Saturday, November 10, 2012

Middleton, WI: Today's Ponds Walk

Nabisco sez, Sample this cracker, Tea Partiers

Photo taken by the ever-observant RG at Copps grocery store in Middleton, WI, 11/8/2012.


Model Train Enthusiasts @ the Normal (IL) Public Library

The Public Library as Community Center and Much More

The Indiana Library Federation Promotes the Value of Libraries

Find out more.

A (Less Than) Two-Minute History of the Kalamazoo Public Library

Read all about it.

And this is dedicated to those of you who listen to Sirius/XM "The 40s on 4".

2012 Presidential Election: City of Middleton vs. Town of Middleton

In the City of Middleton, Barack Obama received 71% of the vote.

In the Town of Middleton, Barack Obama received 51.5% of the vote.

And to what shall we attribute the difference in outcomes?  (Unable to find 2010 figures for the Town of Middleton, I used 2000 census information for the purposes of this comparison.  Based on a visual inspection of housing developments in the Town, I'd venture to say that they've increased the gap*.)

JoAnna and I distributed doorhangers in the Town of Middleton Monday evening, November 5.

Let's just say that the neighborhoods aren't compact.  Not walkable.

All I could think is, the Democrats must have a ton of volunteers in Dane County....and are feeling quite positive about Election Day!

(*More than once, JoAnna and I asked each other the question, "Who lives in these houses?"  Nevertheless, the majority of the Town's voters chose Obama.   I suggest that it's more than "77 square miles surrounded by reality".  It extends into Iowa County, for crying out loud.)

U.S. Rep. John Fleming (LA-04) Sends a Warning to Speaker John Boehner

Republican Reconsider Positions on Immigration.  (The New York Times, 11/9/2012)

House Speaker John Boehner calls for a "comprehensive" approach to immigration reform, using the adjective put forth by supporters of legal status for immigrants.

Now that they've considered the results of the 2012 Presidential election, Haley Barbour and Sean Hannity are making similar calls.

John, here's the bad politics for Republicans

Hey, Mark, looks like trouble ahead.  One of your Republican cohorts, a member of the Congressional Tea Party Caucus, is most definitely still into an enforcement-only approach.   You can reach him at (202) 225-2777.

Good luck!

California: From Splendor and Excitement (1962) to Endangered Dream (1991)

Friday, November 9, 2012

How They Voted in the Southwest Wisconsin Library System

In June 2012.

In November 2012.

Quite the preference shift, which resulted in a loss of Republican votes in 4 of the 5 counties from June to November.

Corporate Welfare: Exhibit 1

Taxpayer Storm Shield Protects Casinos as Poor Take on Water.  Bloomberg News, 11/5/2012)

Excerpt: What unfolded in this East Coast resort city of 40,000, the second-largest U.S. gambling market behind Las Vegas, shows how government decisions helped businesses escape almost unscathed and open just days after the storm, while people living paycheck to paycheck suffered.

Atlantic City casinos endure storm mostly unharmed.  (Delaware Online, 10/30/2012.)

Excerpt:  “We had no real damage at all; I don’t know how we didn’t, but we didn’t,” said Don Marrandino, eastern division president of Caesars Entertainment. The company owns four of Atlantic City’s casinos: Harrah’s, Bally’s, Caesars and the Showboat.   [See above, Don.]

Government Spends More on Corporate Welfare Subsidies than Social Welfare Programs.  (Think By Numbers, 8/5/2012)

$59,000,000,000 spent on traditional social welfare programs.

$92,000,000,000 spent on corporate subsidies.

And now the view from Fantasyland.

Romney's 1st Slogan Choice was "Let's Get Small"

But Steve Martin said, "Nooooooooooooooooo....".  [2]

Romney victory site goes live by mistake. (CNET News, 11/8/2012)

How Brown, Milwaukee, Racine, and Kenosha Counties Pushed Tammy Baldwin to Victory

Four counties play big role in Senate race. (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 11/7/2012)

Excerpt:  The four counties amounted to a net swing in Baldwin’s favor of 167,462 votes. And that’s more than her 163,204-vote victory over Thompson.

The 1st Congressional District

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Comparing the Results of the 2010 and 2012 Elections in Wisconsin 44th Assembly District

In November 2010, challenger Joe Knilans defeated three-term incumbent (and Assembly Speaker) Mike Sheridan with 52% of the vote.

The 44th District comprises most of the City of Janesville, Rep. Paul Ryan's hometown.

In 2012, challenger Deb Kolste crushed Knilans by a 6,402-vote margin, amassing 62% of the vote.  Kolste more than doubled Sheridan's vote total, though the elections for President and U.S. Senate were certainly major factors in this increase.

Nevertheless, the size of her victory remains an impressive achievement and reflects the fact that Deb, her campaign staff, and volunteers worked very hard to win this election.

So much more to speculate about, including all of Paul Ryan's visits to Waukesha County, including this initial eyebrow-raiser.

Ryan Soaks Up Home State Pride As New Romney Running Mate.  An 8/12/2012 AP report from Waukesha, describing Ryan's return to Wisconsin after being selected as Romney's running mate.

At the time, I remember having a "chopped-liver" reaction to reading this story.   If I were a Janesville resident, I'd be royally pissed.

I imagined a common reaction being, What?!  We're not good enough for him all of a sudden?

To me, the choice of venue for a "homecoming" was Ryan's first major stumble of his campaigning.

From Recall to Presidential Elections: What a Difference 5 Months Make

June 2012

November 2012

Winnebago County turns blue.

The Republicans increased their vote total from 39,859 to 42,073, or 5.5%.

The Democrats increased their vote total from 30,861 to 45,410, or 47%.

I don't think ALL of this gain is attributable to the student vote, and I'm willing to bet a Jansen's shrimp boil on this speculation. (Please speed read through the following. Irrefutable evidence to the contrary is required.  Only 1 dinner is being offered, though others are certainly welcome to join us.  Decision of the judge is final.)

Again, just speculating, but I think the top map offers evidence that the June election was not so much a referendum on Scott Walker but on the recall process itself.  (We can talk about this over shrimp, but you'll have to buy your own meal, though I might spring for a drink or two..)

States with the Largest and Smallest Percentage of Votes for Obama in the 2012 Presidential Election

Hurricane Sandy and New York/New Jersey Voter Turnout: The Speculative Evidence

2008 source:  Wikipedia
2012 source:  Huffington Post

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

The GOP Problem Expressed in 2 Quotes

Fred, it's not the librul media sounding the alarm; it's your Republican colleagues.

G.O.P. Factions Grapple Over Meaning of Loss. (The New York Times, 11/7/2012)

Time to Wash the Windows @ the Salt Lake City Public Library

Nate Silver's FiveThirtyEight Forecast and the Election Results

Florida's 29 electoral votes have yet to be added, but it's already obvious that Nate Silver's Political Calculus has been validated.

Among those whose credibility took a major hit.

George Will Predicts Romney Win With 321 Electoral Votes.

[Karl] Rove Predicts Romney Wins By 2% Margin, Around 280 Electoral Votes.    Rove says he believes Pennsylvania is in play and American Crossroads has spent $2 million in the state.

Dick Morris Stands By Prediction: Romney Will Win 325 Electoral Votes.

OK, so maybe Dick had no credibility left.

Anointed 2016 GOP Frontrunner Has a Challenge on the Home Front

Janesville Gazette

Photo credit: Wikipedia

The "expert" designation was bestowed upon Goldstein by the reporter.