. and was investigated after a physical altercation with a liberal justice.


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GET ME REWRITE: Republican National Committee appears to have a low bar to qualify for second GOP presidential debate

Poll results:  Real Clear Politics
HeadlineNBC News, 9/23/2023
Burgum has been on the outside looking into the second debate with less than a week to go to secure enough support in primary polls to qualify. But a flurry of new polling in recent days looks set to secure him a spot on the stage, just days before Monday's deadline to qualify — pending Republican National Committee approval of the polls. 
The RNC remains the final arbiter on who qualifies for their debates, so nothing is confirmed until the party releases its list of qualified participants ahead of Wednesday’s event. But the new polls appear to fit the bill for Burgum, according to NBC News analysis of the RNC's criteria.

Burgum reached 3% on a recent Trafalgar poll

Perhaps you haven't heard of Robert Cahaly and his Trafalgar fantasy polls.

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Around Town Middleton: Wisconsin and Southern Railroad prohibits pedestrian crossing at Middleton Center

Photos by Retiring Guy

Apparently, there's no one around to enforce the restriction.

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Cruising Broad Street in Beloit, Wisconsin

Screenshots and video by Retiring Guy

Orange arrows follow video route

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Netflix is shutting down its DVD services and I'm donating these titles to Goodwill

Photo by Retiring Guy

New York Times, 9/23/2023
When Netflix began mailing DVDs in 1998 — the first movie shipped was “Beetlejuice” — no one in Hollywood expected the company to eventually upend the entire entertainment industry. It started as a brainstorm between Reed Hastings and Marc Randolph, successful businessmen looking to reinvent the DVD rental business. No due dates, no late fees, no monthly rental limits. 
 It did much more than that. The DVD business destroyed competitors like Blockbuster and altered the viewing habits of the public. Once Netflix began its streaming business and then started producing original content, it transformed the entire entertainment industry. So much so that the economics of streaming — which actors and writers argue are worse for them — is at the heart of the strikes that have brought Hollywood to a standstill.

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Day 1057 of GOP election denial hysteria (Trump Big Lie Clown Show Circus, Wisconsin edition)

ATTACK Of the Clown Show zombies
starring Wisconsin election denial queen
Janel Brandtjen
HeadlineDemocracy Docket, 9/22/2023
One of those five members is Rep. Janel Brandtjen (R) whose vehement election denialism had her barred from private caucus meetings with other Republicans and labeled “inept” by party leadership last year. Also a part of this “gaggle of well-known election deniers,” as described by Senate Minority Leader Melissa Agard (D), is Rep. Chuck Wichgers, who, along with Brandtjen, was among the lawmakers who signed a letter asking former Vice President Mike Pence to delay the certification of the 2020 election results on Jan. 6, 2021.