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UPDATE. Democratic challenger Howard White vs. 3-term GOP incumbent Kathy Bernier in 68th Wisconsin Assembly District

Source:  Ballotpedia

Campaign websites:
Kathy Bernier State Representative
Campaign blog.  (Most recent entry:  6/29/2014)
Howard White for State Assembly
Howard White for State Assembly (Facebook)

Other 2016 updates:
6 years later, Andre Jacque comfortably ensconced in Wisconsin State Assembly.  (7/11/2016)
Three State Assembly representatives from Milwaukee running for re-election unopposed in 2016.  (7/12/2016)
State Assembly races: 3 suburban Milwaukee Republicans running unopposed.  (7/19/2016)
Wisconsin State Assembly incumbents Mursau, Ballweg, Schraa running unopposed this fall.  (7/25/2016)
Rock County Wisconsin Assembly incumbents Kolste, Spreitzer running unopposed in fall election.  (7/26/2016)
Lynn Utesch challenges first-term incumbent Joel Kitchens in 1st Wisconsin Assembly District.  (8/22/2016)
6 years later, Andre Jacque comfortably ensconced in 2nd Wisconsin Assembly District.  (8/22/2016)
Republican Ron Tusler and Democrat Sharon Wasileski vie for open seat in 3rd Wisconsin Assembly District.  (8/23/2016)
Nonresident Ron Tusler wins 3rd Wisconsin Assembly District GOP primary.  (8/10/2016)
Democrat Tony Lee challenges one-term GOP incumbent David Steffen in 4th Wisconsin Assembly District.  (8/23/2016)
GOP incumbent Jim Steineke vs. Democratic challenger Sam Kelly in 5th Wisconsin Assembly District.  (8/24/2016)
GOP incumbent Gary Tauchen vs. Democratic challenger William Switella in 6th Wisconsin Assembly District.  (8/24/2016)
Republican and Libertarian challenge Democratic incumbent in Wisconsin Assembly 7th District race.  (8/25/2016)
Zamarripa beats Manriquez for 4th time in 8th Wisconsin Assembly District Dem primary.  (8/10/2016)
Incumbent Zepnick survives challenge in 9th Wisconsin Assembly District Dem primary.  (8/10/2016)
Self-proclaimed "I'm not perfect" candidate wins 11th Wisconsin Assembly District Dem primary.  (8/10/2016)
2012 rematch in 14th Wisconsin Assembly District: GOP incumbent Dale Kooyenga vs. Dem challenger Chris Rockwood.  (8/25/2016)
With primary win, Leon Young will serve 13th term in 16th Wisconsin Assembly District.  (8/10/2016)
David Crowley wins open-seat 17th District Wisconsin Assembly Dem primary.  (8/10/2016)
Sinicki easily survives challenge in 20th Wisconsin Assembly District Dem primary.  (8/10/2016)
Wisconsin State Assembly 21st Wisconsin Assembly District Dem primary winner to face Jessie Rodriguez in November.  (8/10/2016)
Democratic challenger Ron Kossik takes on GOP incumbent Paul Tittl in 25th Wisconsin Assembly District.  (8/26/2016)
Democrat challenger Rebecca Clark vs. 1-term GOP incumbent Terry Katsma in 26th Wisconsin Assembly District.  (8/72/2016)
Democratic challenger Nanette Bulebosh vs. 1-term GOP incumbent Tyler Vorpagel in 27th Wisconsin Assembly District.  (8/27/2016)
Adam Jarchow faces 2 challengers in 28th Wisconsin Assembly District.  (8/28/2016)
1 blowout, 1 close race in 29th Wisconsin State Assembly District partisan primaries.  (8/11/2016)
Shannon Zimmerman wins 30th Wisconsin Assembly District GOP primary, promises to move there.  (8/11/2016)
Democratic challenger Clinton Anderson vs. 3-term GOP incumbent Amy Loudenbeck in 31st Wisconsin Assembly District.  (8/29/2016)
Democratic challenger Christine Welcher vs. 3-term GOP incumbent Tyler August in 32nd Wisconsin  Assembly District.  (8/29/2016)
Democratic challenger Brandon White takes on 1-term incumbent Cody Horlacher in 33rd Wisconsin Assembly District.  (8/30/2016) 
Democratic challenger Matthew Michaelsen vs. 2-term GOP incumbent Rob Swearingen in 34th Wisconsin Assembly District (8/30/2016)
Democratic challenger Renea Frederick vs. 2-term GOP incumbent Mary Czaja in 35th Wisconsin Assembly District.  (8/31/2016)
Democratic challenger Jordan Turner vs. 2-term GOP incumbent John Jagler in 37th Wisconsin Assembly District.  (8/31/2016)
Democratic challenger Scott Michalak vs. 6-term GOP incumbent Joel Kleefisch in 38th Wisconsin Assembly District.  (9/1/2016)
Democratic challenger Jim Zahn vs. 2-term GOP incumbent Mark Born in 39th Wisconsin Assembly District.  (9/1/2016)
Democratic challenger Dmitri Martin vs. 5-term GOP incumbent Kevin Peterson in 40th Wisconsin Assembly District.  (9/2/2016)
Independent Brad Pearson vs. 6-term GOP incumbent Joan Ballweg in 41st Wisconsin Assembly District.  (9/4/2016)
Democratic challenger George Ferriter and 4-term GOP incumbent Keith Ripp in 42nd Wisconsin Assembly District (9/5/2016)
Democrat Don Vruwink vs. Republican Allison Hetz in open-seat race in 43rd Wisconsin Assembl District (9/5/2016)
Democrat Jimmy Anderson and Bernie Sanders Independent Adam Dahl vie for open seat in 47th Wisconsin Assembly District.  (9/6/2016)
Democratic challenger Jesse Bennett vs. 3-term GOP incumbent Travis Tranel in 49th Wisconsin Assembly District.  (9/6/2016)
Democratic challenger Art Shrader vs. 4-term GOP incumbent Ed Brooks in 50th Wisconsin Assembly District.  (9/6/2016)
Democratic challenger Jeff Wright vs. 1-term GOP incumbent Todd Novak in 51st Wisconsin Assembly District.  (9/7/2016)
Democratic challenger Paul Czisny vs. 3-term GOP incumbent Jeremy Thiesfeldt in 52nd Wisconsin Assembly District.  (9/7/2016)
Libertarian challenger Jordan Hansen vs. 5-term Democratic incumbent Gordon Hintz in 54th Wisconsin Assembly District.  (9/8/2016)
Democratic challenger Bob Baker vs. 1st-term GOP incumbent Mike Rohrkaste in 55th Wisconsin Assembly District (9/8/2016)
Democratic challenger Mariana Stout vs. 2-term GOP incumbent Dave Murphy in 56th Wisconsin Assembly District.  (9/9/2016)
Independent challenger David Pelikan vs. 1-term GOP incumbent Rob Brooks in 60th Wisconsin Assembly District (9/12/2016)
Democratic challenger Amee Janus vs. 8-term GOP incumbent Samantha Kerkman in 61st Wisconsin Assembly District.  (9/12/2016)
Democratic challenger Andy Mitchell vs. 6-term GOP incumbent Robin Vos in 63rd Wisconsin Assembly District.  (9/13/2016)
Libertarian challenger George Meyers vs. 5-term Democratic incumbent Cory Mason in 66th Wisconsin Assembly District.  (9/13/2016)
It's Dennis Hunt vs. Rob Summerfield in 67th Wisconsin Assembly District fall general election.  (8/14/2016)
David Gorski beats Russ Brown in 72nd Wisconsin Assembly District Democratic primary.  (8/14/2016)
Feel the Bern: Wischmeier gets singed in challenge to Hillary supporter and 78th Wisconsin Assembly District incumbent Lisa Subeck.  (8/15/2016)
Sondy Pope easily dispatches faux Democrat in 80th Wisconsin Assembly District primary.  (8/17/2016)
With no Dem in fall election, Chuck Wichgers wins 83rd Wisconsin Assembly seat in GOP primary.  (8/17/2016)
John Spiros-Nancy Stencil rematch in 86th Wisconsin Assembly District.  (8/19/2016)
Mondovi mayor wins 92nd Wisconsin Assembly District primary in low-turnout election.  (8/19/2016)
Lena Taylor easily withstands Mandela Barnes challenge in 4th Wisconsin Senate District.  (8/21/2016)
It's Mark Harris vs. Dan Feyen in 18th Wisconsin Senate District November election.  (8/21/2016)
Both Jen Shilling and Dan Kapanke win big in 32nd Wisconsin Senate District primaries,  (8/21/2016)

Original 10/11/2012 post, "Who's Running for State Office in Wisconsin 2012:  68th Assembly District (General Election Edition)", starts here.

Public libraries in the 68th Assembly District
Augusta Memorial Public Library
Chippewa Falls Public Library (service area)
D. R. Moon Memorial Library, Stanley
Fairchild Public Library
Fall Creek Public Library
Greenwood Public Library
Hauge Memorial Library, Osseo
Thorp Public Library
Withee Public Library

Assembly candidates differ sharply on collective bargaining law.  (Eau Claire Leader-Telegram, 10/12/2012)

The Republican incumbent

Biography.   Born Eau Claire, April 29, 1956; 3 children. 

Graduate Chippewa Falls Senior H.S. 1974; B.A. UW-Eau Claire; certificate in public management essentials, UW-Green Bay 2005. 

Member: Wis. County Clerks Assn. (legis. chair, fmr. treas.); Wis. County Constitutional Officers; Chippewa County Clerk Assn. (fmr. pres.); Wis. Counties Organization; Chippewa Valley Outdoors Alliance. Former member: Kiwanis Noon Club; Chippewa County Humane Assn. (event chair). 

Village of Lake Hallie trustee 2007-present. [2011] Chippewa County Clerk 1999-2011. 

Elected to Assembly 2010.  (No primary opponent.  Won general election over an incumbent by 92 votes. The 68th's boundaries are expanded during the redistricting process the following year.)

Wisconsin  Eye interview

The Democratic challenger:  Judy Smriga

Smriga hopes to bring education experience to Capitol.  (Chippewa Herald, 10/16/2012)

Wisconsin Eye interview

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