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John Smith (1937-2015) Warren High School Class of 1956


1956 Dragon yearbook

1967 Warren City Directory
1983 Warren City Directory

The #1 song in January 1956.

Other members of the class of '56:
Donald Burgeson.  (3/9/2015)
Diane McChesney Kondak.  (2/15/2015)

No more snarls for Louise while enjoying the Palm Beach moonlight

Lake Worth, Fla.  Jan 21, 1954 at 5 PM 

Sent to: 
Mr. & Mrs. Frank Cooley
6 Elwell St.
Seneca Falls, NY

We all enjoyed your letter very much & also the news therein.  It's wonderfully warm here & I'm really thawed out for once.  Had my hair cut this noon and fell better not to have it full of snarls as it was for 2 days with the wind & salt in it.  Love Louise & Jim

You'll find a photo of Frank here.

Rick Perry's announcement: Not front page news

Page A8 of the print edition of the Wisconsin State Journal.

Page 13 in the print edition of the New York Times.

Perry leaves us with a cumulative 0.8% in national polls, good enough for 13th place.

Rick Perry Meets His Alamo.  Gail Collins weighs in.

Library bummer of the day: Monday, September 7, 2015

Los Angeles Public Library

Demographic profile of the San Fernando Valley LA neighborhood of North Hills.

Related article, probably more pertinent to LA's older neighborhoods:
L.A.'s aging water pipes; a $1 billion dilemma.  (Los Angeles Times, 2/16/2015)
About one-fifth of the city's water pipes were installed before 1931 and nearly all will reach the end of their useful lives in the next 15 years. They are responsible for close to half of all water main leaks, and replacing them is a looming, $1-billion problem for the city.

Mapping All the Water Main Leaks Across Los Angeles.   (Curbed Los Angeles, 2/17/2015)

Scott Walker and the company he keeps: Rush Limbaugh

Photo credits:  State of Wisconsin, Wikipedia

From the 2/2/2015 transcript of The Base Likes Scott Walker Because He Fights BackThe Rush Limbaugh Show.
So Scott Walker's doing it, and he is running away, and these clowns on our side don't even understand it yet. Stop and think. Here's a guy that's won three elections in four years in a blue state. He has neutered the employees union, teachers union. He's got the support of the majority of people in Wisconsin. You would think at Republican headquarters and consultant headquarters they would be eager to find out how he's done it. But instead he's looked as somebody that might upset the applecart. It's gonna boil down to how much money he can get from the donor class.   

As quoted in In eastern Iowa, Walker says he is the most feared GOP candidate.  (Des Moines Register, 9/11/2015)

The company Scott Walker keeps:
Jan Mickelson.  (8/21/2015)
Scott Walker goes where the money -- and the Koch Brothers -- are.  (8/2/2015) 
Diane Hendricks adds a zero on her latest check to Scott Walker.  (8/1/2015
Dear Scott Walker: Regarding the company you keep, I think it's time for all of us to watch this Diane Hendricks video once again
The company he keeps: Scott Walker is one of 9 Presidential candidates attending the July 18th Family Leadership Summit in Ames, Iowa.  (7/14/2015)
The company he keeps: Scott Walker receives high praise from Rep. Tom Cole, R-OK.  (5/19/2015)
The company he keeps: Scott Walker to pal around with Steve King in Iowa on January 24.  (1/9/2015)
Getting to know Scott Walker by the company he keeps.  (2/20/2014)

What he said: Scott Walker, Presidential candidate

Photo credit:  Twitter

As quoted in Scott Walker's time: The governor is running for president. Can he win?  (, 3/25/2015)

I suspect that more has happened in the past 5+ months that Brian anticipated.

Scott Walker's not-so-steady poll numbers since mid-July.

Friday, September 11, 2015

Scott Walker's rebooted campaign theme: Yesterday's news

Scott Walker would put federal workers at center of his showdown with unions.  (, 9/11/2015)
After seeing his support tumble in recent presidential polls, Walker sought a favorable contrast with his GOP rivals by emphasizing his contention that he has a more detailed plan for the presidency. 
That plan, Walker said, involves bringing the same upheaval to the nation’s capital that he brought to Wisconsin’s.  [emphasis added]
 We’ve got a plan to wreak havoc on Washington, and our plan starts on day one,” Walker told a crowd of more than 150.

Photo by Retiring Guy

Scott Walker tumbles to 10th place in latest Iowa caucus poll

Less than 2 months ago, he was solidly positioned in 1st place.  His average poll numbers put him in 5th place.

(Oops!  I see I neglected to include John Kasich, also at 5%, on the above graph.  Not worth the do-over.)

The behinders in the 8/27-9/8 Quinnipiac University poll:
  • 4% - Rand Paul, Mike Huckabee
  • 3% - Scott Walker
  • 2% - Bobby Jindal
  • 1% - Chris Christie, Rick Santorum, Rick Perry, Lindsey Graham
Other stuff:
  • Walker polled at 18% in the July 1st Quinnipiac poll
  • Walker ranks 4th in net favorability rating

Not likely to be hot tickets in Iowa this weekend.  (Walker resumes his 'full Grassley', i.e., visits to all 99 Iowa counties.)

More campaign news from Iowa: 
Scott Walker reduced to fighting for Trump's and Carson's crumbs in Iowa.  (9/6/2015)
Will Walker's Presidential campaign survive until then?  (9/4/2015)
I gotta tell ya, Jamie, Rick Perry is nowhere near the battlefield.  (9/2/2015)
Rick Santorum's quixotic quest for an Iowa caucus victory.  (9/2/2015)
Dear Jeff, You might want to talk with Luther Olsen about Scott Walker.  (8/22/2015)
The Iowa bloom is definitely off the Walker rose.  (8/13/2015)
Dear Kathie Obradovich, the Rick Perry and Bobby Jindal study halls are over.  (8/11/2015)
Jeb Bush joins the "Behinders" in latest Iowa poll.  (8/11/2015)
Once again, Trump bests Walker in Iowa.  (8/10/2015)
Donald Trump leapfrogs over Scott Walker to take huge lead in Iowa
.  (8/3/2015) 
Donald Trump threatens Scott Walker's lead in Iowa.  (7/27/2015)
Scott Walker treads water in Iowa Republican presidential caucus polls.  (7/11/2015)
Donald Trump places 2nd, behind Scott Walker, in latest Iowa Republican caucus poll.  (7/1/2015)
Scott Walker maintains lead in Iowa Republican presidential caucus polling.  (6/15/2015) 
Likely Iowa Republican caucus-goers are still groovin' on Scott Walker -- but not nearly as much as they were in February.  (6/4/2015)
Scott Walker finishes 1st in latest Iowa poll, but his best numbers are more than 3 months behind him.  (5/31/2015)
Rick Santorum: You ain't goin' nowhere in this presidential race.  (5/28/2015)
Kristina, 27, like the idea of Donald Trump running for President.  (5/23/2015)
Will the results of the August 2015 Iowa straw poll embarrass Republicans again?  (5/21/2015)
The Iowa straw poll, a slow death by many small cuts.  (5/21/2015)
Dreamboat Dixie channels Heart.  (5/17/2015)
Hey, Tanya, if you like Carly Fiorina, you'll love Scott Walker.  (5/17/2015)
Walt Rogers hitches his star to a political flameout.  (5/17/2015)
This Saturday, Republican presidential "wannabes" descend on Des Moines for "the fourth major, multi-candidate cattle call of the caucus campaign".  (5/14/2015) 
Jeb hurts Iowans' feelings.  (5/13/2015)
Pandering to social conservatives, Scott Walker and his buddies continue to box themselves into a corner.  (4/26/2015)
Let the intramural sniping begin.  (4/26/2015)
Reporter shares his sharp, blunt, candid assessment.  (4/26/2015)
'Veteran Republican Strategist' sez goodbye to Scott Walker the day after 'hello'. (3/18/2015)
Clothes make the man: The Iowa Caucus edition.  (3/18/2015)
Liz Mair stars in Scott Walker's 'Les Miz'.  (3/17/2015)
Motor runnin', Scott Walker gives a shout-out to these Iowa communities.  (3/9/2015)
Scott Walker serves up a helping of red meat to audience at Iowa Agriculture Summit.  (3/8/2015)
The insignificance of the Iowa caucus.  (3/7/2015)
Scott Walker is already booked, naturally, for the last weekend in April.  (3/3/2015)
Quinnipiac poll: Scott Walker is the Tea Party favorite among likely caucus-goers in Iowa.  (2/26/2015)
Mike Huckabee retakes Iowa lead, Walker falls to 3rd in NBC News/Marist poll.  (2/17/2015)

The fact-challenged Senator Frank Lasee

A month after Kewaunee, another nuclear plant shutters. (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 6/8/2013)
By all accounts, Kewaunee was performing well and was prepared to operate another 20 years after the Nuclear Regulatory Commission renewed its license several years ago. 
What doomed Kewaunee was the low price of natural gas in the wholesale power market, just at the time the Wisconsin utilities that bought power from Kewaunee were in negotiations to renew long-term power purchase deals. Both utilities are turning instead to natural gas power plants.

Kewaunee closing makes Wisconsin's task to meet EPA rules tougher.  (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 6/15/2014)
In laying out how states could pursue emission reduction strategies, the EPA stressed flexibility, Meier said. The agency also set a less difficult target to reach for those states that rely most heavily on coal. Wisconsin's goal was the 15th most lenient in the country, he said.

Thursday, September 10, 2015

CNN/ORC poll gives Scott Walker a pity-pat, lifts him out of behinder bin

Carly Fiorina and John have to be concerned.  Her kids' table Carly Fiorina has to be concerned.  Her kids' table boost is dissipating.

The behinders in the 9/4-8 CNN/ORC poll:

  • 3% - Marco Rubio, Carly Fiorina, Rand Paul
  • 2% - John Kasich, Chris Christie
  • 1% - Rick Santorum, Bobby Jindal, Lindsey Graham
  • 0% - Rick Perry

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Trump continues to ebb, Fiorina surges in latest national Republican Presidential primary poll.  (8/12/2015)
Running up to Thursday's FOX News GOP debate, Donald Trump continues to run the poll table.  (8/4/2015)
A hot bat: Donald Trump goes 10 for 11 in July.  (8/3/2015) 
Another day, another 1st place poll finish for Donald Trump (9 and counting).  (8/3/2015)
Donald Trump continues to run the poll table: 8 in a row.  (8/2/2015)
Trump wins 6th national poll in a row.  (7/30/2015)
In his last 5 'starts', Donald Trump is 5-0 in national Republican presidential polling.  (7/27/2015)
Trump wins 4th national poll in a row; Walker closes gap.  (7/23/2015) 
Trump takes his 3rd national poll in a row.  (7/20/2015)
Donald Trump takes 1st place in consecutive national polls.  (7/17/2015)
On day 2 of Scott Walker's presidential campaign, a just-released Suffolk University/USA Today poll has Donald Trump in 1st place.  (7/14/2015)
Monmouth University poll casts a pall over Scott Walker's presidential candidacy announcement.  (7/13/2015)
Scott Walker leads in Iowa Republican presidential polling, but nationally it's a different story.  (7/1/2015)
Republicans' 2016 Presidential primary preferences look like a bunch of scribbles when graphed.  (6/22/2015)
Has anyone else noticed that Scott Walker peaked 2 months ago in New Hampshire? (6/14/2015)
Same as it ever was, pretty much, in latest Fox News poll.  (6/3/2015)
The latest CNN/ORC Republican presidential primary poll likes the Florida boys.  (6/2/2015) 
5-way tie in latest Quinnipiac Republican presidential primary poll.  (5/28/2015)
Republican presidential candidates find little elbow room in latest Fox News poll.  (5/16/2015)
Latest Public Policy Polling (PPP) numbers keep Republican candidates in a jumble.  (5/14/2015)
The Florida Boys leave Scott Walker in "show" position in latest Republican presidential horse race poll.  (5/5/2015)
Tracking the national Republican presidential primary polls.  (4/3/2015)
Scott Walker tied for 2nd with 'Dunno' in latest CNN/ORC poll. (3/19/2015)
Don't know/no answer/somebody else/won't vote leads latest Quinnipiac Republican Presidential primary poll.  (3/6/2015)
Someone else/no one, Ben Carson have best 1-2 punch in Public Policy poll.  (2/24/2015)
On the merry-go-round: Mike Huckabee takes the lead in the latest Republican Presidential preference poll.  (2/18/2015)

Scott Walker's 'punchier tone': As in punch-drunk

Photo credit:  Daily Kos
Definition provided by Merriam-Webster

Channeling Reagan, Walker Adopts Punchier Tone To Re-Energize Campaign.  (Wisconsin Public Radio, 9/10/2015)

Stuck in February 2011
Walker said he did the same thing when he changed Wisconsin’s collective bargaining laws early in his first term as governor. He promised similar action with federal employees if he becomes president.

Judge Richard Diment and his "debtors' prison" cases

A Surreptitious Courtroom Video Prompts Changes in a Georgia Town.  (The New York Times, 9/4/2015)
“You can pay what you have, you can call whoever you need to call, go to an A.T.M. if you need to, do what you need to do,” Judge Richard A. Diment of Bowdon Municipal Court said to one defendant. “Call friends, call family, call your employer. But until you get $300 here tonight, you won’t be able to leave.” The defendant said she had recently begun working at a supermarket and had $150 with her. 
To another defendant, a man who said he had been unemployed for two years and received food stamps, Judge Diment said: “You’re going to have to figure out a way to get this paid, do you understand me? Or you’re going to go to jail. One or the other. You understand?”

Related reading:
Debtors' Prisons.  (Southern Center for Human Rights)
Ending Modern-day Debtors' Prisons.  (American Civil Liberties Union)
Locked Up for Being Poor.  How private debt collectors contribute to a cycle of jail, unemployment, and poverty.  (The Atlantic, 2/25/2015)

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Scott Walker: "There is no such thing as a hypothetical."

As quoted in Scott Walker Finds Secret Cheat Code That Allows Him to Avoid All Campaign Questions.   (New York, 9/8/2015)

On the other hand, Walker spokesperson AshLee Strong doesn't hesitate to talk about hypotheticals.

Here's her email response to TCM as to where Scott Walker stands on Kim Davis.
"Gov. Walker has always believed marriage is between one man and one woman and has consistently said that states should have the right to define marriage under the Constitution. As president, he will enforce the law, which means also protecting the religious liberty of all Americans."  [emphasis added]

Less than a month ago, she outlined 'President Walker's' general economic plan.
"If he were elected president, Governor Walker would work to lower the tax burden, improve take-home pay, and make tax levels competitive for job creators, all with the goal of returning growth to the American economy."  [emphasis added]

And Scott Walker himself has been more than happy to talk hypothetically on occasion.  

Here's as 'as president; statement from a recent Hot Air op-ed piece.
We need to change the tone in America from chants and rallies that fixate on racial division and instead follow the example of the families of the victims of the Charleston shooting, who showed us the best path forward is through unity. As president, that's what I'm going to do to make us a united America once again."  [emphasis added]

In announcing his run for President on July 13, 2015, Walker made it clear what he would do on his first day in the White House.
(1)  We need a President who – on the first day in office – will call on Congress to pass a full repeal of ObamaCare.
(2)  We need a President who will approve the Keystone pipeline on the very first day in office and then seek to level the playing field for all sources of energy.

Just last week, he added another task to his 1st day in office to-do list.
"If you want a president who is going to wait some time even though they know something is wrong today, then he's probably your candidate.  f you want someone who knows today it's a bad deal and is not gonna wait until the folks in Washington tell you it's alright and, who is going to do what’s right immediately on the very first day in office [tearing up the agreement with Iran], then I'm your candidate." 

But, no, he can't possibly address the refugee crisis.

Scott Walker shocks political world with vague statement from spokesperson on Kim Davis

As reported in Where The GOP Candidates Stand On The Defiant Kentucky Clerk.  (TPM, 9/3/2015)

Now in 4th place in Iowa caucus polls, Scott Walker resumes his 99-county tour

Scott Walker back in Iowa for 3 days.  (Des Moines Register, 9/9/2015)

A swing through eastern and central Iowa.

Decker Hotel, Maquoketa

Maquoketa is the county seat of Jackson County.

Jackson County population:
  • 1900 - 23,615 (peak)
  • 2010 - 19,848
A 16.0% decline.

Campbell Farm, Grand Mound

Grand Mound is located in Clinton County.

Clinton County population:
  • 1980 - 57,112 (peak)
  • 2010 - 49,116
A 14.0% decline.

Tipton Family Restaurant, Tipton

Tipton is the county seat of Cedar County.

Cedar County population:
  • 1870 - 19,731 (peak)
  • 2010 - 18,499
A 6/2% decline.

Grundy Center Community Center, Grundy

Grundy Center is located in Grundy County.

Grundy County population:
  • 1920 - 14,420 (peak)
  • 2010 - 12,453
A 13.6% decline.

Jack Trice Stadium, Ames

Ames is the largest city in Story County.

Story County population:
  • 2010 - 89,542 (peak)

Buttermilk Cafe, Independence

Independence is the county seat of Buchanan County.

Buchanan County population:
  • 1980 - 22,900 (peak)
  • 2010 - 20,958
A 8.5% decline.

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Wednesday, September 9, 2015

This Day in Photos (Wednesday, September 9, 2015)

Semi-annual teeth cleaning.  (The view from the chair.)

Three panoramic views on the walk home.
Wexford Prairie Recreation Area

Stricker's Pond

Tiedeman's Pond

Uh-oh.  Willy Street is out of our favorite flavor of coffee bean.

The sun is too low in the sky for a 'Now' Lorraine Hotel photo


Welcome to the 21st-century version of the Automat

Don't expect to find Audrey Meadows on the other side of the cubby.

Restaurant of the Future? Service With an Impersonal Touch. (The New York Times, 9/8/2015)
Cutting costs in restaurants is nothing new, of course. Eatsa brings to mind automats, the waiter-less restaurants that are a cross between a cafeteria and a vending machine. They are still found in Japan and some parts of Europe. (The last Horn & Hardart automat, in New York, closed in 1991.) Mr. Friedberg says Eatsa goes well beyond that, by using software and supply chain innovation to fundamentally change how a restaurant runs.

A 788-word obituary in the New York Times? Not bad for someone we haven't heard from since 1970

Judy Carne, ‘Sock It to Me’ Girl on ‘Laugh-In,’ Dies at 76.  (The New York Times, 9/7/2015)
Ms. Carne left “Laugh-In” in 1970. [The show ran until 1973.)  The sock-it-to-me label had become trying to live with, she said; people would douse her with water on the street. 
That year she starred in a Broadway revival of the musical “The Boy Friend,” but her life began spiraling out of control as a drug habit grew worse. She was arrested several times, and as a result she wasn’t being cast as readily as she had been, and her nightclub bookings dried up.

IMDB filmography.

The not so sweet but still Divine Lorraine Hotel

A ‘Billboard of Blight’ in Philadelphia Acts as a Catalyst for a Revival.  (The New York Times, 9/8/2015)
The project is the latest chapter in the life of the building, which was completed in 1894. One of Philadelphia’s first high-rises, it was once home to residents made wealthy by Philadelphia’s manufacturing boom of the early 20th century. 
It later became the city’s first racially integrated hotel under the ownership of the eponymous Father Jealous Divine, an African-American spiritual leader who bought the property in 1948. The building was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 2002 but then gutted by the last owner, leaving the bare brick and timbers that are visible inside today.

Also of interest:
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Divine Lorraine Hotel.  (Building Philadelphia)
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The Divine Lorraine Hotel.  (Philly History Blog, 3/26/2007)

Are you ready to say goodbye to Attwater's prairie chickens?

The Fight to Save a Prairie Chicken.  (The New York Times, 9/4/2015)
The prairie chicken has urgently needed help for some time. Almost a million of them once roamed the coastal prairie of Texas and Louisiana. But by 1919, the birds had disappeared from Louisiana, and in 1967, with only 1,070 left, the chicken, in fact a type of grouse, was listed as endangered.  
Since then, its numbers have declined precipitously, despite a vigorous captive breeding program and painstaking efforts to protect young chicks in the wild. In 2002, the yearly count of the birds by the federal Fish and Wildlife Service, which runs the refuge, dipped to 40, an all-time low. This year’s total was 104.
Of related interest:
Attwater Prairie Chicken.  (U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service)
Attwater's Prairie Chicken.  (Texas Parks & Wildlife)

To which cabinet position will the fawning Donald Trump appoint Sarah Palin?

Photo credit:  Greg Skidmore via Wikipedia

As quoted in Sarah Palin:  Let's all speak American.  (MSNBC, 9/6/2015)
Trump has previously said if elected president he would “love” to have Palin as a member of his cabinet.

And what does Sarah have to say?

 Photo credit:  Greg Skidmore via Wikipedia
Quote is from same article

Pardon me, but I have to clear my head now.

Scott Walker: Constantly changing his mind

As quoted in Scott Walker’s new mission: Convincing voters he is still viable.  (Washington Post, 9/8/2015)

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Scott Walker keeps changing his mind.  (Business Insider, 3/11/2015)
GOP rivals pile on Scott Walker's flip-flopping.  (TPM, 3/15/2015)

The title of this Carole King song sums it up for Scott Walker

Wherein Walker is quoted as follows:

Photo credit:  State of Wisconsin

Many voters in South Carolina, for example, 'just can't fake it' anymore.

100 Years of Frank Sinatra: "The Tender Trap"

In what would be considered an unusual scheduling decision today, The Tender Trap premiered in New York City on November 4, 1955, at Radio City Music Hall, one day after Guys and Dolls opened.   

Like Guys and Dolls, The Tender Trap had its provenance on Broadway, where it opened at the Longacre Theater on October 13, 1954, and closed after 102 performances.  None of the stage cast appears in the Hollywood version.

Here's an excerpt from Bosley Crowther's movie review in the New York Times.
Not for the exposition so much, but simply for all that's said and done, especially by Frank Sinatra as the bachelor and David Wayne as his envious married friend. These two gentlemen have a capacity to turn the crisp, idiomatic lines of Julius Epstein's adaptation into cheerfully sparkling repartée. And when it comes to such a thing as conveying the immensity of a celebrating brawl through the gloom and debris of the morning after, you'll not get it better than from these boys.

And here's what Debbie Reynolds has to say about Frank, years later, in an interview with The Telegraph.
“I loved to party with the Rat Pack, they were so much fun.  All they did was have a good time. We’d get off work at two in the morning and hang out at a club and listen to other performers. I loved Frank Sinatra. If he liked you it was forever, and if he disliked you – I wouldn’t want to be there.  
“When we worked together on The Tender Trap I was engaged to marry Eddie Fisher and Frank took me to lunch and said: 'Sweetie, don’t get married. Don’t marry a singer. We’re nice guys but we’re not good husbands.’ But Eddie was a darling boy and at the time I loved him very much. Of course Frank was right.” 

During November 1955, Edna and Walter, Mom's sister and her husband, visited us for a few days during a cross-country train trip.

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His Final Recording for Columbia Records, "Why Try to Change Me Now?"  (5/28/2015)
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Filming begins on From Here to Eternity.   (6/15/2015)
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Guys and Dolls.  (9/2/2015)

Scott Walker's $8 million ad buy in South Carolina? Money down the drain.

Losing his glow in the Palmetto State.

The behinders in the 9/3-6 Public Policy Polling poll:

  • 4% - Marco Rubio, Carly Fiorina, John Kasich
  • 3% - Scott Walker, Mike Huckabee, Lindsey Graham, Rand Paul
  • 1% - Chris Christie, Rick Perry, Bobby Jindal

Sound familiar?  
However, the Public Policy poll shows Graham’s presidential campaign has hurt the senator at home, Jensen said, noting Graham’s approval rating has fallen to 36 percent from 54 percent in a February Public Policy poll.  

Yesterday's news.  (July 17, 2015)

Scott Walker in South Carolina:
Scott Walker to visit 'resort-style retirement community' in South Carolina.  (8/20/2015)
Scott Walker's Sunday in South Carolina.  (8/10/2015)
Is this your final answer?  (8/10/2015)
Scott Walker visits Rock Hill, South Carolina.  (8/10/2015)
Scott Walker in Lexington, South Carolina.  (7/15/2015)
If you say something enough, people are bound to repeat it.'  (7/15/2015)
About 200 GOP faithful' show up for Scott Walker event in North Charleston, South Carolina.  (7/15/2015)

Speaker Vos put on 24/7 watch as a result of his continued efforts to gut Wisconsin public records law

As reported in......

At this point, there's only one question left to ask:

What are they hiding?

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Assembly Speaker Robin Vos's definition of transparency: All the self-serving Republican news releases I see fit to print
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"ME TOO!! ME TO!!": Scott Walker continues to wreak havoc on his own campaign

August 29, 2015

August 31, 2015

September 2, 2015

As quoted in Republicans Fear Donald Trump Is Hardening Party’s Tone on Race.  (The New York Times, 9/7/2015)
And some Christian conservatives, whose congregations are increasingly filled with immigrants whose first language is not English, said Republicans needed to publicly denounce Mr. Trump’s tactics. 

More wreaking havoc:
Dear Scott Walker, While wreaking havoc, keep in mind that the Presidential executive order is not a Barack Obama invention.  (9/8/2015)
Scott Walker, the undoer.  (9/8/2015)
Scott Walker's growing list of things worth considering: U.S.-Canada border wall, wreaking havoc in Washington, tougher penalties for WEDC fraud.  (/8/2015)
On Thursday, look for Scott Walker to wreak more havoc on his Presidential campaign.  (9/7/2015)
After Donald Trump wreaks havoc on Scott Walker's campaign, Walker decides this would be fun to do elsewhere.  (9/3/2015)

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

This Day in Photos (Tuesday, September 8, 2015)

Crockpot ingredients for "Cajun Sausage and Beans" (from Fix-It and Forget-It (TM) Cookbook*)

  • Add 1 lb. chicken
  • Add an additional 2 cans of red beans
  • Substitute green pepper for celery
  • Fuggedabout the Italian seasonings and Tabasco sauce; add 1 T. of your favorite Cajun seasoning or rub

My usual breakfast with my wife's homemade granola.  Her first attempt is a big success!

Weeding, reorganizing, and consolidating the archives.

Decisions, decisions.  What to do with these 3x5 notecards from 1978, most of them having to do with the growth and development of grocery stores, tourist camps/motels, and the like.

Serve over rice.

Ruth Somero likes Scott Walker's style

As quoted in A Motorcycle Tour Leads Scott Walker;s Campaign In Some Unusual Directions.  (New Hampshire Public Radio, 9/7/2015)

Dear Scott Walker, While wreaking havoc, keep in mind that the Presidential executive order is not a Barack Obama invention.

Your hero issued one every 7.7 days, on average, compared to every 11.1 days for President Obama.

*through August 20, 2015
**served 1 term

Scott Walker as quoted in Walker, trying to reset campaign, heads to Reagan alma mater. (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 9/7/2015)
Moving forward from the Eureka speech, Walker will unveil a new "day one promise" every week — things like ending Obama's executive actions, an action he can take without the help of Congress.

More wreaking havoc:
Scott Walker, the undoer.  (9/8/2015)
Scott Walker's growing list of things worth considering: U.S.-Canada border wall, wreaking havoc in Washington, tougher penalties for WEDC fraud.  (/8/2015)
On Thursday, look for Scott Walker to wreak more havoc on his Presidential campaign.  (9/7/2015)
After Donald Trump wreaks havoc on Scott Walker's campaign, Walker decides this would be fun to do elsewhere.  (9/3/2015)

Scott Walker, the Undoer

Continuing to promote his 'wreaking havoc' agenda.

Scott Walker as quoted in Walker, trying to reset campaign, heads to Reagan alma mater. (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 9/7/2015)
Walker will tell his audience in Illinois that the same day he takes the oath of office, Jan. 20, 2017, he would undo President Barack Obama's nuclear deal with Iran and start dismantling Obama's national health care law. 
Walker will talk about, in his words, "wreaking havoc" in Washington, D.C., through steps such as renewing enforcement of immigration laws, including ending the practices of so-called sanctuary cities where law enforcement does not focus on verifying immigration status as a routine matter.  [emphasis added]

More wreaking havoc:
Scott Walker's growing list of things worth considering: U.S.-Canada border wall, wreaking havoc in Washington, tougher penalties for WEDC fraud.  (/8/2015)
On Thursday, look for Scott Walker to wreak more havoc on his Presidential campaign.  (9/7/2015)
After Donald Trump wreaks havoc on Scott Walker's campaign, Walker decides this would be fun to do elsewhere.  (9/3/2015)