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Jennifer Robinault Morell (1951-2014) Warren Area High School Class of 1968

1968 Dragon yearbook

I'd say that this Hollywood actress had a lot to do with the popularity of Jennifer.

At the time the class of '68 graduated, there was still room for all types of music on top 40 radio.

Tom Petri Returns the Favor to Glenn Grothman

Not to be outdone, Petri has a comment of his own.

On the Capitol: U.S. Rep. Tom Petri offers tepid praise for Glenn Grothman.  (Wisconsin State Journal, 9/5/2014)

No ringing endorsementPetri also declined to say that Grothman was the best option in the 6th Congressional District, WisPolitics reported.

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Perhaps They Thought This Now-Retired Employee's Campaign Contributions Gave Them Immunity

Beck Aluminum fined for safety violations.  (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 9/4/2014)

That's what they all say!  "Our employees are our most valued asset, and the health and safety of our employees is our top value," said Mike Jones, corporate health and safety director for Beck.

Googling "our employees are our most valued asset".

Thank you, Mike, for that heartfelt sentiment.

Librarian Goes Wild for Brylcreem Man

A brief history of Brylcreem.   From Teddy Boys to Mad Men, the slick-backed quiff has come in and out of fashion for decades, and a humble cream from Birmingham has helped keep each hair firmly in place.  (The Guardian, 4/2/2012)

A brief history of Brylcreem, by Emma Kayy.  (Slideshare, 11/26/2012)

The Dyed Green Grass of Home

$275 for 1000 square feet.

Seeing Discolored Lawns, California Businesses Apply Dab of Green. (The New York Times, 9/1/2014)

Unlike Brylcreem, a little dab won't do ya.   Earlier this summer, when a friend began complaining about his browning front lawn, Mr. McClellan thought back to his childhood in Florida, where he often spotted golf courses using sprays to dye their greens. When a brief Internet search failed to show any local business offering a similar service, Mr. McClellan decided it was a prime opportunity.

Julia Barhight Verdot (1946-2014) Warren Area High School Class of 1964

Focus on Warren

1964 Dragon yearbook

Julia:  She's no Jennifer

Barbra Streisand's "People" was a week away from reaching the top 10 on the Billboard Hot 100 when Julia graduated from high school.

Homophobes for "American Decency" Proudly Wear Their Blinders

Anti-Gay Group To Protest Michael Sam, Cowboys In The Name Of 'Family Values'. (Huffington Post, 9/4/2014)

Selective outrage.  [Jack]  Burkman heads a group called "American Decency," which consists of "like-minded individuals who feel that they need to come together and feel like they need to stand up for the deterioration of decency in American sports," according to a spokesman for the lobbyist.  Earlier this year, Burkman proposed a bill that would ban gays from the National Football League.

Yet when it comes to football players and actual criminal behavior, not a peep.   Where's the outrage here?

Another quote from the HuffPost articleWhile one person noted Sam's talent is what matters, another person said: “I don’t want my kids looking up to me and say, 'Daddy, what does that mean that he’s gay?'”

Variations on a theme.

While one person noted Sam's talent is what matters, another person said: “I don’t want my kids looking up to me and say, 'Daddy, what does DUI that mean that he’s gay?'

While one person noted Sam's talent is what matters, another person said: “I don’t want my kids looking up to me and say, 'Daddy, what's does that felony domestic violence mean that he’s gay?'”

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Bathroom Reading

I recently found a September 1993 issue of Reader's Digest in a friend's bathroom.  As I flipped the pages to "It Pays to Increase Your Word Power", this red "title card" grabbed my attention.

What the hell, I thought.  Let's take a gander.

The absurdities spotlighted in this issue include college students' ignorance of U.S. and world leaders, a felon's disability claim, a college class on pornography, racial quotas at a prestigious San Francisco high school.....

....and same-sex marriage, which is described under the subheading, "State of Foolishness".

Here's the opening paragraph.  Hawaii's Supreme Court has come perilously close to ruling that marriage, as it now stands, is unconstitutional.   Justice Steven H. Levinson wrote for the plurality that state marriage law discriminates because it "denies same-sex couples access to the marital status and its concomitant rights and benefits".

The above is an excerpt from a syndicated column written by Maggie Gallagher.  Maggie is the founder, an executive committee member, former president, and former chairman of the board of the National Organization for Marriage, an organization that is opposed to same-sex marriage -- any legal recognition of same-sex partnerships, for that matter.

In an interview with Huffington Post staff reporter Lila Shapiro earlier this year, Gallagher admitted that the battle against gay marriage has been lost.

What would Reader's Digest say?  That same-sex marriage is still an absurdity to be eliminated?

So far, only 1 Republican has issued a statement on the U.S. 7th Circuit Court of Appeals ruling

And he doesn't consider the ruling to be a step in the right direction.

Petunia Collapses After Escape from Planter

Photo by Retiring Guy

Employers Make It More Challenging For Workers to Receive Adequate Health Care

High Health Plan Deductibles Weigh Down More Employees. (The New York Times, 9/1/2014)

High-deductible health plans are euphemistically referred to as "consumer-directed plans".

What sticks with me after reading this article are two quotes from Paul B. Ginsburg, Norman Topping Chair in Medicine and Public Policy Professor of the Practice of Health Policy and Management, University of Southern California.

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Chris Christie's Schoolboy Boast

Christie Studies Global Affairs for a 2016 Test.  (The New York Times, 9/1/2014)

I think the reporter meant to write 'oratorical bombast'.  But Mr. Christie, usually known for his oratorical sure-footedness, offered a wobbly reply, displaying little grasp of the facts and claiming that if he were in charge, Vladimir V. Putin, the Russian president, would know better than to mess with him.

Full Disclosure: Steve and His Wife Susan Contributed $825 to the Republican Cause (That We Know Of)

Wisconsin Fall Election Preview: Assembly District 12

Democratic incumbent vs. Republican (write-in) challenger

Fred Kessler, Democratic incumbent

Russell Goodwin, Republican (write-in) challenger

12th Assembly District

Public libraries in the 12th Assembly District:
Milwaukee Public Library (service area) 
Wauwatosa Public Library (service area)

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11th Assembly District.  Freshman Democrat Mandela Barnes (Milwaukee) is running unopposed.

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Photo by Retiring Guy

Fender Bender Paperwork

Photo by Retiring Guy

Brett Hulsey's Plea Goes In One Ear and Out the Other

It's the same account he's using to pay off his campaign debt. 

He still doesn't get it.  The Madison media couldn’t understand why people all over the state would actually vote for someone who would really put their interests before special interests.

The reality.  Thanks to David Clarke, Hulsey received 57% of his votes from Milwaukee County.

So Says the Gogebic Taconite Mouthpiece

When it's campaign contributions that have to be reported, Gogebic employees give to Republicans and 1 purple Democrat.

Former Democratic senator Jeff Plale lands job in Walker administration.  (Wisconsin State Journal, 1/19/2011)

Like Father, Like Son

Ted Cruz's Dad: 'The Average Black Does Not' Understand The Minimum Wage Is Bad.  (Huffington Post, 9/2/2014)

1956 Presidential election results.  (Red = Republican; Blue - Democrat)

1960 Presidential election results

1964 Presidential election results.  (The Civil Rights Law of 1964 was signed by President Lyndon Johnson on July 2, 1964.  The election took place on November 3.)

1968 Presidential election results.  (The yellow states cast their electoral votes for the American Independent Party candidate and noted segregationist George Wallace.)

Atlantic City Craps Out

In a manner of speaking.

Showboat Casino Closes Amid Tears and Questions About Atlantic City’s Direction. (The New York Times, 8/31/2014)

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At Least They Didn't Blame It on the Guard Dog's Appetite

Arizona Police Report Says Parents Didn’t Realize Daughter Had Shot Gun Instructor. (The New York Times, 9/2/2014)

Wouldn't you think that tickets would be sold and release waivers signed inside the building next to where the bus is parked?

Source:  Bullets and Burgers

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Sandra Laih Bullock (1942-2014) Warren High School Class of 1959

1959 Dragon yearbook

"Sandra" enjoyed a 30-year period of popularity that lasted from the late 1930s to the late 1960s.  Currently, she is quickly falling out of favor.

This Connie Francis song had just entered the top 10 on the Billboard Hot 100 when the WHS class of '60 graduated.

Chicago Public Housing: A Bibliography

Source:  Chicago Tribune

A Special Report:  The Chicago Wall  (Chicago Tribune)

Public housing a dividing line.  (11/30/1986)
CHA may put 'For Sale' sign on housing.  (12/1/1986)

How projects rose to failure.  (12/2/1986)
  • 1950.  First high-rise public housing, Dearborn Homes, is completed.
  • 1953.  More than 1000 whites riot when first black family moves into Trumbull Parks Homes.  Disturbances continue for 22 months.
  • 1954.  Chicago Housing Authority (CHA) Executive Secretary fired because of liberal views regarding public housing and integration.
  • 1962.  Completion of 4,230-unit Robert Taylor Homes.
  • 1964. Monsignor John Egan urges CHA to stop building high-rises.
  • 1966.  Six CHA residents file suit in federal court, charging CHA with discrimination for building housing only in black neighborhoods.
  • 1968.  Congress passes law ending construction of high-rise public housing.
Dream of progress died quickly at Taylor Homes.  (12/3/1986)

U.S. letting lifeline to public housing slip.  (12/4/1986)

Scattered-site housing:  Brouhaha without benefit.  (12/4/1986)

CHA finances falling apart as quickly as its buildings.  (12/5/1986)

CHA can be blessing in disguise.  Private housing conditions often worse for poor blacks. (12/7/1986)

Housing groups' aid can't dent the need.  (12/8/1986)

(Follow-up)  Fear lives in CHA's Taylor Homes.  (7/18/1989)

Articles in other publications

Instant Slum.  Political Foresight and Chicago Public Housing.  (Inland Architect, November/December 1986)

Four Generations in the Projects.  (The New York Times Magazine, 1/13/1991)

Razing the Slums to Rescue the Residents.  (The New York Times, 9/6/1998)
  • Hard-to-place tenants.  Difficult move to private sector.
  • Decline and fall.  Public housing becomes hell hole.
  • Troubled families.  Stubborn problems hinder relocation.
  • Problems and promise.  Complex family poses dilemma.

Hanging On.  A Housing Project Fails But the Poor Resist Orders to Move Out.  Residents Fear the Suburbs, As Government Destroys High Rises Across U.S.  'It's Too Quiet for Me'.  (The Wall Street Journal, 12/19/2000)
  • Irredeemable failure
  • The pull of a former home
  • The end of guarantees
  • Reason to celebrate
  • Culture clash
  • Pressure from the children

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Wisconsin Fall Election Preview: Assembly District 8

Democratic incumbent vs. Republican challenger

Jocasta Zamarripa, Democratic incumbent

Vincent Synowicz, Republican challenger

In a very low-turnout primary, Zamarripa defeated Democratic challenger Laura Manriquez with just over 60% of the vote.

8th Assembly District (Milwaukee's Near South South)

Public library in the 8th Assembly District:
Milwaukee Public Library Forest Home Branch

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6th Assembly District.  4-term Republican Gary Tauchen (Bonduel) is running unopposed.
7th Assembly District. (9/2/2014)

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Scott Walker In So Many Words: Jim Doyle Responsible for 1.5% of U.S. Job Loss During Great Recession

Economy has recovered 8.7 million jobs lost in Great Recession. (Los Angeles Times, 6/6/2014) 

That's an average loss of 348,000 jobs per month.  May's job growth pushed total non-farm employment to 138.46 million, surpassing the 138.37 million jobs at the previous peak in January 2008, the Labor Department said. From that point, the nation lost 8.7 million jobs until the labor market began slowly to grow again in February 2010.

In 2010, Wisconsin (5,686,986) comprised 1.7% of the U.S. population (308,745,658).

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Four More Years? Permission Denied!

Walker says he would not make specific jobs pledge again. (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 9/2/2014)

Dear Governor Walker, That won't be necessary.

As of Monday, January 5, 2015, there will be an "ex-" in front of your title, which will provide you will all the time in the world to run for President.

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Lock the doors!! Hide the kids!!  (4/21/2014)
States where Scott Walker will be spending a lot of time in 2015 (Not Wisconsin).  (4/17/2014)
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Joe and Jennifer Korb struggle to get by in their $800,000 home.  (3/10/2014)
Sounds to me like plenty of Wisconsin voters are content to have Scott Walker be a one-term Governor.  (10/2/2013)
Walker's approval numbers slip in polling NOT conducted by a "Democrat leaning firm".  (9/19/2013)
Four words to Wisconsin Democrats in 2014: Get out the vote.  (4/25/2013) 
ut the vote.  (4/25/2013)

You could build quite the young adult library collection with this list of challenged books

Challenged Young Adult Books.  University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Social Sciences, Health, and Education Library (Challenged Children's Books)

Titles beginning with
  • A (21)
  • B (42)
  • C (21)
  • D (39)
  • E (9)
  • F (23)
  • G (23)

...and so on.

Looks like this annotated list will grow.  A "vampire" word search results in just one hit.

Employers Gone Wild: Wage Theft

More Workers Are Claiming 'Wage Theft" by Their Employers.  (The New York Times, 8/31/2014)

Happy Labor Day!   David Weil, the director of the federal Labor Department’s wage and hour division, says wage theft is surging because of underlying changes in the nation’s business structure. The increased use of franchise operators, subcontractors and temp agencies leads to more employers being squeezed on costs and more cutting corners, he said. A result, he added, is that the companies on top can deny any knowledge of wage violations.

 Maybe wage theft will finally enter the public consciousness.