Thursday, February 22, 2024

GET ME REWRITE: With far-right Ottawa Impact wackos in control, litigation shit continues to hit the fan in Ottawa County, Michigan

Photo credits:  Ottawa County
Headline:  mlive, 2/21/2024
According to Hurwitz, Gibbs claims he was confronted by Moss on Monday, Feb. 12, and was “threatened with termination” if Gibbs didn’t voluntarily resign. Hurwitz said Moss’s alleged actions incriminated the county for violations of the Whistleblower Protection Act. Hurwitz claims Moss told Gibbs that “board members want you gone, especially after the letter Butzel sent.” 
The Butzel letter is referring to a letter Gibbs’ former attorney sent the board of commissioners in January, threatening legal action against the county if he is fired. 
Gibbs’ new attorney, Hurwitz, said Gibbs is not voluntarily offering his resignation, but that the offer is “a substantial discount from the damages, costs and attorney fees that arise from litigation.”

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February 2024 
Chris Vander Sys challenges Ottawa Impact whackjob Gretchen Cosby for seat on Michigan's Ottawa County Board.  (2/21)

January 2024


Fair maps: New outlines of Wisconsin State Senate district 9 and Assembly districts 25, 26, and 27 (Sheboygan, Manitowoc)

9th Wisconsin State Senate District
Source:  Dave's Redistricting (identifiers added)
This map needs better color contrast,
which is why Retiring Guy darkened a neighboring district.

 What the former GOP gerrymandered district looked like.

The former maps involved a lot of GOP packing and cheating, i.e. cheating to win elections.

The GOP gerrymandered communities of interest Manitowoc and Two river into separate district.

Like puzzle pieces, the GOP gerrymandered the City of Sheboygan into two halves.

The new Senate and Assembly maps:
SD 1 and AD 1, 2, 3.  (2/20/2024)
SD30 and AD 88, 8i9,90.  (2/21/2024)

Leading up to the process of fair maps


Read all about it district by district

What's the matter with Iowa? Its penchant for gouging the poor

HeadlineDes Moines Register, 2/21/2024
Iowa takes these efforts to the extreme, an investigation by The Marshall Project found. Not only does Iowa impose some of the highest fees in the nation — affecting tens of thousands of people each year — it also charges poor people for legal aid even if they are acquitted or the cases against them are dropped. The practice is “definitely an outlier,” said Lisa Foster, co-executive director of the Fines and Fees Justice Center, an advocacy organization that tracks court debts.

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