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CES 2024: ZeroWheel Fit

 Screenshot from video below

HeadlineHollywood Reporter, 1/30/2024
Arriving this spring, Zerowheel’s smart motorized fitness device was designed for users of all levels, and features five modes that help to target specific muscle groups during workouts. It allows you to work your core, arms, shoulders, legs, glutes, chest and back, and you can customize your experience by changing your grip, incline and workout modes. The connected app lets you track your progress, try new exercise programs designed by fitness professionals and compete with others in the ZeroWheel community.  [$795]

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Cruising the entire length of the Pleasant View Road reconstruction, Madison/Middleton WI

Screenshots and video by Retiring Guy

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Day 1192 of GOP election denier hysteria (Trump Big Lie Clown Show Circus, MAGA Arizona edition)

ATTACK Of the Clown Show zombies
Starring Arizona state senator
Anthony Kern
Headline:  The Guardian, 1/30/2024
The state senator Anthony Kern, a Republican, served as a fake elector in 2020, falsely asserting that Donald Trump won the state. Those involved in the fake electors schemes in several states have been charged. In Arizona, the fake electors are under investigation by the Democratic attorney general, her office has confirmed. Kern 
also attended the 6 January 2021 rally at the US Capitol. The senate concurrent resolution says that the “sole authority to appoint presidential electors” should fall to the legislature. It calls on the legislature to stay in session during presidential election years for this purpose. As a concurrent resolution, the proposal does not require the governor’s signature and does not have the force of law; it functions more to state the legislative body’s position on an issue.
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Corry Pennsylvania designates itself as a "blue zone"

Corry in the 1950s

The population of Corry peaked at 7,489 in 1930 and has declined % since then.  It now has few people than it did in the early 1920s.

Source:  Wikipedia

New York Times, 1/21/2024
Now the real estate industry has jumped into the game. Blue Zones runs initiatives that certify towns and cities that meet healthy lifestyle criteria, and they help others remake themselves to promote longevity. The initiatives — often funded by health care systems and insurance companies with a vested interest in a hale and hearty population — promote solutions like smoking bans, biking paths and group activities that foster a sense of belonging. 
Eighty places in the United States — from Bakersfield, Calif., to Corry, Pa. — have adopted these initiatives, called Blue Zone Projects. Some developers take inspiration from Blue Zones even if they are not seeking official certification.

Retiring Guy grew up in Warren PA, 30 miles east of Corry.  At that time the Corry Beavers and the Warren Dragons were in the same sports conference.

in Madison WI (February 2024 construction site visit)

Photos and video by Retiring Guy


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