Saturday, April 13, 2024

6-story, 87-unit apartment building going up on site of Market Square Theater in Madison WI (April 2024 construction site visit)

Photos by Retiring Guy

The Towering Isthmus: Chapter at Madison (April 2024 construction site visit)

Photos by Retiring Guy

Rendering:  Wisconsin State Journal, 7/26/2022

Selection of floor plans:

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This week in the cereal aisle: Wheaties features the Watt brothers

Retiring Guy arrives late to this cereal party.   Strange that it took almost a year for Woodman's to give this Wheaties edition a special display.

USA Today, 7/11/2023
For more than 80 years, prominent athletes have been featured on the front of a Wheaties box, including Michael Jordan, Lebron James, Simone Biles and Muhammad Ali. And now, NFL brothers J.J. and T.J. Watt. 
J.J. Watt, a three-time AP Defensive Player of the Year who retired last season after a 12-year career, and his brother T.J. Watt, a linebacker with the Pittsburgh Steelers who also won a Defensive Player of the Year award, are the first brothers to be featured on the cover of the famous orange cereal box, Wheaties said in a news release sent to USA TODAY.

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Foundation work underway at redevelopment site on West Washington Avenue in Madison WI (April 2024 construction site visit)

Looking east
Photos, screenshot and video by Retiring Guy

Looking southwest

Renderings:  Madison Plan Commission

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Other West Washington developments:
Avenir Apartments, 504-516 West Washington (green arrows)
The Triangle, West Washington and Regent (red arrows)
West Washington Place, 624 West Washington (purple arrows)

Eveline Peterson Warchol (1929-2024) Warren High School class of 1947

1947 Dragon yearbook

1967 Warren City Directory

1983 Warren City Directory

Eveline, a variant spelling of Evelyn, had an on-again, off-again relationship with the baby names charts during the 1st quarter of the 20th century

Other Class of '47 graduates (42)
Arnold Allen.  (4/25)

Lavern Stapfer.  (6/29)
Edward Allen.  (6/22)
Paul Bobelak.  (5/31)

Audrey Myers Mader.  (12/14/)
Martin Sisk.  (6/2/2021)

Jeanne Anthony Soliday.  (4/13) 
Jacquelyn Smith Cunningham.  (3/10)
Martha Winans.  (1/12)

James Johnson.  (11/1)
Richard Morrison.  (8/6)
Richard Blair.  (6/25)
Mary Ann Gnagey Masterson.  (5/30)
Roscoe Knapp.  (5/18)
LeRoy Marti.  (3/7)

Bonnie Bauer Lucia.  (8/20)
David Lopez.  (6/20)
Alan Schuler.  (6/8)


The Towering Isthmus: 12-story apartment building going up behind Kohl Center in Madison WI (April construction site visit)

Photos by Retiring Guy

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GET ME REWRITE: One-man clown show and disgraced former Wisconsin Supreme Court justice Michael Gableman doesn't have the good sense to keep himself out of the news

HeadlineMilwaukee Journal Sentinel, 4/12/2024

That would be the aftermath of the 2020 Wisconsin election review clown show.
 Representing the group attempting to recall Vos is the latest move by Gableman to target Vos after the speaker hired him being in 2021 to review the last presidential election, a probe that catapulted Gableman to a national platform with election conspiracy theorists and made him a favorite of Trump
The former Supreme Court justice's contract with the state began in July 2021 after Trump leveled public criticism of Vos and other legislative leaders for not doing more to litigate his Wisconsin election loss in 2020.

The Daily Wire engages in some wishful thinking (Wisconsin Supreme Court edition)

He can run.  But he can't hide;

Top headline:  Wisconsin Watch
Middleton headlineThe Daily Wire
Bottom headline:  Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

As for that long anti-abortion history:
As Waukesha County district attorney in 2012, Schimel endorsed a Wisconsin Right to Life legal white paper that argued for keeping on the books the state’s ban on abortions except to save the mother’s life. A challenge to that ban is expected to come to the Wisconsin Supreme Court, though Planned Parenthood has been offering abortions since September based on a circuit court judge’s interpretation of the law. As Wisconsin’s attorney general, Schimel supported laws in Indiana and Ohio that limited abortion access.  (Wisconsin Watch)

Day 1262 of GOP election denier hysteria (Trump Big Lie Clown Show Circus, MAGA Arizona edition)

attack of the clown show zombies
Starring Cochise County (AZ) Supervisor
Peggy Judd
Headline: Votebeat, 4/12/2024
A year earlier, Judd and fellow Cochise Supervisor Tom Crosby had voted to expand their county’s hand-count audit of the 2022 midterm election ballots, and also to delay certification. The two Republicans have since been indicted by a state grand jury for alleged conspiracy and interference with an election officer, both felonies. According to recently filed court documents, prosecutors believe that in voting to expand the hand count, Crosby and Judd were attempting to delay or prevent the canvass. 
Both officials deny the charge. A judge will hear oral arguments in the case on April 19. 
Judd now says she was used by people who never intended to support her. Her experience could resonate with public officials around the country facing similar choices, and hearing similar promises about anonymous donors willing to pay legal expenses. 
I really need funding to help me in this case,” Judd said, but none has come from people like Borrelli who are pushing hand counts around the state. 
“I'm pissed,” she said. 
Judd has said little since the indictment.

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