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Oh, the hypocrisy: Now that Trump is out of office, Ron Johnson clutches his pearls over federal deficit


That was then (May 2018)

Original 3/5/2021 post, "Wisconsin GOP State Senator Stephen Nass signs onto term limits resolution", starts here.

For members of the U.S. House and Senate.  Not for him, of course.

Nass was elected to the State Assembly in 1990, serving 7 two-year terms.  Nass was elected to the State Senate in 2014 and is currerntly serving his second 4-year term.  

He's now in his 21st year in the Wisconsin legislature.

The company he keeps: Scott Walker with Josh Duggar

Headline from Newsweek

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The Duggars continue digging themselves deeper.   It's time someone shut off the Duggar's spotlight and help the four traumatized girls whose parents abandoned them.  (Arizona Republic, 6/5/2015)
Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar—the kamikaze-krazed parents of Teenage Mutant Child Molester Josh Duggar—are bound and determined to do all they can in what's left of their hour of power to sink TLC's pathetic version of the Love Boat.

4/27/2021 update, "Scott Walker with Rick Santorum", starts here.

Deadline, 4/26/2021

Non-apology from this cretin not accepted.
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GET ME REWRITE: GOP lawmakers profess that 'the most effective government is government closest to the people' -- except when it comes to local sales tax increases

One of many exceptions.

As described at the Republican Party of Wisconsin's website....
These commonsense conservative beliefs are the glue that bonds Republicans nationwide.


So much for "the most effective government is government closest to the people."

Enter GOP hypocrisy.

Capital Times, 4/28/2021
In the years since, other communities have followed suit. In Green Bay, the water utility removed its last lead pipe in fall 2020, ending a years-long push that ramped up in the wake of the crisis in Flint, Michigan. 
But in the Capitol, Republicans have pointed to such local efforts to justify not providing more support for replacing lead lines across the state.

3/12/2021 update. " GOP lawmakers profess that 'the most effective government is government closest to the people' -- except when budgeting for police services", starts here.

Cartoon conservative members 
of the Wisconsin legislature

Under the bill, a municipality that decreases its budget for hiring, training and retaining police officers would lose the same amount of money in state support. The plan is a response to a recent push from some activists to cut law enforcement budgets in Wisconsin and across the country. That policy push, sometimes called "defunding the police," has come amid a national conversation about police brutality, criminal justice and systemic racism.

5/15/2020 update starts here

Actually, the glue is something else entirely.

Original 2/12/2020 post, "Circumvent local control and public input?  It's what Republicans do", starts here.

Reported in State Republicans proposed ag legislation circumvents local control and public input.  (, 2/11/2020)

When the Wisconsin GOP pays lip service to local control:
Wisconsin Republicans once again decide it's time to trash their sacred principle.  (8/25/2019)
Wisconsin GOP legislators thwarted in effort to shit on their #1 principle.  (7/3/2019)
Scott Walker's toxic legacy: "Power to the people" hypocrisy" (Taking away local control).  (1/12/2019)

In 2014, deep-red Richfield voters chose Walker by an 80-20 margin and this is the thanks they get.  (8/14/2018)
Clusterfuck Caucus UPDATE. The unintended consequences of intertwining GOP principles and hypocrisy.  (3/20/2018)
Wisconsin GOP continues to treat its cherished conservative principle like a pinata.  (2/23/2018)
Wisconsin GOP continues to tarnish its #1, most cherished governing principle.  (1/13/2018)

UPDATE. By now, you know that the GOP's favorite pastime is overruling its pesky principles.  (11/28/2017)
UPDATE: Wondering why Duey Stroebel is a champion of property tax relief? Take a look at where he lives.  (4/15/2017)
Wisconsin GOP: What they say and what they do are 2 different things.  (2/9/2017)
Wisconsin legislature back in session and GOP hypocrisy is already in full flower.  (1/27/2017)

UPDATE: Scott Walker and the abandoned GOP principle.  (12/21/2016)
Wisconsin Legislative Fiscal Bureau memo highlights GOP cartoon conservative principle.  (5/20/2016)
Suburban Milwaukee GOP state legislators freak out over locally issued ID card.  (3/23/2016)
Business as usual: Wisconsin GOP legislators vote for special interests, against local control and tenants' rights.  (3/9/2016)
The Wisconsin GOP Cartoon Conservative Principles Fest continues.  (2/10/2016)
Cartoon conservative principles in nonstop action: Wisconsin Legislative Fiscal Bureau memo lists more than 100 state provisions that restrict local control.  (2/10/2016)

The Christmas edition: Rep. Kremer accuses fire officials of 'relieving themselves'.  (12/23/2015)
Cartoon conservative principles on full display this week at the Wisconsin State Capitol.  (12/18/2015)
Once again, Wisconsin Republicans assert their cartoon conservative principle (2015 Assembly Bill 568).  (12/16/2015)
Out of (local) control: When it comes to anything resembling a train, Republicans just can't help themselves.  (12/1/2015) 
Scott Walker pays lip service to local control as he continues to sign bills to limit it.  (10/26/2015)
UPDATE: Let's follow the Shea money from Wingra Stone to Scott Walker.  (10/20/2015)
UPDATE.  Sorry, Tim Geoghegan, a total of $11,750 in donations is not a "bunch of bull".  (10/20/2015) 
Once again, Wisconsin Republicans violate their most precious principle.  (7/4/2015)
Cartoon conservative principles.  (5/6/2015)
The Usual Hypocrisy: What Scott Walker sez on his campaign website and what he does in the Governor's office are two different things.  (5/2/2015)
The "hits" to local control just keep on coming.  (2/28/2015)

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel editorial board calls out Republican hypocrisy.  (2/17/2014)
And the hypocrisy just keeps on coming: Republicans can't even give lip service to their "Principles". (2/14/2014)
Yet another lesson in Republican hypocrisy.  (2/13/2014)

Your Wisconsin Republican Assembly hard at work promoting Governor Walker's jobs agenda (and GOP principles).  (11/15/2013)

GET ME REWRITE: Republican spews his COVIDIOT ignorance at school board meeting


Photo:  Twitter

La Crosse Tribune, 4/20/2021
Claiming the young aren’t as affected by COVID-19 as adults, Holmen resident Tony Szak referred to the district’s policy regarding mask wearing as bogus. 
“Our children are brainwashed by this cloth we wear,” said Szak. “Where’s the common sense here forcing kids to wear masks that do nothing? If they did do something, why quarantine kids for 14 days just because of exposure?” 
Other parents giving input at the meeting agreed they should be allowed to decide whether their children should wear masks or not.

Current risk levels in Michigan.

See Wisconsin Democracy Campaign "Follow the Money" here and here.

UPDATE: Is a transition to housing in the cards for HotelRed?

Google Maps (white box added)

The owner of the 48-room property that opened in 2011 is putting the hotel up for sale. It could very well continue to be a hotel, depending on who purchases the property. But a real estate listing is also touting that it could be renovated into a building for multifamily housing.


9/4/2017 update, "In a turnaround, Madison Plan Commission approves upward expansion", starts here.

More stories at HotelRED and State Street apartments receive Madison Plan Commission nod.  (Capital Times, 8/15/2016)
HotelRED tried again with another proposal, this time adding two full floors of guest rooms and a “heavily recessed” seventh floor, about half the size, with a rooftop garden, two decks, public event space and a bar and lounge. It would add 39 guest rooms for a total of 66,007 square feet.

3/26/2017 update, " It's a gray day for developer after Madison Plan Commission sez no more tiers", starts here.

HotelRED shares the odd-numbered side of the 1500 block of Monroe Street with Mickie's Dairy Bar, Stadium Barbers, and New Orleans Take-out


The building's Brutalist backside.

HotelRED's 4-story expansion proposal rejected by Madison Plan Commission.  (Wisconsin State Journal, 3/21/2017)
Members unanimously voted to reject a conditional use permit on the plan that would double the floor count and height of the boutique hotel at 1501 Monroe St. The commission cited concerns that the height of the proposed eight-story structure, about 100 feet, conflicts with neighborhood and city plans on how the area should be developed.

Original 11/4/2016 post, "4 more tiers?", starts here.

All photos by Retiring Guy

HotelRED proposes adding 4 floors to its Monroe Street property.  (Wisconsin State Journal, 11/2/2016)

The 48-room boutique hotel opened in 2011.

According to Amber Arnold's reporting, Craig Stanley, president of the Vilas Neighborhood Association, sez the project will cause some heartburn in the neighborhood.

Excellent breakfast option located right next door!

GET ME REWRITE: Sleazy former Trump cabinet member from Montana toys with a return to Congress


New York Times, 10/31/2018

Zinke resigned as Interior Secretary on December 15, 2018.

Will Montana voters allow Zinke to resume a despicable career in public service?

If they're smart, they'll shut him down now with howls of protest.

Friday, April 30, 2021

Pajama Man shows off his newest sleepwear


New York Times, 4/28/2021
Brendan Hunt was struggling to find success as an actor in New York City when he discovered another way to become famous. 
He began to film conspiracy theory videos about the Sept. 11 attacks and other mass killings, building an audience over many years. He posted anti-Semitic propaganda, and branded himself as a free speech warrior. He eventually became a fan of President Donald J. Trump. 
But during the pandemic, Mr. Hunt’s tone escalated. The tipping point came on Jan. 8, two days after the attack on the U.S. Capitol, when Mr. Hunt published a video urging Mr. Trump’s supporters to kill Democratic politicians. A viewer notified the F.B.I., and Mr. Hunt was arrested in January.

Unemployed actor with too much time on his hands.

Wisconsin Covid cases mapped, listed and graphed (4/30/2021)


Friday, April 30.  Total tests (positive and negative):  3,444,683.  One-day increase of 4,482 (789 positive; 18%)

Total positive Covid 19 cases:  598,147

Counties with largest numerical gains = 35 of 72

  • 9 with 20 or more new cases
  • 9 with 10 to 19
  • 17 with 5 to 9

The 37
  • Milwaukee (157)
  • Dane (75)
  • Rock (56)
  • St Croix (41)
  • Waukesha (37)
  • Racine (30)
  • Brown (32)
  • Marathon (25)
  • Kenosha (24)
  • Polk (20)
    • Wood (19)
    • Fond du Lac, Outagamie, Washington, Winnebago (17 each)
    • Dodge (13)
    • Kenosha (12)
    • La Crosse, Pierce (10 each)
    • Barron, Sauk, Walworth (9 each)
    • Chippewa, Douglas, Green, Monroe, Sheboygan (8 each)
    • Marinette (7)
    • Calumet, Columbia, Eau Claire (6 each)
    • Douglas, Jefferson, Manitowoc, Washburn, Waupaca (5 each)

    Link to other WI COVID posts:

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    Arizona.  (2/15/2021)
    Arkansas.  (2/4/2021)
    California.  (2/7/2021)
    Connecticut.  (8/21/2020)
    Florida.  (4/20/2021)
    Georgia.  (2/15/2021)
    Idaho.  (2/7/2021)
    Illinois.  (2/2/2021)
    Indiana.  (2/6/2021)
    Iowa.  (2/6/2021)
    Kansas.  (2/4/2021)
    Kentucky.  (2/4/2021)
    Louisiana.  (2/6/2021)
    Maryland.  (1/27/2021)
    Massachusetts.  (2/16/2021)
    Michigan.  (4/20/2021)
    Minnesota.  (4/2/2021)
    Mississippi.  (3/4/2021)
    Montana. (2/5/2021)
    Nebraska.  (2/4/2021)
    Nevada.  (2/17/2021)
    New Jersey,  (4/11/2021)
    New York.  (4/1/2021)
    North Carolina.  (2/7/2021)
    North Dakota.  (2/7/2021)
    Ohio.  (2/6/2021)
    Pennsylvania.  (4/7/2021)
    South Carolina.  (2/5/2021)
    South Dakota.  (2/18/2021)
    Tennessee.  (2/5/2021)
    Texas   (2/6/2021)
    Utah.  (2/17/2021)
    Virginia.  (1/22/2021)
    Washington State.  (6/12/2020)
    West Virginia.  (2/3/2021)

    91% of 1st round NFL draft picks are young men of color and Tommy Tuberville tells them to "stick to sports" and shut the fuck up about politics

    Meet the U.S. Senate's most dependable clown show.  (Exhibit E)

    Senator Tommy Tuberville (R-Al.), a former college football coach, tells that the players drafted over the next three days should “talk about what you know about” and avoid talking about politics. 
    “Nobody’s looking for an outspoken person,” Tuberville said. “We’re too divided as it is.” The former football coach is right.  
    “Everybody wants to make an opinion, and that’s fine,” Tuberville said. “But, I think, especially for young people to get involved in something that maybe they might not understand as much, I think they need to let people that, whatever they do for a living, justify it.”  [emphasis added]
    Tommy Tuberville lives in an irony-free world.

     4/13/2021 update, "Alabama's Tommy Tuberville s lead for dumbest US Senator of all time (exhibit D)", starts here.

    Gains a little perspective after 3 months in office.

    Sen. Tommy Tuberville (R-Ala.), who stuck closely to Trump during the 2020 election, said Republicans had "enough problems without fighting within ourselves." 
    "Sometimes you get people arguing, you know, amongst yourselves, and then you bring your whole team down. So that's pretty much how I think about this. ... We don't need arguing between teammates," Tuberville said.


    2/5/2021 update starts here

    Wonkette, 2/3/2021
    Or that time Tuberville, the senator from Alabama, attempted to explain what the Voting Rights Act is:
    "The thing about the Voting Rights Act is, you know, there's a lot of different things you can look at it as. Who is it going to help? What direction do we need to go with it? I think it's important that everything we do we keep secure. We keep an eye on it. It's run by our government," Tuberville said, according to the recording from a rotary club meeting.

    Exhibit C (presented 2/3/2021)

    HuffPost, 2/2/2021
    “I haven’t even looked at what all she’s done,” he told CNN’s Ted Barrett in comments spotted by Business Insider. “I’d have to hold back a statement on that. Travel in this weather it’s been a little rough looking at any news or whatever.”

    Exhibit B (presented 1/17/2021)

    MSNBC, 1/15/2021

    There's a lot this dumbass doesn't know.

    Exhibit A (presented 12/22/2020)

    Tommy is one of the traitorous 8 in the U. S. Senate who voted to overturn the election results.

    Here's what Kyle Whitmire, state political columnist for the Alabama Media Group, has to say in an 11/14/2020 op-ed, "What Tommy Tuberville doesn't know."
    On the campaign trail, Tuberville ducked interviews and declined debates, and now we all get to see why. With the job in the bag, this week, he gave an interview to Alabama Daily News in which he said so many stupid things that ADN’s site crashed from all the folks coming to gawk at it. “
    You know, our government wasn’t set up for one group to have all three branches of government,” Tuberville said. “It wasn’t set up that way, our three branches, the House, the Senate and the executive.” 
    Not only does the Constitution not prohibit one party from controlling all three branches of government (so, no, it’s not set up that way) but those aren’t the three branches of government.