Tuesday, November 29, 2016

UPDATE: 29th Wisconsin Assembly District: GOP newcomer Rob Stafsholt defeats Democratic candidate Scottie Ard

Margin of victory (percentage points)
AD1.    20.2
AD2.    38.8
AD3.    21.2
AD4.    19.4
AD5.    29.2
AD6.    40.4
AD7.    17.9
AD14.  14.6
AD21.  18.8
AD25.  30.0
AD26.  19.0
AD27.  24.8
AD28.  27.8
AD29.  22.2

As you can see, no close races so far.

Stafsholt wins 29th Assembly District race.  (New Richmond News, 11/10/2016)
There were a couple of instances where so-called “dark money” made it into the campaign in the form of political advertising mailed across the district that made claims Ard had run-ins with the law. Those claims never held water and Stafsholt even regretted during a candidate forum in New Richmond last month that the organizations that put the mailings together did so without his knowledge or endorsement.

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8/11/2016 update, "1 blowout, 1 close race in Wisconsin State Assembly 29th District partisan primaries", starts here.

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Two Democrats and two Republican are running to replace John Murtha (R-Baldwin), who is retiring after serving 5 terms in the Assembly. 

The winners of their respective partisan primaries on Tuesday, August 9 will face each other in the November general election.

Campaign websites

29th Assembly District

Public libraries in the 29th Assembly District.
Baldwin Public Library
Boyceville Public Library
Deer Park Public Library
Glenwood City Public Library
Hammond Community Library
Menomonie Public Library
New Richmond Public Library
Woodville Community Library

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