Saturday, January 23, 2016

Well, Donald Trump has been hanging out with, like, the incredible Sarah Palin this week

Photo credit:  Gage Skidmore via Wikipedia

As quoted in a Des Moines Register report on a Trump rally at Dordt College in Sioux Center, Iowa.

You can take this comment 2 ways.  

Trump can do anything since his supporters will stay with him no matter what.

Or anyone he shoots (and kills?) on 5th Avenue in New York City wouldn't (have) vote(d) for him anyway.

Either way.....yikes!


Feel older now: 50 years ago, "Elusive Butterfly" debuted on the Billboard Hot 100

Bob Lind can probably be considered among the royalty of one-hit wonders.  In spite of its title, "Elusive Butterfly" has always been with us, becoming a staple on oldies and "Music of Your Life (R)" radio stations, as well as covered by numerous artists.

The song was arranged by Jack Nitzsche -- he's responsible for the prominent strings -- and features Leon Russell as one of the session musicians.  (Though for the life of me, I can't pick out his piano playing.)

Bob's only other appearance on the Hot 100 was a 5-week stint with "Remember the Rain", his follow-up to "Elusive Butterfly".  It peaked at #64.

Bob, 73, currently lives in Florida, has a website, and still performs.

5 weeks in the top 10.  

Return with us now to those thrilling days of yesteryear.

Warren Area High School, the classrooms section
The facility first opened in September 1960.
Photo from 1966 Dragon yearbook.

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CES2016: SensorWake alarm clock (you'll need to lobby for bacon)

Would you pay $109 for this alarm clock?  

If you do, you'll also have to cough up for a 2-pack of the swappable capsules @ $10.90.  Each capsule is good for 30 happy wake-ups.

The best and weirdest of CES 2016.  (Hindustan Times, 1/23/2016)
Don’t like alarms jarring you from your sleep? How about waking up to the scents of the ocean, a lush jungle, a freshly baked croissant, a hot coffee or peppermint? This clock can release those fragrances and aromas just around the time you want to wake up. And if that doesn’t work, it will still sound a shrill alarm three minutes later. Amazing or weird, you decide!
SensorWake website.

Among the available scents (produced in France, no less):
  • croissant
  • espresso
  • seaside
  • lush jungle
  • chocolate 
  • peppermint

But not, apparently this one:
The Sensorwake smell-based alarm clock has a nagging bacon deficit.  (TechHive,1/5/2016)

What happens when you're congested?

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Daqri smart helmet.  (1/8/2016)
This shower head tells you when your time is up.  (1/7/2016)
According to this HairMax instructional video, 82 medical-grade lasers will put a smile on your face.  (1/6/2016)
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Enrich your family life with this Samsung Smart Family Hub Fridge.  (1/6/2016)

No intersecting lines yet among top 4 candidates in January national Republican Presidential primary polls

The behinders in the 1/18-21 FOX News poll:
  • 4% - Jeb Bush, John Kasich
  • 3% - Chris Christie
  • 2% - Rand Paul, Mike Huckabee
  • 1% - Carly Fiorina
  • 0% - Rick Santorum

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Latest FOX News poll has subgroup margins of error that would embarrass the 1962 New York Mets.  (1/8/2016)

Dear New Jersey residents, It doesn't end well -- in the short term and in the long term

Take it from us in Wisconsin.

As quoted in Chris Christie and His Ambitions: A New Jersey Vanishing Act.  (The New York Times, 1/22/2016)

Looks like night is falling.

Postcard from Retiring Guy's collection

Apparently, Scott Walker thinks no one is paying attention

As quoted in Scott Walker: State needs to invest more in education, but no 'blank check'.  (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 1/22/2016)

For Scott Walker, it's always been, and continues to be, about lifting himself up.

UW nemesis Stephen Nass shreds what little is left of his credibility

As quoted in UW System president meets with student activists, drawing rebuke from Republican senator.  (, 1/23/2016)

Meeting with student activities is a part of Ray Cross's job, Steve, just like it's part of your job to talk with your constituents, no matter what their backgrounds, no matter what the issue.  All in line, of course, with your oath to "faithfully and impartially discharge the duties" of your office to the best of your ability. 

You really need to do better.

Friday, January 22, 2016

Feel older now: 50 years ago, "These Boots Are Made for Walkin'" debuted on the Billboard Hot 100

Who would have thought that this song would sound infinitely better now than it did in 1966?  

I wasn't a fan of it back then and dismissively thought that Nancy was simply getting by on the family name.

I'll give credit to Little Steven for my change of heart and should also disclose that I'm a regular listener of Seriusly Sinatra

7 weeks in the top 10.  

Return with us now to those thrilling days of yesteryear.

Wanna know more?

" you." But not so much anymore.

From the Thomas Edison archives.

Buckinghams at AllMusic

Apparently, James Moffett is no Joe Namath

As quoted in Freeport-McMoRan Battles the Oil Slump.  (The New York Times, 1/21/2016)

But not baby Jesus

Illustration credit:  Christian Gift Ideas

As reported in Strong U.S. Sales at Starbucks, but Outlook Disappoints. (The New York Times, 1/21/2016)

Fewer mountain mamas: West Virginia's population is 8% below its 1950 peak

Or is it mommas?  Mammas?

Graphics inspired by Conservatism Comes to Coal Country.  (Morning Consult, 1/22/2016)

Other stats:
  • Person under 5 years old:  5.5% in WV vs. 6.2% in USA
  • Person 65 and older:  17.8% in WV vs. 14.5% in USA

Here's what's been wrong with Hollywood for the longest time

The Revenant's top 10 billed cast: 9 men, 1 woman (9th)

The Hateful Eight's top 10 billed cast:  8 men, 2 women (3rd & 10th)

Straight Outta Compton's top 10 billed cast:  8 men, 2 women (8th & 9th)

Creed's top 10 billed cast:  8 men, 2 women (3rd & 4th)

Four years ago, it was a four-way race for the Republican Presidential nomination

The numberless candidates had already dropped out of the race -- "suspending" their campaigns, as they say.

Sally go 'round the roses cuz you sure don't give good advice

As quoted in  As Jeb Bush Struggles, Some Allies Blame His ‘Super PAC’.  (The New York Times, 1/20/2016)

If you followed Real Clear Politics, you saw, starting in late July, evidence of Trump's increasing momentum in the race.

Could it have been blunted had one or more of the candidates launched a direct attack?  Who knows?  This is, of necessity, armchair quarterbacking, after all.

But take a look anyway.

What if just 10% of that terrific $100,000,000 raised by Right to Rise had been targeted to take down Trump?

Yup, what if.

What is this?

From the Middleton Police report: Get the red out

Text from page 4 of report

Wisconsin library history link of the day: Brillion Public Library

Library History | Brillion Public Library  
Key dates
  • 1928.  Library organized by the Brillion Women's Club.
  • 1929.  Library opens in village council chamber. 
  • 1952.   Library expands and moves into new city hall as a result of gift from Johanna Schwartz.
  • 1959.  Library incorporated as municipal library.  Women's club discontinues sponsorship.
  • 1971.  Henry Ariens family donates family homestead to City of Brillion. 
  • 1972. R.D. and Linda Peters finance construction and furnishing of new library. 
  • 1974.  New library opens.
  • 1991.  Library addition.
  • 1993.  Library automation, accomplished through donation from NSC, Inc.
  • 2006.  Elevator installed to provide access to lower level. 

Photo credit:  Wikimedia Commons

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Vaughn Public Library, Ashland.  (1/18/2016)
Baraboo Public Library.  (1/19/2016)
Boulder Junction Public Library.  (1/20/2016)

Listed by year of legal establishment:
1888.  Vaughn Public Library, Ashland
1891.  Wisconsin Library Association established.
1895.  Baraboo Public Library
1897.  Appleton Public Library
1959.  Brillion Public Library
1960.  Altoona Public Library
1977.  Boulder Junction Community Library
1985.  Alma Public Library

Cruz quickly closes the gap in North Carolina; Carson rides the slide

The behinders in the 1/18-19 Civitas poll:
  • 4% - Jeb Bush, Chris Christie
  • 2% - Mike Huckabee, Carly Fiorina, Rand Paul, John Kasich
  • 1% - Rick Santorum
Other stuff:  11% of poll respondents say "no preference".

Recent state polls:
Little engine malfunction? Kasich drops 14 points in a single day in New Hampshire Republican Presidential primary polls.  (1/21/2016)
Iowa Republican Presidential caucus poll of the hour has Trump solidly in 1st place.  (1/21/2016)
Trump more than doubles Rubio and Bush combined numbers in latest Florida Republican Presidential primary poll.  (1/20/2016)
Kasich surges, Cruz stumbles, Carson approaches Santorum territory in latest New Hampshire poll. (1/19/2016)
FOX 5 Atlanta polls 97% white folks in latest Georgia Republican Presidential primary poll.  (1/18/2016)
Jeb Bush finds some love in South Carolina, jumps from 5th to 3rd in latest poll.  (1/17/2016)
Trump gets a little breathing room in latest Iowa poll; Rubio's stock flags.  (1/14/2016)
Have you polled New Hampshire voters yet this year? Everyone else has, it seems.  (1/11/2016)
Ted Cruz leaps ahead of Donald Trump in latest California poll.  (1/6/2016)
Trump on top in Nevada.  (1/2/2016)
Carson jilted, Trump bouncy-bouncy, many respondents just plain loony in latest North Carolina Republican primary poll.  (12/8/2015)
Chris Christie no favorite son in New Jersey; Donald Trump rules for now.  (11/18/2015)
Carson continues ascent in Virginia, Bush going the way of Scott Walker; Rubio bobs.  (11/18/2015)
Trump, Cruz on upswing; Carson, Bush on downslide in latest Texas Republican primary poll.  (11/12/2015)
As the polls churn in Arizona: Trump and Fiorina = big losers; Carson and Rubio = big winners.  (11/11/2015)

In the lobby of the City-County Building, Madison WI

Photos by Retiring Guy

The City-County Building when it was brand-spankin' new.  
(Postcard from Retiring Guy's collection)

Climate change, climate skeptics, and the "War on Coal": Meet David McKinley (R-West Virginia)

But those incorrigible skeptics fighting against the "War on Coal" soldier on!

As quoted in 1/15/2016 press release, McKinley Statement on President Obama's Decision to "Keep Coal in the Ground" 

*Report outlines Rep. McKinley’s coal contributions.  (Coal Tattoo, 7/12/2011)

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Climate change, climate skeptics, and the "War on Coal": Meet Ed Whitfield (R-Kentucky)

But those incorrigible skeptics fighting against the "War on Coal" soldier on!

As quoted in 1/15/2016 press release, Whitfield Responds to Administration's Coal Plan.

*In fact, he recently received a distinguished lifetime achievement award for his loyalty.

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Scott Walker and Wisconsin State Senate not on same page when it comes to legislative priorities (part 3)

As quoted in GOP bill would allow guns on school grounds, in classroom buildings.  (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 1/13/2016)
Senate President Mary Lazich (R-New Berlin) said the measure is intended to make sure weapons permit holders aren't inadvertently committing crimes when they drop their kids off at school.

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Who in media horde will confess, "The Iowa caucuses don't make a bit of difference unless you care about white folks' preferences!"

Think the field is crowded? The media horde is about to land. (Des Moines Register, 9/21/2016)
The scramble for temporary work space and broadcast locations started months ago, playing out like a game of musical chairs. It may not be as contentious as the presidential race itself — but close, with media bigwigs squeezing into space as tight as the now-famous seating charts at 801 Chophouse.

Past white folks' top preferences:
  • Rick Santorum finished in 1st place in the 2012 Iowa Republican caucuses.
  • Mike Huckabee finished in 1st place in the 2008 Iowa Republican caucuses.

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MRIs for children: From terror to adventure

By turning medical scans into adventures, GE eases children's fears. (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 1/21/2016)
Variety of themes. The series consists of a variety of themes for the different tests. For an MRI, it is a space voyage, with technicians telling children that the spaceship is about to go into hyper-drive when the machine becomes loud. For a PET scan, it is Camp Cozy, because children need to be calm and the test takes about 45 minutes. GE Healthcare also has developed themes for specific hospitals. For a children's hospital in San Francisco, for example, it designed a theme around cable cars.

Most children need to be sedated when using standard medical imaging equipment.

Wisconsin Assembly unable to stay on task, continues to chip away at local control

GOP bill would create more 'zombie' homes, Milwaukee officials say.  (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 1/21/2016)
The proposal, Assembly Bill 720, would give the lender one year to decide what to do with the property. At the end of that period, the lender could sell the property or opt to release the mortgage lien, an action that would keep the title in the name of the original owner even though that person may be long gone.

"We gotcha surrounded.  Come on out with your hands up!"

Bill sponsors mapped

Realtor associations flexing their muscles?

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Why it's silly to put any stock in the results of the Iowa caucuses and New Hampshire primary

Unless you want to know who white folks favor.

Data source:  U.S. Census QuickFacts

Sarah Palin drops a hit of acid before endorsement of Trump

Blabbering as transcribe in Sarah Palin’s rambling, remarkable and at times hard to understand endorsement of Donald Trump.  (Washington Post, 1/20/2016)

Don't expect Lindsey Graham to endorse Trump or Cruz

As quoted in Dead State

You can understand why Graham might have it in for Trump.

@realDonaldTrump (8/25/2015)

Iowa Republican Presidential caucus poll of the hour has Trump solidly in 1st place

The behinders in the 1/15-20 CNN/ORC poll:

  • 3% - Jeb Bush, Mike Huckabee
  • 2% - Rand Paul
  • 1% - Chris Christie, John Kasich, Carly Fiorina, Rick Santorum

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Trump and Cruz head for a showdown in Iowa.  (1/12/2016)
Pushing aside Cruz, Trump elbows his way into 1st in two most recent Iowa caucus polls.  (1/11/2016)
Cruz/Trump remain one/two in 2nd Iowa caucus poll of year.  (1/10/2016)
It's turned into an Archie Bell & the Drells moment.  (1/9/2016)