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You Be The Judge

Sez Istilistis's Channel.  My video I'm going to enter in the APL video contest (and hope to be 1st place winner or at least 2nd) so here you go and thank you for watching subscribe and comment.

Fred Risser's Potential 1992 Challengers: Where Are They Now?

Michael Christopher, Attorney.  Dewitt Ross & Stevens

Tim Kehl, National Storytelling Network.

Stuart Levitan, Staff Attorney, Wisconsin Employment Relations Commission.

Ann Neviaser, School of Human Ecology, University of Wisconsin-Madison

With your Wisconsin library card, you can read the entire article via BadgerLink at Access Newspaper Archive.

And what about Fred?

Well, he ran unopposed in the August 14, 2012, primary election and unopposed in the November 6, 2012, general election.

To update Ann Neviaser's quote in the 12/1/1991 State Journal article, "He's been there 34 54 years.  That's a very long time."

Yes.  Michael, Tim, Stu, and Ann -- they all chased their impossible dream.

Jessica MacPhail's Rolling Stones Archives -- 46 Boxes!

No moss - Library director donates extensive Rolling Stones collection to Hall of Fame. (Racine Journal-Times, 11/23/2012)

Jessica MacPhail donates 46 boxes of books, newspapers, magazines, clippings and photocopies -- materials about the Rolling Stones that she collected since 1963 -- to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame archives in Cleveland, Ohio.

Friday, November 23, 2012

The Shape of the 21st Century Library, by Howard Besser (1996): Notes, Quotes & What-Not, Part 2 (Technology Trends Changing Libraries)

Technology Trends Changing Libraries

Key Challenge Areas for Libraries in an Online Age.  A number of societal trends have the potential to severely affect libraries, particularly as these move into the online information delivery environment.
  • Access from multiple locations 
    • From card catalog (local holdings only, even at a branch library) 
    • to computer workstations (holdings of multiple locations) 
  • Making more resources available 
    • Bibliographic records + 
    • abstract and indexing services +
    • non-library information resources 

  • Making information available in rawer forms 
    • Indexing and abstract services 
      • Searchable index terms or descriptors......
      • .....searchable abstracts to ....
      • ......full text of articles and books 
      • More specifically.......(Oshkosh grocery store locations map based on Oshkosh City Directories research.)
    • Online library catalogs 
      • Bibliographic records and subject headings 
      • Tables of contents information 
      • Full-text and page images 

  • Diminishing roles for intermediaries 

  • Direct ILL requests 

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    John Adams Has a Whopper to Share With Us

    Letter: Congressional Budget Office gives glimpse of future. (Oshkosh Northwestern, 11/23/2012) stamp recipients will increase to 54 million, or 61 percent of households,

    As of June 2012, 46,370,000 Americans received benefits through the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program.   That translates into 22,400,000 households -- out of the 114,235,996 as determined by the 2010 U.S. Census.

    So, John, could you tell us what caused you to snooze through math class all those years?

    And this question might be a tough one for you, in more ways than one, but based on the above graph, during whose Presidential administration did the U.S. unemployment and food stamp participation rates begin their serious upticks

    Thursday, November 22, 2012

    Madison Public Library Presents The Bubbler: Learn. Share. Create.

    0:28.  Wider maker movement.
    0:49.  Maker faires, maker bots.
    0:57.  Hackerspace examples.
    1:15.  Art incubator spaces.
    1:32.  Tek Venture, Fort Wayne Indiana.
    1:42.  Idea Box, Oak Park, Illinois.
    1:55.  Studio i, Charlotte, North Carolina.
    2:22.  New Madison Central Library, 3rd level
    2:30.  New Madison Central Library, 1st level.
    2:36.  New Madison Central Library, ground level.
    2:47.  New Madison Central Library, lower level.
    3:11.  Branch programming
    3:42.  South Madison Branch.  Portable animation stations.
    3:59.  Bookless
    4:32.  The Bubbler
    4:44.  Hands-on, pop-up workshops.
    5:02.  Cyanotype printing workshop.
    5:22.  Maker community partners.
    5:41.  Calendar.
    6:16.  Makers unite.

    Your Scott Walker "Campaign Group" Missing Links

     Scott Walker (photo credit: Wikipedia)

    With the co-stars.....

    Keith Gilkes, campaign chief of staff (2010)

    Jill Bader, campaign spokeswoman

    R.J. Johnson, campaign adviser

    Cindy Archer, Milwaukee County administration director; county chief of staff

    Tom Nardelli, Milwaukee County chief of staff.

    Fran McLaughlin, Milwaukee County spokeswoman

    Timothy Russell, Milwaukee County housing director

    Kelly Rindfleisch, Deputy Chief of Staff

    A Steel Mill Town's Population Decline

    Football Team Keeps Mill Town's Heart Beating.  (The New York Times, 11/21/2012)

    Excerpt:   In its heyday, when the mill ran three shifts, 24/7, Clairton supported three movie theaters, four car dealerships, a full-time recreation director. There was no urgent reason to travel upriver to Pittsburgh. Almost anything a person needed was here. Now the coke plant employs 1,300 workers, compared with 5,000 at the height of the steel industry, according to the local union. Residents must drive five miles out of town simply to buy fresh produce.

    The library is open 46 hours per weeks.  No evening access, though.

    • Revenue:  $139,465
    • Materials expenditures:  $14,907
    • Collection size:  29,711 (670 items added in 2010)
    • Circulation:  22,639

    Wednesday, November 21, 2012

    Washington's Pierce County Library System Adjusts to $3,000,000 Budget Shortfall

    Shortfall means spending cuts, end of bookmobile for Pierce County Library System. (Tacoma News-Tribune, 11/18/2012)

    Offsets to deficit
    • $807,000 in reserves
    • $309,000 less in transfer from general fund to capital fund for building maintenance
    • $493,000 in reduced costs for health care and retirement and salaries from unfilled positions

    Say Goodbye to the Galleria and Lydia Malcolm Branches of Henderson Libraries (Nevada)

    Henderson closing book on two library branches.  (Las Vegas Review-Journal, 11/19/2012)

    A ballot measure to implement a tax-rate increase to supplement the budget was defeated 64,566 to 53,007 -- nearly 55% of the voters giving the proposal a thumbs-down.

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    Actually, Tom, it's the Journal Sentinel's opinion that it's "seamy"

    Behavior that goes "well beyond scheduling niceties".

    Opinion:  Emails reveal seamy campaign operation. (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 11/20/2012)

    But That Doesn't Stop Them From Having an Opinion About the Law

    Washington Post, 11/20/2012

    Surveys say.....

    78%.    Americans likely to qualify for Affordable Care Act subsidies who are unfamiliar with the new coverage options   (Pew Research)

    83%.   Americans likely to qualify for the expansion of Medicaid who are unaware of the option.   (Pew Research)

    41%.  Voters "confused" by health care law. (Kaiser Family Foundation)

    75%.  Americans who have a strong opinion, pro or con, about the U.S. Supreme Court health care ruling.  (Pew Research)

    55%,   Americans who understand what was decided.  (Pew Research)

    Tuesday, November 20, 2012

    "...opened at noon" -- That should tell you all you need to know

    FBI agents raided Detroit Public Library over allegations of contract fraud, (Detroit Free Press, 11/20/2012)

    Excerpt:   Kinloch also noted today’s raid, conducted before the library opened at noon, had nothing to do with the $1,000-a-piece trash cans that were purchased for a library wing renovation project in 2010.

    Rich Man, by $12,055 Per Year, 15 Years Running

    Rich and Poor Pulling Further Apart in Wisconsin.  (Wisconsin Budget Project, 11/20/2012)

    Power, you go to my head

    Vos hints at GOP education agenda. (WisPolitics, 11/20/2012)

    The Waterboy embraces Walker's #2 budget priority, "Transforming Education".

    With this guy, when it comes to public education, it appears to me that the name of the game is total destruction.

    Carol Stream Library Board Punts on Building Project

    Kicked so high it's not returning to Earth anytime soon.

    Carol Stream library board votes to sell land. (Daily Herald, 11/19/2012)

    Excerpt:   The library board voted 6-1 Monday to list the property with Wheaton-based Realty Executives, whose Realtors have previously estimated the land to be worth $1,897,000. 

    The land was purchased by the library in 2003 with intentions of building a new library facility there, but voters rejected those plans in three separate referendums.

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    Philosophical realignment of the Carol Stream Public Library Board of Trustees.  (7/19/2012)

    On the Cover of TIME, November 25, 1991: The More Things Change.....

    The cover story begins.   There are two kinds of prices in America today: regular prices and health- care prices. The first kind seems to follow some sensible laws of supply and demand. But America's medical bills are something else. They flow from a surreal world where science has lost connection with reality, where bureaucracy and paperwork have no limit, where a half-hour tonsillectomy costs what an average worker earns in three weeks. The prices, like the system that issues them, are out of control.

    And I suppose the world of pro sports hasn't changed all that much either.

    Close, but no Cigar, in this Republican Redistricting Effort to Steal an Assembly Seat

    The old 70th Assembly District, covering Wood and Portage counties, for the most part.

    The new 70th, expanding southwest into Monroe County.

    Vruwink claims victory in Assembly race.  (La Crosse Tribune, 11/20/2012)

    Excerpt:    Vruwink’s lead stayed above 0.5 percentage points, which denied VanderMeer a recount at taxpayer expense. VanderMeer’s campaign could have still moved forward with a recount by paying $5 per ward.

    And why was it so important to include Monroe County voters in this district?

    They tend to vote Republican.

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    Appleton Post-Crescent Editorial Board Thinks Scott Walker Should be Talkin' to Us, Right Here in Wisconsin

    Editorial: Gov. Scott Walker should have talked in own state, not California. (Appleton Post-Crescent, 11/18/2012)

    It's gotta piss him off, though, that he receives just 4th billing in the headline.

    Walker throw state under the (2016 campaign) bus.  (Capital Times, 11/19/2012)

    Excerpt:  Unfortunately, to make such a run, the governor has to do more than just neglect Wisconsin. He must harm the state by placing partisan politics ahead of public service. 

    Tea Party stocks up on Walker merchandise.

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    The Shape of the 21st Century Library, by Howard Besser (1996): Notes, Quotes & What-Not, Part 1 (Other Insitutions Are Changing: The Rise of Large Stores and Chains)

    LINK to 1996 article.

    Other Institutions Are Changing: the rise of large stores and chains

    Excerpt:  Social institutions look vastly different than they did 20 years ago.  A variety of forces, most specifically economic changes and technological developments, have reshaped and redefined our notions of what constitute a bank, a service station, or a bookstore.


    Excerpt:  The replacement of "mom-and-pop" grocery stores by chain supermarkets over the past several decades has been supplanted by a movement to even larger superstore markets and warehouses.

     Oshkosh Grocery Store Locations.  “Mom-and-pop” groceries.  As you see from this crudely illustrated map, "mom-and-pop" groceries were still the norm in 1950.  By the mid-1980s, there was just one survivors.  For this project, I compared the "grocery" listings in the business sections of the 1950 and 1984 Oshkosh city directories.

    Chain supermarkets • A&P

    Drug stores

    Local pharmacies.  Gaughn’s, in Warren, Pennsylvania, bills itself as "a real drug store".   Note the use of the present tense; it's still in business.  • Ad from Times-Mirror ↓

    Warren Times Mirror and Observer 
    January 11, 1967

    Chains • Rexall• Walgreen’s • Osco • CVS

    Where Walgreen's stores are located on the west side of Madison and environs.

    • Single-screen theaters in Springfield, Massachusetts in 1948 (downtown and neighborhood locations)

    • Independent, neighborhood video stores   (Bongo Video)
    • Redbox
    • RG's Neighborhood Kiosk

    • Local independent bookstore. . (Johnson's Bookstore, downtown Springifield, Mass.  Closed in 1998.  Spent many a lunch hour browsing here, particularly among the used books on the 2nd floor,  when working at Merriam-Webster in 1976-78.)
    • Chains, such as Waldenbooks
    • Superstores (Barnes & Noble and Borders) 
    • Still to come in 1996: online (book)sellers featuring the Amazon behemoth

    Our whole social landscape is changing.

    And so far, libraries are managing to adapt to these changes quite effectively.

    Libraries continually adapt to changing technology.  ("Finding the Future", a newsletter of the George F. Johnson Memorial Library, Endicott, NY, Spring/Summer 2012)
    Libraries adapt, change with advances in technology.  (Louisburg [KS] Herald, 5/11/2012)
    Libraries adapt to meet demands of Internet age.  (Reuters, 6/23/2011)

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