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Beyond CES 2016: Yamaha RMAX unmanned helicopter

Top Robots for Farmers for 2016.  (EE|Times, 3/29/2016)

Technical details from product brochure

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FAA Approves Yamaha RMAX Drone To Spray Crops In U.S.  (Tech Times, 5/6/2015)

Bottom line:  Doesn't come equipped to shoot at still or moving targets.

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Tennessee bill allows counselors and therapists to discriminate, behave unethically

(a group whose clouded vision has led them to support this bill)

The bill's history is found here

Source:  ACA

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Senate passes bill giving religious protection to therapists.  Nashville Tennessean, 2/17/2016)

Former senator and lobbyist, defendant in 2013 securities fraud lawsuit, Bob Kasten named to Trump's foreign policy team

As quoted in Former GOP Sen. Bob Kasten joins Trump foreign policy team.  (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 4/2/2016)

"I hope that if I stay involved in this campaign....."?

Not exactly a yuuge vote of confidence.

Kasten goes on to say this about Trump. “He’s never run for public office, and I believe that every day he’s learning and getting better. I believe he’s going to able to become a uniter.”

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Incumbent's Personal Life An Issue In Wisconsin's Close Senate Race.  (Philadelphia Inquirer, 10/14/1986)
Since that time, this graduate of Choate prep school and the University of Arizona has been arrested twice, once on a charge of drunken driving in Washington and once for driving on the wrong side of the road in Wisconsin. And he has admitted that in 1977, when he was a congressman representing Milwaukee's poshest suburbs, he did not file federal and state tax returns. 
In 1984, two of his former partners in a real estate syndication were convicted and jailed for masterminding a multimillion-dollar securities fraud, although Kasten was not implicated. 
What's more, during his tenure in the Senate the major components of Wisconsin's economy - agriculture and manufacturing - have worsened and its environment has deteriorated.

As far as I can tell, the Indianapolis Star, Indiana's leading newspaper, has not acknowledged Periods for Pence

But the paper has reported on the bill (HEA 1337) recently signed by Gov. Pence, which provided the impetus for the protest.

On the other hand, other local media have picked up on it, including the FOX News outlet.

Indiana women phone the governor's office to tell him about their periods.  (boingboing, 4/2/2016)
Now that Indiana Governor Mike Pence has signed one of the most extreme anti-abortion laws in the country -- which includes a ban on abortions based on race, sex and disability, requiring abortion doctors to ask invasive personal questions of women seeking to terminate their pregnancies -- women in his state have decided that they will give him the intimate information about their reproductive health that he so obviously craves.

Trump still ragging on Megyn Kelly, still bragging about his ratings prowess


Well, according to TVNewser, the audience for CNN's town hall exceeded The Kelly File by 1,358,000.

In Donald Trump's defense -- painful words to write -- he attracted the biggest audience during his hour, an average of 4,004,000 viewers, of which 1,330,000 were in the coveted 25-54 demographic.   All this means is that the majority of the audience for this 3-hour extravaganza was older than 54, a yawner for advertisers.

A recent history lesson in Republican hypocrisy

The lede, in italics, from New state Republican majority focuses on jobs, economy.  (WEAU, 11/26/2010)

As reported in the same article.

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Dear Chris Rickert, Lack of affordable housing is a popular* problem

*As in "of or relating to the general public".

Madison isn't 'special' in this regard.

When most people hear the words "affordable housing," Paulette Coleman says, they think it means only Section 8 and vouchers — something that applies only to those living in poverty. That is not the case. "What we discovered is that teachers, police officers, hospital workers, hospitality and service industry workers cannot afford to live in Nashville," says Coleman, an AME church leader active in local politics and social justice causes. "Basically, with things being what they are now, a single person has to make, I think, about $50,000 to be able to afford a market-rate apartment in the city."

The Boise Ada County Housing Authority says the problem goes beyond the shortfall in the number of affordable homes, but involves a shortfall in funding as well. "There is not enough funding in our community to support the need," said. Jillian Patterson. The Housing Authority administers $12 million for rental assistance for 2,200 families, but Patterson says the need is much greater.

Here, as in neighborhoods across Houston, gentrification has edged out longtime residents, lured in people who are younger, more affluent and mostly white, and driven up home values and property taxes. It is making neighborhoods like Shady Acres unaffordable not only for working-class folks but - increasingly - for middle-class families like the Beneses.

Civic leaders in Tillamook County and elsewhere on the coast have known for years that housing was a growing problem. But unlike in urban areas, the rural county lacks a dedicated housing agency, coastal development often doesn't pencil out and the cash-strapped county government has the resources for "only the very most basic functions," said Erin Skaar, executive director at the Tillamook nonprofit Community Action Resource Enterprises.

When Scott first arrived he found a one-bedroom house in the Central District neighborhood for $500 a month. In 1999, he started working at Swedish Medical Center as a radiology assistant and moved to a $700-a-month studio apartment not far from the center on First Hill, willing to trade a little extra cost and a little less space for the convenience of walking just a few blocks to work each day. Over the years, his rent started creeping up, as rents tend to do in growing economies. A few years ago, facing down the barrel of a $1,100-a-month studio, Scott decided he could no longer afford the city he loved.

I could go on and on and on.

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Friday, April 1, 2016

Sarah Palin whiffs pinch-hitting for Trump in Milwaukee

You can listen to her nonsense here.


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In Ted Cruz country, Sarah Palin gets tepid response stumping for Donald Trump.  (, 4/1/2016)
Palin opened with a call for unity among the candidates in supporting former Green Bay Packer offensive lineman Jerry Kramer’s induction into the NFL hall of fame, a joke that mostly fell flat. Her free-flowing, seemingly stream-of-consciousness speech from prepared notes criticized crony capitalists on Wall Street for profiting from open borders, free trade and military intervention while regular people suffer.

Where are you now, rock star? Over the hill and far away

Bromance brewing.  Possible VP hookup?  Waiting for a miracle?

When it comes to Twitter, Rep. Kathy Bernier (R-Chippewa Falls) is a one and done twitterer

Part of Wisconsin 2010 Tea Party wave.

Dear Kathy Bernier, If the shoe fits, wear it

A spot-on assessment from Bernier’s 11th Hour Move on Redistricting is Politics at its Worst.  (Katrina Shankland press release, 4/1/2016)

And while you're at it, take up Rep. Shankland on her suggestion to advocate for nonpartisan redistricting reform.

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Donald Trump, 6th grade carnival barker, pleads with Wisconsin voters for their support

Here's a transcription of his latest radio ad, but you'll want to listen to it yourself to get a clear sense of Trump's desperation.

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But in Wisconsin, Scott Walker wants to turn UW into a trade school

Photo credit:

As reported in The Cities on the Sunny Side of the American Economy.  (The New York Times, 3/31/2016)

Meanwhile, on the dark side....

Photo credit:  SCM World

As opined at Scott Walker's Plans For University Of Wisconsin Are Epically Stupid.  (Forbes, 2/22/2015)

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Education Committee chair of Board of Regents of University of Wisconsin System has donated $10,400 to Scott Walker.  (2/5/2016)

Al Ott retires after serving 30 years in Wisconsin Assembly; No word yet from that gasket-blowin' Bob Gannon

As quoted in Rep. Al Ott to retire from state Legislature. (Appleton Post-Crescent, 3/31/2016)

Ott is currently the longest-serving member in the Assembly, first elected in November 1986.

I bring up that first-term, gasket-blowin' Bob Gannon (R-Slinger) because he recently proposed a constitutional amendment to limit service to the Wisconsin State Legislature -- Assembly, Senate, or a combination of the two -- to 12 years.  If these term limits had already been in place 30 years ago, Al Ott would have been sent packing in 1998,

As quoted in the Badger Herald 

To Al Ott, let me offer you my congratulations for your 30 years of dutiful service to your constituents and to the state of Wisconsin.

To Bob Gannon, I find it to be another example of political hypocrisy that, on the one hand, Republicans offer term limit proposals such as yours, but on the other hand proclaim "LET THE PEOPLE DECIDE!" when it comes to the selection of a U.S. Supreme Court justice in a Presidential election year.  

The people of the 3rd Assembly District decided 15 times to have Al Ott represent them in the state legislature.  

So, Bob, I'd be interested to hear how you determine when the rule applies and when it doesn't.

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President Obama's approval rating shows significant improvement in 2016

Line graph created after reading The Great Trump Distortion, by E. J. Dionne.  (Real Clear Politics, 3/31/2016)
The most revealing and underplayed development of the week is Gallup's finding that President Obama's approval rating hit 53 percent (not once, but three times). This was its highest level since April 2013. (April 16th, according to RCP.)  If the people of the United States had lost all confidence in their institutions, the president wouldn't be enjoying such a surge in popularity.

Headline news: The first is likely a product of the second

Wherein the following quote is found.

Just as applicable to Dane County.

Thursday, March 31, 2016

Dear Hattie, When you register for a library card, you accept a certain level of responsibility

But Hattie will have none of it.  And uses a single incident to support her case,

Here's a news report on the incident to which she refers.

Overdue and under arrest! Woman gets JAIL TIME for library books. (FOXNews6, 5/19/2014)
And those 21 overdue, clearly labeled library items must have somehow found their way underneath a couch or some other hiding place.  Oost says she never received anything from the library about the overdue materials. But the library director says that's not likely.

From my vantage point, witnesses missed a 2nd grass terrace (green arrow) in this drunk driving incident

Photo credit:  Middleton Police Department (via CivicPlus)

Photo and arrows by Retiring Guy

The purple arrow points us in the direction of the Nitty Gritty, 1021 N. Gammon Road, the likely scene of the inebriation.

The blue arrow points us to the likely direction taken by Madison resident Mr. Paul after taking this shortcut.

The white arrow designates the proper way to exit.

Full disclosure.  Your roving reporter was disappointed not to find any tire tracks along this area.  The rainbow array of arrows are provided for speculative purposes only.

Trump all but untouchable in New York GOP Presidential primary polls

But like Cruz, unlike Kasich, he'll get thumped in New York in November if he wins the GOP nomination.

Source:  Quinnipiac Poll

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Everybody gets a boost in latest Arizona presidential primary poll.  (3/22/2016)
Chris Christie no favorite son in New Jersey; Donald Trump rules for now.  (11/18/2015)

No change in GOP Presidential race according to Pew Research poll

Percentage points change in average poll numbers during last 2 weeks:
  • 6.4 - Donald Trump
  • 5.0 - Ted Cruz
  • 0.6  - John Kasich

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If I were Donald Trump, I'd be shittin' my britches right about now.  (2/4/2016) 
Once Trump inches above the 40% level, his poll numbers start to recede.  (1/29/2016)
On the other hand, Trump continues to fly high in national Republican Presidential primary polls.  (1/26/2016)
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Nationally, none of the top 4 Republican Presidential candidates is peaking at this time.  (1/11/2016)
Latest FOX News poll has subgroup margins of error that would embarrass the 1962 New York Mets.  (1/8/2016)

Wealthy businessman Paul Nehlen has had it with House Speaker Paul Ryan

As quoted in Businessman Paul Nehlen to challenge Paul Ryan from right in primary.  (Washington Times, 3/28/2016)

Video provided for entertainment purposes only.  (A change of pace for Ray Stevens.)

The song peaked at #28 and spent 7 weeks on the Billboard Hot 100 in August and September of 1968.  His fans wanted novelty, and he obliged them with his next single, "Gitarzan", his first top 10 hit since "Ahab the Arab" (1962).

Rural Wisconsin counties not only losing population but also ability to pay for public education

Column graph originally appeared here.

Budget deficit projected for 2016-17.  (Oconto County Times Herald, 3/30/3016)
It’s unfortunate education has come to this,” he said. 
He said employee morale is “not really good,” because the nonrenewal of longtime co-workers and friends affected the staff deeply. He said students also are affected. 
“In the long run, you’re going to see an effect on the students because you’re going to see much larger class sizes,” he said. 
A reduction in the tech ed department, for example, is one example of the negative effect on students, who in the past have graduated from this program with skills needed for a career or technical school, he said.

Source:  Wikipedia

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In Rhode Island tourism video, some of the uniqueness the state holds is found 2500 miles away

R.I. video with Iceland images released despite Raimondo staffer questions.  Providence Journal, 3/30/3016)
Communications Director Joy Fox and Press Secretary Marie Aberger reviewed the 1 minute, 50 second video last Friday in advance of its Monday release and asked staff working on the new state marketing campaign where in Rhode Island harborside footage of a skateboarder and glass concert hall had been shot, Fox said Wednesday.

And in a follow-up communication, three members of a rebranding committee were assured by this company that the footage in question was taken in Rhode Island, a state that is slightly smaller than Dane County, Wisconsin (1212 sq mi. vs. 1238 sq mi.)  It's not as though there were lots of places to check.

Side by side

Donald Trump on offense, leading the GOP to "the end of something"

Photo credit:  Twitter

As quoted in GOP women pause over giving votes to Donald Trump.  (Boston Globe, 3/30/2016)

Sorry, Donald, lots of women just aren't buying it.