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Betty Smith Berry (1026-2017) Warren High School class of 1946

1948 Dragon yearbook

Betty's high-school activities:
Dramatic Club (4); Stenographers' Club (4).

1967 Warren City Directory
  • Smith James (Margt M) retd h417 Chestnut
1983 Warren City Directory
  • Berry Fredk A & Betty E; retd h229 River Road Starbrick
  • Pearson Terry & Betty J; customer serv Superior Tire & Rubber h1501 Conewango Av Extn
  • Smith James & Margt M; retd h417 Chestnut

The popularity of Betty is graphed here.  Let's take a look at son Terry.

Terry hit his stride during the mid-20th century, spending 42 years (1938-1979) in the top 100, peaking at #26 for a 3-year stretch (1946-48).

Other class of '46 graduates:
Robert Gerardi.  (10/15/2017)
Edwin Streich.  (9/3/2017)
Mary Larsen Pierce Foley.  (4/24/2017)
Ruth Figliuzzi.  (11/5/2016)
Donna Mack Schuler.  (3/19/2016)
Carol Jean Niver Hampson.  (10/22/2015)
Frank Marlett.  (9/13/2015)
John Giltinan.  (7/76/2015)
Lela Nichols Akeley.  (6/24/2015)
Ella Atwell Blum.  (12/24/2014)
Betty Carlson Johnson.  (10/26/2014)
H. Kent Peterson.  (10/1/2014)
Kenneth Lundahl.  (9/21/2014)
Carl Leave.  (12/26/2013)

Meet Tom "terrific for the mining industry" Tiffany

Yes, he's a shill.

Source:  The Wheeler Report (highlight added)

Do you think Tom Terrific knows that mining employment has decreased 18% in the past five years?  (Hint:  He's not paid to know this.)

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And this future includes driverless vehicles, sensor-based sorting, data analysis.  It's no longer about wearing a helmet and wielding a pickax.

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Tom "Terrific-for-the-Frac-Sand-Mining-Industry" Tiffany.  (12/19/2014)
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Wyoming's Republican Governor has a message for Wisconsin mining industry's "Tom Terrific".  (11/24/2013)
The mining industry's "Tom Terrific" gets pushback from his Republican colleagues.  (11/18/2013)
In so many words: Dear Sen. TiffanyYour bill sucks, Sincerely, Pepin County Board.  (11/13/2013)
Follow the Gogebic money.  (11/7/2013)
Sen. Tom Tiffany's sand mine bill a hot potato.  (10/28/2013) 

The Nipper Chronicles: The frac sand mining masters speak.  (10/18/2013)

Steve Bannon meddles in Wisconsin U.S. Senate GOP primary

Wisconsin GOP Senate candidate Kevin Nicholson tangles with Ryan, Sensenbrenner, Farrow.  (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 11/4/2017)

Unclear?  Let's take a closer look.

Source:  CNN (2012, 2016)

The collar counties are solidly and reliably red, but they are not Trump country.  It's where the establishment Republicans live.

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DUI variations on a theme

RUI.  Riding under the influence.

TUI.  Trotting under the influence.

CUI.  Cantoring under the influence.

GUI.  Galloping under the influence.

Gaits of a horse.

Drunk Florida woman riding a horse charged with a DUI.  (boingboing, 11/3/2017)

Letter to the editor: Karen Link is unhappy with her local public library

Letter: Rest in Peace, Public Libraries.  (The Chronicle, 11/2/2017)

From the library's policies webpage:

Friday, November 3, 2017

Third observation: No state symbol illustrations on endpapers of latest edition of Wisconsin Blue Book

Descriptions of state symbols on pages 950-954 of the 2015-16 edition have been reduced by 1 page in the newest edition.  However, a larger font size (not a bad thing) and additional illustrations have reduced the word count  by 75%, I'd guess.  (Based on a visual inspection rather than an actual count.  You can click on the links and see for yourself.)

"It's a Plain Shame" appears on Peter Frampton's debut album, "Wind of Change", which debuted on the Billboard Top 200 Albums chart for the week ending October 7, 1972.  It spent 6 weeks on the chart and peaked at #177.  Didn't come alive, in other words.  It remains one of my favorite 70s albums.

Here's a reason not to use the public library

Reported in Wanted man found in library reading story about himself.  (Rochester MN Post Bulletin, 10/27/2017)

Spring Valley Public Library

Second observation: The latest edition of the Wisconsin blue book has significantly fewer pages

The numbers in the change column are approximate.  But at least I'm closer than I was last night.  Stay tuned for a deeper dive.

And there's a reason for this, as explained in the introduction of the 2017-18 edition by Richard A. Champagne, Chief, Wisconsin Legislative Reference Bureau.

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Actually, I wouldn't put too much stock in Lamar Smith's retirement announcement

Lamar Smith, who turns 70 on November 19th, was first elected to Congress on November 4, 1986,  Although last year the Democrats made their best effort against him since 1986, this district is unlikely to flip.

Source:  Ballotpedia

Scared and Dropping Like Flies: GOP Rep. Lamar Smith of Texas Latest Republican to 'Retire'. (The New Civil Rights Movement, 11/2/2017)
Lamar has a "cash on hand" total of $936,958.  That "good time to pass on the privilege" includes the fact that Donald Trump is president. Even though Trump beat Clinton in Smith's solidly Republican district by 10 points, "several Democrats saw an opportunity to challenge Smith before he announced his retirement," Politico reports. One Democrat has already out-raised Smith.

The art of the Texas gerrymander

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Michigan Republican Dave Trott is retiring from Congress but don't expect Democrats to flip this seat.  (10/23/2017)
Ohio Republican Patrick Tiberi is retiring from Congress but don't expect Democrats to flip this seat.  (10/22/2017)

According to 24/7 Wall Street, the top middle school is Wisconsin in located in the Brookfield/Elm Grove district

Top Public Middle School in Every State.  (24/7 Wall St., 11/2/2017)

Waukesha County.  Where, in 2016, voters liked Trump less than Romney and Clinton more than Obama.

Is a World Series title just around the corner for the Milwaukee Brewers?

(highlights added)

Bottoms up: Astros and MVP George Springer complete stunning rise, win World Series.  (USA Today, 11/2/2017)
Quite the turnaround.  Four years ago, they were laughingstocks, losing at least 106 games three years in a row, including 111 in 2013, prompting Luhnow to even change his licences plate to GM111.

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Brewers introduce Stearns as new GM 30-year-old was assistant general manager for Houston for three years. (MLB News, 9/21/2015)
As he pushed deeper into the process of choosing the Brewers' next general manager and found more and more to like about the 30-year-old assistant GM of the Houston Astros, principal owner Mark Attanasio focused not on David Stearns' age, but on other attributes. 
"In our interview process, we focused on his experience," Attanasio said. "He's got quite an impressive resume."

Meet that gasket-blowin', governor wannabee Assembly Speaker Robin Vos

We have a successor to Bob Gannon!

Reported in Robin Vos confronted John Kasich over Wisconsin redistricting position.  (, 11/3/2017)

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Thursday, November 2, 2017

First observation: The Wisconsin Blue Book is not as blue as it used to be

Photo by Retiring Guy

Want your own copy?  Contact one of your state legislators.  

The first "Blue Book' was published in 1853.  Thanks to a UW-Madison Libraries digitization project, all volumes are available online.

It has been published under a variety of titles:
  • Manual for the use of the assembly, of the state of Wisconsin, for the year 1853
  • A manual of customs, precedents, and forms, in use in the Assembly of the state of Wisconsin: together with the rules, the apportionment, and other lists and tables for reference, with indices.  (annual, 1859-1872)
  • The legislative manual of the state of Wisconsin: comprising the constitution of the United States and of the state of Wisconsin, Jefferson's manual, forms and laws for the regulation of business; also, lists and tables for reference, etc.  (annual, 1883-1878)
  • The blue book of the state of Wisconsin, for 1879. Containing the constitutions of the United States and of the state; Jefferson's manual; rules and orders of the senate and assembly, and annals of the legislature; also, statistical tables and history of state institutions.  (1879)
  • The blue book of the state of Wisconsin.  (1880-1884)
  • The blue book of the state of Wisconsin. Comprising the constitutions of the United States and of the state of Wisconsin, Jefferson's manual, forms and laws for the regulation of business; also lists and tables for reference, etc. (1885)
  • The blue book of the state of Wisconsin (biennial, 1887-1913)
  • The Wisconsin blue book  (biennial:  1913-1937, 1940-1966)
  • The Wisconsin book (1967)
  • The Wisconsin blue book (1968)
  • The Wisconsin book (1969)
  • The state of Wisconsin blue book (annual, 1970, 1971)
  • The state of Wisconsin blue book (biennial, 1973-to date)

Rose Armogast Filiatrault (1950-2017) Warren Area High School class of 1968

1968 Dragon yearbook

1967 Warren City Directory
1983 Warren City Directory  (Rose and her family lived off the grid, apparently.)
  • Filiatrault John M Box 371 Russelll

The popularity of Rose as a baby name is graphed here. Let's take a look at Alicia.

It took her quite awhile to get there, but Alicie eventually worked her way into the top 100 in 1972.   She stayed in this range until 1998, peaking at #40 in 1984.   Her popularity is clearly waning now.

Other class of '68 members:
Cathryne Stewart Solock.  (5/11/2017)
Douglas Peterson.  (3/7/2017)
Mary Lou Slack Schumann Hotaling.  (9/17/2015)
William Leonard.  (2/7/2015)
Douglas Coates.  (12/29/2014)
Jennifer Robinault Morell.  (9/6/2014)
Jacquelyn Johnston Malone.  (7/31/2014)
Janet Vavala Smith.  (3/25/2014)

On Walker's original to-do list: Have WEDC approve Foxconn contract sight unseen

Of course, the guy's never been known for his transparency.

Source of Vos and Fitzgerald quotes.   Republican leaders say WEDC board should review Foxconn contract.  (Wisconsin State Journal, 11/1/2017)

Source of Walker quoteWalker Delays Commenting On Possible Change To Foxconn Contract Approval.  (Wisconsin Public Radio, 11/1/2017)

When Foxconn meets WEDC.
The flashing brilliance of big-money Walker donor and WEDC CEO Mark Hogan.  (10/27/2017)
From the start, WEDC was never about regulation and record-keeping, according to Scott Walker himself.  (10/25/2017)
UPDATE. Kestrel Aircraft: Is this a variation of Scott Walker's Foxconn strategy? (10/22/2017)
UPDATE. In light of WEDC's abysmal track record in getting it right, it's best they take no action.  (9/29/2017)
 All told, the Kerns have donated nearly $400,000 to Republican and conservative candidates.  (8/14/2017)
WEDC at the ready to verify Foxconn job numbers.  (8/12/2017)

Deep in the heart of red Wisconsin: 58th Assembly District special election

That would be in Washington County.

Map source:  Ballotpedia

Where not even third-party candidates are willing to give it a go here.

Source:  Ballotpedia (and here)

Gov. Scott Walker Calls Special Election To Replace State Rep. Bob Gannon.  (Wisconsin Public Radio, 11/1/2017)
At age 58.  Gannon died of natural causes. He was in his second term having first been elected in 2014.
Pat Strachota was first elected to the WI Assembly in 2004.

Wednesday, November 1.   Candidates may begin circulating nomination papers.
Tuesday, November 21.  Deadline to file.
Tuesday, November 19.  Primary election.  (A distinct possibility)
Tuesday, January 9.  Special election.  (Winner of primary is likely to run unopposed.)

I have to admit that I'll miss all of Bob's gasket-blowin' episodes.

Thank you, Bob, for keeping me engaged.
Bob Gannon blows his final gasket.  (10/8/2017)
The Cadillac welfare mindset of that exurban, gasket-blowin' Bob Gannon.  (9/19/2017)
That gasket-blowin' Clusterfuck Caucus member Bob Gannon flips off Wisconsin's dairy farmers.  (8/10/2017)
Apparently, that gasket-blowin' Bob Gannon approves this bar graph.  (7/12/2017)
No empathy here: That gasket-blowin' Bob Gannon offers no time to heal.  (6/1/2017)
Point/counterpoint: That gasket-blowin' Bob Gannon wants to lock them up.  (5/20/2017)
That gasket-blowin' (and precious snowflake) Bob Gannon threatens to quit Rotary Club.  (3/1/2017)
That gasket-blowin' Bob Gannon wants to lock her up.  (11/9/2016)
That gasket-blowin' Bob Gannon urges GOP to unite behind 'Sassy Trump'.  (8/19/2016)
3 GOP Wisconsin State Assembly frosh running unopposed for re-election.  (7/27/2016)
For gasket-blowin' Bob Gannon, more guns = greater safety.  (6/23/2016)
UPDATE: Gasket-blowin' Bob Gannon brings his own stir stick to cauldron of fear.  (6/9/2016)
Al Ott retires after serving 30 years in Wisconsin Assembly; No word yet from that gasket-blowin' Bob Gannon.  (4/1/2016)
Dear gasket-blowin' Bob Gannon, You know this constitutional amendment means the end of Fearless Leader Vos.  (2/25/2016)
Turning the gasket-blowin' Bob Gannon's sneering, small-d democrat slur on its head.  (1/17/2016)
Dear Alan, the gasket-blowin' Bob Gannon lives in Washington County.  (1/13/2016)
When it comes to that gasket-blowin' Bob Gannon, the bird is the word.  (1/12/2016)
That gasket-blowin' Bob Gannon is back on the scene with more words of wisdom.  (12/21/2015)
The way I see it, Bob Gannon's bill doesn't have a snowball's chance in hell in the Wisconsin State Senate.  (11/24/2015)
'Real gun control' as described by the volatile, gasket-blowing Bob Gannon.  (10/3/2015)
Bob Gannon boldly blows another gasket.  (9/15/2015)

This week in the cereal aisle: Danger lurks

Photo by Retiring Guy

Text:  What’s New in the Supermarket? A Lot, and Not All of It Good.  (The New York Times, 5/16/2017)

The book referenced in the article.

The number of Amazon reviews indicates it's not been a best seller.

But there's definitely been some interest in the book, at least in the South Central Library System.  (21 copies with 11 holds in LINKcat.)

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Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Travel authority or hotel shill? You make the call.

Photo creditWikipedia

Reported in TripAdvisor removed warnings about rapes and injuries at Mexico resorts, tourists say. (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 11/1/2017)

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The Impact of Social Media on Lodging Performance.  (Cornell University School of Hotel Administration, 11/1/2012)
U.S. State Department warns tourists about tainted alcohol at Mexico resorts after blackouts reported.  (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 8/18/2017)
A Mexican vacation, a mysterious death, and now endless questions for Wisconsin family.  (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 8/24/2017)

Carl Russo (1925-2017) Warren High School class of 1942

1942 Dragon yearbook

Carl's high school activities:
Science Club(4); Dragon (3, 4); Hi-Y (2, 3), Standing Committee (3); Boys' A.A. (3, 4); Football (3); Track (3, 4); Carnival (3, 4).

1967 Warren City Directory
  • [county section] Russo Carl C  46 Follett Run rd
  • Russo Carl T clk PO r46 Follett Run rd
  • [county section] Russo Frances 46 Follett Run rd
1983 Warren City Directory

The popularity of Carl as a baby name is graphed here.  Let's take a look at Frances.

Frances was once one of the most popular girl's names in the land, spending 43 years (1900-1942) in the top 30, including 14 (1911-1924) in the top 10.  She peaked at #8 in 1918.  By 1990, she entered a period of serious decline but turned things around in 2007, although she still has a long way to go before she reaches her former glory.

Other class of '42 members:
Barbara Jane King Anundson.  (9/5/2017)
Ray Devore.  (6/4/2017)
Phyllis Heald Albaugh.  (12/11/2016)
Corynne Peterson Schumann.  (7/22/2016)
Marjorie Gillett Larson.  (7/21/2016)
Robert Weidert.  (8/25/2015)
Margaret Siefert Lane.  (8/12/2015)
Richard Hause.  (4/6/2015)
Elizabeth Hottel Streich.  (8/16/2014)
Mary Hoskins.  (10/12/2013)

UPDATE. "This Musty World', starring Bishop Robert Morlino and the staff of the Catholic Diocese of Madison

'Musty' as defined by Merriam-Webster in sense 2 of the word.

Reported in Diocese leaders clarify memo seen as limiting funeral rites for gay parishioners.  (Wisconsin State Journal, 10/31/2017)

10/30/2017 update, "Not the first time Bishop Robert Morlino is in hot water for remarks about gay Catholics", starts here.

The move follows a request by Morlino's office -- first reported by the State Journal -- for priests to contact the diocesen headquarters if they receive requests for the baptisms of children of same-sex parents. The diocese would then work in consultation with each priest on the baptism. Each baptism needs to be evaluated individually, the diocese says. 

Petition asks pope to remove Bishop Robert Morlino of Madison for his views on gay Catholics.  (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 10/29/2017)
So far, it appears that the Wisconsin State Journal has yet to follow up on this story.  The petition on the website was posted late last week in response to a memo sent by Morlino's vicar general to local priests informing them that they may deny Catholic funerals to LGBT people "to avoid public scandal of the faithful."

Original 10/24/2017 post, "Bishop Morlino serves up a heaping helping of mumbo-jumbo gumbo", starts here.

Madison priests get directives on funerals of LGBT people.  (National Catholic Reporter, 10/23/2017)
Conforming with the mind of MorlinoEarly reporting on the directives attributed the communication to Madison Bishop Robert Morlino. The diocese issued a statement clarifying that "the communication attributed to Bishop Morlino was not an official diocesan policy, though it does conform with the mind of the bishop and meet his approval."

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Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Texas Republican Jeb Hensarling is retiring from the House but there'll be no pickup for Democrats here

GOP Rep. Hensarling will not seek re-election in 2018.  (Axios, 10/31/2017)
First elected in 2002.  Hensarling said he "never intended to make it a lifetime commitment" and has already stayed "far longer" than he had originally planned.

Democrats came closest to winning this seat in 2002, when Ron Chapman received 40.3% of the vote.   The last time Hensarling faced a Democratic opponent was in 2012.  Since then his challengers have been Libertarians.

Source:  Ballotpedia


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Michigan Republican Dave Trott is retiring from Congress but don't expect Democrats to flip this seat.  (10/23/2017)
Ohio Republican Patrick Tiberi is retiring from Congress but don't expect Democrats to flip this seat.  (10/22/2017)

It's 1984 at Americans for Prosperity-Wisconsin

Americans for Prosperity-Wisconsin
Wisconsin Legislative Reference Bureau

And yes, folks, sponsors of SB395 provide us with yet another GOP clusterfuck, this one of the pro-mining, anti-environment variety.

Purple dot placement by Retiring Guy

Marjorie Eleda Larson Brenan (1926-2017) Warren High School class of 1944

1942 Dragon yearbook

Marjories high-school activities:

A Capella Choir (2, 3, 4, ); Carnival (2, 3); Chorus (2); Commencement Usher (3); Dragon (4); Dramatic Club (3, 4), Secretary (4); Evening of Plays (4); French Club (3, 4); Girls' Club (2, 3, 4); Latin Club (2); Nunc et Tunc (2); Student Council (2, 4).

1967 Warren City Directory  
  • Brenan Marjorie Mrs tchr Warren County Sch Dept r Warren Kinzua rd
  • Brenan R R emp Sylvania r Warren Kinzua rd
1983 Warren City Directory  
  • Brenan Marjorie Mrs tchr Warren County Sch Dept h8 Woodcrest Dr
  • Brenan Robt & Marge; eng G T E Products h8 Woodcrest Dr

The popularity of Marjorie is graphed here.  Let's take a look at granddaughter Allison.

I suppose Allison can be considered to be among the first wave of baby-boomer baby names, although she didn't really hit her stride until the 1970s.  From this point on, she has spent 43 years in the top 100, peaking at #30 in 2009.  Despite a drop of 10 places in 2016, she remains on a relatively steady course.

Other members of the class of '44:
Charles Gray.  (8/6/2017)
Crissi Danos Verros.  (3/27/2017)
Barbara Chester.  (1/27/2017)
Raymond Elsholz.  (7/26/2016)
Barbara Berdine Graham.  (6/16/2016)
Grace Youug Strand.  (2/13/2016)
Mary Davis Christensen Spencer.  (9/27/2015)
Leonard Lucia.  (7/4/2015)
Mary Blackwell Bancroft.   (6/22/2015)
Kenneth Klenck.  (1/31/2015)
Dolores Nuhfer Anthony.  (9/21/2014)
Marjorie Christensen Anderson.  (10/6/2013)

True confessions: Daughter embarrassed by Dad's racy book

LETTER; Coffee, Tea and the Runaway Flight Attendant.  (The New York Times, 8/14/2010)

Photo credit:  Donald Bain

From the obituary, Donald Bain, Widely Read Author (but Not by That Name), Dies at 82.  (The New York Times, 10/26/2017)

Coffee, Tea, or Me? is still owned by the Evanston (IL) Public Library.  And classified at nonfiction.