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UPDATE: Sugarfire Smoke House is still open for business, Scott Walker's 2015 visit notwithstanding

Screenshots from video

Original 7/26/2015 post, "From the sound of it, the Sugarfire Smoke House in Olivette, Missouri, serves gays", starts here

And Scott Walker, too!!

Walker Meet & Greet in St. Louis Today NOT AUTHORIZED By Store Owners.  (Unintimidated:  Wisconsin Musicians Against Scott Walker, 6/26/2015)

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Day 952 of GOP election denier hysteria (Trump Big Lie Clown Show Circus, Wisconsin edition)

ATTACK Of the Clown Show zombies
Starring Cyber Ninjas CEO Doug Logan
Headline:  American Oversight, 6/9/2023
The records reveal information about Logan’s early potential involvement in the Wisconsin Assembly’s partisan election review. On Aug. 1, 2021, Bobb, a right-wing media personality and “audit” funder who later joined former President Donald Trump’s legal team, told Logan: “[Michael] Gableman was appointed to oversee an audit in WI. He asked to speak with you. He may call you, FYI.” 
American Oversight previously obtained records indicating that Bobb first put Arizona Senate leaders in touch with Gableman, the lawyer appointed in 2021 to head the Wisconsin Assembly’s partisan investigation of the election. Logan and Bobb remained in contact about the Wisconsin election inquiry in later months, according to other documents we obtained. 
On Aug. 9, Bobb told Logan that “Janel Brandtjen from WI may call you.” State Rep. Brandtjen, a vocal election denier, later reached out to schedule a call with Logan on Aug. 22, according to records we previously obtained.  [emphasis added

Dear Manitowoc shopping mall aficionados, It's too late baby! Best, Retiring Guy

Headline:  Chain Store Age, 6/7/2023

Penney's, the mall's remaining tenant, closed its doors in late 2010.

The mall was demolished in 2015.

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NEXT DOOR ADVENTURES Jean deservedly roasted for her 'shocking' observation


GET ME REWRITE!! You're in for a bad RIDE with Lordstown Motors according to InvestorPlace

Screenshot from 2020 video by Retiring Guy
Headline InvestorPlace, 6/7/2023

Lordstown Motors (RIDE): Foxconn’s pull-out can put an end to the company’s existence.

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Keeping tabs on Foxconn Place in
Eau Claire
Green Bay

Around Town Middleton: 'Low tide' at Tiedeman Pond

Tiedeman is one of Middleton's kettle ponds.

Photos by Retiring Guy

Google Maps

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The Monona side of town.  (12/6)

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February 2018

GET ME REWRITE: Clueless New Hampshire nepo baby legacy politician and Chris Sununu wisely decides not to run for president


New York Times, 6/9/2023
On Thursday evening, Mr. Trump’s rivals immediately faced the uncomfortable choice of joining the chorus of conservatives who quickly rallied behind Mr. Trump, or looking like they weren’t on Team G.O.P. at a moment of heightened tribal politics. Those who did speak came mostly to the defense of the candidate dominating them in the polls.
There's a visual for this group reaction.

As for Sununu's bowing out of the GOP primary race, he never had a chance in the first place, consistently polling at around 1%.

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On the road to CNN's recovery, billionaire cable pioneer John Malone favors authoritarianism over democracy

This is what happens when media executives and their enablers fall down the rabbit hole of false equivalency.

In an interview on CNBC in November 2021, a prominent Warner Bros. Discovery board member, the cable pioneer John Malone, appeared to denigrate CNN and praise Fox News while discussing his own hopes for CNN under the new corporate structure.

Hope he changed his mind.

Democracy Now, 2/20/2023

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Friday, June 9, 2023

Des Moines Register in so many words: Two of the most unflattering candidates in GOP history headline Iowa GOP annual Lincoln Dinner fundraiser

This just in from GOP Zombieville!

What a pair of sad sacks!

According to Merriam-Webster, the first-known use of 'sad sack', as in 'a blundering, inept person' occurred in 1942.

  1. a-hole
  2. cheesed off
  3. golden shower
  4. harrumph
  5. knucklehead
  6. no-no
  7. roll back
  8. toe-to-toe

Thomas Stilwell (1942-2023) Warren High School class of 1960

1960 Dragon yearbook

1967 Warren City Directory

1983 Warren City Directory
  • Stilwell Maurice J & Clara R retired r629 Beech Street
  • Stilwell Thomas A & Carol L; programmer New Process h115 Main Avenue

The popularity of Thomas as a baby name is graphed here.  Let's take a look at great-granddaughter Whitney. 

Social Security  Administration

Whitney debuted in 1962, and after a decade of hesitation, scurried up the chart into the top 100, where it turned out to be a 'hello I must be going' experience.  She took up residence there for just 10 years, peaking at #32 in 1986 and 1987.  She dropped off the chart in 2021. 

Other class of 1960 obituaries (50): 


Roberta Sampson.  (11/14)

Joyce Hawley Brown.  (12/30)
Terrence Henry.  (12/7)

GET ME REWRITE: Spotlight remains on Janel Brandtjen, egregious former chair of Wisconsin Assembly elections committee

Headline:  WUWM, 6/8/2023
Brandtjen has been a vocal supporter of former President Donald Trump’s false claims that the 2020 election was stolen. She used her position on the committee to further those claims. 
For instance, Brandtjen invited testimony from right-wing activists about fraud claims that were refuted by election officials. She staunchly supported former Supreme Court Justice Michael Gabelman’s probe of the 2020 election, which produced no evidence of fraud and cost upwards of $2 million dollars. Brandtjen was removed from the post by GOP Assembly Speaker Robin Vos in December. He said she’s unqualified to have the job.
So why did you appoint her to the position in the first place, Robin?

Janel's trail of election denier Looney Tunes
June 2023

February 2023
Trump rewards slobbering sycophant and fanatical election denier with endorsement in today's 8th Senate District primary.  (2/20/2023)
Democrats educate voters about off-the-charts whackjob Janel Brandtjen. (2/16/2023)

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Anti-Trump group campaigns against "inept, unqualified, ineffective" election denier Janel Brandtjen.  (2/13/2023)

December 2022
Spoiler alert:  GOP Dan Feyen drops out of Wisconsin 8th Senate District primary, hoping to keep 'divisive fringe candidate' Janel Brandtjen from winning.  (12/30)War of words between Janel Brandtjen and Robin Vos continues (chapter two).  (12/28)
War of words between Janel Brandtjen and Robin Vos continues.  (12/23/2022)
2020 election denier queen Janel Brandtjen sez she won't shut up or stop drinking the Trump Kool-Aid.  (12/20)
GOP caucus outcast and election denier Janel Brandtjen running for open State Senate seat.  (12/6)
One-woman election denier Looney Tunes festival doesn't realize she's about to get cancelled.  (12/5)

November 2022
As John Torinus describes it, Wisconsin GOP election denier Kool-Aid Queen Janel Brandtjen went ballistic over three grains of sand in the desert.  (11/23)
Wisconsin GOP election denier Kool-Aid Queen Janel Brandtjen is even too toxic for her own party's caucus.  (11/16)
GOP judge quickly slaps down Wisconsin election denier queen's lawsuit to block military votes.  (11/8)

October 2022

Covid Chronicles. Chapter 52: A Small Reunion

Read chapter 51 here
Photo by Retiring Guy

June 9, 2020 

During the past decade or so, JoAnna has scheduled weekend mini-reunions with her two best friends from high school, Kathy and Jill. Last year the three of them met in Chicago to see a Randy Rainbow concert. Actually, I dropped off JoAnna at the park-and-ride near the Interstate and Kathy drive down from Neenah to pick her up there. Jill drove up from Lexington, Kentucky. Jill hosted the gathering in 2015, and, for a change of pace, the husbands were invited to participate. 

This year’s reunion was planned well in advance, I.e., pre-Covid, as a reprise of 2015 Lexington weekend. Home to the University of Kentucky, the city is one of two islands of blue, the other being Louisville, in a deep red state. It definitely has a Madison vibe. As with all of our other travel plans from mid-March to the present, our Lexington road trip was cancelled. Early in the year, JoAnna and I talked about a two-week ramble that would take us from Middleton to Warren, followed by a ‘blue highways’ meander to Kentucky via Pittsburgh and southeastern Ohio, possibly stopping in the Columbus area to visit friends. Not to be. 

We salvaged a day of togetherness after Lee and Jill decided to get away from home for a week, visiting her mom in Two Rivers and Lee’s sister and her husband in Middleton. As a result, JoAnna and I served as hosts last Saturday, Kathy and Dave driving down from Neenah to join us. It was a lowkey but very enjoyable day, if only for the pleasure of interacting face-to-face with friends. 

Our guests arrived at 11:30. We sat on the patio and talked over a light lunch, then took a midafternoon walk along the Pheasant Branch Creek Corridor on a made-to-order summer day — sunny, mild, low humidity, which also allowed to remain comfortably outdoors all day. Returning to our back yard, we sat in a circle in the shade provided by the evergreens, beverages in hand, and enjoyed a wide-ranging conversation, keeping to positive topics, i.e., leaving Trump on the sidelines, for the most part. With four high school classmates being together – Lee is also a class of ‘81 Two Rivers High School grad -- a lot of reminiscing took place. JoAnna even brought out her high school yearbooks.

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