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Around Town Madison: Ashes to go


Didn't realize this was a thing.

Photo by Retiring Guy

But it's been happening for a while.

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Views of the State Capitol from Picnic Point.  (11/8/2021)

Lena Constable (1929-2022) Warren High School class of 1947


 1947 Dragon yearbook

1967 Warren City Directory

1983 Warren City Directory
  • Constable Eleanor retired h15 Glade Avenue

The popularity of Lena as a baby name is graphed here.  Let's take a look at classmate Delbert.

Delbert enjoyed a modest level of success during the 1st half of the 20th century, spending 31 years in the top 200 (1912-1942), peaking at #150 in 1920. 

Other Class of '47 graduates (38):
Audrey Myers Mader.  (12/14/)
Martin Sisk.  (6/2/2021)

Jeanne Anthony Soliday.  (4/13) 
Jacquelyn Smith Cunningham.  (3/10)
Martha Winans.  (1/12)

James Johnson.  (11/1)
Richard Morrison.  (8/6)
Richard Blair.  (6/25)
Mary Ann Gnagey Masterson.  (5/30)
Roscoe Knapp.  (5/18)
LeRoy Marti.  (3/7)

Bonnie Bauer Lucia.  (8/20)
David Lopez.  (6/20)
Alan Schuler.  (6/8)


Journalism malpractice as encapsulated in a Wisconsin State Journal headline

Wisconsin State Jounral headline, 3/5/2022

Here's how the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reported the same story.

Bingo!  Right there in the headline.

Here's the lede.  (With emphasis added.)
A day after losing before Wisconsin's high court, Republicans detailed plans Friday to take their redistricting fight to the U.S. Supreme Court. 
Republicans asked the Wisconsin Supreme Court on Friday to block the ruling it issued on Thursday so they could pursue their appeal before the nation's top court.

Right to the point.

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SCOWIS: GOP Legislators Can Hire Private Attorneys Ahead Of Redistricting.  (Wisconsin Public Radio, 7/15/2021)
The contracts under dispute in this case were signed by Republican leaders in late December and early January. One, which was signed with Consovoy McCarthy PLLC, called for paying the firm $30,000 per month for "pre-litigation counseling" starting in January and up to $965,000 in 2021. 
The other, which was signed with Bell Giftos St. John LLC, called for paying the firm an hourly rate of $375 per hour. The firm includes Kevin St. John, who was deputy attorney general under former Republican Attorney General J.B. Van Hollen.  [emphasis added]

Chalk up another loss for the Tighty Whiteys at WILL


The Wisconsin Institute for Law and Liberty, a conservative law firm, represented the taxpayers alliance. Anthony LoCoco, the firm’s deputy counsel, called the decision disappointing, but the firm remains “committed to ensuring that governments at all levels follow the law and respect the rights of taxpayers.”

Friday, March 4, 2022

William James Vullo (1950-2022) Warren Area High School class of 1969


1968 Dragon yearbook

1967 Warren City Directory

    1983 Warren City Directory  

    • Vullo Christina dishwasher Holiday Inn h706 Jackson Run Road
    • Vullo LeRoy r706 Jackson Run Road
    • Vullo Richard r706 Jackson Run Road
    • Vullo William J lab Valentine Disposal h15 Oak Street

      The popularity of William as a baby name is graphed here.   Let's take a look at Mae.

      Reed spent mosts of his time bouncing around the lower half of the baby names chart.   He finally gained some traction in the late 1980s and again in early years of this century, peaking at #317 in 2014.

      Other class of 1969 obituaries:
      Charles Moylan.  (1/15/)
      Perry Spencer.  (1/14)

      Antonio Scalise.  (11/17)

      Marya Yurick.  (12/3)

      Thursday, March 3, 2022

      Archipelago Village UPDATE: February construction site visit, Madison WI

      Featuring a tour of the parking structure and views from the its top level

      Photos and video by Retiring Guy


      1/2/2022 update starts here

      Photos by Retiring Guy

      10/19/2021 update starts here

      Photos by Retiring Guy

      9/7/2021 update starts here

      Photos and videos by Retiring Guy

      8/3/2021 update starts here

      Photos by Retiring Guy

      Capital Times, 8/1/2021
      Matt Brink, 39, is well-known in Madison's development field. His family, led by his father Curt Brink, has helped revitalize the downtown area with projects like Hotel Indigo, The Brink Lounge, and the under-construction Archipelago Village. 
      Brink also runs a consulting firm, Matt Brink Consulting, that helps developers navigate the landscape of development projects around Dane County.\ 
      He spoke with the Cap Times about being a second-generation developer, gentrification, and the changes in the Capitol East Corridor along East Washington Avenue.

      6/21/2021 update starts here

      Photos and video by Retiring Guy

      5/11/2021 update starts here

      Photos and video by Retiring Guy


      3/15/2021 update starts here

      Photos by Retiring Guy

      1/21/2021 update starts here

      5-story office tower takes shape at South Paterson and East Main.  (OK, the elevator towers.)

      Photo and video by Retiring Guy

      Last month, the city approved Brink’s proposed five-story, 92,000-square-foot office building to house the Wisconsin Housing and Economic Development Authority at 902-908 E. Main St., and a 680-space parking garage in the middle of the block to serve various elements of the overall development. That project is slated to begin in the fall, he said.

      The transformation of the 900 block of East Wash and East Main

      7/30/2020 update starts here

      Photos by Retiring Guy

      3/9/2020 update starts here

      Photo by Retiring Guy

      1/9/2020 update starts here. "Demolition completed for office tower on East Washington corridor in Madison WI", starts here.

      Photos by Retiring Guy

      11/27/2019 update, "Demolition underway for office tower on East Washington corridor in Madison WI", starts here.

      On East Wash, with Hotel Indigo at right

      Photos and video by Retiring Guy

      Looking toward East Main Street from Each Wash

       Looking east on East Wash

      East Main construction site entrance

      8/22/2019 update starts here

      13-story office tower proposed for 900 block of East Washington Avenue.  (Capital Times, 2/9/2018)
      Brink said a tower has been his plan “basically since we bought the property 16 years ago,” but he had to wait for zoning to line up with his vision. The permitted heights for Urban Design District #8, which includes the project site, are 12 stories, with a possibility of three “bonus” stories, and the Capitol Gateway Corridor Plan calls for employment on the 900 block. Who speaks for the birds? 
      Looks like Brink lost the bonus round.  (See below.)

      Photos by Retiring Guy

      East side neighbors to discuss 'Archipelago Village' at Tuesday meeting.  (Capital Times, 12/11/2018)
      In 2002, Curt Brink, along with investors Jim and Marlene Korb, bought a 4.3 acre site at 901 E. Washington Ave., the former home of the Mautz Paint factory. Last year, Brink received approval to turn the historic Kleuter building on the property into a 144-room hotel and restaurant known as Hotel Indigo.

      Perspective looking toward Capitol Square.

      Madisonians join movement to prevent bird collisions with buildings.  (Capital Times, 2/21/2019)
      When you look at a tall, glass-fronted building, what do you see?” the Madison Audubon Society website reads. “If you put on a ‘bird-lens’, you would quite likely see more open sky to fly through, more habitat to tuck into, or more moonlight to guide you on your journey. The result is thousands of birds crashing into windows.”

      Some demolition is underway.

      11-story East Washington office tower up for major approvals Monday.  (Capital Times, 3/25/2019)
      City staff has recommended approval of the project, as it creates long-recommended, high-density office space on the south side of East Washington Avenue. A letter from the Marquette Neighborhood Association “recognizes the value of this project” while also asking for “additional attention” to some areas of the project, like traffic, parking and stormwater management.

      High-rise glass office tower approved for Madison's Near East Side.  (Wisconsin State Journal, 5/7/2019)
      With plans to complete the project by late November or early December of 2020, the building will have office space, a green roof with trees and grass, a parking structure and commercial space on the first floor. Developer Curt Brink said the commercial space could become a restaurant or bank.

      This building on East Main Street looks like a candidate for removal.

      On the other hand, the Madison Credit Union, at the southwest corner of East Washington and South Brearly, does not.

      Other East Washington corridor posts:
      East Capital parking garage UPDATE. Late November construction progress report. (11/28/2018)
      Proposed hotel put on hold. (2/12/2018)
      StartingBlock construction as we approach the end of January. (1/30/2018)
      UPDATE. The Lyric Apartments are ready for occupancy.  (8/30/2017)
      This stretch of East Washington Avenue in Madison, Wisconsin, has undergone a major transformation during the past 5 years.  (5/13/2017)
      Madison East Washington Festival Foods is open for business.  (4/13/2016)
      The balconies of the Constellation.  (4/19/2015)
      The Constellation rises above the treetops.  (9/7/2014)