Friday, April 17, 2020

GOP hypocrisy alert: Abortion foe Shae Sortwell wants to risk the lives of thousands by reopening the economy too soon

Quoted in Wisconsin governor extends order to keep state closed until May 26.  (APG Wisconsin, 4/16/2020)

4/15/2020 Dan Sebring edition

The endorsement

The blather

Quoted in Milwaukee County supervisor calls on Governor Evers to ‘immediately rescind’ ‘Safer at Home’ order.  (Fox6Now, 4/15/2020)

 The contributions

4/15/2020 Trey Hollingsworth edition starts here

Text source:  Vote Smart

Lesser of these two evils': GOP congressman argues for sending Americans back to work during pandemic.  (USA Today, 4/14/2020)

The USA Today article makes no mention of Trey's wealth.

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Trey Hollingsworth would be among richest in U.S. House if he wins Indiana's 9th Dist.  (Indianapolis Star, 3/4/2016)
He won his most reeent election by 13 percentage points.  Candidates, though, only have to disclose their assets in broad ranges. And if an asset is worth more than $50 million, as one of Hollingsworth's is, the upper limit on that asset doesn’t have to be disclosed. So we can only say that Hollingsworth’s assets are worth at least $58.5 million. That’s enough to put him in the top tier of wealthy House members. Hollingsworth owns Hollingsworth Capital Partners, a Tennessee company that renovates and markets old industrial buildings and that has done business in Indiana. Hollingsworth lived in Tennessee until last year, when he decided to run for Congress from Indiana.

Original 4/11/2020 post, " 7 white men who oppose abortion want to risk the lives of tens of thousands of Americans by reopening the economy too soon", starts here.

Wisconsin's state embarrassment joins the club

House Republicans call for hearing on coronavirus modeling amid 'conflicting data'.   (Fox News, 4/11/2020)
The letter went on to say that “due to the decisions made as a result of the use of these models, we are facing an enormously negative economic impact if we do not change gears in a matter of days or weeks.” 
The lawmakers noted that millions have filed for unemployment benefits, as thousands of businesses across the country have shuttered due to the virus.

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Restarting America Means People Will Die. So When Do We Do It?Five thinkers weigh moral choices in a crisis.  (The New York Times, 4/10/2020)

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The 'childish stunt' tag team: Freedom Caucus Crazy members and men on black Thomas Massie (R-Kentucky) and Chip Roy (R-Texas).  (6/1/2019)

Wednesday, April 15, 2020

"Rudderless in Missouri", starring the hapless Mike Parson

Gov. Mike Parson consistently shows himself unable to lead.

Quoted in Does COVID-19 mean more Missourians should vote absentee? Gov. Parson says no.  (Kansas City Star, 4/15/2020)

President with the emotional development of a 6 year old can't take responsibility for his inactions

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The President vs. the Experts: HowTrump Played Down the Coronavirus.  (The New York Times, 3/18/2020)
Criticized for Pandemic Response, Trump Tries Shifting Blame to the W.H.O.  (The New York Times, 4/14/2020)
Rolling updates on coronavirus disease. (World Health Organization)

Lessons from the pandemic (Work in America edition)

Reported in Could the Pandemic Wind Up Fixing What’s Broken About Work in America?  (The New York Times, 4/10/2020)
The United States is distinctive among rich countries in its lack of worker protections like nationwide paid sick leave, paid family leave and universal health insurance, and in its minimal labor union membership. For both high and low earners, many employers expect workers to be on call around the clock. Companies are typically beholden to shareholders first, above employees, customers and communities. 
But the coronavirus pandemic has shown the flaw in that logic: Worker well-being is the foundation for everything else.  [emphasis added]

Monday, April 13, 2020

Jeanne Anthony Soliday (1929-2020) Warren High School class of 1947

1947 Dragon yearbook

1967 Warren City Directory
1983 Warren City Directory
  • Anthony Wenzel A & Iva M; retired h11 Follett Run Road

The popularity of Jeanne as a baby name is graphed here.  Let's take a look at grandson Gavin.

Gavin made his first appearance in 1954, beginning a rough-and-tumble route into the top 200, which he remains perched for the 23rd consecutive year.  He peaked at #30 in 2008.

Other Class of '47 graduates:
Jacquelyn Smith Cunningham.  (3/10/2020)
Martha Winans.  (1/12/2020)

James Johnson.  (11/1/2019)
Richard Morrison.  (8/6/2019)
Richard Blair.  (6/25/2019)
Mary Ann Gnagey Masterson.  (5/30/2019)
Roscoe Knapp.  (5/18/2019)
LeRoy Marti.  (3/7/2019)

Bonnie Bauer Lucia.  (8/20/2018)
David Lopez.  (6/20/2018)
Alan Schuler.  (6/8/2018)

Agnes Porter Green.  (5/9/2017)
Carolyn Johnson Sorenson.  (4/8/2017)
Rose Gleason King Font.  (1/2/2017)

Thomas Hampson.  (12/22/2016)
William Nordin.  (12/10/2016)
Barbara BovaKerr.  (11/22/2016)
Wilbur Nordin.  (11/16/2016)
Elwood Beckwith.  (10/28/2016)
Robert Huck.  (3/24/2016)
Lois Sigworth Conaway.  (3/23/2016)
Leroy Weaver.  (1/26/2016)

Betty Uplinger Hagberg.  (10/4/2015)
Betsi Conaway Preston Yerkes.  (6/15/2015)
Frank Shanshala.  (4/28/2015)

Joyce Mack Phelps.  (12/2/2014)
Henry Blick.  (8/29/2014)
Robert Songer.  (1/19/2014)

Sunday, April 12, 2020

Worldometer tracks the coronavirus (new edition)

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Phase two: Italy considers how to move on after coronavirus peak.  (Al Jazeera, 4/8/2020)
The government has yet to announce any dates or official measures relating to the second phase, but discussions have so far focused on reopening some factories and businesses where workers can maintain social distancing. 
Easing some restrictions on citizens' movement is also being considered. 
"We are working on hypotheses for politicians to take into account," Roberto Bernabei, who is part of the scientific-technical committee advising the government, told Al Jazeera. "Options that are credible and, as far as possible, supported by scientific analysis."

WHO Says Coronavirus Outbreak in Europe May Be Approaching Peak.  (Bloomberg, 3/30/2020)
The grain of salt:  'fervent hope'.  Mike Ryan, head of health emergencies at the WHO, said Monday that’s “our fervent hope” Italy and Spain are approaching a peak, and that European lockdowns which started several weeks ago will start to bear fruit. New cases now reflect exposure to the disease about two weeks earlier, he said. 
“In the same way when we’re told that we’re looking at galaxies through a telescope that we’re seeing life from a billion years ago, we’re seeing a reality that existed before,” Ryan said on Monday, urging countries to step up efforts to find and isolate patients. “It won’t go down by itself. We need countries to focus on what is the strategy.”

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