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Putt with the Prose @ the Bloomington (IL) Public Library

From the November 2012 issue of Foreward, a bi-monthly publication of the Bloomington Public Library.

Just 2 more sponsors needed!

A Look at Foundation Funds @ the Bloomington (IL) Public Library

Bloomington library foundation pays for building improvements, staff salary. (Pantagraph, 2/9/2013)

The article notes that the Bloomington Public Library foundation has about $1,800,000 according to the Comprehensive Annual Financial  Report (of the City of Bloomington, Illinois, for the Fiscal Year May 1, 2011, to April 30, 2012.)

$1,823,414 - Total foundation balance
$   873,510 - Cash and investments
$   929,904 - Elisabeth L. Stubblefield and Louise M. Stubblefield Trust

The Stubblefield Trust is a restricted fund, which may be used for the following:
  • Supplementing and increasing the salaries of library employees if possible. 
  • Hosting staff appreciation days and staff development days.

Agenda for January 28, 2013, meeting

Board mixer, huh?  Featuring the wine of the month?

From the Bloomington Public Library board minutes, September 18, 2012.

Friday, February 8, 2013

It's Always Been a Family Affair @ the Brooklyn Public Library

It's a family affair.

The Topeka and Shawnee County Public Library Asks: Is "The Great Gatsby" Your Cup of Tea?

All Booked Up: The Great Debate over The Great Gatsby

New York Times book review by Edwin Clark (April 19, 1925)

A collection of trailers.


23 years later.

25 years later.  Saw it at Dipson's Theater on 3rd Avenue in downtown Jamestown, New York.  Eyes glazed over well before the end of the movie's 144-minute running time.

38 39 years later.  Counting the days to its release is something of a Groundhog Day experience.   The trailer makes this version look oddly psychedelic.

And just in case you side with Kathy Jennings and need a refresher.

See What's Next for the Louisville Free Public Library's Southwest Regional Branch

"I think I'm OK."

Public Health  Agency of Canada.  If You Fall or Witness a Fall, Do You Know What To Do?

Or....once he gets up, just let him continue to negotiate those last 4 stairs and head for the exit.  Or the circulation desk.  Is that a unchecked-out library book he's holding?

[Yaaaaaaaaaawwwwwwwwwwwnnnnnnn] It's another long-overdue library book story

Currently owned by 5 college libraries and 1 public library in the New York City greater metropolitan area.

Anyone know/care to guess the combined circulation of these 6 copies since 1958?

Getting Religion @ the Newark Public Library

A special collection?

Atlas Shrugged, Goedde Smirks

Photo credit:  Idaho State Legislature

Bill requires all Idaho kids to read ‘Atlas Shrugged’.  (Spokane Spokesman-Review, 2/5/2013)

And not only read it.  Comprehend it.  Pass a test on it to graduate from high school.

Senate Bill No. 1054

IMLS Public Libraries in the United States Survey 2010 Column Graph: Per Capita Expenditures, FTE Total Staff and ALA-MLS (2001-2010)

Source:  Institute of Museum and Library Services Public Libraries in the United States Survey 2001-2010

A 3.3% drop in FTE total staff from 2009 to 2010.

FTE - full-time equivalent employees
ALA-MLS. A master's degree from a graduate library education program accredited by the American Library Association

Related post:
Average square footage, square footage per 1000 population.  (2/7/2013)
Per capita expenditures:  Top 10 and bottom 10.  (2/5/2013)
County/parish libraries.  (2/2/2013)
Percentage of libraries by type of legal basis.  (2/2/2013)
Number of public libraries by legal service area population.  (2/2/2013)

Once upon a time, people used to buy magazines to read celebrity news

OK, so maybe we're not quite ready for this story yet.  It's a decline in, not a vanishing of, newsstand sales.

Print headline:  Celebrity Magazines Record Big Drop in Newsstand Sales.  (The New York Times, 2/7/2013)

Lobbying for Another "WTF?!!" Moment at the 2013 Oscar Ceremony

Even for the Dead, There’s a Race to Make the A-List at Oscars. (The New York Times, 2/7/2013)

Excerpt:    Beloved figures all. But who fills the next 30 or so spots in the memorial for this year’s show, which takes place on Feb. 24 at the Dolby Theater, is open to debate. And that debate is under way at the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, where a committee of members whose names are discreetly concealed from other members and the public are measuring celebrity, weighing achievement and trying to ward off entreaties from those who believe a loved one, friend or former client should have a last moment in the limelight. 

“Unfortunately, my calls to the Academy were not returned,” Sheldon Roskin, a longtime publicist, said in an e-mail this week, of his efforts to lobby for the inclusion of Tommy Culla, a public relations colleague unknown to moviegoers.

What can we learn about Tommy Culla on the Internet?

1.  His obituary did not appear in the New York Times.  You can search for information "About This Person" on the newspaper's website, but when I click on "Biography" I find nada -- except "Gender:  Male".

2.  Brian Lowry, columnist and critic for Variety, called him "a blast from the past" in a 12/2/2012 blogpost. He confessed to have met Culla just once.

3.  His IMDB entry is very brief.  Apparently, Culla's major claim to fame is serving as Burt Reynolds' assistant on Sharkey's Machine.

Thursday, February 7, 2013

"Slight Deshabille" Against the Rules @ the Mt. Lebanon Public Library

Today's formula:
"Innocence" exposed breast

Mt. Lebanon library says partially nude woman in photo exhibit breaks rules  (Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 2/7/2013)

Excerpt:   Since 1911, the original "Innocence" mural has occupied one of four corners framing the dome of the Mercer County Courthouse. Mr. Flatz photographed it, along with other architectural details of the courthouse, last winter. It was painted, along with three other allegorical murals ("Guilt" "Justice" and "Power of the Law") by Edward Simmons, an internationally known muralist who also painted nine panels that hang in the Library of Congress. 

Tim Hofius, clerk for the Mercer County Courthouse, said the "Innocence" mural is visible in the building's rotunda, but it's so high up it's hard to get a close look. "We've never gotten a complaint about it."

Three days after Flatz installed his exhibit of 30 photographs, he received a phone call from a library staff member who told him that "Innocence" needed to be removed.  He refused to honor this request.  Instead he covered the offending breast with a picture of a bra and added an arrow connecting it and the terse statement, "Censored by the Mt. Lebanon Public Library."

The library has a policy for everything else, it seems, so why not an Exhibit Policy.....

...instead of leaving folks to hunt for the....

First of all, the woman pictured in "Innocence" is not nude; she is wearing flowing robes.  OK, so there'a little   exposure, but maybe it was a hot day.

And as for Pennsylvania state law, Section 5903 is all about obscene and sexually explicit materials, which is not the company "Innocence" keeps.

Maybe it's this definition of "nudity" that has people's undies in a bundle.


If nothing else, we got us the start of a vocabulary lesson here:  opaque (this might be confusing), turgid.  

Oh, and don't forget deshabille, although according to Merriam Webster dishabille is the preferred spelling.

IMLS Public Libraries in the United States Survey 2010 Bar Graphs: Average Square Footage, Square Footage per 1000 Population

Source:  IMLS Public Libraries in the United States Survey: Fiscal Year 2010 (Table 30A)

In the News: Echo Lake Foods

Hundreds of workers who lost jobs in Burlington fire seek help.  (Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel, 2/6/2013)

Excerpt:    Echo Lake has a high percentage of Hispanic employees, and Warntjes estimated that 40% to 50% don't speak English well. Re-employing these workers poses special problems. 

Nelida Barajas, 27, of Burlington came to the meetings with her family and said whole families now need new jobs. Her cousin, Omar Monroy, 23; his wife, Lizbet Cante, 30; and his mother, Juana Carbajal, 54, all of Burlington, worked at Echo Lake and are now unemployed. 

"Husbands and wives were working there, even some had their kids working there," Barajas said. "So now, it's hard." 

Barajas also said a lot of workers don't know how to drive or don't have a car, so finding new jobs in other cities means finding rides to work.

In the News: Rep. John Nygren (R-Marinette) Provides a Glimpse into Governor's Walker's 2013-15 Budget

Wisconsin Department of Health Services.  
Consolidated Service Team Initiatives.

Wisconsin's Collaborative Systems of Care go by different names: Coordinated Services Teams (CST), Integrated Services Projects (ISP), and "Children Come First" (CCF). All are names of initiatives which use the wraparound process to respond to individuals and families with multiple and often serious needs in the least restrictive setting possible. This wraparound process is based on family and community values, is unconditional in its commitment to creatively address needs, and supports community-based options. Each child and family-centered team develops an individualized plan, incorporating the strengths of the child, family, and team members to work toward identified goals. Parents / care givers are equal partners and have ultimate ownership of their Plan of Care.

Annual reports 2000--2008.

Wisconsin Department of Health Services.  
Comprehensive Community Services.

Under Chapter DHS 36 (Exit DHS) WI Administrative Code, Comprehensive Community Services (CCS) for Persons with Mental Disorders and Substance-Use Disorders provide a flexible array of individualized community based psycho-social rehabilitation services authorized by a mental health professional to consumers with mental health or substance use issues across their lifespan.

The intent of the services and supports is to:
  • Provide for a maximum reduction of the effects of the individual’s mental and substance abuse disorders 
  • Restore consumers to the best possible level of functioning 
  • Facilitate their recovery 

The services to be provided are individualized to each person’s need for rehabilitation as identified through a comprehensive assessment.


Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Justin Bieber Fan Club Alert

(Includes contact info)

Lost Votes, Problem Ballots, Long Waits? Flaws Are Widespread, Study Finds. (The New York Times, 2/5/2013)

Who's Britney Spears?  Big surprise to me!  (And here I thought she was yesterday's news.  Guess I'm seriously out of the popular culture loop.)

Who's Christian Slater?  Definitely yesterday's news, despite his latest work being in post-production, currently being filming, or just announced.

And come to think of it, where's Winona?

Naturita Community Library: A 2012 National Medal for Museum and Library Service Winner

From a Institute of Museum and Library Services news release: 
Naturita Community Library serves the 546 citizens of Naturita, Colorado, an isolated uranium mining community which has experienced significant economic booms and busts. The library—a hub for the town—offers programs that focus on early literacy and parenting; continuing education; computer skills; and workforce development. It is the nation’s largest strawbale library, and utility savings from the eco-friendly construction are used to promote lifelong learning and access to the world beyond.

Green and Blue @ the Greenburgh Public Library

Greenburgh considers legal action over library heating woes.  (, 2/6/2013)
A series of mechanical problems is making life tough at the newly remodeled and expanded Greenburgh Public Library   The $20,000,000 project.was completed four years ago.

Among the issues:
  • Heating system caused sprinklers to malfunction on the 2nd floor.  (This area of the library was closed during more than a week of repairs.
  • Inadequate heating and water leaks occurred in 2011.  (Litigation was considered at teh time.

Uh-oh.  Beatty, Harvey, Coco Architects, the firm that designed the Greenburgh Public Library also used the same green technology in its design of the Ossining Public Library, a 44,000-square-foot facility that opened in 2007.

And guess what?

Ossining has also experienced problems with during its settling-in period, though from my reading of the library board minutes, particularly the Building and Grounds Committee Report, not all of it can be blamed on the architects.

October 15, 2002

September 20, 2010
Jim Farrell reported that he is planning to engage an architect to assist with improvements to the bathrooms: soundproofing, tiling and painting; electric hand dryers are being considered. The bathrooms are now being checked every hour for cleanliness and hygiene.

September 22, 2008
The resolution of the projector system problem is still in limbo. The drainage of the parking lot issue with Malcolm Patrick is still not resolved. 
June 17, 2008
Building Project—Lannert said changes regarding the stage lighting still needed going over. If new control panel for lighting is necessary, the question is why was inadequate to begin with. Bob Furneis said it was because the space was not planned as a “production stage”—not a convincing answer. Hand rails in the theater will need light strips. Geothermal working fine. Corrosion of pipes in the geothermal system may have been caused by minerals in the water. A proposal from Savin Engineers to fix the stage lighting stands at approximately 20 hours of work at $150 an hour to meet with electrical contractor, coordinate lighting installation and help with training of dimming controls. A motion was made (Lannert, Capek) to approve of the proposal. Unanimous. Minzesheimer will be joining Capek and Bush on the Building Committee.

Pew Research Election Performance Index

Wisconsin ranks #1 in the 2008 index.  (#8 in 2010)

I look forward to the results of the 2012 index but not to subsequent ones if the voter ID mania continues to hold sway in the Governor's office and the Wisconsin state legislature.  (Fortunately, we have safeguards.)

Pew calls it "The First Comprehensive Assessment of Election Administration Across the Nation"

The Criteria
  1. Absentee ballots rejected
  2. Absentee ballots unreturned
  3. Data completeness
  4. Disability- or illness-related problems
  5. Military and overseas ballots rejected
  6. Military and overseas ballots unreturned
  7. Online registration available
  8. Post-election audit required
  9. Provisional ballots cast
  10. Provisional ballots rejected
  11. Registration or absentee ballot problems
  12. Registrations rejected
  13. Turnout
  14. Voter registration rate
  15. Voting information look-up tools
  16. Voting technology accuracy
  17. Voting wait time

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Use is Up @ the New York Public Library

Percentage change in 3 categories during past 10 years.

New York Public Library use spikes.  (Newsday, 2/3/2013)

Need a Laptop? There's a Vending Machine for That

S.F. library eyes laptop-lending kiosks. (San Francisco Chronicle, 2/3/2013)

What's the cost?
The San Francisco Public Library has budgeted $99,500 to purchase 3 laptop lending kiosks.

Top complaint at SFPL.
Limited availability of desktop computers and laptops.

Theft problems?
Laptops don't work outside the library.

Arguing, Fighting, Rioting Over Oreos @ the Library

Have you been keeping up with Oreos?

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Wisconsin Public Library Data Mapped by IMLS

Wisconsin public library database.  (Capital Times, 1/30/2013)

Data from the Institute of Museum and Library Services

Limited information provided:
  • County
  • Phone number
  • (Service) area population
  • Total staff (full-time equivalent)
  • Operating revenue (not differentiated among sources)
  • Visits
  • Circulation

Hat tip to Kris Adams Wendt