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"Tell me a story": Scott Walker campaign spokesman Joe Fadness as Chatty Cathy

Photo credit:  LinkedIn

As quoted in On the Capitol: Scott Walker launches new political website.  (, 6/3/2016)

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Affordable housing: Theory meets NIMBY reality

As quoted in Long Island Hamlet Torn Over Affordable Housing Proposal.  (CBS New York, 6/3/2016)

That's just the way it is in Middleton, Wisconsin.  (Neighborhood testimony from 3/22/2016 Plan Commission meeting, with emphasis added.)
  • _____ said he is concerned about traffic, stormwater, and the scale of the proposed project. He said he is all for affordable housing, he just feels the scale of the project is out of character for the neighborhood. 
  • _____stated this proposal is not suited for the location as proposed.  She said she is not against the affordable housing development.  Her concerns include noise, lighting, traffic, impact to the Conservancy, stormwater management, and parking particularly if the project leads to parking on Old Creek Road.
  • _____ said her house will be the most impacted by the proposed project.  They will lose privacy in their back yard, and she is concerned about the effect of the project on property values.  She said she has no problem with the affordable housing component; she is just concerned about the number of people that would be added to th3e area.
  • _____ said his daughter's property at ___________ is the property most impacted by the proposed project.  He said there will be 38 balconies overlooking the single family home.
  • _____ said the bright lights from the project\ will affect her sleep.  She is concerned about traffic and noise, especially construction noise, from the proposed project.
  • _____ referred to the letter she provided to the Plan Commission along with supporting information about speeding and crime reports.  She said she is very opposed to this proposed project.  She also said she feels Middleton Glen residents should have better access to the Conservancy.  
  • _____ spoke against the project.  He fells it is a poor location in part due to the traffic impact on Century Ave., and the amount of impervious surface that would be added.  He asked the Plan Commission to consider the impact this project will have on his enjoyment of th4e Pheasant Branch Conservancy.

Robert Jones (1933-2016) Warren High School Class of 1950

1950 Dragon yearbook

 1967 Warren City Directory
  • Jones Gail F (Pearle C) sls mgr Warren Grocery h19 N Parker
  • [county section] Jones Kathryn K 209 N Main
  • Jones R E emp Sylvania r209 N Main (Clarendon)
1983 Warren City Directory
  • Jones Gail F & Pearle C; retd h19 N Parker St 
  • [county section] Jones Kathryn K 209 N Main
  • [county section] Jones Robert E 209 N Main

The popularity of Robert as a baby name is graphed here.

As for Robert's dad, 'Gail'...

...struggled to find his footing during the 1st decade of the 20th century, then settled into 40 years of middling popularity, peaking at #367 in 1936.

Other class of 1950 members
Lewis McCullough.  (7/6/2015)
Joan Marlene Campbell Berdine.  (2/18/2015) 
Glen Valentine.  (8/18/2014)

What some GOP heavyweights are saying about the Republican National Convention in Cleveland

As reported in ‘I Can Watch It on TV’: Excuses for Republicans Skipping a Donald Trump Convention.  (The New York Times, 6/1/2016)
The coolness toward Mr. Trump amounts to a remarkable rebuke. A broad range of party leaders are openly rejecting the man who will be their nominee. And the July 18-21 convention, usually a moment of public catharsis for political parties after contentious primaries, is shaping up to be another reminder of the disarray and disunity that is still rocking the Republican Party after a bitter 17-way fight for the nomination.

Looney Tunes emeritus: Larry Pratt takes gun nonsense to danger level

Photo credit:  Gun Owners of America

As quoted in Gun Lobbyist Warns Gun Owners Could Resort To ‘Bullet Box’ If They Don’t Like Election Results.  (Huffington Post, 6/2/2016)

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Dear Climate Hustle nutburgers, global temperature records are being set monthly

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April 2016, Hottest April Ever, Breaks Global Temperature Records.  (Nature World News, 5/19/2016)
April 2016 Hottest on Record as 'Climate Emergency' Grows.  (Common Dreams, 5/16/2016)

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UPDATE: Climate change, Scott Walker, and short-term thinking. (2/16/2016)  On land and sea, November 2015 was warmest November globally since recordkeeping began.  (12/24/2015)
Monthly global temperature record broken for 6th month in a row.  (11/18/2015)
The world continues to set a record pace in its warm ways.  (10/28/2015)

Friday, June 3, 2016

James Zaner (1943-2016) Warren Area High School class of 1961

1961 Dragon yearbook

1967 Warren City Directory
1983 Warren City Directory
  • Zaner Eunice rStar Route Irvine
  • Zaner James rBox 41 Irvine
'James' has never placed lower than #19.  It happened in 1999 and 2001.  It was the top-ranked baby name for boys from 1940 until 1952.

Other members of the class of '61:
David Thomson.  (4/20/2016)
William Anderson.  (3/10/2015)
Barbara Gorton O'Bier.  (1/3/2015)
Charles Grinnen III.  ((7/15/2014)
Ronald Hultman.  (6/24/2014)
Patricia Martin.  (2/17/2014)

Rich folks find new ways to shirk their responsibilities as parents

Maybe they should take a lesson from this mum.

Some parents are outsourcing this rite of childhood.  (Boston Globe, 6/2/2016)
Better to put that money towards the cost of a bike.  But now some parents are outsourcing the job — and a growing number of businesses are eager to help.
Kiddie bike lessons are increasingly popular at Landry’s Bicycles , particularly the Newton and Westborough locations, said Galen Mook, the company’s marketing and advocacy associate. Private lessons go for $80. Group lessons are less.

Reasons given for shirking this duty.
  • Don't know how to ride a bike.
  • No time.
  • Can't stand the whining.

Fearing a Trump Presidency: Just like the rest of the world

As quoted in Hillary Clinton wants you to be afraid of Trump.  (Boston Globe, 6/2/2016)

My own sampling of world opinion is admittedly teensy-weensy, but during a recent 10-trip visit to Ireland, I was occasionally asked a variation of the question, "Do you think Trump has a chance to win?"

Each time, it was clear the person wanted to hear an unqualified 'no', which I couldn't quite deliver.  Their fears can be summed up in the above Hillary quote.

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The ratio of hogs to people in Keokuk County Iowa is 300:1

Source:  Wikipedia

Keokuk County to WaPo: Keep your people; we've got 3M hogs. (Des Moiens Register, 6/2/2016)
That pretty much sums up county official Michael Berg's response to Washington Post's Wonkblog story Wednesday that examined population decline across Keokuk County.
The headline of the piece was less than flattering: The places in America that already have their best days behind them. And the poster child WaPo held up for population loss? Southeast Iowa's own Keokuk County.

 Source:  Wikipedia

From the Wonkblog:  Note the concentration of counties in the center of the U.S.

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Transportation funding: In his 6th year in office, Scott Walker sez he'll try to figure it out

As quoted in Republicans remain divided over how to fund state road repairs.   (, 6/3/23016)

Used in a sentence:  With his poll numbers below 40%, Scott Walker can't even be considered a decent Governor.

Thursday, June 2, 2016

UPDATE: Dear Steven, You'll find the heart of "Madison" 65 miles east of the state capitol

A Koch Brothers agenda that strips away local control, voting rights, and environmental protections -- just to scratch the surface.  That's not the Madison I have known since moving to Wisconsin in 1978.

Original 3/23/2016 post, "Suburban Milwaukee GOP state legislators freak out over locall issued ID card:, start here.

This is what representative government in Wisconsin looks like.  GOP legislators who represent districts in the southeastern corner of the state determine what is best for all of us.

Each red arrow designates where the sponsors of SB533 live.

Neener-neener-neener, they taunt, thumbs in ears and fingers waggling.  You can't do that!

SB533 was passed on party line votes in the Senate and Assembly last month.  Unless Walker vetoes the bill, it will become law on April 27.

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Out of (local) control: When it comes to anything resembling a train, Republicans just can't help themselves.  (12/1/2015) 
Scott Walker pays lip service to local control as he continues to sign bills to limit it.  (10/26/2015)
UPDATE: Let's follow the Shea money from Wingra Stone to Scott Walker.  (10/20/2015)
UPDATE.  Sorry, Tim Geoghegan, a total of $11,750 in donations is not a "bunch of bull".  (10/20/2015) 
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Yet another lesson in Republican hypocrisy.  (2/13/2014)
Your Wisconsin Republican Assembly hard at work promoting Governor Walker's jobs agenda (and GOP principles).  (11/15/2013)

UPDATE: Dear Steven, Madison? It's the southeast GOP tail that wags the Wisconsin dog

As far as the current GOP membership in the State Senate and Assembly is concerned, Wisconsin's capital might as well be in Oostburg.

The Village of Oostburg (population 2887 in 2010) is located in Sheboygan County.

You'll find a map below showing where the interlop0ers live.

Original 5/20/2016 post, "The southeast GOP tail wags the Wisconsin dog", starts here.

The table below lists the Republican legislators (and where they live) who did not sign a letter to Joint Finance Co-Chairs Alberta Darling and John Nygren supporting a $250,000 appropriation to fund a Voter ID public information campaign.

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The cat's got Fitzgerald's tongue.  (5/14/2014)
I can see how these pie graphs from a 2005 report might have informed the discussion for voter ID proponents.  (5/11/2014)
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We're still awaiting a statement from Governor Walker.  (4/29/2014)
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And the hypocrisy just keeps on coming: Republicans can't even give lip service to their "principles".  (2/14/2014)

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The best and the brightest: Wisconsin DOT Secretary sez, Fuck it, I'm not doin' my job!

As reported in Transportation secretary: No major tax, fee hikes planned; project delays coming.  (, 6/2/2016)

From chapter 85 (Department of Transportation) of the Wisconsin State Statutes.

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