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GET ME REWRITE: Meet the nobodies of the Wisconsin GOP Clown Show running for governor

Rebecca of Sunnybrook Far, a.k.a. Rebecca Kleefisch, served as Scott Walker's lieutenant governor for 8 years. 

Central Casting, a.k.a. Kevin Nicholson, lost to The Leahs in the 2018 GOP primary for U.S. Senate.  

"It's Dim Time" sez it all as far as Tim Ramthun is concerned!

And here @wisgop was supposed to have a strong bench.  

Meet the droolers: Marquette Law School poll reveals who the election denier morons are


GET ME REWRITE: Drought and climate change force Las Vegas residents to confront a dystopian, unsustainable future


The water supply for Las Vegas has marked a milestone, with a water intake breaking the surface of drought-depleted Lake Mead and the activation of a new pumping facility to draw water from deeper in the crucial Colorado River reservoir. 
The Southern Nevada Water Authority released photos this week of the uppermost intake visible at the lake behind Hoover Dam. 
The agency says a deeper intake completed in 2020 that's called the third straw continues to let Las Vegas pump water from its primary supply while the lake level continues to decline.

GET ME REWRITE: Clearly, way too many voters are not paying attention to the GOP assault on democracy


Poll numbers and headlineNPR, 4/29/2022
In this survey, independents — an important swing group, particularly in suburban areas — said they favor Republicans by 7 points, 45% to 38%. There is a significant gender gap overall and in suburbs, with a majority of women favoring Democrats and a majority of men wanting Republicans in charge.

According to Ohio Republican Jean Schmidt, rape is just another childbearing 'opportunity'


Headline:  Washington Post, 4/30/2022
An Ohio lawmaker proposing a near-total abortion ban was given a hypothetical: A 13-year-old girl is raped and becomes pregnant as a result. Would the Republican’s bill force that teenager to have her rapist’s baby? 
Yes — and the resulting child would be an “opportunity,” state Rep. Jean Schmidt said this week. 
“It is a shame that it happens, but there’s an opportunity for that woman, no matter how young or old she is, to make a determination about what she’s going to do to help that life be a productive human being,” she said.

Wisconsin 2022 elections: Who will run in the 19th Assembly District now that Jonathan Brostoff is running for Milwaukee Common Council?


Republicans don't have a prayer in this overwhelmingly Democratic district.


WisPolitiucs, 4/28/2022
The 19th District Assembly seat is open, as incumbent Jonathan Brostoff has announced his candidacy for a seat on Milwaukee’s Common Council. “Ryan has a proven track record as an advocate for public education, a legislator, and as someone who will fight for our community,” Brostoff said. “I look forward to seeing him bring that experience to the Assembly.”
19th Assembly District
hugs the lakeshore in the 
City of Milwaukee

Other Wisconsin 2022 races:
5th Assembly:  Jim Steineke.  (1/15.2022)
15th Assembly.  Joe Sanfelippo  (4/14/2022).  
27th Assembly.  Tyler Vorpagel.  (4/14/2022)
33rd Assembly.  Cody Horlacher.  (4/14/2022)
45th Assembly.  Mark Spreitzer.  (3/19/2022)
52nd Assembly:  Jeremy Thiefsfeldt.  (2/28/2022)
54th Assembly: Gordon Hintz.  (3/6/2022/
55th Assembly:  Rachael Cabral-Guevera.  (3/19/2022)
68th Assembly: Jesse James.  (1/28/2022)
73rd Assembly.  Nick Milroy.  (4/15/2022)
74th Assembly:  Beth Meyers.  (3/7/2022)
79th Assembly.  Dianne Hesselbein.  (3/18/2022)
80th Assembly.  Sondy Pope.  (4/15/2022)
84th Assembly: Mike Kuglitsch.  (3/1/2022)

5th Senate:  Dale Kooyenga.  (3/13/2022)
15th Senate:  Janis Ringhand.  (3/11/2022)
19th Senate:  Roger Roth.  (3/14/2022)
23rd Senate:  Kathy Bernier.  (3/15/2022)
25th Senate:  Janet Bewley.  (3/16/2022)
27th Senate:  Jon Erpenbach.  (3/17/2022)
29th Senate:  Jerry Petrowski.  (3/12/2022

Apparently, the Milwaukee Brewers used "juicier' baseballs last night


Either that or the Cubs' pitching really sucks.

Bottom headlineWashington Post

None of the taters was hit by Rowdy.

MJS excerpt:
Tune into any portion of the early-season conversations within the sport and there is likely to be talk of to whether the balls are “de-juiced” and less bouncy off the bat, spherical killers of slugging percentages, or slicker to grip than players are used to.

Friday, April 29, 2022

Trump GOP primary endorsements prove to be deeply divisive


U.S. News and World Report, 4/29/2022  (top)
Nearly all of Nebraska's GOP establishment leaders are lining up behind businessman Jim Pillen, believing he would be the easy favorite to win in November. But no endorsement matters quite like that of former President Donald Trump, who is backing his longtime friend Charles Herbster. And in a twist, a third candidate, state Sen. Brett Lindstrom, is emerging as a strong contender in part because of an endorsement from the mayor of Omaha, the state's biggest city.
 New York Times, 4/28/2022 (middle)
For Republican supporters of Donald J. Trump in Michigan, it seemed like a crowning moment: The state party chose two candidates endorsed by the former president, both outspoken preachers of 2020 election falsehoods, as its contenders for the state’s top law enforcement officer and its chief of election administration. 
But instead, that move at a convention last weekend — where Republicans officially endorsed Matthew DePerno for attorney general and Kristina Karamo for secretary of state — has ruptured the Michigan Republican Party. After months of strain, it appears to finally be snapping as what remains of the old guard protests the party’s direction.
CNN, 4/28/2022 (bottom) 
But the duo's partnership came to a screeching halt last week after the Club for Growth refused to end its negative ad campaign against Ohio Senate candidate J.D. Vance at the former President's behest and doubled down with new ads against the Trump-backed "Hillbilly Elegy" author. The group has backed former state treasurer Josh Mandel in the heated Republican primary for the seat being vacated by Sen. Rob Portman.

GET ME REWRITE: Robin Vos has served in the Wisconsin Assembly for nearly 20 years, half of them as Speaker, and yet most folks know little to nothing about him


Too many voters aren't paying attention.  Moreover, corporate media has reduced political reporting to  the level of the Daily Racing Form.  It's no wonder that Vos and the Wisconsin GOP can get away with their shenanigans session after session after session.

Headline:  Wisconsin Radio Network, 4/28/2022 
Survey results:  Marquette Law School polls

WRN teaser:  
Poll Director Charles Franklin explains. “Despite being such an important government figure and having held that position for a long time 49% say they haven’t heard enough about Speaker Vos to have an opinion. Of those with opinions, 12% are favorable, 29% were unfavorable. Not surprisingly, there’s a pretty sharp party split on that question as well.”

Other Vos posts:
Breathing down the Assembly Speaker's neck, Adam Steen wants to #repovos.  (4/29/2022)
Robin Vos in so many words: Who needs a fuckin' survey? You're darn tootin' there's a free speech problem on UW campuses.  (4/7/2022)
Judge holds Robin Vos in contempt, as do so many others across the state of Wisconsin.  (3/31/2022)

Dear voters of Colorado's 3rd congressional district, There are many reasons not to renew the Lauren Boebert Clown Show this November. Here's the latest. Best, Retiring Guy


Headline:  Louisiana Illuminator, 4/27/2022

Lock her up!
Cassidy Hutchinson, a former assistant to White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows, identified Boebert as one of a small group of Republican lawmakers who met with Meadows as early as the last week of November 2020 to “raise the idea” of former Vice President Mike Pence intervening to prevent the certification of election results by Congress on Jan. 6, 2021. The ensuing assault on the U.S. Capitol by a mob of Trump supporters that day led to the deaths of five people and Trump’s eventual second impeachment trial. 
Hutchinson named Boebert in testimony before the House Select Committee to Investigate the January 6th Attack on the United States Capitol in February. Portions of her testimony were made public this week as part of a legal filing made by lawyers for the committee in a lawsuit brought against it by Meadows in an effort to block several subpoenas.

Thursday, April 28, 2022

Des Moines Register, you got some 'splainin' to do


Sources:  Des Moines Register "Daily Briefing" email (top)
Boston Globe, 4/26/2022 (bottom)
But it’s not just that tens of thousands more youngsters are accessing handguns. The profile of gun-carrying teens has also measurably changed, the researchers found, suggesting that firearm safety and advocacy initiatives may also need to be updated. 
“It’s really important for people to not assume they know what kind of kids carry guns, and that goes for pediatricians and public health workers,” said Naoka Carey, a doctoral student in Boston College’s Lynch School of Education and Human Development and a coauthor of the study. “You need to be educating families and young people about the risks for carrying a gun, whether they come from a low-income or high-income family.”  [emphasis added]

Earlier this month, The New Republic engaged in some French election pearl-clutching


HeadlineThe New Republic, 4/7/2022

Dear Arthur,

Keep in mind that if we didn't have that useless, elitist relic known as the Electoral College, Hillary Clinton would have been sworn in as President in January 2017.  She received 2,868,686 more votes than Trump.


Retiring Guy
Source:  Wikipedia (arrow and box added)

Fewer plants, less color will be seen in Madison's medians this year


Screenshot and video by Retiring Guy

The city’s operating budget cuts funding for maintenance of 208 planting beds in medians from $165,000 in 2021 to $86,422 this year. To lower costs, the city is moving to take 110 beds out of contracted maintenance and covert 89 of those beds to turf or concrete. 
The city intends to convert 62 planting beds to grass, mostly in locations where they’re now surrounded by turf that requires some mowing, such as around Northport Drive and Packers Avenue on the North Side. It will convert 27 beds, mostly in high-traffic areas or narrow medians, like those on East Washington Avenue and John Nolen Drive near the Monona Terrace underpass, to colored, stamped concrete.

GET ME REWRITE: Robbie Bobbie hangs out with the guys, spouts divisive immigration rhetoric


Recommended reading for the boys:

New York Times, 4/26/2022
Mr. Abbott’s plan, however, happens to fit into the Biden administration’s strategy for responding to the surge in migrant crossings, which officials anticipate will increase sharply once a public health rule imposed during the coronavirus pandemic is lifted at the end of May. The Biden plan includes working with state and local governments and nonprofits to provide support, assistance and transportation to move migrants out of border communities and toward their final destinations in a humane and orderly way.  [emphasis added]
“In a way, it’s actually perfect,” said Bilal Askaryar, a spokesman for Welcome With Dignity, a collective of about 100 local and national groups that help migrants. “Unintentionally, Governor Abbott sent them to one of the best places in the nation to welcome people.” 

"Humane", "orderly", and "dignity" are words you won't find in any GOP immigration agenda.

"Fear", "loathing", and "divisiveness" are much closer to the mark.


Original 4/26/2022 post, "The egregious Rob Portman is proud of efforts to ensure a healthy white Ohio", starts here.

Absolutely clueless.

Headline:  Columbus Monthly, 5/25/2021
Talk about a racial divide. Consider this:\ 
There’s Bexley, which is 87 percent white. Compare it to the Near East Side of Columbus, which is 59 percent Black. They are essentially next-door neighbors. The average lifespan of residents in the wealthy suburb? A little more than 85 years. In the minority community? Try 67 years.\ 
Think about that. A difference of more than 18 years based on where you live. [emphasis added]
Might as well put up a warning sign: Living while Black in Central Ohio can be dangerous to your health.

Wednesday, April 27, 2022

GET ME REWRITE: Welcome to the Henry Olsen Clown Show


Headline:  Washington Post, 4/27/2022

No quibble with the headline, but then there's this.

The median House GOP member is not a fire-breathing right-winger such as Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (Ga.), who attracts a lot of attention; they are quiet, nonideological conservatives most people have never heard of, such as Reps. Virginia Foxx of North Carolina or Michael R. Turner of Ohio.
Here's the 'quiet, nonideological' Virginia Foxx on gay marriage.

Here's the 'quiet, nonideological' Virginia Foxx on climate change.

Original 4/25/2022 post starts here.

Headline:  Washington Post, 4/25/2022
Election results:  Wikipedia (2017, 2022)
France elects its presidents using a two-round system. All candidates must compete in the first round, and the two with the most votes advance to the second round if no one reaches 50 percent. Macron won only 28 percent in the first round, hardly a ringing endorsement.  [emphasis added]

As you can see from the 2017 results, Macron received 24.01% of the vote.  In other words, he boosted his 2022 first-round performance by 4 percentage points. 

Welcome to Scott Walker's legacy: Payday lenders gouge Wisconsin borrowers like no other


Headlines:  Wisconsin Democracy Campaign (top)

WDC excerpt:
Between January 2010 and June 2016, payday and auto title loan and check-cashing companies contributed about $344,000 to all Wisconsin legislative and statewide candidates, led by Walker, who accepted about $40,000. Payday lenders gave current lawmakers about $230,600, including nearly $202,000 (or 88 percent) to majority Republicans.

2/22/2022 update, "Anti-union, anti-worker Act 10", starts here.

In 2000, 17.8% of all employed Wisconsinites were members of a union — the 10th largest concentration in the country, according to the report. But last year, that percentage fell to 7.9%, putting Wisconsin just below the national unionization activity average of 10.3%. 
"The 55.6% decline in the rate of union membership in Wisconsin over the same time period ranked second highest in the country, behind only South Carolina (whose overall membership was lowest nationwide in both 2000 and 2021)," the report states. "Forum research finds that a combination of legislation (like Act 10) aimed at curtailing public unions’ authority and broader national trends impacting private union membership may help to explain Wisconsin’s drop-off."

1/22/2022 update, "Bashing teachers (the story continues)", starts here.

After 8 years as Governor, Walker, the Koch Brothers favorite pet, left the Wisconsin Idea in shreds.

School districts across the state are being pushed to the brink of a crisis due to extreme staffing difficulties brought on by the surging COVID-19 pandemic. District administrators and staff say the recent problems are compounding staffing challenges that began about a decade ago after the passage of Act 10, the Republican law that cut benefits and stripped collective bargaining rights from teachers unions. 
[White Lake School District supreintendent Nathan Hanson] said Act 10, the 2011 law signed by Republican Gov. Scott Walker, and academic standards implemented across the state around the same time became a “perfect storm” that left teachers feeling disenfranchised. 
“I know colleagues that left the state,” Hanson said. “I’ve seen a certain level of demoralization that happened, especially with our veteran teachers.” 
He began to see a significant decrease in applicants for teaching roles in 2012, he said.

12/18/2021 update, "Bashing teachers", starts here

The supply of substitute teachers — as well as full-time teachers — started to dry up after the Legislature passed Act 10 in 2011, placing strict limitations on teachers' unions bargaining abilities and automatically taking more from teacher paychecks to contribute to pensions, Muenter said. 

It wasn't immediate, but over the past decade, there have been fewer people graduating with teaching degrees and fewer applicants for teaching jobs — especially for specialized subjects such as advanced calculus or technical education. 

More:  4 things to know about Act 10 and its profound effect on Wisconsin a decade later.


Original 11/15/2021 post, "The Foxconn debacle", starts here.

Screenshot from YouTube video (thought balloon added)

Related posts:When it comes to Foxconn, rampant inflation is a common pitfall.  (10/8/2021)

William Leichner (1943-2022) Warren Area High School class of 1961


1961 Dragon yearbook

  Warren Times Observer

1967 Warren City Directory

1983 Warren City Directory

The popularity of William as a baby name is graphed here.  Let's take a look at Sherry.

Sherry debuted in 1925 and rocketed into the up the charts during the 1950s.  She eventually spent 31 years in the top 100 (1944, 1946-1975), peaking at #48 in 1962.  Ring a bell? The Four Seasons' "Sherry" spent 5 weeks at #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 in September and October of 1962.

Other members of the class of '61 (28):
Glen Briggs.  (1/21)


Michael Long.  (10/22)

CAFOs in the news: Kinnard Farms yearns for the good old days of Scott Walker and Ms. Stepp

Aerial view:  Google Maps
Headline:  Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 4/26/2022
Tap water photo: Appleton Post-Crescent, 6/8/2017
Kinnard Farms is one of Wisconsin's largest dairy farms. Kewaunee County, in northeastern Wisconsin, is home to 16 industrial farms and has been struggling with agricultural pollution for years after testing showed levels of contaminants in residents' private drinking water wells. The farms are known as CAFOs, concentrated animal feeding operations. 
The permit, issued by the DNR at the end of March, said Kinnard Farms could not exceed 11,369 animal units, equating to about 8,000 cows, which is the number the farm currently houses. 
"An unreasonably low animal unit maximum of 11,369 animal units will prohibit Kinnard from expanding or even temporarily maintaining its herd size beyond its current level, with a loss of competitive flexibility," the petition says. "If Kinnard is restricted from increasing its herd size, Kinnard may lose revenue associated with the sale of milk from additional dairy cows."  [emphasis added]

1/20/2022 update, "Make that a barn full of 6700 cows", starts here.

Photo credit:  Progressive Dairy

This Wisconsin Dairy is Built for the Long Haul.  (Dairy Herd Management, 12/18/2019)
Tending 13,000 acres of crops and a barn full of cows in the thumb of Wisconsin surrounded by water has plenty challenges.

No mention is made in this puff piece of the number of cow on this concentrated animal feeding operation (CAFO).

9/17/2015 update, " On June 6, 2014, employees of Michael, Best & Friedrich donated $28,046.81 to Scott Walker and $500 to Mary Burke", starts here.

DNR OKs expansion of large Kewaunee County dairy farm.  (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 9/12/2015)
The agency approved plans by the Kinnard Farms in Kewaunee County to increase the size of its cattle operations from 4,000 milking cows to 6,700 milking cows, according to Lee Kinnard.
Kewaunee County has become a focal point of opposition of large dairy farms because of numerous instances of polluted wells in the area. Also, the county has areas of karst geography, which is formed by the breakdown of rocks and contains underground drainage systems. This type of landscape makes it easier for manure to seep through soil and enter the aquifer. 

As quoted in the JS article
Photo credit:  State of Wisconsin

Of related interest:
Depleted DNR's reorganization appears cosmetic, former secretary say.  (, 7/29/2015)
Wisconsin DNR mulls dissolving science bureau.  (, 4/7/2015)
Cathy Stepp tells panel DNR may sell naming rights to state parks.  (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 3/4/2015)

[Original post starts here.]
An anti-D-Day 70th anniversary celebration? 

Is it any surprise that we find Lee Kinnard running into their arms. 

After criticizing judge, DNR secretary declines to ‘correct’ ruling on Kewaunee dairy water permitWisconsin Watch, 11/25/2014)
But on Nov. 20, Kinnard, represented by the Madison law firm Michael Best & Friedrich, asked Stepp to “correct” the judge’s ruling, saying the agency lacked the legal authority to impose such permit conditions.


And that's not all folks!

Law firm knee deep in state's many hot-button issues.  (Wisconsin State Journal, 1/22/2012)
As a result, the most influential three names in state politics, outside of Walker, Fitzgerald and Fitzgerald, just might be Michael Best & Friedrich. 

Collective bargaining. Mining. Redistricting. Recalls. Recounts. John Doe. Ethics charges. Michael Best & Friedrich has become the go-to law firm for all of the big issues facing Republicans.

Uh-oh!  I feel another song comin' on.

Tuesday, April 26, 2022

GET ME REWRITE: Outbreak of homophobia rages through Tighty Whities on Missouri school board


HeadlineNew Civil Rights Movement, 4/26/2022
Photos courtesy of Grain Valley Schools

Reckoning with whiteness
The board left it to schools to notify parents, which they did on Monday via email, KSHB reports. The notice came after last Thursday’s board meeting, but the Safe Space sticker ban was not on the agenda. The board claims it initiated the ban because all classrooms should be safe spaces for everyone. 
In a move similar to the “All Lives Matter” retort to the Back Lives Matter movement, the school board wrote to parents: 
“Our goal is for every classroom to be a safe place for all students, not just in classrooms where teachers choose to display a particular sign,”

Meet Freedom Caucus clown and January 6 insurrectionist Scott Perry, a Pennsylvania embarrassment

HeadlineBusiness Insider, 4/26/2022
"From an Intel friend: [the Director of National Intelligence] needs to task [the National Security Agency] to immediately seize and begin looking for international comms related to Dominion," Perry texted Meadows on November 12, five days after major news networks called the the 2020 election for President-elect Joe Biden.  
A source told CNN that Meadows did not follow through on that request. That same day, Perry also reportedly told Meadows that foreign powers, including the British government, were involved in manipulating US elections, and that CIA Director Gina Haspel was part of a cover-up.
Perry's text, of course, is complete and utter.....

12/21/2021 update, "Meet the real  Scott Perry:  GOP troglodyte, Freedom Caucus clown show crazy, Trump insurrectionist and traitor", starts here.

USA Today, 12/21/2021
In a Monday letter, the committee said it wanted to interview Perry about evidence that he advocated the late appointment of an acting attorney general who would presumably investigate false claims of voter fraud in states that Trump lost to President Joe Biden. 
The apparent goal: Reverse certification of Biden's wins in those states, or prevent the counting of their electoral votes, enabling Trump to somehow prevail in the Electoral College.

Original 1/24/2021 post starts here

New York Times, 1/23/2021
It was Mr. Perry, a member of the hard-line Freedom Caucus, who first made Mr. Trump aware that a relatively obscure Justice Department official, Jeffrey Clark, the acting chief of the civil division, was sympathetic to Mr. Trump’s view that the election had been stolen, according to former administration officials who spoke with Mr. Clark and Mr. Trump. 
Mr. Perry introduced the president to Mr. Clark, whose openness to conspiracy theories about election fraud presented Mr. Trump with a welcome change from the acting attorney general, Jeffrey A. Rosen, who stood by the results of the election and had repeatedly resisted the president’s efforts to undo them. 
Mr. Perry’s previously unreported role, and the quiet discussions between Mr. Trump and Mr. Clark that followed, underlined how much the former president was willing to use the government to subvert the election, turning to more junior and relatively unknown figures for help as ranking Republicans and cabinet members rebuffed him.  [emphasis added]
Consulting with the decomposers, in other words.

Original 11/1/2019 post, "Meet the GOP lemmings of Congress", starts here.

Say 'hello' to a Freedom Caucus crazy!

One of Perry's greatest hits: "One Man, One Woman".

Other Scott Perry posts:
Donald Trump declares war on Freedom Caucus.  (4/5/2017)
Scott Perry, an A+ student, leads his Republican colleagues in a chorus of "I Pledge Allegiance to the NRA".  (1/7/2016)
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Meet 'the crazies' in the U.S. House of Representatives.  (10/10/2015)
Meet the members of the Republican Study Committee.  (7/30/2015)
No friend to the environment.  (4/6/2015)

Other GOP lemmings posts:
Bradley Byrne, Alabama.  (10/10/2019)
Martha Roby, Alabama.  (10/10/2019)
Mike Rogers, Alabama.  (10/10/2019)
Robert Aderholt, Alabama.  (10/10/2019)
Mo Brooks, Alabama.  (10/10/2019)
Gary Palmer, Alabama.  (10/10/2019)

Don Young, Alaska.  (10/10/2019)

Paul Gosar, Arizona.  (10/10/2019)
Andy Biggs, Arizona.  (10/10/2019)
Debbie Lesko, Arizona.  (10/10/2019)

Rick Crawford, Arkansas.  (10/10/2019)
French Hill, Arkansas.  (10/10/2019)
Steve Womack, Arkansas.  (10/11/2019)
Bruce Westerman, Arkansas.  (10/11/2019)
Tom Cotton, Arkansas.  (10/16/2019)

Doug LaMalfa, California.  (10/11/2019)
Tom McClintock, California.  (10/11/2019)
Paul Cook, California.  (10/11/2019)
Devin Nunes, California.  (10/11/2019)
Kevin McCarthy, California.  (10/12/2019)
Ken Calvert, California.  (10/12/2019)
Duncan Hunter, California.  (10/12/2019)

Ken Buck, Colorado.  (10/13/2019)
Doug Lamborn, Colorado.  (10/13/2019)

Matt Gaetz, Florida.  (10/13/2019)
Ted Yoho, Florida.  (10/14/2019)
Daniel Webster, Florida.  (10/14/2019)
Mario Diaz-Balart, Florida.  (10/14/2019)

Buddy Carter, Georgia.  (10/15/2019)
Rob Woodall, Georgia.  (10/15/2019)
Doug Collins, Georgia.  (10/15/2019)
Jody Hice, Georgia.  (10/16/2019)
Barry Loudermilk, Georgia.  (10/17/2019)
Rick Allen, Georgia.  (10/17/2019)
Tom Graves, Georgia.  (10/17/2019)

Mike Bost, Illinois.  (10/18/2019)
Rodney Davis, Illinois.  (10/18/2019)
John Shimkus, Illinois.  (10/18/2019)
Darin LaHood, Illinois.  (10/19/2019)

Jackie Walorski, Indiana.  (10/19/2019)
Jim Banks, Indiana.  (10/19/2019)
Larry Bucshon, Indiana.  (10/20/2019)

Steve King, Iowa.  (10/20/2019)

James Comer, Kentucky.  (10/20/2019)
Brett Guthrie, Kentucky. (10/21/2019)
Thomas Massie, Kentucky.  (10/21/2019)
Hal Rogers, Kentucky.  (10/21/2019)
Andy Barr, Kentucky.  (10/22/2019)

Steve Scalise, Louisiana.  (10/22/2019)
Mike Johnson, Louisiana.  (10/22/2019)

Andy Harris, Maryland.  (10/22/2019)

Jack Bergman, Michigan.  (10/22/2019)
Tim Walberg, Michigan.  (10/22/2019)

Tom Emmer, Minnesota.  (10/22/2019)

Steve Palazzo, Mississippi.  (10/23/2019)

Ann Wagner, Missouri.  (10/23/2019)
Blaine Luetkemeyer, Missouri.  (10/23/2019)
Vicky Hartzler, Missouri.  (10/23/2019)
Sam Graves, Missouri.  (10/24/2019)
Billy Long, Missouri.  (10/24/2019)
Jason Smith, Missouri.  (10/25/2019)

Greg Gianforte, Montana.  (10/24/2019)

Jeff Fortenberry, Nebraska.  (10/24/2019)
Don Bacon, Nebraska.  (10/25/2019)
Adrian Smith, Nebraska.  (10/25/2019)

Lee Zeldin, New York.  (10/25/2019)
Peter King, New York.  (10/25/2019)
Tom Reed, New York.  (10/25/2019)
John Katko, New York.  (10/25/2019)

George Holding, North Carolina.  (10/27/2019)
Virginia Foxx, North Carolina.  (10/27/2019)
Mark Walker, North Carolina.  (10/27/2019)
Richard Hudson, North Carolina.  (10/27/2019)
Mark Meadows, North Carolina.  (10/27/2019)
Ted Budd, North Carolina.  (10/28/2019)

Steve Chabot, Ohio.  (10/28/2019)
Brad Wenstrup, Ohio.  (10/28/2019)
Jim Jordan, Ohio.  10/29/2019)
Bob Latta, Ohio.  (10/29/2019)
Bill Johnson, Ohio.  (10/30/2019)
Bob Gibbs, Ohio.  (10/30/2019)
Warren Davidson, Ohio.  (10/30/2019)
Michael Turner, Ohio.  (10/31/2019)
Steve Stivers, Ohio.  (10/31/2019)

Markwayne Mullin, Oklahoma.  (11/1/2019)
Frank Lucas, Oklahoma.  (11/1/2019)
Tom Cole, Oklahoma.  (11/1/2019)

Marsha Blackburn, Tennessee.  (10/16/2019)