Wednesday, December 7, 2016

UPDATE. 12th Wisconsin Senate District GOP incumbent Tom Tiffany defeats Democratic challenger Bryan Van Stippen

Margin of victory (percentage points)
AD1.    20.2
AD2.    38.8
AD3.    21.2
AD4.    19.4
AD5.    29.2
AD6.    40.4
AD7.    17.9
AD14.  14.6
AD21.  18.8
AD25.  30.0
AD26.  19.0
AD27.  24.8
AD28.  27.8
AD29.  22.2
AD30.  17.9
AD31.  28.2
AD32.  25.2
AD33.  25.2
AD34.  26.0
AD35.  32.2
AD37.  23.8
AD38.  25.6
AD39.  34.8
AD40.  29.0
AD41.  41.2
AD42.  17.4
AD43.  10,2
AD47.  38.0
AD49.  13.8
AD50.  15.8
AD51.    2.6
AD52.  27.6
AD54.  40.0
AD55.  23.0
AD56.  29.0
AD60.  50.2
AD61.  33.4
AD63.  28.2
AD66.  62.6
AD67.  28.6
AD68.  16.4
AD70.  24.6
AD72.  13.0
AD75.  23.8
AD76.  66.0
AD78.  58.4
AD79.  27.8
AD81.  21.0
AD85.    6.8
AD86.  22.6
AD87.  38.4
AD88.  22.2
AD89.  38.6
AD91.  19.4
AD92.    4.0
AD94.    5.2
AD96.  22.2
SD2.     30.0 
SD4.     26.2
SD12.   25.8

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76th Assembly District.  (12/4/2016)
78th Assembly District.  (12/4/2016)
79th Assembly District.  (12/4/2016)
81st Assembly District.  (12/4/2016)
85th Assembly District.  (12/5/2016)
86th Assembly District.  (12/5/2016)
87th Assembly District.  (12/5/2016)
88th Assembly District.  (12/5/2016)
89th Assembly District.  (12/5/2016)
91st Assembly District.  (12/6/2016)
92nd Assembly District.  (12/6/2016)
94th Assembly District.  (12/6/2016)
96th Assembly District.  (12/6/2016)
2nd Senate District.  (12/7/2016)
10th Senate District.  (12/7/2016)

9/30/2016 update, "Democratic challenger Bryan Van Stippen vs. 1-term GOP incumbent Tom Tiffany in 12th Wiscsonsin Senate District", starts here.

Campaign websites:

Other 2016 updates/reports:
6 years later, Andre Jacque comfortably ensconced in Wisconsin State Assembly.  (7/11/2016)
Three State Assembly representatives from Milwaukee running for re-election unopposed in 2016.  (7/12/2016)
State Assembly races: 3 suburban Milwaukee Republicans running unopposed.  (7/19/2016)
Wisconsin State Assembly incumbents Mursau, Ballweg, Schraa running unopposed this fall.  (7/25/2016)
Rock County Wisconsin Assembly incumbents Kolste, Spreitzer running unopposed in fall election.  (7/26/2016)
Zamarripa beats Manriquez for 4th time in 8th Wisconsin Assembly District Dem primary.  (8/10/2016)
Incumbent Zepnick survives challenge in 9th Wisconsin Assembly District Dem primary.  (8/10/2016)
Self-proclaimed "I'm not perfect" candidate wins 11th Wisconsin Assembly District Dem primary.  (8/10/2016)
With primary win, Leon Young will serve 13th term in 16th Wisconsin Assembly District.  (8/10/2016)
David Crowley wins open-seat 17th District Wisconsin Assembly Dem primary.  (8/10/2016)
Sinicki easily survives challenge in 20th Wisconsin Assembly District Dem primary.  (8/10/2016)
Sondy Pope easily dispatches faux Democrat in 80th Wisconsin Assembly District primary.  (8/17/2016)
With no Dem in fall election, Chuck Wichgers wins 83rd Wisconsin Assembly seat in GOP primary.  (8/17/2016)
Lena Taylor easily withstands Mandela Barnes challenge in 4th Wisconsin Senate District.  (8/21/2016)
It's Mark Harris vs. Dan Feyen in 18th Wisconsin Senate District November election.  (8/21/2016)
Both Jen Shilling and Dan Kapanke win big in 32nd Wisconsin Senate District primaries,  (8/21/2016)

Original 8/7/2012 post, "Who's Running for State Office in Wisconsin 2012:  12th Senate District", starts here.

Public libraries in the 12th.
Marinette County Libraries

Academic library
Richard J. Brown Library, Nicolet College.

Holperin won't run for re-election.  (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 3/23/2012)

An open seat.

The Republican Candidate

Tom Tiffany

Biography  [bold added]

I grew up on a dairy farm near Elmwood, Wisconsin with five brothers and two sisters. We learned the lessons of hard work, honesty and accountability from our parents at an early age. My wife, Chris, and I work everyday to pass those same timeless values on to our children Karlyn, Lexie and Katherine. 

Business Chris and I began operating our excursion business, Wilderness Cruises, in 1991, on the Willow Flowage. The business currently operates as Wisconsin River Cruises. For twenty seasons we have strived to offer our customers a pleasurable experience in the beautiful Northwoods of Wisconsin. 

Community and Civic Leader Over the years, I have been involved with many community organizations. Our business, Wisconsin River Cruises, belongs to the Tomahawk Chamber of Commerce and the Tavern League of Wisconsin. I am a member of the National Rifle Association and the Ruffed Grouse Society. Currently, I am an elected Town Supervisor in the Town of Little Rice

And??      And??

Curious he doesn't mention the fact that he currently represents the 35th Assembly District.   Link includes photo of him without hardhat.

The Democratic Candidates

Susan Sommer

Biography.  [bold added] Susan is a native of Rhinelander, Wisconsin. She attended Pine Lake grade school, James Williams Junior High School, and graduated from Rhinelander High School in 1978 with honors.. After high school, Susan attended college at the University of Missouri in Columbia, Missouri, where she graduated with a degree in Journalism and a minor in Spanish. She moved to Milwaukee and later attended Marquette University Law School, obtaining her law degree in 1987.

For 17 years, Susan worked as a prosecuting attorney in Milwaukee and Jefferson counties. In 2004, Susan left her work as an assistant district attorney to join the Americorps program, often called the "domestic Peace Corps," as an assistant construction supervisor with the Hilton Head Regional Habitat for Humanity affiliate in Bluffton, South Carolina.  Susan and her husband, Tuck Daniels, also led Global Village trips to the South Dakota Cheyenne River Sioux reservation and Northern Ireland to build houses with Habitat.

Susan and Tuck met through their work and were married in 2005 on the steps of the community center in the Habitat neighborhood they helped build in Bluffton, South Carolina. In Fall 2008, after being away too long from her family and Wisconsin, Susan and Tuck moved home to the Northwoods and settled in Phelps. Tuck is a master carpenter by profession, and Susan returned to the practice of law. 

Lisa Theo

Biography:   Lisa Theo is an instructor at the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point where she teaches geography. Theo and her husband Christos Theo have been married 27 years, and they have three adult sons. While the children were young, she returned to school earning her Bachelors of Science in Geography at the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire (UWEC), and her Masters of Science in Geography at the University of Wisconsin-Madison (UW-Madison).

Theo has held a number of public service positions and started two home businesses during her more than 30 years in the workforce. She has managed women’s clothing stores, served as a legislative aide to a state senator, worked in food service, ran a home childcare business, and had a home business designing and constructing original wedding gowns and bridal accessories. 

She has taught at the university level since 1999, first at UW-Madison as a graduate student, then at UWEC before joining the Geography and Geology Department at the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point (UWSP) in 2007. During her teaching career, Theo served as a task member of Lieutenant Governor Barbara Lawton’s Wisconsin Women Equal Prosperity Initiative where she was responsible for spatial analysis and cartography. She also served as UWEC’s representative to the Wisconsin Economic Summit from 2001-2003, coordinating a session on university and community partnerships for economic development in 2003. Theo’s research as a university instructor concentrated on community change in Wisconsin’s Northwoods. Theo has deep roots in the Northwoods. 

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