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Malls in America: Everything's coming up roses

The Penney's side of West Towne Mall in Madison WI has a forlorn look with its multiple empty storefronts. And it's considered a healthy shopping mall.

Photos by Retiring Guy

Malls have had a rough couple of years during the pandemic, but if you’ve been to one lately you’d never know it. Stores are open and busy, cinnamon buns and pretzels are back, and the food courts are packed with old, familiar sounds and smells. However, it was touch-and-go for a while, not only for the brands that leased space in malls, but also for mall operators and owners. 
A 21-page white paper from covers specific ways some malls have found to thrive in the new normal. According to the report, “After 2 years of isolation and a new, pandemic-induced wave of suburban relocation, malls’ potential to bring people together is more prized than ever.”

And this large space is temporarily occupied by a Halloween store.

Maybe Von Maur's fall 2022 opening will help to revitalize this section of the mall.

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Snapshot in TIme: Main Street, Oshkosh, Wisconsin, Friday, November 19, 2021, at 12: 18 p.m.


Photo by Retiring Guy

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Frederiksholms Canal, Copenhagen, Denmark.  (9/23/2022)

GET ME REWRITE: It makes perfect sense that the president and CEO of Indiana Right to Life is an old white man


HeadlineWashington Post, 9/15/2022
“We view this as a major moment for life in Indiana,” said Mike Fichter, CEO of the nonprofit Indianapolis-based Indiana Right to Life[Mothers not included.]
Fichter said his group worked to remove rape, incest and fetal anomaly exceptions from the law. But, he added, “We’ll take the gains we have now but we’re committed to moving forward to ensure all life is protected.”  [emphasis added]

Madison area Bed Bath and Beyond stores survive the cut


Photo by Retiring Guy

USA Today, 9/15/2022
Last month, the home goods retailer announced a strategic and business update as sales continue to trend lower, which includes focusing more on national brands and push its new customer loyalty program to help bring in more customers. 
The plan also includes cutting about 20% of jobs and closing 150 locations. 
“There’s still an incredible degree of love for Bed Bath & Beyond," Mara Sirhal, the newly named brand president of Bed Bath & Beyond, told industry analysts Wednesday. “We must get back to our rightful place as the home-category destination, and our goal is to achieve this by leading with the products and brands our customers want.” 

Jeffrey Stalder (1951-2022) Warren Area High School class of 1969

1968 Dragon yearbook

1967 Warren City Directory

    1983 Warren City Directory  

      The popularity of Jeffrey as a baby name is graphed here.  Let's take a look a Glenda.

      Bailey debuted in 1983 and quickly made her way into the top 200, where she still resides.  She peaked at #60 in 1998,

      Other class of 1969 obituaries (8):
      Charles Mintzer.  (9/23)
      Donald Gregerson.   (7/25)
      Charles Moylan.  (1/15/)
      Perry Spencer.  (1/14)

      Antonio Scalise.  (11/17)

      Marya Yurick.  (12/3)

      Gullilble's Travels: Tim Michaels Clown Show has a bridge for sale


      Postcard:  Retiring Guy's collection
      The reversal comes seven weeks before voters go to the polls to choose between Michels and Evers and as statewide polling show the vast majority of Wisconsinites support legal abortions for women who become pregnant after being raped or as a result of incest. 
      "Yes, I would sign that bill," Michels told O'Donnell. "And let me say a couple of things about that. I am pro-life and make no apologies for that. But I also understand that this is a representative democracy. And if the people — in this case, the legislature — brought a bill before me, as you just stated, I would sign that."
      This statement demonstrates how little respect Michels has for the voters of Wisconsin, how stupid he thinks we are.

      With the GOP having a 21-12 advantage in the State Senate and a 57-38 advantage in the State Assembly, Republicans will remain in control of the Wisconsin State Legislature in the next biennium.  And they will NEVER bring forward a bill that will support legal abortions for women who become pregnant after being raped or as a result of incest.   NEVER!

      Don't be hornswoggled by this carpetbagger! (sense 2)

      Friday, September 23, 2022

      GET ME REWRITE: 203 GOP House members side with the insurrerctionsits, vote against Presdential Election Reform Act


      Top headline:  NPR, 9/21/2022
      Bottom headlineSalon, 9/22/2022

      Nine Republicans voted 'aye'.  Of this group, four lost a primary election:  Liz Cheney, Jamie Herrera Beutler, Peter Meijer, and Tom Rice.  Five decided not to run for re-election:  Anthony Gonzales, Chris Jacobs, John Katko, Adam Kinzinger, and Fred Upton.

      In other words, all 9 were hounded out of the Party of Trump.

      Snapshot in Time: Saturday, September 10, 2022., 10: 15 p.m.

      Photo by Retiring Guy

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      Survey says: The GOP perverts the message of Christianity


      Top:  FiveThirtyEight, 9/23/2022
      Bottom:  Common Dreams, 9/21/2022

      Dear Jonathan, With two exceptions, voters in Antrim County have always been eager to vote Republican. Best, Retiring Guy


      "The economy" has nothing to do with it.  It's just how they're wired up there.  Much the same as where I grew up in Warren PA.


      Bridge Michigan, 9/22/2022

      Charles Mintzer (1951-2022) Warren Area High School class of 1969

      1968 Dragon yearbook

      1967 Warren City Directory

      • Mintzer James (Marjorie) 32 Pine Boulvard North Warren

        1983 Warren City Directory  

          The popularity of Charles as a baby name is graphed here.  Let's take a look a Glenda.

          Glenda spent 79 years on the baby names chart.  Her best run occurred during the 1940s and early 1950s when she spent 12 years in the top 100, peaking at #79 in 1944.  

          Other class of 1969 obituaries (8):
          Donald Gregerson.   (7/25)
          Charles Moylan.  (1/15/)
          Perry Spencer.  (1/14)

          Antonio Scalise.  (11/17)

          Marya Yurick.  (12/3)

          Thursday, September 22, 2022

          Snapshot in time: State Street, Madison, Wisconsin, Wednesday, July 13, 2022, at 2:06 p.m.


          Wisconsin 2022 elections: Who's running in the 23rd Assembly District


          The GOP gerrymandered 23rd Assembly includes a northeastern squiggle of Milwaukee County and the southeastern corner of Ozaukee County.

          Current representative Deb Andraca has represented the district since January 2021.

          :  Ballotpedia

          Andraca flipped the 23rd District from red to blue in 2020.

          Source:  Ballotpedia

          Other "Who's Running" posts:
          1st Assembly.  (8/10/2022 update)
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          32nd Assembly.  (6/16/2022)
          45th Assembly.  (6/18/2022)
          46th Assembly.  (8/25/2022)
          52nd Assembly.  (6/19/2022)
          59th Assembly.  (6/19/2022)
          60th Assembly.  (6/21/2022)
          61st Assembly  (6/21/2022)
          68th Assembly.  (8/11/2022 update)
          71st Assembly.  (6/23/2022)
          73rd Assembly.  (6/28/2022)
          74th Assembly.  (6/29/2022)
          79th Assembly.  (7/13/2022)
          80th Assembly.  (7/14/2022)
          81st Assembly.  (7/15/2022)
          84th Assembly.  (7/16/2022)
          87th Assembly.  (7/18/2022)
          92nd Assembly.  (7/19/2022)
          96th Assembly.  (7/25/2022)

          5th Senate.  (7/26/2022)
          7th Senate.  (7/28/2022)
          9th Senate.  (7/30/2022)
          19th Senate.  (7/31/2022)
          29th Senate.  (8/10/2022 update)

          Running unopposed.  (8/23/2022)

          GET ME REWRITE: Trump went judge shopping and ended up with another clown show


          Aileen Cannon will go down in judicial history as a laughingstock.

          Top:  The Daily Beast, 9/6/2022
          Middle: Washington Post,  9/21/2022
          Bottom: Washington Post, 9/22/2022
          The lower court “abused its discretion in exercising jurisdiction ... as it concerns the classified documents,” the panel wrote in a 29-page opinion. Two judges on the panel were appointed by Trump; the third was appointed by President Barack Obama. 
          A Trump spokesman did not immediately respond to a request for comment. In an interview Wednesday with Fox News that was recorded before the appeals court issued its ruling, Trump claimed he had declassified the documents, and he suggested there would not have to be any written record of such an action.

          GET ME REWRITE: Meet the unregenerate GOP transphobes of the U.S. House


          Portrait gallery includes only those named in the article.

          HeadlineVirginia Mercury, 9/20/2022
          “How on earth can this be happening in America? It’s hard to even understand,” said Georgia Republican Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, the main sponsor of the bill, referring to gender-affirming medical treatments sometimes used by transgender and nonbinary people, including minors. 
          The group touted the bill’s 37 GOP co-sponsors in the House, though that number is less than 10% of the chamber’s members, far short of the backing it would need to move on to the U.S. Senate even if Republicans take control of the House. 
          Greene’s office said the co-sponsors include Bob Good of Virginia; Jim Banks of Indiana; Matt Gaetz, Byron Donalds and Greg Steube of Florida; Clay Higgins of Louisiana; Andrew Clyde and Barry Loudermilk of Georgia; Diana Harshbarger and Chuck Fleischmann of Tennessee; Paul Gosar of Arizona; Lauren Boebert and Doug Lamborn of Colorado; Glenn Grothman of Wisconsin; Madison Cawthorn of North Carolina; Jeff Van Drew of New Jersey; Fred Keller, Dan Meuser and Guy Reschenthaler of Pennsylvania; Matt Rosendale of Montana; Vicky Hartzler of Missouri; and Tracey Mann of Kansas. 
          State actions 
          Conservative Republicans across the country have been seizing on the issue of gender-affirming care for transgender youth and attempting to limit it. According to the Kaiser Family Foundation, “numerous states have implemented or considered actions aimed at limiting LGBTQ+ youth access to gender-affirming health care,” and some have enacted restrictions. The foundation says that 15 states in 2022 are considering 25 similar bills. 
          Numerous medical organizations, including the American Academy of Family Physicians, American Psychiatric Association, American Academy of Pediatrics, American College of Physicians, American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists and American Osteopathic Association have voiced opposition to laws restricting gender-affirming care.

          GET ME REWRITE: GOP raises another glass of Trump Kool-Aid in support of TGF treason


          Cult of personality

          Headline:  U.S. News and World Report, 9/21/2022

          Shogan, a political scientist, told the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee that she has not been briefed on the details of the investigation. “So I osh have no information about those decisions or the sequence of events,” Shogan said. With a long work career at workplaces such as the Congressional Research Service, the Library of Congress and White House Historical Association, she sought to assure senators of her nonpartisan credentials.   
          Her path to confirmation, a once-sleepy process, has become complicated as the GOP demands more information about the FBI search last month at Trump's Mar-a-Lago resort. Political Cartoons View All 669 Images 
          “We are living through the political weaponization of the National Archives, the political weaponization of the Department of Justice, the political weaponization of the FBI,” said Sen. Josh Hawley, R-Mo.

          Josh Hawley?  That is truly scraping the bottom of the barrel for a quote.

          Bonnie Emerson Loebelenz (1942-2022) Warren High School class of 1960

          Dragon yearbook

          Source:  Peterson Blick Funeral Home

          1967 Warren City Directory

          1983 Warren City Directory

          The popularity of Bonnie as a baby name is graphed here.  Let's take a look at classmate Marcy. 

          Social Security  Administration

          Marcy spent 46 years on the baby names chart, the majority of them in the 300-400 range.  She peaked at #256 in 1971. 

          Other class of 1960 obituaries (43): 

          Roberta Sampson.  (11/14)

          Joyce Hawley Brown.  (12/30)
          Terrence Henry.  (12/7)

          GET ME REWRITE: These 5 guys from Wisconsin vote against preserving our democracy


          Headline:  Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 9/21/2022
          "Changing the electoral certification and objection process is a solution in search of a problem," said Wisconsin Republican Rep. Tom Tiffany, who along with Rep. Scott Fitzgerald objected to certifying Joe Biden's victory in Arizona and Pennsylvania when Congress reconvened after certification was disrupted by the insurrection at the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6, 2021. 
          "The process wasn't broken after the 2000 election; it wasn't broken after the 2004 election; it wasn't broken after the 2016 election; it wasn't broken after the 2020 election; and it isn't broken now," Tiffany said.
          Related seriess:
          Wisconsin's 5 GOP House members -- Scott Fitzgerald, Tom Tiffany, Mike Gallagher, Bryan Steil, and Glenn Grothman -- just say no. Again.  (7/21/2022)

          Wednesday, September 21, 2022

          Yahara Commons, Monona, Wisconsin: September 2022 site visit

          Photos by Retiring Guy

          3/5/2022 update starts here

          Screenshots and video by Retiring Guy


          10/30/2021 update starts here

          Photos and video by Retiring Guy

          3/20/2021 update starts here

          Photos and video by Retiring Guy

          11/20/2020 update starts here

          Photos and videos by Retiring Guy

          9/6/2020 update starts here

          Looking to the northwest from the edge of the parking lot
          Photos and video by Retiring Guy

          Along the Yahara River

          From the West Broadway Yahara River bridge

          From the Bridge Street Yahara River bridge

          Final phase gets underway

          Related reading:
          Developer to start final phase of $36 million-plus riverfront project in Monona.  (Wisconsin State Journal, 6/29/2020)
          The Galway Cos. has secured final approvals and will begin construction next month on a five-story building with 145 apartments, rooftop pool and terrace, and two levels of underground parking with 283 spaces that will be shared with the city to serve a 0.6-acre park that’s part of the city’s contribution to the overall, three-phase redevelopment. 
          The 7.4-acre site is bounded by Bridge Road, West Broadway and the Yahara River.

          2/8/2020 update starts here

          Photos and videos by Retiring Guy

          559-square-foot, $995/month studio

          11/27/2019 update starts here

          Photos and videos by Retiring Guy

          9/8/2019 update starts here.

          716-square-foot 1-bedroom unit

          7/23/2019 update starts here.

          Photos and videos by Retiring Guy

          6/1/2019 update starts here.

          Photos by Retiring Guy

          360-degree view of 2-bedroom apartment

          4/25/2019 update starts here.

          4/8/2019 update starts here.

          Photos by Retiring Guy

          1/3/2019 update starts here.

          Photos by Retiring Guy

          11/15/2018 update starts here

          Video and photo by Retiring Guy

          10/16/2018 update starts here.

          Photos by Retiring Guy

          The 3 phases of the Yahara Commons development.  (Monona East Side Business Alliance)

          Building features include: 
          • 96 residential apartments 
            • 21% Studio
            • 54% 1 BR
            • 25% 2 BR
            • Residential club room, fitness room, and rooftop patio 
          • 24,050 s.f of commercial space at the 1st Foor (Broadway level) 
          • 3,800 s.f. commercial space (intended for special events) at the public park level 
          • 3,000 s.f. park building, leased back to city for public restrooms, park maintenance storage, and a multi-purpose room that could function as a concession stand, ice skate rental, etc. 
          • 178 Indoor parking spaces 
          • 88 Surface parking spaces + 14 street parking spaces
          • Architectural entrance monument and signage at the new Broadway entrance.

          8/12/2018 update starts here.

          From the Yahara River Bridge on West Broadway
          Photos by Retiring Guy

          Near the intersection of West Broadway and Bridge Street

          From across West Broadway

          From the Yahara River Bridge on Bridge Street

          From Winnequah and Pirate Island roads

          Yahara CommonsRiverfront RedevelopmentMaster Plan.  (Galway Companies)

          6/4/2018 update, "Early June progress report", starts here.

          Photo by Retiring Guy

          4/11/2018 update, "Excavation and foundation work underway", starts here.

          View over the fence from West Broadway

          From the West Broadway bridge over the Yahara River

          From Winnequah and Pirate Island roads

          Video and photos by Retiring Guy

          3/22/2018 update, "Drive-by on a sunny afternoon", starts here.

          3/9/2018 update, "Chase Bank demolition is done", starts here.

          View from Yahara River bridge
          Photos by Retiring Guy

          Panoramic view of site

          2/14/2018 update, "Demolition of former Chase Bank building at Yahara Commons redevelopment site", starts here.

          Question:  Where does all that demolition material go?


          1/30/2018 update, "Site preparation still underway at Yahara Common redevelopment in Monona", starts here.


          Original 11/14/2017 post, "Demolition of buildings underway at Yahara Commons redevelopment in Monona", starts here.

          The view from Broadway

          Photos by Retiring Guy

          The view from behind the building at right in above photo

          Major riverfront redevelopment in Monona to begin construction this year.  (Capital Times, 7/26/2017)
          The project, known as Yahara Commons, will ultimately create 26,000 square feet of commercial space, 33,000 square feet of office space, a public park and over 230 residential units between West Broadway and Bridge Road along the Yahara River, south of Lake Monona.

          Videos by Retiring Guy