Saturday, September 22, 2012

Sounds to me like a follow-up to "Macho Man"


Or...let's get vigorous, vigorous.


Sorry folks, but I need to clear my head.

The Mostly Volunteer, Independent Lake Elmo (MN) Library

Lake Elmo opens library that controversy and hard work built.  (St. Paul Pioneer Press, 9/5/2012)

Excerpt:    Lake Elmo's new library, which opens this week, stands as a 7,000-square-foot testament to civic spirit. The city-owned library was built by swarms of volunteers, angry at Washington County's decision to close its Lake Elmo branch library in January.

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The Pack Memorial Library in Asheville, North Carolina

The author Thomas Wolfe (Look Homeward Angel, You Can't Go Home Again) was born in Asheville.

Hidden Away, Not Forgotten: The Edgerton (MN) Public Library

2012 Olathe Public Library Stuffed Animal Sleepover

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

In Warren PA, they roll up the sidewalks at night.

The 200 block of Liberty Street, what used to be Warren's business and retail Mecca. Until the mid-1960s, the sidewalks were packed solid on a Friday night.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Taking a Break in the Keystone State

Spending time with my brothers.

Reuniting with old friends.

Enjoying the slo-o-o-ow pace of Warren PA 16365.