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I will say that I'm consulting the Donald Trump thesaurus

Photo credit:  Greg Skidmore via Wikipedia

As quoted in Donald Trump Just Stopped Being Funny.  (Rolling Stone, 8/21/2015)

Scott Walker, the "toast" of Wisconsin, should be very scared

Graph source:  Real Clear Politics

Scott Walker puts an exclamation point on his terrible, horrible, no good, very bad week

As quoted in Scott Walker says Islamic terrorists harmful to 'handful of reasonable, moderate followers of Islam'. (Capital Times, 8/21/2015)

OK, Retiring Guy has some questions.

How much is a handful?  (halphasian, 3/13/2010)
You could also use "handful" figuratively to refer to a relatively small number, probably between 3 and 7, but possibly more depending on the context: "I've had a handful of opportunities to travel abroad" or "There are only a handful of people in the world who know how to use this software." You can't actually hold opportunities or people in your hand.

How many Muslim are there in the world? 
Islam is the world's second largest religion. According to a 2010 study and released January 2011, Islam has 1.57 billion adherents, making up over 23% of the world population. According to the Pew Research Center in 2015 there were 50 Muslim-majority countries.  (Wikipedia)

What's this about Walker's foreign policy cred?
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Scott Walker's terrible, horrible, no good, very bad week continues

Photo credit:  Retiring Guy

As quoted in Walker Sidesteps Questions About Meeting with Black Lives Matter.  (NBC News, 8/21/2015)

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From the Hometown Gazette: Pants on fire

Source:  Warren Times Observer, 8/14/2015

Kiser was previously charged
with 2 felony counts of delivery of a controlled substance.

That's the Allegheny River meandering its way through Warren.

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Dear Jeff, You might want to talk with Luther Olsen about Scott Walker

Here's a sample of what you're likely to hear. 

Photo credit:  Iowa State Legislature via Wikipedia

As quoted in Iowa business Republicans still sitting on sidelines.  (Des Moines Register, 8/21/2015)

More campaign news from Iowa: 
The Iowa bloom is definitely off the Walker rose.  (8/13/2015)
Dear Kathie Obradovich, the Rick Perry and Bobby Jindal study halls are over.  (8/11/2015)
Jeb Bush joins the "Behinders" in latest Iowa poll.  (8/11/2015)
Once again, Trump bests Walker in Iowa.  (8/10/2015)
Donald Trump leapfrogs over Scott Walker to take huge lead in Iowa
.  (8/3/2015) 
Donald Trump threatens Scott Walker's lead in Iowa.  (7/27/2015)
Scott Walker treads water in Iowa Republican presidential caucus polls.  (7/11/2015)
Donald Trump places 2nd, behind Scott Walker, in latest Iowa Republican caucus poll.  (7/1/2015)
Scott Walker maintains lead in Iowa Republican presidential caucus polling.  (6/15/2015) 
Likely Iowa Republican caucus-goers are still groovin' on Scott Walker -- but not nearly as much as they were in February.  (6/4/2015)
Scott Walker finishes 1st in latest Iowa poll, but his best numbers are more than 3 months behind him.  (5/31/2015)
Rick Santorum: You ain't goin' nowhere in this presidential race.  (5/28/2015)
Kristina, 27, like the idea of Donald Trump running for President.  (5/23/2015)
Will the results of the August 2015 Iowa straw poll embarrass Republicans again?  (5/21/2015)
The Iowa straw poll, a slow death by many small cuts.  (5/21/2015)
Dreamboat Dixie channels Heart.  (5/17/2015)
Hey, Tanya, if you like Carly Fiorina, you'll love Scott Walker.  (5/17/2015)
Walt Rogers hitches his star to a political flameout.  (5/17/2015)
This Saturday, Republican presidential "wannabes" descend on Des Moines for "the fourth major, multi-candidate cattle call of the caucus campaign".  (5/14/2015) 
Jeb hurts Iowans' feelings.  (5/13/2015)
Pandering to social conservatives, Scott Walker and his buddies continue to box themselves into a corner.  (4/26/2015)
Let the intramural sniping begin.  (4/26/2015)
Reporter shares his sharp, blunt, candid assessment.  (4/26/2015)
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Motor runnin', Scott Walker gives a shout-out to these Iowa communities.  (3/9/2015)
Scott Walker serves up a helping of red meat to audience at Iowa Agriculture Summit.  (3/8/2015)
The insignificance of the Iowa caucus.  (3/7/2015)
Scott Walker is already booked, naturally, for the last weekend in April.  (3/3/2015)
Quinnipiac poll: Scott Walker is the Tea Party favorite among likely caucus-goers in Iowa.  (2/26/2015)
Mike Huckabee retakes Iowa lead, Walker falls to 3rd in NBC News/Marist poll.  (2/17/2015)

The Haggard Library in Plano Texas celebrates its 50th anniversary

Plano is located 20 miles northeast of downtown Dallas. 
It is the 9th largest city in Texas, the 70th largest city in the U.S.  Its population has increased 1458% since 1970.

Source:  Wikipedia

Note of apology to Toronto Public Library gains some attention

Although I submit that 118 YouTube views doesn't qualify as 'viral'.

Toronto Public Library Circulation and Collection Use Policy

The Phillips Public Library in Maine creates a community space for music and art

The library on Facebook.

First children’s art show opens at Library Studio.  (The Irregular, 8/13/2014) 
Freddie and Francine return to The Studio on Aug. 15.  (Daily Bulldog, 8/11/2015)

Friday, August 21, 2015

What a bald-faced ingrate! Scott Walker turns his back on the 18 Senate and 53 Assembly Republicans who boldly stood with him during the Act 10 fight

As quoted in GOP leaders dispute Scott Walker's account of union battle. (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 8/21/2015)

Here's the best reaction so far to Walker's historical revisionism.

As quoted in Republican leaders say Scott Walker is wrong about their Act 10 support.  (Wisconsin State Journal, 8/21/2015)

The 'tough guy' prefers not to face the crowds.

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Scott Walker tries on a new set of clothes (not from Kohl's)

As quoted in The Federalist (8/21/2015)

Intimidated was published on November 18, 2013.

Clearly, Scott Walker was not waiting for his calling from God to run for President.  He had his mind made up a long time ago.

Scott Walker: Losing the love in Wisconsin

The other candidates are all looking more attractive.

The rundown after Walker:
  • 13% - Ben Carson
  •   9% - Donald Trump
  •   8% - Ted Cruz
  •   7% - Marco Rubio, Carly Fiorina
  •   6% - Jeb Bush
  •   4% - Mike Huckabee
  •   2% - Rand Paul, Chris Christie, Bobby Jinal
  •   1% - John Kasich, Rick Santorum, Rick Perry 

According to the latest Marquette Law School poll, in a match-up with Hillary Clinton, Walker loses 52% to 42%.   

It's also instructive to note that 34.8% of the 802 poll respondents 'haven't heard enough' to have a favorable or unfavorable opinion of Sen. Ron Johnson.  He's been in office since January 2011.

Scott Walker and the company he keeps: Jan Mickelson

Photo credit:  Des Moines Register

As quoted in  Jan Mickelson: Illegal immigrants who won't leave could be 'indentured for service'. (Des Moines Register, 8/20/2015)

And why shouldn't they?  Especially when it comes to the company these candidates keep.
He [ Mickelson] said Media Matters – which called him an "influential conservative kingmaker" who recently hosted GOP presidential candidates Scott Walker, Carly Fiorina, Ben Carson and Rick Santorum – is trying to use him as a club to bludgeon candidates.

The company Scott Walker keeps:
Scott Walker goes where the money -- and the Koch Brothers -- are.  (8/2/2015) 
Diane Hendricks adds a zero on her latest check to Scott Walker.  (8/1/2015
Dear Scott Walker: Regarding the company you keep, I think it's time for all of us to watch this Diane Hendricks video once again
The company he keeps: Scott Walker is one of 9 Presidential candidates attending the July 18th Family Leadership Summit in Ames, Iowa.  (7/14/2015)
The company he keeps: Scott Walker receives high praise from Rep. Tom Cole, R-OK.  (5/19/2015)
The company he keeps: Scott Walker to pal around with Steve King in Iowa on January 24.  (1/9/2015)
Getting to know Scott Walker by the company he keeps.  (2/20/2014)

Scott Walker sez 'Get me rewrite' on Act 10

As quoted in  With numbers down, Walker adds bite to New Hampshire message.  (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 8/20/2015)

You won't read anything about Republican establishment pushback here.

Wisconsin Assembly passes bill to curb collective bargaining. (CNN, 3/10/2011)

The only outcry came from an 'old-guard' member, who was successfully targeted for 'elimination' by the Walker Republican establishment in 2014.
The vote in the Senate on the amended measure was 18-1, with Republican state Sen. Dale Schultz -- who earlier had floated a compromise that neither side bought into -- the lone opponent.

 I feel like doing a little rewriting of my own.

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Unfortunately, so many of those great Sullivan County voters out there can't seem to find their way into the frame

John Gregg: Fiorina, Walker Campaign in Grafton County.  (Valley News, 8/20/2015)

Dear Scott Walker, Maybe it's not too late to send your sons back to school

Things have changed quite a bit since.....

March 14, 2015

Your national poll numbers are fading.  From 17% to 6% in less than a month.

Your Iowa numbers are tanking.  From 23% in April to 9% now.

Florida has become inhospitable territory.  From 22% in February to 4% a short 6 months later.

All those South Carolina visits haven't translated into increased support.  From 18% in February to 6% now.

After an initial spurt of enthusiasm, North Carolinians are becoming increasingly ho-hum about your candidacy.  From 29% in March to 6% now.

And in Ohio, you're definitely yesterday's news now that Governor Kasich has entered the race.  From 13% in June to 2% less than 2 months later.

Poll information from Real Clear Politics

And things aren't so great on the home front either.


Remember us?

Scott Walker to visit 'resort-style retirement community' in South Carolina

Scott Walker returns to SC with Indian Land event Monday.  (Charlotte Observer, 8/20/2014)
The event is free, but anyone interested in meeting the presidential candidate is encouraged to RSVP on the campaign’s Event Brite page, then show up Monday at The Pavilion, 5074 Grandview Drive.

Read more here:
Scott Walker in South Carolina:
Scott Walker's Sunday in South Carolina.  (8/10/2015)
Is this your final answer?  (8/10/2015)
Scott Walker visits Rock Hill, South Carolina.  (8/10/2015)
Scott Walker in Lexington, South Carolina.  (7/15/2015)
If you say something enough, people are bound to repeat it.'  (7/15/2015)
About 200 GOP faithful' show up for Scott Walker event in North Charleston, South Carolina.  (7/15/2015)

Here, there & everywhere (1): Scott Walker's numbers fading out there in Florida

From 22% to 4%.

The behinders in the 8/7-18 Quinnipiac poll:
  • 4% - (tied with Walker) Mike Huckabee, Rand Paul
  • 3% - John Kasich
  • 1% - Bobby Jindal, Chris Christie
  • 0% - Rick Perry, Lindsey Graham
Other stuff:
  • No demographic breakdown provided. 

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For now, the Trump surge seems to be the same all over.  (8/5/2015)
Trump outpolls Bush, Rubio in Florida.  (7/29/2015)
Scott Walker taking a dive in Florida Republican presidential primary polling.  (6/20/2015)
Tracking the Florida Republican Presidential Primary Polls (January-March 2015).  (4/4/2015)
Bush-Walker-Unsure are 1-2-3 in latest Florida Republican Presidential primary poll.  (3/3/2015)

John sez 'down the rabbit hole'; I say 'leaping off a cliff' -- either way, a metaphor for an overbold strategy adjustment

Photo credit:  Business Record

As quoted in Momentum Slipping Away in Iowa, Scott Walker Adopts a Trump-Like Stance. (The New York Times, 8/19/2015)

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Scott Walker's inability to see himself as he really is

As quoted in Momentum Slipping Away in Iowa, Scott Walker Adopts a Trump-Like Stance. (The New York Times, 8/19/2015)
On a three-day tour of Iowa after declaring his candidacy for president last month, Scott Walker wore the same rolled-sleeves uniform, told the same sports joke and answered questions with verbatim passages from his announcement speech, whether he was in Davenport, Cedar Rapids or Sioux City.

He was disciplined almost to the point of seeming robotic.

Is it any wonder that Donald Trump pinatas have become hot sellers?

As quoted in the Washington Post
Photo credit:  Gage Skidmore via Wikipedia

Donald Trump:  Folk Demon.  (Online title:  "Why Latino Children Are Scared of Donald Trump.")  The New York Times, August 18, 2015.
Ever since he began his campaign for the Republican presidential nomination with a vicious screed against Mexican immigrants, Donald J. Trump has become a figure of dread and comic-book meanness to the Latino community. He’s a villain in a flaccid pompadour, spewing threats and insults that have filtered down into the bosom of many a Latino family*, to be heard by children gathered by the television set or at the dinner table.  [Emphasis added]
*Where they will remain until and beyond Tuesday, November 8, 2016.

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Donald Trump pinatas are a smash hit in Tijuana.  (7/28/2015)

Margaret Williams Christian (1919-2015) Warren High School Class of 1936

1936 Dragon yearbook

Margaret's high school activities:
Girls' Club (2, 3, 4); Latin Club (1, 2, 3, 4).

The popularity of Margaret as a baby name is graphed here.

Among the "Senior Superlatives" listed in the 1936 Dragon yearbook is "fattest".

The girl chosen for this dubious honor is Nyetta Wilson, whose photo appears on the same page as Margaret's.

Nyetta's partner, Vernard Mellander, is described as "our big boy" next to his senior photo.  He played football in his junior and senior years but is not pictured among the lettermen.

Other class of '36 graduates:
Genevieve O'Brien Clark.  (8/14/2015)

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Scott Walker's new campaign strategy: Pick on Mitch McConnell

As quoted in As Scott Walker Struggles in Iowa, His Campaign Reaches Out to a Strategist.  (The New York Times, 8/17/2015)
In an interview Monday on Glenn Beck’s radio show, Mr. Walker said he agreed with Mr. Beck’s assertion that Republican leaders like Senator Mitch McConnell of Kentucky, the majority leader, “are part of the problem” for the party.

If you need any more evidence that Scott Walker is in sheer panic mode, here it is

As quoted in Scott Walker:  End birthright citizenship.  (MSNBC, 8/19/2015)

Obviously, Scott Walker peaked way too early in North Carolina

Peak percentage noted for each candidate.

The behinders in the 8/12-16 PPP poll:
  • 3% - Rand Paul
  • 2% - Chris Christie, Rick Santorum
  • 1% - John Kasich, Rick Perry
  • 0% - Bobby Jindal, Lindsey Graham
 Other stuff:
  • Highest unfavorables
    • 55% - Chris Christie
    • 47% - Rand Paul
    • 40% - Donald Trump
  • 2% of respondents select Scott Walker as their 2nd choice
  • 41% of respondents consider themselves 'very conservative'

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It ain't necessarily so, Scott Walker

As reported in Scott Walker unveils health care plan, emphasizing Obamacare repeal. (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 8/18/2015)

Obamacare disapproval ratings 
  • Highest average 57.1% on December 5, 2013
  • Current average is 48.4%
 Obamacare approval ratings
  • Lowest average 36.4% on December 18, 2011 
  • Current average is 40.2%, down from 44.2% on July 18, 2015, after a series of conservative-leaning polls (FOX News, Rasmussen)

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Scott Walker's Day One ALEC Health Plan: Health Savings Accounts.  (8/18/2015) 
At least one item in Scott Walker's "Day One Patient Freedom Plan" is similar to a model policy found in the ALEC playbook.  (8/18/2015)

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Every time I sprinkle some powder on Scott Walker's "Day One Patient Freedom Plan", I find ALEC's fingerprints

Scott Walker's "Day One Patient Freedom Plan"

ALEC model policy

Scott Walker karaoke 

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At least one item in Scott Walker's "Day One Patient Freedom Plan" is similar to a model policy found in the ALEC playbook.  (8/18/2015)

Scott Walker's Day One ALEC Health Plan: Health Savings Accounts

As you should expect, Scott Walker is getting all of his health care talking points from ALEC, the American Legislative Exchange Council.

Scott Walker's "Day One Patient Freedom Plan"

ALEC model policy

Related reading:
Replacing Obamacare with Health Savings Accounts.  (FreedomWorks, 7/2/2012)
Friends Want Friends to Do Health Care.  (National Review, 10/16/2007)
Conservatives using HSAs to prevent a "socialized system".  (Physicians for a National Health Program, 3/1/2004)

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At least one item in Scott Walker's "Day One Patient Freedom Plan" is similar to a model policy found in the ALEC playbook.  (8/18/2015)

At least one item in Scott Walker's "Day One Patient Freedom Plan" is similar to a model policy found in the ALEC playbook

Or toolbox, if you will.

Day One Patient Freedom Plan

American Legislative Exchange Council Model Policy

I'm sure there's more, but I have other stuff to do right now.

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Scott Walker's puppet masters speak.  (4/21/2015)
Scott Walker: Putting the power of government into the hands of the Koch Brothers.  (2/23/2015)

ALEC goes to Wisconsin:
Get me rewrite: Wisconsin lawmakers eye ALEC model legislation to end state's prevailing wage laws.  (4/5/2015) 
Why do Republicans call it 'worker freedom'? Because the Koch Brothers say so.  (3/7/2015) 
Scott Walker: Putting the power of government into the hands of the Koch Brothers.  (2/23/2015)
Since 2008 Scott Walker pledges his allegiance to the Koch Brothers.  (2/21/2015) 
Why drug tests for recipients of public aid in Wisconsin?  Because the Koch Brothers say so.  (2/10/2015)
Rep. Lee Nerison (R-Westby) Does ALEC's "Ag-Gag" Bidding.  (2/9/2015)
Van Wanggaard toes the ALEC line.  (2/7/2015)
Meet Scott Walker's "ideas" men.  (1/29/2015)
The Koch Brothers bring you "The Big and the Bold".  (1/24/2015)
Chris Kapenga, ALEC waterboy, is at it again. (12/11/2014)
UPDATED:  They pledge allegiance to the Koch Brothers.  (11/19/2014)
Of course, Kapenga hasn't drafted a bill; it's already been done for him.  (12/4/2014)
Here's an example of what happens when people don't pay attention.  (10/8/2014)
Speaking of plagiarism: The Kapenga Chronicles   (9/27/2014)
ALEC tools Leah Vukmir and Alberta Darling go off the deep end.  (9/22/2014)
Speaking of plagiarism.  (9/20/2014)
Just what the Wisconsin legislature needs:  Another ALEC disciple.  (8/7/2014)
Meet Chris Kapenga, R-Waterboy, representing the grate state of ALEC.  (2/18/2014)
Sen. Paul Farrow throws a hissy fit (which is transcribed in this news release).  (2/7/2014)
Robin Vos believes in selective transparency of the kind advanced by the American Legislative Exchange Council.  (12/24/2013)
Background on the National Conference of State Legislatures for Leah.  (12/12/2013)
From ALEC to Andre to us: Rep. Jacque (R-DePere) whittles model bill down to the basics.  (9/1/2013)
NRA/ALEC "Docs and Glocks" law finally makes its way to Wisconsin.  (6/18/2013)
Robin Vos, "an ALEC Wisconsin Foot Soldier" (SourceWatch).  (6/13/2013)
ALEC'd to Death: Wisconsin Republicans Continues to Depend on the Koch Brothers' Playbook. (6/7/2013)
ALEC's State Budget Reform Toolkit: "Asset Sale and Lease Opportunities".  (6/6/2013)
Selling State Properties? It's in the ALEC Playbook.  (5/22/2013)
More cookie-cutter legislation from ALEC.  (4/7/2013)
What the Koch Brothers left under Scott Walker's 2010 Christmas tree.  (6/19/2012)

Scott Walker won't make Mexico pay for his health care plan

Hey, neighbors, you're off the hook on this one.

Scott Walker unveils health care plan, emphasizing Obamacare repeal. (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 8/18/2015)

A desperate measure for a sagging campaign.
Walker's plan does not include cost figures or an estimate of the number of people who would be covered, making it nearly impossible to compare with current law. For the period from April to June of this year, 11.4% of U.S. adults were uninsured, which translates to about 16 million people gaining coverage since the rollout of Obama's health care law in 2013.

Walker said the plan would be paid for by eliminating $1 trillion in taxes that are levied under the current law and by making other changes to Medicaid and how health insurance is taxed.

A five-part plan. 

Donald Trump maintains a sizable lead in latest national Republican Presidential primary poll

The behinders in the 8/13-16 CNN/ORC poll:
  • 6% - Rand Paul
  • 5% - Ted Cruz, Carly Fiorina, John Kasich
  • 4% - Mike Huckabee
  • 3% - Chris Christie
  • 2% - Rick Perry
  • 1% - Rick Santorum
  • 0% - Bobby Jindal, Lindsey Graham
Other stuff:
  • 61% to 55%:  Republicans have an 'extremely, very enthusiastic' edge
  • Among all registered voters, Trump's unfavorable rating is the highest (58%)

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Trump takes his 3rd national poll in a row.  (7/20/2015)
Donald Trump takes 1st place in consecutive national polls.  (7/17/2015)
On day 2 of Scott Walker's presidential campaign, a just-released Suffolk University/USA Today poll has Donald Trump in 1st place.  (7/14/2015)
Monmouth University poll casts a pall over Scott Walker's presidential candidacy announcement.  (7/13/2015)
Scott Walker leads in Iowa Republican presidential polling, but nationally it's a different story.  (7/1/2015)
Republicans' 2016 Presidential primary preferences look like a bunch of scribbles when graphed.  (6/22/2015)
Has anyone else noticed that Scott Walker peaked 2 months ago in New Hampshire? (6/14/2015)
Same as it ever was, pretty much, in latest Fox News poll.  (6/3/2015)
The latest CNN/ORC Republican presidential primary poll likes the Florida boys.  (6/2/2015) 
5-way tie in latest Quinnipiac Republican presidential primary poll.  (5/28/2015)
Republican presidential candidates find little elbow room in latest Fox News poll.  (5/16/2015)
Latest Public Policy Polling (PPP) numbers keep Republican candidates in a jumble.  (5/14/2015)
The Florida Boys leave Scott Walker in "show" position in latest Republican presidential horse race poll.  (5/5/2015)
Tracking the national Republican presidential primary polls.  (4/3/2015)
Scott Walker tied for 2nd with 'Dunno' in latest CNN/ORC poll. (3/19/2015)
Don't know/no answer/somebody else/won't vote leads latest Quinnipiac Republican Presidential primary poll.  (3/6/2015)
Someone else/no one, Ben Carson have best 1-2 punch in Public Policy poll.  (2/24/2015)
On the merry-go-round: Mike Huckabee takes the lead in the latest Republican Presidential preference poll.  (2/18/2015)

Meet the Members of the Republican Study Committee: Reid Ribble (R-WI, 8th District)

Among a list of Congressional sponsors for Capitol Ministries(R).  I think Rep. Ribble needs to explain to us why he paints himself neutral on the issue of same-sex marriage.

The cumulative tally

The Republican Study Committee membership
New Hampshire
New Jersey
New Mexico
New York
North Carolina
North Dakota
South Carolina
South Dakota
West Virginia