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GET ME REWRITE: Wisconsin white male GOP leadership not into clean energy

Headline: Urban Milwaukee, 8/11/2023

No wonder Republicans have to cheat to win.
Mick Schwedler, representing a professional association for heating, air conditioning and ventilation industry engineers, said the new standard was projected to cut construction costs by $1 per square foot for a mid-rise apartment building, and save $3.50 per square foot over 30 years. 
“The same cost effectiveness study also shows net and energy savings for small offices, small hotels in standalone retail buildings that are even greater than the average life-cycle cost savings for all building types,” Schwedler testified. Get a daily rundown of the Milwaukee stories Email Address... 
Adopting the new standards would be “critical to reducing air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions associated with energy usage by commercial buildings,” testified Erik Kanter of Clean Wisconsin. “Emissions from buildings are a significant contributor to climate change.” 
Over time, if the new code is not adopted, building owners’ insurance costs would likely increase, according to Michael Tierney, legislative liaison for DSPS.  [emphasis added]

A much smarter alternative.

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Vista West Senior Living Community, Madison WI: August 2023 site visit

Photos by Retiring Guy

9/20/2021 update starts here

Photos and video by Retiring Guy

2-bedroom, 2-bath floor plan

1-bedroom, 1.5 bath, + den floor plan

8/19/2021 update starts here

Photos and video by Retiring Guy

5/18/2021 update starts here

Photos and video by Retiring Guy

4/30/2021 update starts here

Photo by Retiring Guy

Rendering found at Vista West

1/21/2021 update starts here.

From across Gammon Road and 2 closer views

Photos by Retiring Guy

12/2/2020 update starts here

From a variety of perspectives

Photos and video by Retiring Guy

11/3/2020 update starts here

Photos and videos by Retiring Guy

10/6/2020 update starts here

Photos by Retiring Guy

8/6/2020 update starts here

Photos and videos by Retiring Guy

Original 6/15/2020 post starts here

Photos and video by Retiring Guy

Rendering and context map found at Madison Plan Commission 
(text boxes and arrow added below)

Madison WI business news: City Barbecue gets company at Mineral Point and Gammon

Corner of Mineral Point and Gammon roads is home to Mod Pizza, City Barbecue, Dave's Hot Chicken, and Crisp & Green (opening soon).  

Photos by Retiring Guy

5/9/2023 update starts here

Photos by Retiring Guy

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GET ME REWRITE: Major League Baseball puts a gun to Milwaukee's head

HeadlineMilwaukee Journal Sentinel, 8/11/2023
The Milwaukee Brewers could start looking for a new home this fall if state and local officials fail to reach agreement by then on a taxpayer-funded package to fund improvements to American Family Field required in the team’s lease with the state, sources say — a process that might lead them to the boomtowns of Charlotte, North Carolina or Nashville, Tennessee.
Milwaukee's population peaked at 741,3254 in 1960 and has decreased 24% since then.

Charlotte's population has increased 1840% since 1920.

Day 1015 of GOP election denier hysteria (Trump Big Lie Clown Show Circus, Michigan edition)

ATTACK Of the Clown Show zombies
Starring Michigan state rep Matt Maddock
HeadlineWashington Post, 8/11/2023
Michigan state Rep. Matt Maddock (R) warned supporters at a recent fundraiser at his home that "civil war" would break out or that people would get shot if the government continued to target conservatives, according to audio of the event obtained by the Messenger, which first reported the remarks.

GET ME REWRITE: Madison businesswoman has long way to go to reach GoFundMe goal


Contribution:  Go FundMe
HeadlineWisconsin State Journal, 8/12/2023

In the first 4 days of her campaign, Syovata Edari has reached 3.7% of her goal.   At this rate of giving, she will reach her $500,000 target on Tuesday, November 28, 2023.

Cheating to win elections: Wisconsin GOP attempts to defend the indefensible use of cracking and packing in drawing legislative districts

The 27th Assembly District is located in portions of Sheboygan and Manitowoc counties and cracks the northern third of the City of Sheboygan.
Amy Binsfeld (R-Sheboygan) has represented the 27th district since January 2023.  In November 2022, she defeated her Democratic opponent by 29 percentage points.

Headline:  Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 8/11/2023
Map:  Wisconsin State Legislature (box added)

Somehow, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reporter Tyler Katzenberger can write an article about legislative district without mentioning 'gerrymandering', 'packing', and 'cracking'.  

It's called journalistic malpractice.

The UW Applied Population Lab defines 'cracking' as 
drawing districts in such a way as to divide a concentration of specific types of voters across several districts such that they are a minority in each one, with practically no hope of achieving representation in any of the districts. This practice also helps make districts less competitive.
The UW Applied Population Lab defines 'packing' as 
the practice of drawing particular districts in such a way as to ensure that another party's candidate wins that seat by a tremendous margin. Although the opposing party is all but guaranteed the seat, packing makes surrounding districts less competitive, and thus tips the balance of power in the legislative body overall toward the ruling party.

Meet the leaders of the packing and cracking brigade!

Wouldn't you rather have this diverse group in the majority?

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Sheboygan Press, 5/17/2021
The city's voters being split between two districts means city residents' votes don't all count toward the same race for their representative in the state Assembly. 
"I think the thinking behind that, why people are upset about that, is kind of tied into this concept of communities of interest," Prentice said.

Cracking breaks up communities of interest.

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