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Putting Alameda County's average of new Covid cases in perspective


Alameda County ranks 48th among 58 California's counties in percentage increase of new cases during the past 14 days.

Source:  New York Times

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GET ME REWRITE Michigan GOP gubernatorial candidate Ralph Rebandt sucks up to Donald Trump


Headline:  Detroit Free Press, 6/2/2022
Rebandt also said he would welcome Trump's endorsement. "He's my favorite president. Because not only did he have awesome policies, but he had amazing tweets," Rebandt said.

Wednesday, June 1, 2022

Betty Lou Emerson Smith (1936-2022) Warren High School class of 1954


1954 Dragon yearbook

1967 Warren City Directory 
  • Marshall Emerson and Betty Lou Smith live in Clarendon
     1983 Warren City Directory

    SSA doesn't track double names by Betty Lou or Mary Sue. Let's take a look at great-grandson Grayson.  

    Grayson debuted in 1984 and has steadily moved up the chart to reach the top 40, where he's been since 2016.  

    Other members of the class of 1954 (36):



    Elizabeth Ann Pasquino Deck.  (2/22)
    Beatrice Brown Bines.  (1/26)

    Margaret Eaton Watts.  (10/30)
    Mary Alice Morse Akif.  (10/1)
    Sally Nelson Metzger.  (8/1)
    Phoebe Marie Jewell Ahlgren.  (4/29)
    David Neal Redmond.  (3/4)

    Roberta Cable Anderson.  (11/3)
    Patrick Michael Sheehan.  (9/19)
    Charles Salerno.  (3/19)
    Joan White Wood.  (2/12)
    Janet Lauffenberger Day.  (2/11)

    Georgeanne Pappas Kornreich.  (11/27)
    Anita Miller Smith.  (10/25)
    Michelene Figliuzzi Colgrove.  (6/1)
    James Hornstrom.  (3/9)
    Richard Latimer.  (1/31)
    Guard Pierce.  (1/24)

    Thomas Gray.  (10/16)
    Franklin Ristau.  (4/21)
    Robert Johnson.  (8/10)
    Phillip Stewart.  (2/20)

    New O'Reilly Auto parts store open for business at Century Avenue


    Photo by Retiring Guy

    1/15/2022 update starts here

    Not quite ready for prime time.

    Photos by Retiring Guy

    11/11/2021 update starts here

    Photos by Retiring Guy

    9/29/2021 update, "That was then, this is now:  6209 Century Avenue, Middleton WI", starts here.

    That was then:  June 2, 2020

    Photos and video by Retiring Guy

    This is now:  September 29, 2021

    Frank Lucia (1925-2022) Warren High School class of 1943

    1943 Dragon yearbook

    Frank's high-school activities:  not listed

    1967 Warren City Directory

    • Lucia Clara N (widow Angelo) retired h308 North Morrison
    • Lucia Frank J (Bonnie B) sheet metal worker Dominic J Scalise R2 Russell

     1983 Warren City Directory
    • Frank and Bonnie still live in Russell

    The popularity of Frank is graphed here.  Let's take a look at granddaughter Juliet.

    Juliet has spent most of her time bouncing around the lower half of the baby names chart.  After a decade-long drought in the 80s and 90s, she made a move into the top 300, peaking at #227 in 2017. 

    Other members of the class of '43 (33): 

    Doris Veley Barstow.  (6/11)
    Dominick Anthony DeMarco.  (1/15)

    Dorothy Stites Lauffenburger Hyde.  (4/27)
    Betty Nelson Casey.  (4/12)
    Dorothy Bimber Farrell.  (4/2)
    Marguerite Mader Lasher.  (3/20)

    Lillian Fish Dunn.  (11/6)
    Mary Denardi Walker.  (7/18)
    John Imperial.  (4/4)
    Francis Pesko.  (2/8)

    William Nuhfer.  (10/26)
    Martha Rasmussen Lewis.  (6/17)
    Gloria York Salapek.  (6/10)
    Louis Rizzardi.  (2/11)

    Virginia Anderson Thompson.  (10/17)
    Pauline Smith VanVolkinburg.  (8/27)
    Joyce Anderson Clark.  (8/24)
    Robert Johnson.  (3/31)

    Goldie Gelotte Hecei. (12/2)
    John Swick.  (11/29)
    William Weidert.  (10/16)
    Maxine Retterer Young.  (8/15)

    Construction of Heim's Woods, Middleton WI, the abridged version: From start to finish in 6 photos


    June 30, 2017

    July 6, 2017

    December 24, 2018

    December 7, 2019

    March 29, 2020

    November 9, 2020

    Project location

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    Texas Governor Greg Abbott is bought and paid for by the NRA

    Headline:  Texas Public Radio, 5/29/2022
    A lawyer for the Sutherland Spring victims said Abbott’s characterization that the events of Sutherland Springs prove background checks are not a viable solution is misleading. 
    "That is not true. The opposite is true,” attorney Jamal Alsaffar told TPR. “The federal court found after hearing months of evidence — thousands of pages of documentary evidence that, in fact, the federal government was liable in the Sutherland Springs case because background checks would have worked." 
    Moments after hearing Abbott's take on Sutherland Springs, Alsaffar was inundated with calls asking him to correct the record. 
    Intentional or not, Alsaffar said Abbott is again misinforming the public.
    Oh, it's intentional.

    Original 5/28/2022 post, "Texas Governor Greg Abbott tells NRA he's fine and dandy with continued massacre of children", starts here. 

    Top headline:  Texas Tribune, 5/25/2022
    Bottom headlineCNN, 5/28/2022

    CNN excerpt:
    Texas Gov. Greg Abbott canceled his planned appearance at the NRA convention and instead pre-recorded a video in which he was dismissive of calls for gun reforms. 
    "Remember this: There are thousands of laws on the books across the country that limit the owning or using of firearms, laws that have not stopped madmen from carrying out evil acts on innocent people in peaceful communities," he said.
    Is this similar to the message he shared with residents of Uvalde?

    The GOP has an out-of-control gun fetish (Arkansas Jake Bequette edition)

    New York Times, 5/25/2022
    In Arkansas, an ad run by a group supporting Jake Bequette, an Army veteran and former pro football player whose G.O.P. primary challenge to Senator John Boozman failed on Tuesday, repeated the phrase “Babies, borders, bullets” — calling those the “values we cherish” — and showed clips of the candidate taking aim with an assault rifle.
    Jake received 20.7% of the vote.  The incumbent John Boozman won all of Arkansas' 75 counties with 58% of the vote.

    5/31/2022 update starts here

    New York Times, 5/25/2022

    Josh finished in 2nd place in the 2022 Ohio GOP U.S. Senate primary with 23.9% of the vote.

    Original 5/30/2022 post, Kay Ivey edition,  starts here.

    New York Times, 5/25/2022
    In Alabama, Gov. Kay Ivey unpacked lipstick, an iPhone and something else from her purse in one campaign advertisement — “a little Smith & Wesson .38,” she said.

    GET ME REWRITE: Indiana GOP U.S. Senator Mike Braun is bought and paid for by the NRA

    5/31/2022 update starts here

    Headline:  New York Times, 5/25/2022 (red box added)

    Mike features gun porn on his campaign website.

    Mike or his mouthpiece did not respond to PBS News Hour.

    States where GOP Senators have received more than $1 million in NRA during their congressional careers.  The following states have two such mercenary members:  Indiana, Missouri, North Carolina.

    5/30/2022 update starts here

    Headline:  New York Times, 5/25/2022 (red box added)

    Joni or her mouthpiece did not respond to PBS News Hour.

    5/29/2022 update starts here

    Headline:  New York Times, 5/25/2022 (red box added)

    Original 5/28/2022 post, "Tennessee GOP U.S. Senator Marsha Blackburn is bought and paid for by the NRA", starts here.

    Top left:  New York Times, 5/25/2022
    Headline:  PBS News Hour, 5/25/2022

    What Marsha's mouthpiece said (highlights added):

    The same boilerplate her spokesperson dished out to the New York Times.

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    Tuesday, May 31, 2022

    GET ME REWRITE: Trump alleges primary election fraud in all 159 Georgia counties


    David Perdue, the loser he endorsed, got trounced by more than 50 percentage points and lost EVERY SINGLE COUNTY.

    HeadlinePolitico, 5/31/2022

    Rest assured, the most fawning of his base is on board with this nonsense.  They're drainin' it!

    Meet occasional Robin Vos campaign donor and GOP Racine County DA Patricia Hanson


    What is she trying to hide?

    Headline:  Racine Journal Times, 5/29/2022
    Other police departments and prosecutors in Wisconsin, on the other hand, say they are continuing to provide greater transparency for the public and have not imposed an across-the-board policy of nondisclosure like officials have in Racine County. 
    The state's open records law requires police departments and other government agencies to ensure public access to records under most circumstances, although police can withhold materials that are part of ongoing criminal investigations. With increasing regularity, this law has been interpreted locally to keep police reports regarding crimes from being publicly reviewed until long after the reports have been filed.  [emphasis added]

    Well, let's see now.....

    On Thursday, The Journal Times asked Hanson, “Can you share why Kenosha County’s investigation concluded in August but it was not until yesterday that your investigation completed?” in an email, among two other questions regarding Ross and Neuman. She answered the questions regarding Ross and Neuman.
    She did not reply to the question about why it took so long for the investigation to conclude.

    Is there a whiff of election denial here?

    She spoke at this Woman for Trump event in September 2020.

    GET ME REWRITE: Putting Dane County Wisconsin's current 7-day average of new Covid cases in perspective

    New cases are down nearly 7% since May 14th.

    Source:  New York Times (arrows added below)

    5/18/2022 update starts here

    Source:  New York Times
    HeadlineWisconsin State Journal, 5/18/2022

    5/7/2022 update starts here.

    The decision to continue masking comes after most other mask requirements have been dropped, even on public transportation, which had been one of the last settings masks were required under an order from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. A federal judge struck down that federal mandate April 18. 
    Madison is one of the last remaining districts in Dane County to still have a mask mandate in place after others relaxed their policies. Dane County dropped its countywide mask rule on March 1. 
    The Madison School District cited rising COVID-19 cases locally as a reason for its repeated extension of its mask mandate. The district’s team of medical advisors unanimously recommended keeping the policy in place, the district said.
    The 7-day average of new Covid cases is still down 92% from its January peak

    Original 4/28/2022 post starts here

    HeadlineCapital Times, 4/226/2022
    Dane County’s case activity has been increasing since late March, according to Public Health Madison & Dane County, with a current seven-day average of 159 cases per day. The county had 648 new cases since Friday, data from PHMDC show. 
    However, it’s not cause for panic, director Janel Heinrich said in a statement, especially given the county’s high vaccination rate.
    Which the bar graph confirms.