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Donald Trump's generic, fill-in-the-blanks Holocaust remembrance statement

PoliticsTrump’s statement marking Holocaust remembrance leaves out mention of Jews.  (Washington Post, 1/28/2017)

 We're Moe.  Trump is on the receiving end.

It's not alternative facts, folks, it's an alternative universe

Source:  Vox, 1/28/2017
Photo credit:  Crooks and Liars

Yes, it's working out very nicely, isn't it, Little Donnie?

Airports where protests are taking place:
  1. JFK, New York City
  2. LAX, Los Angeles
  3. O'Hare, Chicago
  4. Logan, Boston
  5. Hartsfield-Jackson, Atlanta
  6.  much, much more
How many Trump supporters are still singing this song?  Still too many, I'd guess (doo-lang, doo-lang).

"He's So Fine" debuted at #87 on the Billboard Hot 100 for the week ending February 23, 1963.  It spent 15 weeks on the chart, 9 of them in the top 10, peaking at #1 for 4 weeks.  

Like the shit show it is. Please.

And now for something much lighter.

Population of the major barley-producing counties of Montana

Source:  Wikipedia

Anheuser-Busch, Miller Coors slash contracts for malt barley,  (Great Falls Tribune, 1/25/2017)
Both Anheuser-Busch and MillerCoors have informed growers they will only be purchasing a fraction of the malt barley they have in the past five years because of an overabundance of barley harvested in recent years. Combined, the two brewing giants account for the purchase of nearly two-thirds of the barley grown in northcentral Montana. 
The downturn in contracts for malt barley will be especially challenging for communities in Teton, Pondera and Chouteau counties, where the bulk of Montana’s malt barley is grown. 
Map source: Montana Prayer (arrows added)

Striped field of wheat and hay in Cascade County, Montana, just north of Great Falls. (1955)

Photo by Retiring Guy's dad

Big Mac ATM: Promotional stunt or a peek at the future of fast food

This machine will serve you a free Big Mac.  (Boston Globe, 1/25/2017)
The giant chain next Tuesday plans to operate what it calls a “customized digital Big Mac ATM” at its 540 Commonwealth Ave. location in Kenmore Square. Between 11 a.m. and 2 p.m., the high-tech vending machine will dispense Big Macs — at no charge. 
But that doesn’t mean lunch will be free. To get a Mac Jr. or a Grand Mac — both new sizes — customers will have to enter their Twitter handles on the machine’s touchscreen. Before they can even take a bite out of a burger, the machine will generate a tweet from their personal account that reads: “Check out the new Big Mac.”
Not a promotion to get me worked up.

During high school, the only period of my life when I visited McDonald's with any degree of regularity, I opted for the double cheeseburger or fish sandwich -- sometimes both if I was particularly hungry.  From the start, the Big Mac -- introduced in 1967 and sold nationwide in 1968, the year I graduated, had no appeal.

Now the only menu item I order during on my very infrequent visits, usually during a road trip, is the breakfast burrito.

Donald Trump's first 100 hours: A staggering display of incompetence

Text source: $100 solicitation email
Illustration:  The Bleat

Actually, it's been a week that confirms what many of us already knew.  You are wholly unfit to be President, Mr. Trump.

Trump’s First Week: Misfires, Crossed Wires, and a Satisfied Smile.  (The New York Times, 2/17/2017)
On the campaign trail, Mr. Trump boasted he had no government experience and, in his first week in the White House, it sometimes showed. 
Sometimes?   It was pretty much a nonstop display.

Then, as if purposely to undermine their choice of word, the 3 reporters offer the following examples.  (Note the use of the plural throughout.)

  1. Orders were signed without feedback from the agencies they would affect.  
  2. Policy ideas were floated and then retracted within hours. [
  3. Meetings and public events were scheduled and then canceled. 
  4. Advisers to the president made decisions without telling one another. 
  5. The president called for an investigation looking at voters registered in more than one state, unaware that it would include his [a] chief strategist, [b] press secretary, [c] treasury secretary, [4] daughter and [5] son-in-law.

Wisconsin redistricting: Judges saw evidence, reached obvious conclusion, part 3

The old 15th.   Compact.  Mostly West Allis, as far as I can tell.

But a GOP state senator exuberantly offered some redistricting suggestions.


The new 15th.   Stretches into conservative Waukesha County (west of the red line).  As a result, the current rep at the time, Tony Staskunas (D-West Allis) saw the writing on the wall and retired after 16 years of service.  The seat is now held by one of the Assembly's most reliably conservative reps, Joe Sanfelippo.

As a GOP side benefit.......

West Allis gets split four ways in redistricting. Legislative decision rankles various city and state officials. (West Allis Now, 8/10/2011)

Court to Wisconsin Republicans:  Redraw election districts.  (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 1/27/2017)
About the judges:  Kenneth] Ripple was appointed by Republican President Ronald Reagan, [Barbara] Crabb by Democratic President Jimmy Carter and [William] Griesbach — who dissented in the November decision — by Republican President George W. Bush

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Wisconsin redistricting: Judges saw evidence, reached obvious conclusion, part 2

The old, relatively compact 79th Assembly District.  All within Dane County.  For the most part, the townships west of the City of Madison.  Largest city and village are Verona and Mount Horeb, respectively.

The new, sprawling 79th.  Follows a substantial arc from west of Verona to south of Sun Prairie.  Required extensive use of an exacto-knife.

This Ballotpedia map highlights the borders

Federal judges order Wisconsin Legislature to create, Scott Walker to approve, a new Assembly map by Nov. 1.  (, 1/27/2017)
As you would expect.  "We are reviewing the court’s order, but we expect to file an appeal with the Supreme Court and seek prompt reversal of this decision," DOJ spokesman Johnny Koremenos wrote in an email Friday.

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Wisconsin redistricting: Judges saw evidence, reached obvious conclusion, part 1.  (1/28/2017)

Wisconsin redistricting: Judges saw evidence, reached obvious conclusion

The old 37th Assembly District. Mostly Jefferson County. 3 towns along eastern border of Dane county. Logical ‘cutouts’: Watertown, Johnson Creek.  Mostly straight-line borders.

The new 37th.  Pokes unto northeast Dane County.  Grabs Columbus from Columbia County, runs along the southwestern edge of Dodge County, drops into a single township of Jefferson County, faucet-style.  57 stretchy miles from east to west.   Forced Democrat Andy Jorgenson to find another district in which to run.

Judges to state: Redraw legislative districts before 2018 election.  (, 1/28/2017)
Unfortunately, it's a 'half-assed' ruling, so don't expect much good to come out of it. But Friday’s order also rejected a key request from plaintiffs: that judges, rather than lawmakers and the governor, take charge of creating new district boundaries. “It is the prerogative of the state to determine the contours of a new map,” the three-judge panel ruled.

Unfortunately, the GOP majority in the Wisconsin state legislature can do pretty much what they want -- if we let them.  And any outcry just can't come from the shrinking blue areas of the state.

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Common Cause in Wisconsin calling out Sen. Lazich and Rep. August.  (8/19/2013) 
Undoubtedly, Tyler August is just following orders.  (8/12/2013)
The Redistricting Weasels Sing a Chorus of "Because I said so!!"  (5/16/2013)
Common Cause in Wisconsin asks, "Do your state legislators support non-partisan redistricting reform?"  (5/14/2013)

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Say it with pictures: Fox News silly "Outnumbered" brings ZZ Top to mind

Obviously, the producer gave very clear instructions

Ladies, cross your left leg over your right knee.  

Geraldo, show confidence, steeple your hands.

"Legs" appears on ZZ Top's most successful album, Eliminator, which made its debut on the Billboard Top 200 Albums chart for the week ending April 21, 1983.  It spent 183 weeks on the chart and peaked at #9.

A nugget from the early MTV era.

Caestecker Public Library (Green Lake) holdings, 2011-2015

2011-2015 changes:
  • Books | +2,126
  • Audio |    +232
  • Video | +2,031
  • Periodicals | -11
  • Expenditures | -$6,906 (-12%)

Photo credit:  Crowdrise

Caestecker Public Library

Other updates and additional entries to series:
Algoma Public Library.  (9/21/2016)
Alma Public Library.  (9/21/2016)
Altoona Public Library.  (9/22/2016)
Antigo Public Library.  (9/23/2016)
>Appleton Public Library.  (9/23/2016)
Argyle Public Library.  (9/24/2016)
Vaughn Public Library, Ashland.  (9/25/2016)
Baldwin Public Library.  (9/27/2016)
Baraboo Public Library.  (9/29/2016)
Barneveld Public Library.  (9/30/2016)
Barron Public Library.  (10/1/2016)
Beloit Public Library.  (10/6/2016)
Benton Public Library.  (10/7/2016)
Berlin Public Library.  (10/9/2016)
Big Bend Village Library.  (10/10/2016)
Hildebrand Memorial Library, Boscobel.  (10/18/2016)
Boyceville Public Library.  (10/20/2016)
Brandon Public Library.  (10/21/2016)
Brillion Public Library.  (10/22/2016)
Brown Deer Public Library.  (10/25/2016)
Bruce Area Library. (10/27/2016)
Butler Public Library.  (10/29/2016)
Cadott Community Library.  (10/31/2016)
Jane Morgan Memorial Library, Cambria.  (11/1/2016)
Cedarburg Public Library.  (11/8/2016)
Centuria Public Library.  (11/9/2016)
Chilton Public Library.  (11/11/2016)
Clinton Public Library.  (11/15/2016)
Cobb Public Library.  (11/17/2016)
Colby Public Library.  (11/18/2016)
Colfax Public Library.  (11/19/2016)
Coloma Public Library.  (11/20/2016)
Columbus Public Library.  (11/21/2016)
Cornell Public Library.  (11/22/2016)
Crandon Public Library.  (11/23/2016)
Rosemary Garfoot Public Library (Cross Plains).  (11/24/2016)
Cuba City Public Library.  (11/25/2016)
Cudahy Family Library.  (11/26/2016)
Thomas St. Angelo Public Library, Cumberland.  (11/27/2017)
Darien Public Library.  (11/28/2016)
Johnson Public Library, Darlington.  (11/29/2016)
Deer Park Public Library.  (11/30/2016)
Deerfield Public Library.  (12/1/2016)
Delafield Public Library.  (12/4/2016)
Aram Public Library, Delavan.  (12/5/2016)
De Soto Public Library.  (12/6/2016)
Dresser Village Library.  (12/10/2016)
Drummond Public Library.  (12/11/2016)
Durand Community Library.  (12/12/2016)
Alice Baker Memorial Library, Eagle.  (12/13/2016)
Walter E. Olson Memorial Library, Eagle River.  (12/14/2016)
East Troy Lions Public Library.  (12/15/2016)
L. E. Phillips Memorial Public Library  (Eau Claire).  12/16/2016)
Edgerton Public Library.  (12/17/2016)
Elkhart Lake Public Library.  (12/18/2016)
Matheson Memorial Library, Elkhorn.  (12/19/2016)
Ellsworth Public Library.  (12/20/2016)
Elm Grove Public Library.  (12/21/2016)
Elmwood Public Library.  (12/22/2016)
Elroy Public Library.  (12/23/2016)
Endeavor Public Library.  (12/24/2016)
Eager Free Public Library, Evansville.  (12/25/2016)
Fairchild Public Library.  (1/1/2017)
Fall Creek Public Library.  (1/3/2017)
Dwight T. Parker Public Library, Fennimore.  (1/4/2017)
Florence County Library.  (1/5/2017)
Fond du Lac Public Library. (1/6/2017)
Fontana Public Library.  (1/8/2017)
Dwight Foster Public Library, Fort Atkinson.  (1/9/2017) 
Fox Lake Public Library.  (1/10/2017)
Franklin Public Library.  (1/11/2017)
Frederic Public Library.  (1/12/2017)
Neuschafer Community Library, Fremont.  (1/13/2017)
Galesville Public Library.  (1/14/2017)
Gays Mills Public Library.  (1/15/2017)
Genoa City Public Library.  (1/16/2017)
Germantown Public Library.  (1/18/2017)
Gillett Public Library.  (1/19/2017)
Western Taylor County Public Library, Gilman.  (1/20/2017)
North Shore Library.  (1/21/2017)
Glenwood City Public Library.  (1/22/2017)
Grafton Public Library.  (1/23/2017)
Granton Communty Library.  (1/24/2017)
Grantsburg Public Library.  (1/25/2017)
Brown County Public Library.  (1/26/2017)

Now appearing at the White House: "Little Donnie at Play"

Little Donnie's version of gravitas

Official portrait found at

Little Donnie in drag (1956)

It was just a week ago when he was inaugurated, but already it feels like an eternity.

All clamor and no counsel leading GOP to Obamacare repeal disaster

Italicized portion above reported in Behind closed doors, Republican lawmakers fret about how to repeal Obamacare.  (Washington Post, 1/27/2017)

This newly elected member of the House seems to be concerned about his re-election chances already.

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UPDATE. Yes, Paul Ryan, we know, and that's very disturbing.  (1/17/2017)
UPDATE. Scott Walker in so many words: All told, it will take as many as 9 years to replace Obamacare.  (1/15/2017)

Barbara Chester (1926-2017) Warren High School class of 1944

1944 Dragon yearbook

Barbara's high-school activities:
Bookkeeping Club (2); Junior Shorthand Cluib (3).

1967 Warren City Directory

1983 Warren City Directory
  • Chester B J emp G T E Sylvania Products r602 Quaker Hill Rd
  • Chester Ralph M and (Margt W) rtd 107 Pioneer

The popularity of 'Barbara' as a baby name is graphed here.  Say hello to 'Joanne'.  

'Joanne' enjoyed a period of popularity during the 1930s, 40s, and 50s, peaking at #45 in 1936 and 1937.  Starting in the 70s, however, she took a tumble from which she never recovered.

Other members of the class of '44:
Raymond Elsholz.  (7/26/2016)
Barbara Berdine Graham.  (6/16/2016)
Grace Youug Strand.  (2/13/2016)
Mary Davis Christensen Spencer.  (9/27/2015)
Leonard Lucia.  (7/4/2015)
Mary Blackwell Bancroft.   (6/22/2015)
Kenneth Klenck.  (1/31/2015)
Dolores Nuhfer Anthony.  (9/21/2014)
Marjorie Christensen Anderson.  (10/6/2013)

CES 2017: Smart technology inside your mouth

5 super-smart gadgets that debuted at CES 2017.  (Venture Beat, 1232017)
Plus a BCC to your dentist.  This oral care device monitors how long you use your toothbrush daily and gives you a personal score based on online and offline brushing. It has 3D motion sensors, Bluetooth, an accelerometer, a gyroscope, and a magnetometer to monitor your brushing pattern. Ara’s algorithm analyzes the data and sends you a report every week through email.  ($79)

Mr. Tooth makes an appearance at 0:28.  

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LG Smart InstaView refrigerator.  (1/15/2017)
PowerVision PowerRay Drone.  (1/15/2017)
Equisense Care horse bodysuit.  (1/13/2017)
Vuze 3D-360° Virtual Reality Camera.  (1/13/2017)
HiTech Ninja solar power backpack.  (1/13/2017)
Augmented reality and head-up technology.  (1/12/2017)
LIVS:  Life-enhancing intelligent vehicle solution.  (1/12/2017)
Sony HT-ST65000 sound bar.  (1/12/2017)
The Las Vegas robot parade continues with Ewaybot's Moro.  (1/9/2017)
Meet Olly.  (1/7/2017)
Lynx Robot.  (1/7/2017)
LG Hub Robot.  (1/6/2017)
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IllumniBowl 2.0 (as seen on TV).   (12/21/2016)
Fireside Audiobox.  (12/20/2016)
Sony 4K OLED TV.  (12/19/2016)

Why stop at GE?

Source:  Pinterest
("Feature ads on Jersey?  Good?  Or Bad?")

No Celtics jersey available.

Reported at Celtics jerseys to feature iconic GE logo next season.  (Boston Globe, 1/24/2017)

Any deal should address this excess.

Source:  Vivid Seats

Wisconsin legislature back in session and GOP hypocrisy is already in full flower

Bill would block local requirements for labor agreements.  (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 1/24/2017)
Democrats said the bill was another example of state GOP lawmakers seeking to limit the power of local governments in Wisconsin while they at the same time ask the Republican Congress and President Donald Trump to give more local control to state governments.

Among those many examples of GOP's cartoon conservative principle: 
UPDATE: Scott Walker and the abandoned GOP principle.  (12/21/2016)
Wisconsin Legislative Fiscal Bureau memo highlights GOP cartoon conservative principle.  (5/20/2016)
Suburban Milwaukee GOP state legislators freak out over locally issued ID card.  (3/23/2016)
Business as usual: Wisconsin GOP legislators vote for special interests, against local control and tenants' rights.  (3/9/2016)
The Wisconsin GOP Cartoon Conservative Principles Fest continues.  (2/10/2016)
Cartoon conservative principles in nonstop action: Wisconsin Legislative Fiscal Bureau memo lists more than 100 state provisions that restrict local control.  (2/10/2016)
The Christmas edition: Rep. Kremer accuses fire officials of 'relieving themselves'.  (12/23/2015)
Cartoon conservative principles on full display this week at the Wisconsin State Capitol.  (12/18/2015)
Once again, Wisconsin Republicans assert their cartoon conservative principle (2015 Assembly Bill 568).  (12/16/2015)
Out of (local) control: When it comes to anything resembling a train, Republicans just can't help themselves.  (12/1/2015) 
Scott Walker pays lip service to local control as he continues to sign bills to limit it.  (10/26/2015)
UPDATE: Let's follow the Shea money from Wingra Stone to Scott Walker.  (10/20/2015)
UPDATE.  Sorry, Tim Geoghegan, a total of $11,750 in donations is not a "bunch of bull".  (10/20/2015) 
Once again, Wisconsin Republicans violate their most precious principle.  (7/4/2015)
Cartoon conservative principles.  (5/6/2015)
The Usual Hypocrisy: What Scott Walker sez on his campaign website and what he does in the Governor's office are two different things.  (5/2/2015)
The "hits" to local control just keep on coming.  (2/28/2015)
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel editorial board calls out Republican hypocrisy.  (2/17/2014)
And the hypocrisy just keeps on coming: Republicans can't even give lip service to their "Principles". (2/14/2014)
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