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Cruising roundabouts on Wisconsin state highway 19 between the Interstate and Waunakee

At River Road intersection west of I-39/90/94

Screenshots and videos by Retiring Guy

At the intersection of state highways 19 & 113 and county trunk highway I

State highway 113 turns north at Waunakee intersection with state highway 19

Mapped.  (Arrows and boxes added)

Cruising downtown Columbus, Wisconsin

Screenshot and video by Retiring Guy

Columbus is located 27 miles northeast of Madison on U.S. highway 151.   About a half=hour drive.  Close enough to commute for some, I imagine,  Which may be the reason why its population has increased 35% since 1990.

Cruising downtown Beaver Dam, Wisconsin

Screenshot and video by Retiring Guy

Beaver Dam experienced a population slump during the 1970s but has since reversed course.

Beaver Dam is home to a mammoth Walmart distribution center, which appears to have attracted other warehouse operation.

Cruising around the block at Waupun Correctional Institution, Wisconsin

Screenshot and video by Retiring Guy

Waupun Correctional Institute brief timeline:
1851.  Governor Nelson Dewey selects Waupun as site of Wisconsin State Prison.  Temporary structure opens that same year.
1854.  First permanent building completed.  Still used today as South Cell Hall.
1855.  First of 5 additions.  The other took place in 1906, 1913, 1940, and 1998.
1992.  Added to National Register of Historical Places.  

Does Wisconsin highway 26 need a bypass around Rosendale?

Screenshot and video by Retiring Gut

With Debbie Harry's cover version of "Liar, Liar" playing on Little Steven's Underground Garage on SIRIUS/XM

A highway 26 expansion project from 2008 to 2014 created bypasses around Fort Atkinson, Jefferson, and Watertown and didn't include any of the road north of Juneau.

And this project in the planning stage is limited to a culvert and a bridge on highway 26 between Oshkosh and Rosesdale.

Here's a comment to WISDOT dated 9/28/2011.  (Highlight and arrow added,)

Cruising downtown Waupun, Wisconsin

Screenshot and video by Retiring Guy


Why the bump in population from 8,207 in 1990 to 10,718 in 2020?  

Starting with the 2000 census, prison inmates are no longer counted as living in their hometowns.  In other words, one-quarter of Waupun population is locked up.  The city is home to a state prison.

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Cruising Menominee Park in Oshkosh Wisconsin while resurrecting many pleasant memories from 40 years ago

Screenshot and video by Retiring Guy

Souvenir from a very special memory.

Photo by Retiring Guy

Google Maps

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2024 GOP presidential nomination polls: Ron DeSantis appears to have slammed his campaign into reverse

Another recent poll has him at 14%.

These numbers spell doom for Trump's chances to win the Presidency again.

Full results here

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The next time the Wisconsin GOP talks about supporting hard-working families, ask them about their lack of support for child care

Headline:  Wisconsin State Journal, 6/16/2023
“Child Care Counts is the only thing that has really kept our doors open during this time,” Skidmore said. “And it’s frustrating because we have waitlists a mile long, but I have rooms that sit empty because I can’t get the teachers, and I can’t get the teachers because of the pay. The only thing that has helped right now has been the (federal) funding.” 
A recent national survey of early childhood educators, which included responses from 1,173 Wisconsin child care providers, found that 63.3% of Wisconsin centers have staffing shortages and that 79.8% of workers are facing burnout and exhaustion. Conducted by the National Association for the Education of Young Children, the survey also indicated that 32.1% of child care center owners would consider leaving their job or closing their program in the future if economic conditions don’t improve.

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Friday, June 16, 2023

Cruising Spruce Street in Oshkosh Wisconsin while resurrecting many pleasant memories from 40 years ago

1312 Spruce Street, Oshkosh Wisconsin.  Retiring Guy rented the first from the 3 Gogolewski spinster sisters from September 1978 to October 1983. It was their family home once upon a time.

1980 photo by Retiring Guy

Cruising downtown Oshkosh Wisconsin while resurrecting many pleasant memories from 40 years ago

With this view in mind, even though it's about 20 years before my time in Oshkosh.  (1978-1986)

Checking out the Pheasant Branch Corridor restoration project Middleton WI (June 2023 edition)

Photos by Retiring Guy

From east to west

Around Town Middleton WI: Cardinal Row now has a lawn to match a portion of its siding

Photo by Retiring Guy

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Roman Candle survives the cut, even without the availability of convenient parking.  (12/12)
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Matching car and garage door.  (10/11)

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60-year-old resident arrested for armed robbery.  (8/21)
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According to chapter 8.07 of the city ordinances....  (2/4)

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More than a snow fort, but not a standing-room igloo.  (1/2)
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This section of sidewalk was replaced in 1980.  (12/18)
The post office's new and improved self-service kiosk.  (12/18)

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Spell checker.  (11/19)

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The Tiedeman Pond frog chorus.  (5/15)

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Tiedeman Pond winter fish kill.  (3/30)
Hear that lonesome whistle blow.  (3/22)
Explosion on Elmwood Avenue.  (3/20)
Googling 'Henry Hubbard'.  (3/18) 
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February 2018

Alabama Freedom Caucus Crazy Barry Moore is all in for gun violence


In 2022, Alabama enacted “permitless carry” by repealing a longstanding prohibition on carrying a concealed handgun in public without a permit subject to a background check.1 As of January 1, 2023, anyone age 18 or over who is not prohibited by state or federal law may carry a handgun in the state without a permit, background check, or safety training[emphasis added]

Alabama ranks 4th -- behind Mississippi, Louisiana, and New Mexico -- in firearm death rate per 100l,000 residents.