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Michigan Upper Peninsula population crisis in Houghton County

Houghton County has lost 57% of its population since its 1910 peak of 88,098.  It has fewer residents now than it did in 1900. To its credit, it was the only U.P. county to gain population between 2010 and 2020, although the 2022 U.S. Census estimate shows a slight drop since 2020.  It has been treading water since 1950.

Population and map:  Wikipedia
Headline:  mlive, 8/15/2021
Rural counties struggled the most to maintain their population, and the U.P. was no different. Of the six Michigan counties that lost the largest percentage of their residents, five are north of the Mackinac Bridge. 
The U.P. now represents less than 3% of Michigan’s total population, per the new census data. 
Of the U.P.’s 15 counties, 14 of them shrunk between 2010 and 2020, per the census. Only Houghton County (up 733 residents) gained residents.

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Iron in Michigan.  (Michiganology)
All of the mines on the Menominee and Gogebic Ranges have closed. Today, the Tilden mine in Ishpeming is the only Michigan mine still operating.

Day 938 of GOP election denier hysteria (Trump Big Lie Clown Show Circus, Pennsylvania edition)

Meet the stars of the
ATTACK Of the Clown Show zombies
Starring Bradford County (PA) commissioner
Doug McLinko
HeadlineSpotlight PA, 5/26/2023
Bradford County Commissioner Doug McLinko has repeatedly boosted Trump’s false claims that the 2020 election was fraudulently won and has helped to organize other activists for the cause. “I got some good news,” he told a crowd last spring while trying to mobilize an army of poll watchers alongside Trump ally Cleta Mitchell. “Donald Trump did not lose Pennsylvania. He did not lose Pennsylvania.”

Covid Chronicles. Chapter 46: JoAnna Attends Mass Remotely

Read chapter 45 here

Wednesday, May 27, 2020 

Here’s an article that appears in the latest edition of the St. Bernard’s Catholic Church newsletter. 

During the recent coronavirus pandemic, JoAnna Richard observed Wisconsin’s stay-at-home order, but that didn’t stop her from attending daily Mass in at least 15 different churches and cathedrals around the world.
 I find it to be a little sliver of normalcy to be able to have that every day,” she said. Richard, who retired from state service at the end of March, was blessed with excellent timing. 
“My goal if we hadn’t had the pandemic was to start attending daily Mass, so this was my substitute for that effort,” she said. To start her day, Richard uses the Catholic Daily Reading application on her cell phone. 
She then noticed that the app also provides a list of online Masses. 
“It was fascinating,” she said. “All the different churches that are available, so I started checking them out.” 
She has watched Masses from the Basilica Cathedral of St. John the Baptist in Newfoundland, St. John Cantius Catholic Church in Chicago, the Sacred Heart Cathedral in Knoxville, Tenn., the Catholic Church of the Resurrection in Lansing, Mich., Our Lady of Poland Catholic Church in Southampton, N.Y., the Carmelite Fathers Chapel in Munster, Ind., and the English Holy Mass from Lourdes, France. “ 
My favorite is from Lourdes … right from the grotto,” she said. “You really feel like that is a special place.” 
Richard said all of the services are similar, but they do have their own local flavor. 
For example, there is some Slavic language influence at the Yonkers church and with the Carmelites in Indiana, she said. 
For that reason, some of the services have been a little hard to understand. 
“The English hasn’t always been the best,” she said. “The priest is usually pretty good, but sometimes the assistant or lectionary is a little harder to understand. 
“But the app has definitely been a nice find. A real gift.” 
Richard, who has been a parishioner for about 30 years, said visiting these churches on-line has taught her that the Catholic Church is “broad” in its reach. 
“I was surprised by what is available,” she said. “There are so many Masses available throughout the day. There are evening Masses too.” 
Even if you don’t have the phone app, parishioners can access these Masses through a quick internet search throughout the year. 
On the first weekend that Masses were not available here at St. Bernard, Richard said the hardest part was not receiving Communion. 
“The prayer is helpful,” she said. “It does at least give you some hopefulness, but missing Communion is hard. 
“I feel I have been a little spoiled. Twice now I have lectored and I have been able to receive Communion, and I can’t tell you how good that feels.” 
Although Richard spends her week days away from home, she always returns to St. Bernard Mass on Sunday. 

JoAnna is eager to attend mass in person again, and Andy is concerned about it. 

“I just don’t understand the church thing,” he lamented. “It’s not exactly one of the safest places to be. 

“That’s a conversation you’ll need to have with your mom,” I conceded. 

I’ve been a bit puzzled by this increasingly enthusiastic embrace myself. JoAnna’s positions on certain social issues – abortion, gay rights, to name the two most obvious ones – certainly don’t comport with official Catholic church doctrine and teachings. On the other hand, St. Bernard’s is a progressive parish. JoAnna recently joined the church’s Creation Care Team, which was formed to raise consciousness and educate members about climate change, as well as to work with community leaders outside of the church. 

I know that JoAnna would never put herself in a situation where she’s likely to become infected, but Andy, whose coronavirus anxiety level was briefly off the charts in mid-March, is very much uncomfortable with JoAnna’s attending mass in person. 

“I might move back to my apartment for a while,” he announced. 

His last comment gave me a bit of a jolt. I thought he had pretty much flattened his anxiety curve. 

(And if he does follow through on this pronouncement, it will be, at most, until the end of June. That’s when his lease expires. And with his furlough status still ‘indefinite’, he decided not to renew for another year. ) 

Andy can point to evidence that backs up his concerns. In early March, a ‘superspreader’ unknowingly infected 52 other people with the virus at a church choir practice in Mount Vernon, Washington. Around the same time, 92 parishioners attending a church service in rural Arkansas later tested positive. I’m sure he’s aware of both of these incidents, but they took place before social distancing became the norm. 

St. Bernard’s has been numerous safeguards in place, and as a member of the church council, JoAnna has participated in the discussion to reopen. First of all, members must register in advance for one of the weekend masses: Saturday afternoon at 5:00 and Sunday morning at 8:00 and 10:30. Attendance is limited to 25% of capacity: 150. All hymnals will be removed from the sanctuary. No bulletins will be distributed. A collection will not be taken up. The service will not include any singing, as this form of expression causes a person to project droplets beyond 6 feet. (Not to discount this precaution, but it’s been my experience while attending mass at St. Bernard’s that most people sit or stand silently while a minority of members – less than 20%, I’d guess – sing along to the liturgy and hymns.) In addition, the church has already been thoroughly cleaned and disinfected, and a group of high school volunteers will wipe down the pews after each service. As you see from the photos, St. Bernard’s has a large sanctuary. Even with social distancing – people seated in every other row, for example – every surface is going to have to be disinfected three times each weekend. No shortcuts. 

And throughout the week. 

Daily mass starts on Monday, June 1, and JoAnna is planning to make attendance a part of her weekday routine.

Read chapter 47 here

Michigan Upper Peninsula population crisis in Iron County

Iron County has lost 57% of its population since its 1920 peak of 22,107.  It has fewer residents now than it did in 1910.  And nearly 31.1% of them are 65 and older.  (Michigan average:  18.1%; US average 16.8%)

Population and map:  Wikipedia
HeadlineRural Insights, 12/15/2021
The issue of population decline is not unique to the Upper Peninsula–rather, it is a feature of most rural areas in western industrialized countries. The decline, or depopulation, is driven by a falling birth rate, a lack of in-migration and long-term changes in industries that have historically underpinned rural economies, like agriculture, forestry, and mining. 
Simply put, fewer people are needed to work in these industries, and with fewer locally available jobs people leave rural areas to find work in cities. In the past, this outmigration was offset by high birth rates, but this is no longer the case; birth rates are falling while an aging population drives up deaths. 
The net effect of these processes is population decline.

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Iron in Michigan.  (Michiganology)
All of the mines on the Menominee and Gogebic Ranges have closed. Today, the Tilden mine in Ishpeming is the only Michigan mine still operating.

2024 GOP presidential primary polls: Nikki Haley and Tim Scott not doing well in their home state of South Carolina

Poll results:  Real Clear Politics

Additionally, S.C. Republicans see Trump as more compassionate to their needs (36 percent to 19 percent). Trump holds a marginal lead over DeSantis (34 percent to 29 percent) when it comes to which candidate has the best chance to defeat Joe Biden in the general election.
Full results found here

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Wisconsin GOP legislative leader dismiss the need for state support of child care

Headline:  Wisconsin Public Radio, 5/26/2023
At Thursday's hearing, Democrats on the committee argued that broader investments in the state, particularly in affordable child care, would attract more workers than any advertising campaign. 
"The reason young people are not moving to Wisconsin in the numbers that we want, and they're not staying here in the numbers that we need, has nothing to do with whether or not they're seeing billboards," said Sen. Kelda Roys, D-Madison. "It's because we're not investing in the things that make it a great place for them to live and work and learn and thrive and build families."

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GET ME REWRITE!! Wisconsin State Embarrassment Glenn Grothman stands up for white privilege (only men need apply)

HeadlineMilwaukee Journal Sentinel, 5/26/2023

Grothman's racism in full bloom.
Grothman in a 26-minute speech railed against President Joe Biden for recent remarks about racism in the United States and claimed affirmative action programs "are designed to be as divisive as possible." He eventually cited an unnamed study that reportedly detailed the administration's federal judicial nominees.

The list of inanities goes on and on and on
His brain as immovable as a boulder, Glenn Grothman confesses hes stuck in the past when it comes to same-sex marriage.  (12/22/2022)
After January 6, 2021, GOP shows off its 'soft on crime' side (Glenn Grothman of Wisconsin edition).  (10/12/2022)

Ripon newspapers calls out Wisconsin Embarrassment Glenn Grothman.  (8/24/2021)

Might hurt in the short term? Wisconsin has led the U.S. in farm bankruptcies three years running.  (9/3)
Ripon Commonwealth Press editorial writer tells us what we already know about Glenn Grothman.  (8/29)
Government welfare for me but not for thee (the updated edition).  (8/19)
"We're all minorities in America".  (7/22)
How hard up do you have to be to ask Glenn Grothman to be your commencement speaker? (5/22)
Glenn Grothman falls on his knees after Trump State of the Union bloviating.  (2/7)
Trump fanboy Glenn Grothman pimps for Mexico border wall.  (1/25)
Meet the 7 House critters who voted against back pay for federal workers.  (1/13)
Glenn Grothman starts the 116th Congress where he left off in the 115th: Enhancing his clown bona fides.  (1/5)
Back in the news with more inanities.  (1/4)

July-Dec 2018
Glenn Grothman, dedicated follower of political fashion, fills us in.  (11/10)
"Good guy' Greg Gianforte sends Glenn Grothman a check.  (11/2)
When you know you're at the bottom of the GOP food chain: Eric Trump headlines Glenn Grothman rally.  (10/31)
Stamp to a letter, birds of a feather clown show: Gushing over Greg Gianforte, both Donald Trump and Glenn Grothman say "that's my kind of guy".  (10/19)
As the election approaches, Glenn Grothman's babbling intensifies.  (10/6)
Dear voters of Wisconsin's 6th congressional district, this gibberish should convince you this clown should be kicked out of office.  (9/27)
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Like Vermin Supreme, Glenn Grothman believes that there should be free ponies for all Americans.  (12/15)
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To the tune of $692,000.   (8/14/2014)
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Michigan Upper Peninsula population crisis in Gogebic County

Gogebic County has lost 57% of its population since its 1920 peak of 33,225.  It has fewer residents now than it did in 1900.  And nearly 30% of them are 65 and older.

Copper mining was the reason for the county's booming growth in the early 20th century.

Population and map:  Wikipedia
Headline:  Detroit Free Press, 8/13/2021
Gogebic County, which lies in the Upper Peninsula very close to Wisconsin, has seen a population decline of more than 6 percent since 2010 — the most in the state, the study found.  
Michigan roads, destinations you're probably saying wrong The population in Gogebic County as of 2017 was around 15,300 people. 
More than 40 percent of the population decline was due to migration, according to the study. Additionally, the 2017 unemployment in Gogebic County was topped 6 percent, higher than the state average of 4.6 percent. 
And Gogebic County might see even more of a population decline, as it was one of the counties in the Upper Peninsula that was affected by the torrential rains and flooding in June.

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Michigan's Upper Peninsula population crisis in Luce County

Luce County has lost 35% of its population since its 1950 peak of 8,147.  It has fewer residents now than it did in 1920.

Population and map:  Wikipedia
HeadlineGreat Lakes Now, 8/13/2021
The U.P. for years has struggled through job losses tied to downturns in the manufacturing and mining industries. 
Luce County along Lake Superior in the eastern U.P. had a population loss of 19.5% from 2010 to 2020, while Ontonagon County along the lake in the northwest U.P. dropped 14.2% over that time, according to data released Thursday.

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Michigan's population crisis in Saginaw County

Saginaw County experienced a growth spurt during the 1950s, and its population peaked in 1980.  Since then, the number of residents living there has declined 17%, bringing it back to its level in the late 1950s.

Population and mapWikipedia
HeadlineBridge Michigan, 5/25/2023
In a new report released this month, the nonpartisan Citizens Research Council warned Michigan has “fallen behind other states in population growth, jobs, earnings, health, educational achievement, and the quality of public services at the state and local levels.” 
The outlook may not be much better for the aging state: Only 55 percent of voters between the age of 18 and 29 believe they will still be living in Michigan a decade from now, according to a new statewide public opinion survey by Glengariff, Inc.

The City of Saginaw, where more than 20% of its residents live in poverty, is fueling the county's population loss.  The city experienced its biggest period of growth during the 1880s, with its population peaking in 1960.   Since then it has seen its population drop 56%.

There is a stark difference between the demographics of the city and county.  It's called white flight.

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