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GET ME REWRITE: Scott Walker approves this message

HeadlineMilwaukee Journal Sentinel, 3/6/2023
Between 2012 and 2015, Kelly regularly contributed to a blog called "Hang Together" in which he laid out in detail — indeed, long and windy detail — his conservative views on a number of topics. Abortion rights? 
Kelly said everyone knows this procedure "takes the life of an unborn child." But he said pro-choice groups still favor making abortion legal. "Why? To preserve sexual libertinism" — or, more bluntly, to let people have sex whenever they want. 
He said the push to allow same-sex couples to marry was about "using the power of the state to compel others to legitimize the same-sex couples' personal arrangements. But that forced legitimization is itself an illegitimate exercise of state power."

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The company Ron DeSantis keeps

Headline:  Daily Kos, 3/4/2023
I hate bullies, and Ron DeSantis is getting on my last nerve. CNN reported that on Monday, the Florida governor appointed Ron Peri. This right-wing Christian nationalist has plagued Orlando and Kissimmee for many years with anti-gay rhetoric—his appointment to the Reedy Creek Improvement District was not shocking. Disappointing if you are a civilized person. The RCID gives Disney World “unique powers” that no other governing body in the state receives. It was the lure that brought Disney to central Florida fifty years ago.
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GET ME REWRITE: Florida GOP fights crime and inflation with ban on abortions after 6 weeks of pregnancy

Top headline:   NBC, 10/16/2022
Bottom headline:  Politico, 3/7/2023
From Politico:

Day 343 of cruising becoming normal again

Top headline:   News Star
Photo credit:  Starts at 60
Headline: NBC Washington

From NBC Washington:
A D.C. man is trying to assist his 80-year-old mother from almost 2,000 miles away after she was removed from a Caribbean cruise when her boyfriend came down with COVID-19. 
Family members say the cruise ship dropped off 78-year-old Alan Ferguson and his girlfriend, Ronni Krevat, at a hospital on the island of Dominica, then sailed away.

Aftermath: Day 211 of shuttered Michael Gableman 2020 election review Trump Big Lie clown show circus

HeadlineWisconsin Public Radio, 3/3/2023
The complaint was filed with the state Office of Lawyer Regulation by the liberal group Law Forward. It accuses Gableman of regularly lying to government officials, the state Legislature, courts and the public while pursuing "frivolous litigation" as he led the Wisconsin Assembly's "Office of Special Counsel." Reached by phone, Gableman did not immediately have a comment.

HeadlineWIZM, 3/3/2023
It is already the biggest boondoggle in Wisconsin history, and the price tag just keeps going up. Wisconsin taxpayers spent more than $2 million in a sham investigation into false claims the presidential election was stolen. Assembly Speaker Robin Vos, in an attempt to appease former President Trump, hired a former Wisconsin Supreme Court justice, Michael Gableman, to lead the investigation, which of course turned up nothing. His work dragged on though, and taxpayers foot the bill for it. Along the way, Gableman and Vos bungled their way, hanging out with the likes of the My Pillow guy, but still not finding the fraud they insisted was there. The investigation deadline was repeatedly pushed back, while the meter is running on the cost to taxpayers. Now a judge in Dane County has slapped Vos with an order to pay $135,000 in legal fees for refusing the provide the details of the investigation in an open records request. That money will cover the legal fees for the group that filed the lawsuit seeking the public records. But guess what? That $135,000? Taxpayers are footing the bill for that as well. That has pushed the total cost to taxpayers for a misguided investigation that turned up nothing to nearly $2.5 million. Vos should give taxpayers a break, and pick up this tab himself.

Headline:  Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 3/3/2012
"Through the course of our representation of our clients, and as lawyers who followed these matters closely, we came to know that Gableman repeatedly violated the Rules, as well as to question his honesty, trustworthiness, and fitness to be a Wisconsin attorney," Daniel Lenz and Jeff Mandel, attorneys with the firms Law Forward and Stafford Rosenbaum, wrote in a complaint filed Thursday. 
"In addition to incompetently practicing law, Gableman repeatedly failed in his duties of honesty and candor; used legal process to harass and maliciously injure his targets; failed to appropriately maintain an attorney-client relationship; flouted additional basic rules of legal practice; and violated multiple provisions of the Attorney’s Oath."

3/1/2023 update starts here

Headline:  WisPolitics, 3/1/2023
The award of $135,574 — and the possibility the group could get another $7,637 for its most recent costs — pushes the overall taxpayer liability for Gableman’s probe to nearly $2.5 million, according to a tally. 
It is the third case in which a Dane County judge has awarded American Oversight legal fees for an open records suit over the probe. Combined, those fees amount to $434,094.
Meanwhile, Gableman billed taxpayers $527,877 for the cost of his review. And taxpayers had been billed nearly $1.5 million for the private attorneys representing Vos, the Assembly and Gableman in the various suits that grew out of the review. 
Of that, $1.1 million is for the open records suits American Oversight filed.

Wednesday, March 8, 2023

GET ME REWRITE: Milwaukee mayor Cavalier Johnson hopes to reverse city's decades-long population slide

A 22% drop in population since its 1960 peak of 741,324.
Source:  Wikipedia

Johnson wants more of this — people moving in, buildings rising up. 
It's in line with one of his more audacious campaign talking points: that he envisioned a future Milwaukee growing to a population of more than 1 million people. 
It's a goal that many dismissed as political rhetoric, if not eye-rolling fantasy, and Johnson is the first to admit he doesn't have all the answers. No one does.

Tuesday, March 7, 2023

Glenn Youngkin as presidential timber? Just a sapling, say Virginia GOP voters

He has the support of 6% of survey respondents in his own state.

GET ME REWRITE: Texas GOP fights crime and inflation by filing dozens of homophobic bills

Top headline:   NBC, 10/16/2022
Bottom headline:  Texas Tribune

From the Texas Tribune:
Children and young adults in particular are a focus of the legislation. Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick made it a Senate priority to pass measures that pertain to classroom instruction about LGBTQ people, the college sports teams transgender students can join and medical treatments that can be provided to transgender youth. Gov. Greg Abbott has vowed to ban schools’ “woke agendas.”

USA movie box office for the 1st weekend in March (2017-2023)


The USA box office on the first weekend of March 2023 is down 29% compared to last year when "The Batman" was the top-grossing movie.  

And it's down 38% compared to the 2017 peak when "Logan" was the top-grossing movie.

It’s also a big win for theater owners, who are banking on the good fortunes to continue in March with upcoming releases “Scream VI,” “Shazam: Fury of the Gods” and “John Wick: Chapter 4.” Overall ticket sales are 37% ahead of the same point in 2022, according to Comscore.

Sunday, March 5, 2023

67-year-old career politician Glenn Grothman has nothing better to do than to further embarrass Wisconsin


“That’s the plan right now,” Grothman said when asked if he was running again. “It’s not something we’ve thought a lot about. ... I’ve talked to a lot of people over the past few months. Nobody has told me I shouldn’t run again.” 
He made the pledge not to serve more than five terms during the Republican primary in 2014. Grothman said he doesn’t know what the maximum number of terms he would serve now is.
The list of inanities goes on and on and on
His brain as immovable as a boulder, Glenn Grothman confesses hes stuck in the past when it comes to same-sex marriage.  (12/22/2022)
After January 6, 2021, GOP shows off its 'soft on crime' side (Glenn Grothman of Wisconsin edition).  (10/12/2022)

Ripon newspapers calls out Wisconsin Embarrassment Glenn Grothman.  (8/24/2021)

Might hurt in the short term? Wisconsin has led the U.S. in farm bankruptcies three years running.  (9/3)
Ripon Commonwealth Press editorial writer tells us what we already know about Glenn Grothman.  (8/29)
Government welfare for me but not for thee (the updated edition).  (8/19)
"We're all minorities in America".  (7/22)
How hard up do you have to be to ask Glenn Grothman to be your commencement speaker? (5/22)
Glenn Grothman falls on his knees after Trump State of the Union bloviating.  (2/7)
Trump fanboy Glenn Grothman pimps for Mexico border wall.  (1/25)
Meet the 7 House critters who voted against back pay for federal workers.  (1/13)
Glenn Grothman starts the 116th Congress where he left off in the 115th: Enhancing his clown bona fides.  (1/5)
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UPDATE: The demented clown, otherwise known as Glenn Grothman, returns to the topic of Al Sharpton at MLK event.  (1/18)
Newspaper editorial calls out Glenn Grothman for his (a) mispresentation or (b) lie.  (1/11) 
Glenn Grothman cries on the shoulder of his favorite KFIZ deejay. (1/9)

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Our resident clown Glenn Grothman tells just half of the story.  (12/24)
Like Vermin Supreme, Glenn Grothman believes that there should be free ponies for all Americans.  (12/15)
A letter sent without fear of retribution.  (12/3)
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Here's something on which Glenn Grothman and I agree.  (8/10)
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Short-term memory loss and The Glenn Grothman 24/7 Clown Show.  (7/15) 
Steady drip-drip-drip inside Glenn Grothman's head vs. steady drip-drip-drip of evidence Russian collusion.  (7/13)

Apr-Jun 2017
Glenn Grothman gives a big thumbs up to Pennsylvania's congressional districts.  (6/22)
Glenn Grothman on the Paris Accord:  The blithering goes on.  (6/7)
Dear Glenn Grothman, Not that anyone is listening to you.  (6/5)
Oh, yeah, I just bet he does.   (6/1)
It's bromance time for Glenn Grothman, sez Greg Gianforte seems like a good guy.  (5/26/2017)
At Glenn Grothman's groan-inducing town hall.  (5/2)
51 U.S. House members implore Trump to legalize LGBT discrimination.  (4/27)
At KFIZ, everybody loves a clown.  (4/17)
Wishful thinking: Glenn Grothman does a little Mick Jagger at the podium during Sheboygan listening session.  (4/11/.

Jan-Mar 2017
What DO they think of Glenn Grothman on Capitol Hill?  (1/31/2017)
Not a Muslim ban, Glenn Grothman? The numbers indicate otherwise.  (1/31/2017)
Glenn also loves to run into the reassuring arms of Vicki McKenna; she normalizes his nuttiness.  (3/28)

The conservative values of Glenn Grothman, straight shooter and exemplary public servant.  (10/30)
GOP donor and Neenah realtor pens letter to editor, praises Glenn Grothman.  (10/28)
Well, Glenn Grothman, looks as though Donald Trump and Paul Ryan won't accompany Mr. Gumpy on his outing.  (10/20)
Meet the 3 Stooges who introduced Donald Trump at yesterday's rally in Green Bay.  (10/18)
Likely to be other reasons why Trump and Glenn Grothman's relationship might be "less than perfect".  (10/13)
Glenn Grothman raises GOP specter of black bogeyman Al Sharpton.  (7/14)
Recommended reading from Glenn Grothman.  (3/3)
Once again, Grothman does the blah blah blah.  (1/13)

Tea Party alert: Glenn Grothman supports increase in federal gas tax.  (12/29)
Glenn Grothman's moving service.  (11/16/2015)
Glenn Grothman: Still trying to get to 'yes' with Paul Ryan.  (10/18/2015) 
Dear Glenn Grothman, Breaking up is hard to do.  (10/17/2015) 
He's a guy, and has access to 'all machines that one would need'.  (9/29/2015) 
Meet the Members of the Republican Study Committee: Glenn Grothman (R-WI, 6th District).  (8/18/2015)
What about seeing the light, Representative Grothman?  (8/11/2015)
Glenn Grothman's gibberish in full flower.  (7/1/2015)
Rep. Glenn Grothman puts corporate personhood first.  (6/23/2015)
Glenn Grothman Finds His Voice in Washington, D.C. (6/19/2015)
Glenn Grothman goes seriously bland on us.  (5/12/2015)
Glenn Grothman's lips are zipped.  (4/9/2015)
Glenn Grothman Speaks the Language of the Godfather of states' rights.  (1/13/2015)

Glenn Grothman, Quiet Man.  (10/12/2014)
Tom Petri returns the favor to Glenn Grothman.  (9/5/2014)
Wisconsin's 6th Congressional District primary: Less than 12% of voters paid attention.  (8/24/2014)
Hey guys and gals, Scott Walker is not 100% convinced that Glenn Grothman can win the 6th CD. (8/23/2014)
Career politician Glenn Grothman moves one step closer to Wisconsin's 6th Congressional District general election.  (8/22/2014)
To the tune of $692,000.   (8/14/2014)
Glenn Grothman:  A man without a mandate.  (8/14/2014)
Glenn Grothman to Tom Petri: Thank you for your 35 years of service.  (8/1/2014)

You can't make this stuff up: Conservative Wisconsin Supreme Court justices reappoint Trump campaign attorney to judicial conduct advisory committee

Headline: Wisconsin State Journal, 3/3/2023
Trump attorney Jim Troupis, who was involved in the 2020 scheme to put Republican electors in place in several states, including Wisconsin, to deliver Electoral College votes for former President Donald Trump, has been reappointed by the Wisconsin Supreme Court’s four conservative justices to a second term on the committee that advises judges on judicial conduct.

Day 855 of GOP election denier hysteria (Trump Big Lie Clown Show Circus, Michigan edition)

Meet the stars of the
ATTACK Of the Clown Show zombies

Michigan State Rep. Angela Rigas
State Rep. Angela Rigas (R-Caledonia) is one of the GOP lawmakers appointed to be an executive member of the campaign committee, the caucus’ leadership panel that works to elect and reelect Republicans to the chamber, House Minority Leader Matt Hall (R-Richland Twp.) announced Feb. 21. R
Rigas — who was endorsed by Trump in her campaign for the 79th House District — has admitted to participating in the rally and claims she was tear-gassed within the Capitol grounds.

Candidate for Colorado GOP Chair
Erik Aadlund
Colorado Sun, 3/1/2023
Only one of the candidates, Erik Aadland, concedes that Biden was elected president, but said he doesn’t know if it was “by hook or by crook.” 
“Whether fraud (had) a role in the outcome of 2020, sadly we’ll never know, folks,” Aadland said at a debate Saturday at a pizza restaurant in Hudson moderated by The Colorado Sun and Colorado Politics. 
That means that whoever is elected March 11 to lead the Colorado GOP for the next two years will either be a full-blown election denier or, at the very least, an election skeptic. Some Republicans see the prospect of voting conspiracies being at the highest echelons of the party as disastrous as the GOP looks to rebuild after three election cycles of defeat in an increasingly Democratic-leaning state.

Losing Colorado Secretary of State Candidate
Tina Peters
Like a bad penny, former Mesa County Clerk Tina Peters has turned up again, this time in a big to chair the Colorado Republican Party.  If the party wants any chance at winning in this state again any time soon, it needs to show her the door.

Chair of Idaho GOP Dorothy Moon
Headline:  Kansas Reflector, 2/24/2023
As a legislator, Moon worked to tighten Idaho’s voting rules, introducing a bill that would have banned the use of student IDs to vote, eliminated the use of affidavits for voters without proper ID, and ended same-day voter registration. 
Arguing for the measure, which ultimately did not pass, Moon spread stories about people crossing into Idaho from Canada to vote illegally. The secretary of state’s office said that wasn’t happening. 
Campaigning last year for secretary of state, Brown raised unfounded fears about the security of Kansas’ elections and questioned the 2020 presidential results. After the incumbent secretary of state, Scott Schwab, said there were no major problems with the state’s voting, The Associated Press reported, Brown responded: “Because he said so? Or because he can prove it?”

Starring newly election Kansas GOP Chair
Mike Brown
HeadlineKansas Reflector, 2/24/2023
On Saturday, Kristina Karamo, an activist who rose to prominence for her efforts to overturn Michigan’s 2020 presidential results, was elected chair of the Michigan GOP at the party’s convention. 
A week earlier, Mike Brown, a former county commissioner who has stoked fears that the 2020 election was stolen, won the same job at Kansas’ convention.Campaigning last year for secretary of state, 
Brown raised unfounded fears about the security of Kansas’ elections and questioned the 2020 presidential results. After the incumbent secretary of state, Scott Schwab, said there were no major problems with the state’s voting, The Associated Press reported, Brown responded: “Because he said so? Or because he can prove it?”
“His answer is, ‘There is nothing to see here, keep moving,’” Brown added. “You should start looking and you should stop moving.”