Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Who's Running for State Office in Wisconsin 2010: 9th Assembly District

Public library in the 9th Assembly District
Milwaukee Public Library (no physical branches)

The Democratic Incumbent

Born 3/21/68; married.

M. A.  Public Administration U. of Minnesota 1998. Research associate with the Center for Democracy and Citizenship.  Helped staff the Governor’s transition when Jesse Ventura was elected.

Former congressional aide to Dave Obey; project consultant to the Milwaukee Jobs Initiative, the Milwaukee Community Service Corps, the Urban Economic Development Association of Wisconsin. Helped launch Public Allies, a Milwaukee organization for leadership and civic participation among young adults.

Elected to the Assembly in 2002.  Minority Caucus Sergeant at Arms.

Ran unopposed in the 2010 primary and general elections.

The Democratic Challenger:  Jose Guzman
Milwaukee candidate speaks up, hits law for defending rape victims.  (Uppity Wisconsin, 9/2/2008)

Excerpt:  The phantom southside Milwaukee candidate for state assembly, José Guzmán, is at last revealing himself contending with his recruitment by the political operative, Tom Reynolds, the notorious former state senator known for his anti-Catholic views and often bizarre political behavior.   [Emphasis added.  Apparently, Guzman hasn't changed his game plan.]

Pedro Colon wins in a rout.  (Uppity Wisconsin, 9/10/2008)

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