Tuesday, December 12, 2023

CES 2024: APR 'medicube AGE-R' beauty devices

Screenshot from video below

Headline:  Streetsider 12/11/2023  
This year's CES marks APR's first participation and the company will introduce its 'medicube AGE-R' beauty devices that create a new skincare lifestyle, under the Show's Lifestyle category. To this end, six products that have already been successful in the U.S. market, Derm EMS, Ussera Deep Shot, ATS Air Shot, Booster-H, i-Shot, and Contour Body Shot, are set to be showcased initially. Visitors to the APR booth would experience 'how to care' with these beauty devices through visual materials.

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From the past:

Hothead Chip Roy fiddles while Texas burns

Top headlineChip Roy
Bottom headline:  Dallas Morning News "Morning Roundup" email
The severe heat and drought of the past two years were not anomalies, but rather part of a trend toward hotter summers and milder winters, the report says. Notably, the number of 100-degree days in Texas has tripled over the past 40 years. This year, Dallas-Fort Worth recorded 55 days of at least 100 degrees.

Robin Vos continues his fight against Diversity Equity and Inclusion

HeadlineWMTV, 12/11/12023
The UW Board of Regents rejected the deal in a hastily called special meeting on Saturday after regents voiced concerns about its targeting of DEI efforts. The fight in Wisconsin comes amid a broader cultural battle playing out across the nation over college diversity initiatives. 
Assembly Speaker Robin Vos, who reached the deal with UW President Jay Rothman, said Monday on WISN-AM that he hopes the regents will reconsider, but that he's not open to making any changes. 
This deal was negotiated in good faith,” Vos said. "We’re not changing one thing in this deal. We are not going backwards. If anything, I’d prefer to go forward. But a deal is a deal, you’ve got to keep your word. This is not forever. If they want to walk away, they can walk away.”

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Monday, December 11, 2023

GET ME REWRITE: Complete fraud and serial liar Donald Trump continues to kick butt in Iowa Caucus polls


Haley had seen a burst of momentum in Iowa between August and October, growing her share of support from 6% to 16% following well-received debate performances. In recent weeks, she has snagged a major endorsement from Americans For Prosperity Action, part of the Koch political network, and has amassed support from major donors looking for an alternative to Trump. 
But those efforts have not resulted in a bump in the latest Iowa Poll, and she remains flat at 16% — even as other candidates have dropped out.

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Towering Isthmus: Say goodbye to Vintage Spirits and Grill at 529 University Avenue in Madison WI


The Badger Herald, 12/10/2023
Vintage will remain open until May 2025, when construction is due to begin. Owner and founder of The Carey Group, Kevin Carey, anticipates construction taking 12-14 months, with the apartments ready for move in August 2026.\ 
The property is one of the few lots left in the downtown area that is zoned for high-density mixed-use buildings, driving up the price of the land, professor of urban planning Kurt Paulsen said.\ 
“[Madison has] two competing pressures moving in opposite directions,” Paulsen said. “There’s a huge demand for housing downtown. And it’s not just students — it’s retirees who want to be downtown for theater and restaurants. It’s young tech workers. Everyone wants to live in this narrow geographical campus near State Street. That makes land very expensive, and that makes it hard for small businesses to compete for the land.”

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UW System President Jay Rothman and his GOP baggage

Campaign donationsWisconsin Democracy Campaign
Headline:  Wisconsin Examiner, 12/8/2023
UW System President Jay Rothman, who said Friday he was recommending the board approve the deal, said he was disappointed but respects the decision. 
As a part of a deal made with Republican lawmakers, the University of Wisconsin System has agreed to “reimagine” diversity, equity and inclusion programs and freeze staffing at the school. Republican legislators have agreed, in exchange, to release UW staff raises they had previously blocked and to fund several infrastructure projects, including a long sought new engineering building.

CES 2024: InfiRay Car Night Vision System

Screenshot from video below

Headline Cision PR Newswire, 12/10/2023  
Driving safety at night has always been a hot topic. InfiRay's innovations in the nighttime driving field have attracted a lot of attention. Its impressive Car Night Vision System InfiRay NV2 can offer a safer and more reliable driving experience for ordinary drivers. This product is equipped with an infrared thermal image sensing unit, which can capture clear images in total darkness and recognize glare, reflections, and hazes under harsh conditions such as rainstorms and dust.

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From the past:

Sunday, December 10, 2023

Meet the Bamboozler, Donald Trump


The quote is from a book published in 1996.

According to Merriam-Webster, the first known use of 'bamboozle', as in  to deceive by underhanded methods : DUPE, HOODWINK, occurred in 1703.

  1. bigwig
  2. disremember
  3. dogcatcher
  4. eyewash
  5. shaky
  6. unmedicated

Racine Journal Times editorial shames the Wisconsin library antagonists

HeadlineRacine Journal Times, 12/10/2023
The problem is that the GOP proposals are not only redundant, since parents already have the ability to monitor their child's activity, but having librarians in both schools and municipalities have to take time from other duties to notify children of their check-out status --within 24 hours -- would likely be massively expensive.

USA box office on 2nd weekend of December (2017-2023)

USA box office on the second weekend of December 2023 is up 74% compared to last year when "Black Panther:  Wakanda
Forever" was the top-grossing movie.  

But it's down 47% compared to the 2018 peak when "Spiderman: Into the Spiderverse" was the top draw.

Source:  Box Office Mojo

Headline:  Variety,12.10/2023
“The Boy and the Heron,” a fantastical coming-of-age story from animation maestro Hayao Miyazaki, earned $12.8 million in its opening weekend, becoming the first original anime production to top the domestic box office. The GKids release is showing in Imax and other premium large format auditoriums, which bolstered its record-breaking revenues and helped secure its first place finish. It also benefitted from a lack of big-screen offerings, with holiday blockbusters such as “Wonka” and “Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom” still waiting to make their debuts in the coming weeks.  
Last weekend’s champ, “Renaissance: A Film by BeyoncĂ©,” tumbled in its second weekend, earning $5 million for a fifth place finish. That’s a precipitous 77% drop, signaling that the music icon’s concert film may not have the staying power of “Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour,” which has grossed nearly $180 million. “Renaissance” has earned roughly $28 million domestically.

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Middleton Public Library at night

Photos by Retiring Guy (2023)

Photo by Retiring Guy (1989)

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Cruising Pleasant View Road construction, Madison/Middleton, Wisconsin (December 2023 site visit)

Screenshots and video by Retiring Guy


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Tongue-in-cheek bathroom art

Photo by Retiring Guy

CES 2024: Pebble Flow electric semi-autonomous travel trailer

Screenshot from video below

HeadlineCollision Repair, 12/8/2023  
The Pebble Flow, equipped with advanced robotics and EV technology, sets a new standard as the world’s first self-propelled travel trailer featuring automated hitching and remote maneuvering capabilities. 
The travel trailer includes the world’s first dual-motor active propulsion assist system that enables easier, safer towing and achieves better mileage and longer range. 
The Pebble Flow operates on 100% electric power with integrated solar and a massive EV battery, ensuring off-grid capabilities for up to 7 days and serving as a reliable energy backup to power the entire house for extended periods.

Price:  Starting at $109,000

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From the past:

Keeping tabs on authors in LINKcat: Tim Dorsey


New York Times, 12/2/2023
Mr. Dorsey did not develop as much national name recognition as Mr. Hiaasen or Dave Barry, both of them also journalists turned Florida novelists, but his fans were legion and avid. They came to his readings with Serge-themed T-shirts and tattoos, and over the years organized Serge-themed festivals around the state, often in the sort of rural, swampy settings that filled Mr. Dorsey’s books. 
When asked in the Powell’s interview for his idea of the good life, Mr. Dorsey said he was living it. 
“I couldn’t write a better job description: Travel Florida wherever my curiosity leads me, talk to locals, venture down the most remote back roads,” he said. “Then come home and weave all the cool things I found — historic, obscure, funky — into seemingly outrageous crime plots that are but thinly veiled reflections of what fills our newspapers down here every day.”

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