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UPDATE. Wisconsin State Assembly shows off its collection of white males

Source:  Facebook (Wisconsin Assembly Republicans)

Wondering how many of them attended this event.

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Wisconsin is near a record for women in the Legislature.  (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 5/17/2019)
They still hold barely a quarter of the seats.Republicans control the state Legislature, but Republican women are especially scarce in the Capitol, with just two state senators and 10 Assembly members — making up less than 10% of the Legislature.

Original 2/16/2019 post, "Wisconsin below national average in percentage of women in state legislatures", starts here.

State Trails Nation on Women Legislators.  (Urban Milwaukee, 2/15/2019)
The number of women in the Wisconsin Assembly has fluctuated between 21 and 29 between the 2001 and 2019 sessions, with the partisan composition between Republican and Democratic legislators in this group shifting over time.

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Foxconn iPhone production UPDATE: The toilet bowl swirl of rumors

Reported in Foxconn denies speculation about exiting mainland China amid uncertainty from trade war.  (South China Morning Post, 6/18/2019)

6/15/2019 update, "Mount Pleasant, Wisconsin, United States, doesn't make the cut", starts here.

Reported in Tim Cook Heads to Washington (Again) to Meet with President Trump.  (iDrop News, 6/14/2019)

6/14/2019 update, "The possible and the improbable", starts here.

Reported in Why Apple Will Keep Most iPhone Production in China Despite Tariff Threat.  (Forbes, 6/13/2019)

Original 6/13/2019 post, " Foxconn: The possible and the probable", starts here.

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 6/11/2019
Key word in headline: "may".  And, speaking in Taiwan to analysts at a rare investor conference, key Foxconn executive Young Liu pointed to the importance of the Wisconsin project, according to a published report in Nikkei Asian Review. Besides the liquid-crystal display panels that have long been planned for the Mount Pleasant factory, it could also be used to produce servers, networking products and central controls for automobiles, Nikkei reported.

The Epoch Times (China), 6/11/2019
Without a factory up and running, I can't imagine they'd include Wisconsin in their 'production capacity'.  “Twenty-five percent of our production capacity is outside of China and we have enough capacity to meet Apple’s demand in the U.S. market,” a member of the Taiwanese firm’s proposed new board, Liu Young-way, said on June 11. He added that if Apple needs, Foxconn could adjust its production lines accordingly.

OK, so wouldn't you think Foxconn needs to go back to the drawing board if they plan to broaden the range of products manufactured in Wisconsin?  Additional details on Foxconn Technology Group’s planned LCD fabrication facility in Mount Pleasant emerged Thursday in construction documents released by the state Department of Safety and Professional Standards.  [emphasis added]

Point/counterpoint: Duluth's got it good (and that's bad)

Want to Escape Global Warming? These Cities Promise Cool Relief.  (The New York Times, 4/15/2019)
Nowhere in the world is immune from climate change, including Duluth. “We’re getting more precipitation in bigger amounts than we ever really observed,” said Kenneth Blumenfeld, a senior climatologist at the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources. “But when you stand back and look around, it’s almost like, ‘But we’ve got it good.’”

And how good do they have it?

Extreme weather impacts tourism, city budgets. (Business North, 6/17/2019)
In an odd series of events, Duluth’s most recent extreme storms all occurred in either October or April. This unfortunate trend began in October 2017, followed by another extreme storm in April 2018. October 2018 brought the most devastating event of all, and was followed up with another wallop in April 2019. 
These storms caused an inordinate amount of damage, for a few key reasons. Exceptionally high lake levels, combined with sustained northeast winds, created a storm surge phenomenon. Winds were clocked at more than 70 mph (winds are considered “hurricane force” at 74 mph). Sustained over days, these extreme conditions caused damage almost everywhere Lake Superior meets the land. 
In addition to ripping up Duluth’s shoreline, the Lakewalk and boardwalk were severely damaged. Boulders and other lake debris were lifted from the lake and deposited on land. Light fixtures were ripped up and overturned, exposing dangerous live wires. Additional damage was done to storm sewer outfalls and the road running parallel to Brighton Beach.

Nearly forgotten "sociological megahits" of 1970

Charles Reich, Who Saw ‘The Greening of America,’ Dies at 91.  (The New York Times, 6/17/2019)
The excerpt, and the subsequent best-selling book, gave Mr. Reich a kind of rock-star celebrity. “The Greening of America” entered the canon of sociological megahits published in 1970, alongside Alvin Toffler’s “Future Shock” and Philip Slater’s “The Pursuit of Loneliness.” But while Mr. Reich’s fame spilled beyond the Yale campus, even spawning a character based on him in the comic strip “Doonesbury,” many critics saw his sermonizing as naïve and sentimental.

The cover of the first paperback edition of Future Shock was printed in 4 different colors. A UB acquaintance of mine at the time confessed he had purchased all 4, thinking they were a series. Probably just what the marketing folks at Bantam Books had in mind.

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Barbara Branden's shelf sitter.  (12/26/2013)

Then and Now: East Towne Mall and Interstate/151 interchange

Then.  1981 aerial view, with cloverleaf intersection at top center and mall at lower left. 

NowMall still in business, though not the draw it used to be, and surrounded by satellite stores.

Madison malls change with the times.  (Channel3000, 4/16/2018)
Madison’s West Towne Mall opened in what had been a cow pasture in 1970, and its sister mall East Towne opened a year later. On the city’s near west side, the Hilldale Shopping Center opened in the early 1960s. The traditional model for successful shopping centers really didn’t change for the next 30 years. 
It generally consisted of anchor stores, kiosks, long corridors of smaller retail stores, and a food court.“That's the format that was around in 1970, 1985, and 1998 and it's still around today,” says University of Wisconsin marketing lecturer and business consultant Moses Altsech, “but it's no surprise that it's not cutting it anymore.”

Actually, for those of us who were there at the creation -- the late 60s/early 70s heyday of shopping mall construction -- the food court was not yet part of the general plan. 

Good food is bringing people to the mall. And they’re spending more money when they get there.  (CNBC, 5/20/2019)
“We’ve done a 180-degree turn from this philosophy in place 10 years ago, where [mall owners] put in a food court, but shoppers were there primarily to shop, and the food court was just an amenity for refueling,” said Garrick Brown, a retail real estate analyst for Cushman. “Now, I will go to the mall because there is really good food there. It’s a reversal from the idea that the food is an amenity. Now, the food can drive traffic.” 

ThenThe quadrant north of the one above.

Now.  My, how we've filled out, with the American Center Business Park making the biggest contribution.

Then.  The quadrant just west of the one that leads off this post.  (East Towne Mall is at lower left.  At the same level on the other side of the aerial view is the Badger Four-Plex Drive-in on North Stoughton Road, which closed in September 1989 to make way for a business park development.

Now.  The open space just east of where the drive-in theater used to be is Reindahl Park.  (Just in case you're wondering why it remains undeveloped.)

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240 West Gilman.  (9/6/2013)
North Carroll Street between West Johnson and West Gorham.  (9/5/2013)
East Mifflin & North Pinckney.  (8/30/2013)

Population loss in rural Arkansas: Woodruff County

Population loss as in major -- 50% or more.  

Source:  Wikipedia (Woodruff County, Augusta)

Augusta is the county seat of Woodruff County.

Population loss by degrees:  80-89%70-79%, 60-69%, 50-59%.

Percentage of population 25 and older with a bachelor's degree:
  • 11.4% - Woodruff County
  • 22.0% - Arkansas
  • 30.9% - U.S.
Percentage of population 65 and older:
  • 22.9% - Woodruff County
  • 16.6% - Arkansas
  • 15.6% - U.S.

Woodruff County voted twice for a Republican candidate for president -- in 1972 and 2016.  Third-party candidate George Wallace won the county in 1968 with nearly 48% of the vote.

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Monday, June 17, 2019

Keeping tabs on the lightning rod for controversy known as Drag Queen Story Hour

From the KOB report:  Outside, a handful of protesters were holding signs. They believed that Drag Queen Storytime sends the wrong message to kids. 
Marcie May said she was upset the city sanctioned an event involving men dressed in drag at a public library. 
"They like to dress up to promote their sexual agenda," May said. "It has no business, it has no business in a public setting." 
Police ended up kicking May out of the library after she caused a disturbance during the event.

The Guardian
Houston, Texas
Houston, Texas
Leander, Texas
Bristol, Rhode Island
Waterville, Maine
Rockford, Illinois
Bristol, Rhode Island
Spokane, Washington

GET ME REWRITE: Anthony Price, author of Cold War spy thrillers that few people read anymore, dies at 90

Anthony Price, Author of Cold War Spy Thrillers, Dies at 90.  (The New York Times, 6/14/2019)
Mr. Price, whose first spy novel, “The Labyrinth Makers,” came out in 1970, was among several thriller writers who moved the espionage genre beyond the slick shenanigans of early-period James Bond as the Cold War calcified. 
“The Labyrinth Makers” was the first of 19 novels featuring David Audley, an analyst for the British secret service, who was often the protagonist but sometimes a secondary figure. Mr. Price was not content with simple linear plots; he loved to burden his characters with ghosts from the past and explore how long-ago actions influenced events years or even centuries later.

What's disturbing here is that Middleton owns just 1 title by Richard Price.

Photos by Retiring Guy

"The Memory Trap" is checked out at Madison Central.

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Minimal shelf space devoted to Kit Reed's books in LINKcat public libraries.  (10/1/2017)
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The distant dirty dozen literary career of E. M. Nathanson.  (4/10/2016)

Gunter Grass (1927-2015).  (4/15/2015)

Thomas Berger  (1924-2014).  (7/23/2014)
Peter Matthiessen (1927-2014)  (4/8/2014)

Barbara Branden's shelf sitter.  (12/26/2013)

Keeping in touch with Lisa Boothe: Recently featured in a "Married Biography" puff piece!

Swooning found at Lisa Boothe’s mysterious relationship has been revealed. Not single anymore, might get married soon!  (Married Biography, 5/16/2019)


'I want to quit': Fox News employees say their network's Russia coverage was 'an embarrassment' .  (CNN Business, 10/31/2017)
"I'm watching now and screaming," one Fox News personality said in a text message to CNN as the person watched their network's coverage. "I want to quit." 
"It is another blow to journalists at Fox who come in every day wanting to cover the news in a fair and objective way," one senior Fox News employee told CNN of their outlet's coverage, adding that there were "many eye rolls" in the newsroom over how the news was covered.
How the right-wing Fox News became Donald Trump’s state propaganda channel.  (New Statesman, 5/19/2018)
Every morning, Donald Trump sets aside several hours for what aides have dubbed “executive time”. But he isn’t reading policy papers or intelligence briefings. He’s glued to the TV: specifically, to Fox News.
Former Fox News Analyst Calls Network a ‘Destructive Propaganda Machine’.  (The New York Times, 6/7/2018)
For 10 years, Ralph Peters regularly appeared on Fox News to offer military analysis and insight as one of the cable network’s reliably conservative commenters.  But he quit in March in disgust.

9/6/2017 update, "The myopic, fascistic Lisa Boothe is extremely uncomfortable with the thought of a successful black man", starts here.

Quoted in 'Please Go Away': Lisa Boothe on Obama Slamming DACA Decision.  (Fox News Insider, 9/6/2017)

7/15/2017 update, "Glasses on, Lisa Boothe fantasizes about a drunk, shirtless Putin", starts here.

Quoted in Lisa Boothe on Russia Obsession: Putin Wins & the American People Lose.  (Fox News Insider, 7/14/2017)

6/27/2017 update, "Lisa Boothe neglected to keep her ophthamologist appointment", starts here.

And, of course, no one is surprised.

Trump blinds the media, who keep repeating the same mistakes.   (Washington Examiner, 6/27/2017)

Actually, Lisa, as we've known all along, it's you that needs the corrective lenses.  Big time!

Peter Gabriel's "Big Time" debuted on the Billboard Hot 100 for the week ending November, 29, 1986.  It spent 23 weeks on the chart, peaking at #8.

1/11/2017 update, ": Dear Lisa, Time to schedule an appointment with your ophthamologist", starts here.

Reported at Outnumbered Pre-Attacks Obama’s Farewell Address Because He Might Criticize Trump.  (NewsHounds, 1/10/2016)

Well, Lisa-Bisa, Quinnipiac has a much different tale to tell.  Obama's approval rating is 18 percentage points higher than Господин Trump's.

Other Quinnipiac poll results:

And according to Real Clear Politic's daily tracking poll, Lisa, Barack Obama is leaving office with an impressively strong approval rating.

You'll get used to 'em.

12/17/2016 update, "The dubious track record and tender sensibilities of Lisa Boothe", starts here.

As opined in The Democrats'  Newest Scapegoat:  The Russians.  (Washington Times, 12/16/2016)

[1] Lisa pulls the trigger too soon.

[2] Lisa repeats one of the GOP's big lies.  (She uses the phrase "mainstream media" 3 times.  It's what they do.)

8/31/2016 update, "Lisa Boothe and the Myopia Chronicles, chapter 2", starts here.

Quoted in On Fox, Lisa Boothe Lashes Out At “People Like Beyoncé” Who Push The “False Narrative” Of Racial Bias In Police Shootings.  (Media Matters, 8/30/2016)

Related reading:
An Empirical Analysis of Racial Differences in Police Use of Force, by Roland G. Fryer, Jr. 
How a controversial study found that police are more likely to shoot whites, not blacks.  (Washington Post, 7/13/2016)
Surprising New Evidence Shows Bias in Police Use of Force but Not in Shootings.  (The New York Times, 71/1/2016)

The best advice:
Be Wary of Studies That Deny Racial Bias in Police Shootings.  (Huffington Post, 7/27/2016)
Clearly, nothing here has been 'dispelled as fiction'.  Unfortunately, there is little hard data to indicate whether racial bias plays a role in shootings like these. There's still no federal database about how widespread police violence is, nor any  breakdown of which demographic groups bear the brunt of that force.  In the absence of statistics, each new study on police violence is treated like breakthrough research, when it's actually a single data point in a field of study in its infancy.

8/16/2016 update, "Clearly, myopic Lisa Boothe needs to take in the big picture", starts here.

Glasses courtesy of funny.pho.to

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Correctional Populations in the United States, 2010.  (U.S. Department of Justice) 

7/27/2016 update, "Sorry, folks, but with this column, Lisa seriously enhances her bimbo cred", starts here.

Her latest blatherings are found at Fearful Americans want law and order.  (Washington Examiner, 7/27/2016)

About that refrigerator remark.

No, Sec. of State John Kerry did not say refrigerators are as bad as ISIS.  (New York Daily News, 7/25/2016.)
He was talking about the critical importance of responding to climate change.  "(On Thursday), I met in Washington with 45 nations - defense ministers and foreign ministers - as we were working together on the challenge of [ISIS], and terrorism," Kerry said. "It's hard for some people to grasp it, but what we - you - are doing here right now is of equal importance because it has the ability to literally save life on the planet itself."

Gotta take a big-picture view, Lisa.

A catastrophe caused by climate change is seen as the biggest potential threat to the global economy in 2016, according to a survey of 750 experts conducted by the World Economic Forum. The annual assessment of risks conducted by the WEF before its annual meeting in Davos on 20-23 January showed that global warming had catapulted its way to the top of the list of concerns. 

And about those bathtub remarks.  (Note that she accuses Obama of condescending comments.)

But he doesn't know for sure.  “Americans are more likely to die in a car crash, drown in a bathtub or be struck by lightning than be killed by a terrorist,” wrote the Times’ Peter Baker on Monday. “The Islamic State does not pose an existential threat to the United States.” 
The Times put this opinion forward at a time when a majority of Americans admit to worries that they or a member of their family will be the victim of a terrorist attack. 
Baker believes President Barack Obama shares his opinion but is not politically able to say so during his final State of the Union address on Tuesday.  [emphasis added]

6/15/2016 update, "The fetching brilliance of Lisa Boothe", starts here.

As opined in 'Never Trump' movement should shift focus to Senate.  (Washington Examiner, 6/15/2016)

It's not 2010 anymore, Lisa.

Compared to Feingold 47% / Johnson 44% in March 2016.

6/2/2016 update, "Woman who treats a job like a one-night stand attempts to smear distinguished resume of Elizabeth Warren", starts here.

Source LinkedIn

Lisa in Michelle "Mau-Mau" Malkin mode.

The biggest hypocrite:  Elizabeth "Pocahontas" Warren.  (Washington Examiner, 6/1/2016)

The Washington Examiner is owned by the conservative, reclusive, and very rich Philip Anschutz.  According to Forbes, he ranks #108 on the world's list of billionaires.

4/5/ update starts here.
Be among the small group that already has! (Only 55, so far.)

And if  you follow her on Twitter, you'll be alerted to her TV appearances.  They like her a lot at FOX News, it seems.

3/23/2016 revised post "Lisa Boothe, the cat's meow, has a new job! (The 3rd rev. ed.)" starts here.

Well, at least we know that High Noon Strategies is taking up all of her time. 

Latest job spotted at Washington Examiner Taps Lisa Boothe. (CISION, 3/23/2016)


I really don't understand why this post continues to be so popular. In its original form, it was nothing but a toss-off, one I figured was destined for instant oblivion.

Little did I know.

Since it continues to attract attention, I feel obligated to keep it current.

So I must announce that Lisa is no longer Senior Director at Black Rock Group.   In fact, she's in her second position since that gig.

Source:  LinkedIn

[The original update begins with] Another resurgent post.

The "cat's meow" was used with a heavy, clanging sense of irony.

Merriam-Webster's citation files show that its first known use occurred in 1926.

And as for Lisa Boothe.

Well, as far as I can tell, she doesn't seem to be able to hold onto a job for very long.  (The 1st rev. ed.)

Source:  LinkedIn

So in my own catty way, I'd like to dedicate this song to her.  (Oops, the video I shared in the 1st rev. ed.  "does not exist".  And, to tell the truth, I can't remember what the hell it was.  So let's refresh.)

Original (toss-off) post starts here.

Postscript:  And how did that go, Lisa?

Source:  Ballotpedia