Wednesday, November 30, 2022

Dear GOP, This is what happens when you have a clown running your show. Best, Retiring Guy

HeadlineFox News, 11/9/2022

Political life is just a fantasy for Ronna.
Republican National Committee Chair Ronna McDaniel says she feels ‘very good’ about Republicans’ performance in the midterms because they will stop the ‘disastrous’ Biden agenda and ‘wave goodbye’ to Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D) as speaker of the House.

Reality check: 
The Hill, 11/9/2022
“There is a broader issue, and think about this: We have the worst inflation in four decades, the worst collapse in real wages in 40 years, the worst crime wave since the 1990s, the worst border crisis in U.S. history, we have Joe Biden, who is the least popular president since Harry Truman, since presidential polling happened, and there wasn’t a red wave,” Thiessen said. 
“That is a searing indictment of the Republican Party. That is a searing indictment of the message that we have been sending to the voters. They looked at all of that, and looked at the Republican alternative, and said ‘no thanks.'
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Meet the GOP troglodytes of the United States Senate: Rick Scott (Florida)

Marco Rubio, R-Florida.  (11/30/2022)

Meet the GOP troglodytes of the United States Senate: Marco Rubio (Florida)

Quote:  Florida Phoenix, 11/18.2022

Religious liberty?  Just a dog whistle.  Here's a case of Marco Rubio going off the deep and standing up for religious bigotry and discrimination.
“This bill does not protect religious liberty. Nuns running orphanages will find themselves in court if it becomes law. That’s outrageous. No faith-based organization will be immune from the insanity. Christian. Jewish. Muslim. Everyone.

US Senate Hall of Shame
John Boozman, R-Arkansas.  (11/30/2002)
Tom Cotton, R-Arkansas.  (11/30/2022)