Saturday, September 10, 2016

Making you feel at home before you sign the lease

UPDATE: South Gateway Drive and Mendota Avenue reconstruction almost done

Curb, gutter, and sidewalk come to South Gateway in Middleton

Even the dead-end Charing Cross got a makeover.  And a sidewalk.

Some residents living on the west side of Gateway lobbied the City of Middleton to locate the sidewalk on the east side of the street.  To no avail.

A reconstructed Mendota Avenue at the entrance to Lakeview Park.

7/26/2016 update, "Mendota Avenue in Middleton now driveable, still no parking", starts here.

The view from Allen Boulevard

Still much work yet to be done on South Gateway

According to the non-Bernie signs along the side of the street, the 'no parking' rule remains in effect until August 15.

6/5/2016 update, " Middleton Home Talent provides parking options map for 2016 baseball season", starts here.

Looking west.

Looking east.

Parking options found here.

Updated 5/7/2016 post,"City of Middleton street project 2016:  Work now underway on South Gateway Street and Lake Mendota Drive", starts here.

A view of South Gateway.  Still bike-able but not for long.

Original 4/9/2016 starts here.

The project also includes the Charing Cross Lane cul-de-sac.

Source:  City of Middleton  (orange arrows added)
(Close-up screenshot of Five Year Street Improvement Plan)

And what are we lookin' at here?

South Gateway Street at University Avenue.

The reconstructed street will include curb and gutter, as well as a sidewalk on the north (this) side.  (That's the turn-off onto Charing Cross Lane at center-right.)

(Halfway between University and Lakewood Blvd.)  I use South Gateway a lot when I'm biking to access the Pheasant Branch trail -- and points north and west.  It's a bumpy right ride here.

As it is between Lakeview and Mendota Avenue.  

I'm looking forward to the improvements.   

(Prior to being annexed by the City of Middleton -- I don't know the exact date -- this street was located within the Town of Middleton.  Which is why there's no curb and gutter.]

Mendota Avenue from near its intersection with Allen Boulevard.  Lakeview Park is at right.

On-street parking for Middleton Home Talent baseball games won't be available this summer.  

All photos by Retiring Guy

UPDATE: One more layer of asphalt left in Park Street reconstruction

8/9/2016 update, " School starts in 23 days (Park Street reconstruction in Middleton)", starts here.

No activity was talking place last Friday.

6/25/2016 update, "School's out, street construction underway (Park Street in Middleton)", starts here.

Photo by Retiring Guy

Original 5/7/2016 post, "City of Middleton street project 2016:  Park Street and High Road", starts here.

This street project won't get underway until after school is out.
Source:  City of Middleton  (orange arrows added)
(Close-up screenshot of Five Year Street Improvement Plan)

The stretch in photos

At the southernmost point where the reconstruction begin.  Looking north from where the Pheasant Branch Nature Preserve trail crosses Park Street.

Just up the street from the previous photo.  The brand-new Kromrey Middle School is at the left.  This two-year construction project is part of the reason for the beat-up condition of the street.

The view just north of Donna Drive, which is named after Dane County Executive Joe Parisi's mother. 

High Road to the city limits.  Northside Elemetary School is located at the crest of the hill, to the left.

UPDATE. Are Hurts Donuts as good as Max's perch plate? Stay tuned.

For Hurts, it's all about location location location!

Original 4/4/2016 post, "Max's Farm Table closes its doors for good -- without a word of goodbye", starts here.

At the southeast corner of Parmenter Street and Donna Drive in Middleton, this strip mall has become a jinxed location for restaurants.  The Blue Spoon was unable to make a go of it here, having struggled for nearly 3 years -- September 2007 to August 2010 -- to find an audience.  The space remained empty, for the most part, until Max's opened in October 2015.

I stopped here yesterday once I noticed that all of the signage had been removed.

Not a word of explanation is offered.

The restaurant started out with such great promise.  My older son and I were particularly impressed with the perch plate we ordered on Friday, October 16, 2016.

The perfectly seasoned, crunchy breading enhanced, rather than overwhelmed, the flavor and texture of the moist fish.

"Amazing perch!"  I proclaimed on Facebook.  "Better than the K of C in Two Rivers.  And that's the highest praise."

Unfortunately, on three subsequent visits with my wife, the quality of the meal deteriorated each time.  Even the hand-cut fries and cole slaw made on the premises.  And since service was never the restaurant's strong point, we both figured Max's had a limited shelf life.

In other words, yesterday's discovery came as no surprise.

Fiskars UPDATE: New American headquarters open for business

8/9/2016 update, "Landscaping in place, new US headquarters about ready for occupancy", starts here.

Photo by Retiring Guy

7/9/2016 update, "You can recognize it by its scuplted orange handle", starts here.

All photos by Retiring Guy

From the Beltline overpass

The name on the building is not easily viewed from Deming Way,.  This 'zoom' view is from across the Beltlin.

The sign is made for the long view.

June 24, 2016.

From Deming Way and Discovery Drive

Pedestrian skyway connects parking ramp and main building

Sidewalk and driveway construction

Monday, May 16.  The latest series of progress photos.

The Discovery Drive approach from the Beltline underpass.

All photos by Retiring Guy

At the intersection of Discovery Drive and Deming Way.


Along the Pheasant Branch bike/ped trail.

Friday, March 11.  Seems like it was just yesterday.

It might be hard to see, but some of the glass panels have been installed.

Monday, February 29

Yup, the installation of the pedestrian bridge is under way.

Looking to the east.

Looking to the west

Sunday, February 7, 2016.

Perhaps we'll soon see the installation of the pedestrian bridge between the Fiskars office building and Aspen Commons parking ramp.  

Friday, December 4, 2015.
Building taking shape, as is parking structure across Discovery Drive.

Saturday, September 19.
Building framing underway.

View from near the U.S. 12 overpass

View from the bike-ped path.  (Mead and Hunt at right in background.)

Friday, August 21.
Visual progress report on foundation work.

Thursday, June 18.
Foundation work underway.

Thursday, May 21. 
Site grading work continues.

Wednesday, May 13.  
Site grading work has been underway for about a week.  
All photos by Retiring Guy

The red arrow is the approximate point from where these Retiring Guy photos were taken.

Source:  LOCUS

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