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Dear FiveThirtyEight, Depends where you look. Check out what's happening in some state legislatures. Best, Retiring Guy

Bottom: Governing

Excerpt from Governing:
For a bill to become law in Colorado, it’s going to need support from women. Colorado is now the second state, following Nevada in 2018, to have a majority of its legislative seats won by women. “For the first time in state history, Colorado celebrates a legislature with a majority of women lawmakers, including the most diverse, female-led House leadership team to date,” said incoming state House Speaker Julie McCluskie. “I couldn’t be more proud to lead a caucus that reflects the state we all love.”

Granted, Wisconsin is not best companion piece here -- thanks to GOP gerrymandering, Democrats in the State Senate and Assembly will remain in the minority for a long time -- but women in the Assembly hold 5 of 6 minority party leadership positions.

Nancy Temple Standley (1943-2022) Warren High School class of 1960

 Dragon yearbook

Source:  Borden Funeral Home

1967 Warren City Directory

1983 Warren City Directory
  • Standley Edward N & Nancy K; employee Senco Products h12 McKinley Avenue 
  • Temple Arthur R (Ellen) 431 Yankee Bush Road

The popularity of Nancy as a baby name is graphed here.  Let's take a look at granddaughter Felicia. 

Social Security  Administration

Felicia bounced around in the lower half of the baby names chart during the first half 20th century, then took off in popularity in the 1950s.  She spent 30 years in the top 200 (1965-1994), peaking at #90 in 1986.  Her decline was swift and decisive; she fell off the chart 20 years later.

Other class of 1960 obituaries (44): 

Roberta Sampson.  (11/14)

Joyce Hawley Brown.  (12/30)
Terrence Henry.  (12/7)

UPDATE. Not much to offer at Hubbard Avenue Little Free Library in Middleton WI

Photos by Retiring Guy

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Middleton Kiwanis hosts ribbon-cutting for new Little Free Library at Springtree Apartments.  (10/30/2022)
Two-door Little Free Library in Middleton WI.  (10/5)
Little Free Library on Amherst Street in Middleton WI needs some work inside and out.  (8/7)


The little white schoolhouse on Sweeney Drive in Middleton.  (9/10)
Castellated Little Free Library on Longmeadow Road in Madison WI.  (8/29)
UPDATE. Lots of Harlequin choices in Chamber of Manitowoc County's LFL.  (7/29)
What’s in a middle school Little Free Library during summer vacation? (6/28)
Hate has no home here.  (5/15)

Slim Pickins in this Little Free Library.  (12/23)
UPDATE: St. Dunstan's Episcopal Church will say a little prayer for you (Dionne vs. Aretha).  (11/15)
Across the street from Weston Place.  (4/1)
Seen yesterday while doing a lit drop for Hans Hilbert, candidate for Middleton mayor redux.  (3/29)
Seen yesterday while doing a lit drop for Hans Hilbert, candidate for Middleton mayor.  (3/28)

Nearly empty Little Free Library has since been replenished and includes 2 Bart Starr biographies.  (10/15)
This colorful Little Free Library features James Clavell's chunkster novel Noble House.  (9/14)
Little Free Libraries spotted during yesterday's Elroy-Camp Douglas Omaha Trail bike ride.  (8/8)
Little Free Library at end of Woodrow Street in Madison has Scruples Two.  (7/10)
Little Free Plant Stand meets Little Free Library.   (5/21)
UPDATE: This Little Free Library now features 3 Jeffery Deaver titles.  (3/21)


Middleton little free library cleaned out; Independent bookseller suspected.  (12/19)
Charter #5763.  (8/14)
Charter #8443.  (7/25)
Unchartered #2.  (7/24)
Unchartered #1.  (7/21)
Charter #5719.  (7/19)
Charter #0657.  (7/18)

11/19/2017 update starts here

This Little Free Library is located along a mid-block sidewalk connecting Elmwood and Hubbard avenues in Middleton.  The mostly obscured stone house you see at the end of the sidewalk is the home of a former Middleton Public Library board president.

A map of registered Little Free Libraries. (Middleton and far west side of Madison.)  Neither of the two I visited today are designated here.

Books of the Times:  Bridge of Sighs by Richard Russo.   Coming of Age Upstate:  To Grow and Not Change? (9/24/2007)

10/15/2016 update, " Nearly empty Little Free Library has since been replenished and includes 2 Bart Starr biographies", starts here.

Original 11/2/2015 post, "More taking than returning at this Little Free Library location", starts here.

Note the flashlight for nighttime browsing.  (Sorry, I didn't check to see if it actually works.)

Which is why I'm donating this Jane Austen paperback my wife recently read.  (The first book she hasn't read on her iPhone in over a year.)

Photos by Retiring Guy

Yes, apparently, the hot tub is still for sale.

Will the real Shane Trejo please stand up

HeadlineMedia Matters for America, 11/22/2021
Shane Trejo, who heads one of Michigan’s Republican committees, wrote a 2017 piece that portrayed white supremacists who participated in the Charlottesville rally that year as “civil rights heroes.” The Republican official has also praised an antisemitic white supremacist for engaging in political violence and said that the left has failed to “stop white brilliance from emerging,” adding that “the cream rises to the top, after all.” 
Trejo is the chair of the Michigan 11th District Republican Committee. He’s also a commentator who writes for the right-wing site Big League Politics, where he has been a source of conspiracy theories about the 2020 election being stolen in Michigan.

And now this domestic terrorist is in the news again.

Raw Story, 12/9/2022
The Ottawa County Sheriff’s office indicated it has opened an investigation into threats made by Shane Trejo, Michigan's 11th Congressional District Chair, against the Patmos Library in Jamestown Township, Mich.  
Trejo, who resides in another city nearly 100 miles away from the library, recently took Facebook with a fiery post calling or the library to be shut down "by force."
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Meet the GOP troglodytes of the United States Senate: Kevin Cramer (North Dakota)

And the white guys just keep on comin'!

InForum, 11/18/2022

“Today’s vote is the first step leading to the normalization of religious discrimination, and it’s a bridge too far,” he said in a statement. “The Respect for Marriage Act opens up religious institutions and non-profits to senseless litigation challenging the First Amendment liberties enshrined in our Constitution.” 
Marriage is an institution of the church, and the federal government shouldn’t intrude, Cramer said. 
“I wish the federal government never got involved in the marriage business in the first place,” he said. “Marriage is instituted by God and enforced by His church, it should have stayed that way.”

US Senate Hall of Shame
John Boozman, R-Arkansas.  (11/30/2002)
Tom Cotton, R-Arkansas.  (11/30/2022)
Marco Rubio, R-Florida.  (11/30/2022)
Rick Scott, R-Florida.  (11/30/2022)
Mike Crapo, R-Idaho.  (12/1/2022)
Jim Risch,  R-Idaho.  (12/1/2022)
Mike Braun, R-Indiana.  (12/2/2022)
Chuck Grassley, R-Iowa, .  (11/2/2022)
Jerry Moran, R-Kansas.  (12/3/2022)

Meet the GOP troglodytes of the United States Senate: John Hoeven (North Dakota)

And the white guys just keep on comin'!

InForum, 11/18/2022

“Same-sex marriage is protected under the Supreme Court’s Obergefell decision and the Fourteenth Amendment,” Hoeven said in a statement. “My concern with this bill is that it doesn’t adequately protect religious freedom, that includes both individuals and businesses based on sincerely-held religious beliefs, as well as religious organizations.”

US Senate Hall of Shame
John Boozman, R-Arkansas.  (11/30/2002)
Tom Cotton, R-Arkansas.  (11/30/2022)
Marco Rubio, R-Florida.  (11/30/2022)
Rick Scott, R-Florida.  (11/30/2022)
Mike Crapo, R-Idaho.  (12/1/2022)
Jim Risch,  R-Idaho.  (12/1/2022)
Mike Braun, R-Indiana.  (12/2/2022)
Chuck Grassley, R-Iowa, .  (11/2/2022)
Jerry Moran, R-Kansas.  (12/3/2022)

GET ME REWRITE: Chris Sununu? Think nepotism baby. Think legacy hire.

New Hampshire residents have been voting for Sununus for the past 50 years.  It's called a family dynasty.

Photo credits:  Wikipedia (here, here, here)

New York Times, 12/9/2022
Confident and even brash, Chris Sununu is one of the most popular governors in America. In a year when many Republicans struggled, he was re-elected in New Hampshire by more than 15 percentage points

As with the Cuomos in New York, name recognition in New Hampshire has provided second-generation candidates Chris and John E. with an immediate boost, especially in a small state like New Hampshire that covers less than 10,000 square miles.  Without Pops there to pave the way, Sonny Boy would have a much harder road to travel.

Friday, December 9, 2022

GET ME REWRITE: Slumlord Robin Vos receives housing award from big GOP donor

Headline and pic: Speaker Vos email blast

Here's how Vos frames his selection.
The award recognizes my work during the 2021-22 legislative session to reduce the cost of housing for Wisconsin families.
Yeah, right!

According to Merriam-Webster dictionary, the first-known use of 'slumlord', as in a landlord who receives unusually large profits from substandard, poorly maintained properties, occurred in 1953.

  • bleep
  • cluster headache
  • goof-off
  • male-pattern baldness
  • off-the-wall
  • second banana
  • testicular feminization

GET ME REWRITE: Crazies in House GOP gear up to fight crime and inflation with frontal assault on access to birth control

Headline TruthOut, 12/8/2022
Unsurprisingly, poll after poll has shown that a vast majority of voters support the fundamental right to access contraception and other basics of reproductive health. In 2019, about 92 percent of Gallup respondents said the use of birth control is “morally acceptable.” However, more recent surveys and midterm election results suggest that many voters did not know House Republicans voted against a bill to codify contraceptive rights, and when voters did hear about it, Republicans with extreme views faced headwinds among women and swing voters.

His brain as immovable as a boulder, Glenn Grothman confesses he's stuck in the past when it comes to same-sex marriage

QuoteWTMJ, 12/8/2022

The list of inanities goes on and on and on
After January 6, 2021, GOP shows off its 'soft on crime' side (Glenn Grothman of Wisconsin edition).  (10/12/2022)

Ripon newspapers calls out Wisconsin Embarrassment Glenn Grothman.  (8/24/2021)

Might hurt in the short term? Wisconsin has led the U.S. in farm bankruptcies three years running.  (9/3)
Ripon Commonwealth Press editorial writer tells us what we already know about Glenn Grothman.  (8/29)
Government welfare for me but not for thee (the updated edition).  (8/19)
"We're all minorities in America".  (7/22)
How hard up do you have to be to ask Glenn Grothman to be your commencement speaker? (5/22)
Glenn Grothman falls on his knees after Trump State of the Union bloviating.  (2/7)
Trump fanboy Glenn Grothman pimps for Mexico border wall.  (1/25)
Meet the 7 House critters who voted against back pay for federal workers.  (1/13)
Glenn Grothman starts the 116th Congress where he left off in the 115th: Enhancing his clown bona fides.  (1/5)
Back in the news with more inanities.  (1/4)

July-Dec 2018
Glenn Grothman, dedicated follower of political fashion, fills us in.  (11/10)
"Good guy' Greg Gianforte sends Glenn Grothman a check.  (11/2)
When you know you're at the bottom of the GOP food chain: Eric Trump headlines Glenn Grothman rally.  (10/31)
Stamp to a letter, birds of a feather clown show: Gushing over Greg Gianforte, both Donald Trump and Glenn Grothman say "that's my kind of guy".  (10/19)
As the election approaches, Glenn Grothman's babbling intensifies.  (10/6)
Dear voters of Wisconsin's 6th congressional district, this gibberish should convince you this clown should be kicked out of office.  (9/27)
Get me rewrite. More than just tweets: Everything about Trump encourages Democrats and independents to sweep gomers like Glenn Grothman out of office.  (8/9)
Dear Glenn Grothman, Repeat after me: YALTA.  (7/23)
Dear Glenn Grothman, Does this mean you don't support Donald Trump's military parade?  (7/19)

Jan-Jun 2018
Could we please, please, get rid of this clown?  (6/21)
Glenn Grothman in so many words:  The ruination of America is people with darker skin tones.  (1/27)
Glenn Grothman shares etiquette advice on KFIZ.  (1/19)
Memo to Glenn Grothman: Next time you see Donald Trump, give him a great big kiss, mwah!  (1/18)
UPDATE: The demented clown, otherwise known as Glenn Grothman, returns to the topic of Al Sharpton at MLK event.  (1/18)
Newspaper editorial calls out Glenn Grothman for his (a) mispresentation or (b) lie.  (1/11) 
Glenn Grothman cries on the shoulder of his favorite KFIZ deejay. (1/9)

Jul-Dec 2017
Our resident clown Glenn Grothman tells just half of the story.  (12/24)
Like Vermin Supreme, Glenn Grothman believes that there should be free ponies for all Americans.  (12/15)
A letter sent without fear of retribution.  (12/3)
The insightful Glenn Grothman was talking to a gal.  (11/22)
Dear Dan Kohl, If you substitute 'clownish' for 'partisan', the arrow moves hard right.  (11/9)
The malevolent conservatism and clownish inhumanity of Glenn Grothman.  (10/25)
Glenn Grothman sets a ridiculously low bar regarding hurricane aid to Puerto Rico.  (10/24)
Glenn Grothman demands that a border wall be built.  (8/31)
Here's something on which Glenn Grothman and I agree.  (8/10)
Glenn Grothman wants us all to die.  Or not to fly.  (7/20)
Short-term memory loss and The Glenn Grothman 24/7 Clown Show.  (7/15) 
Steady drip-drip-drip inside Glenn Grothman's head vs. steady drip-drip-drip of evidence Russian collusion.  (7/13)

Apr-Jun 2017
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Glenn Grothman on the Paris Accord:  The blithering goes on.  (6/7)
Dear Glenn Grothman, Not that anyone is listening to you.  (6/5)
Oh, yeah, I just bet he does.   (6/1)
It's bromance time for Glenn Grothman, sez Greg Gianforte seems like a good guy.  (5/26/2017)
At Glenn Grothman's groan-inducing town hall.  (5/2)
51 U.S. House members implore Trump to legalize LGBT discrimination.  (4/27)
At KFIZ, everybody loves a clown.  (4/17)
Wishful thinking: Glenn Grothman does a little Mick Jagger at the podium during Sheboygan listening session.  (4/11/.

Jan-Mar 2017
What DO they think of Glenn Grothman on Capitol Hill?  (1/31/2017)
Not a Muslim ban, Glenn Grothman? The numbers indicate otherwise.  (1/31/2017)
Glenn also loves to run into the reassuring arms of Vicki McKenna; she normalizes his nuttiness.  (3/28)
Dear Glenn Grothman, You won't find any answers to your IRS questions at WatchragTrying to have it both ways,   (3/10)

The conservative values of Glenn Grothman, straight shooter and exemplary public servant.  (10/30)
GOP donor and Neenah realtor pens letter to editor, praises Glenn Grothman.  (10/28)
Well, Glenn Grothman, looks as though Donald Trump and Paul Ryan won't accompany Mr. Gumpy on his outing.  (10/20)
Meet the 3 Stooges who introduced Donald Trump at yesterday's rally in Green Bay.  (10/18)
Likely to be other reasons why Trump and Glenn Grothman's relationship might be "less than perfect".  (10/13)
Glenn Grothman raises GOP specter of black bogeyman Al Sharpton.  (7/14)
Recommended reading from Glenn Grothman.  (3/3)
Once again, Grothman does the blah blah blah.  (1/13)

Tea Party alert: Glenn Grothman supports increase in federal gas tax.  (12/29)
Glenn Grothman's moving service.  (11/16/2015)
Glenn Grothman: Still trying to get to 'yes' with Paul Ryan.  (10/18/2015) 
Dear Glenn Grothman, Breaking up is hard to do.  (10/17/2015) 
He's a guy, and has access to 'all machines that one would need'.  (9/29/2015) 
Meet the Members of the Republican Study Committee: Glenn Grothman (R-WI, 6th District).  (8/18/2015)
What about seeing the light, Representative Grothman?  (8/11/2015)
Glenn Grothman's gibberish in full flower.  (7/1/2015)
Rep. Glenn Grothman puts corporate personhood first.  (6/23/2015)
Glenn Grothman Finds His Voice in Washington, D.C. (6/19/2015)
Glenn Grothman goes seriously bland on us.  (5/12/2015)
Glenn Grothman's lips are zipped.  (4/9/2015)
Glenn Grothman Speaks the Language of the Godfather of states' rights.  (1/13/2015)

Glenn Grothman, Quiet Man.  (10/12/2014)
Tom Petri returns the favor to Glenn Grothman.  (9/5/2014)
Wisconsin's 6th Congressional District primary: Less than 12% of voters paid attention.  (8/24/2014)
Hey guys and gals, Scott Walker is not 100% convinced that Glenn Grothman can win the 6th CD. (8/23/2014)
Career politician Glenn Grothman moves one step closer to Wisconsin's 6th Congressional District general election.  (8/22/2014)
To the tune of $692,000.   (8/14/2014)
Glenn Grothman:  A man without a mandate.  (8/14/2014)
Glenn Grothman to Tom Petri: Thank you for your 35 years of service.  (8/1/2014)
Duey Stroebel can't be bothered with fundraising, looks to buy seat instead.  (8/1/2014)

Charles Bullock III, your order of crow is ready

Headline:  FiveThirtyEight, 11/30/2022
The 2021 Georgia runoff was different. Next week’s election will tell us if it was an outlier — or the potential harbinger of more Democratic statewide victories to come. If past runoffs are any guide, we’d expect there to be at least some dropoff in turnout. In 2021, for example, turnout was down about 10 percent from the total votes cast in November 2020, and historically that was an unusually small decline in runoff turnout. “There are fewer incentives to turn out this year than there were in 2021,” Bullock said. “So we might expect less people to show up to the polls this year.[emphasis added]

Meet the GOP troglodytes of the United States Senate: Deb Fischer (Nebraska)

Quote:  Nebraska TV, 11/30/2022

US Senate Hall of Shame
John Boozman, R-Arkansas.  (11/30/2002)
Tom Cotton, R-Arkansas.  (11/30/2022)
Marco Rubio, R-Florida.  (11/30/2022)
Rick Scott, R-Florida.  (11/30/2022)
Mike Crapo, R-Idaho.  (12/1/2022)
Jim Risch,  R-Idaho.  (12/1/2022)
Mike Braun, R-Indiana.  (12/2/2022)
Chuck Grassley, R-Iowa, .  (11/2/2022)
Jerry Moran, R-Kansas.  (12/3/2022)

GET ME REWRITE: With Herschel Walker loss to Raphael Warnock, Tommy Tuberville remains the dumbest person in the U.S. Senate


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Meet the GOP troglodytes of the United States Senate.  (11/30/2022)
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Just another reminder that Tommy Tuberville is one major-league dumb fuck.  (2/27/2022)
GET ME REWRITE: UAB Hospital doctors request examination of Tommy Tuberville for traumatic brain injuries.  (3/2/2020)

GET ME REWRITE: On the flip side, 3 Wisconsin embarrassments vote 'nay' on Respect for Marriage Act

HeadlineMilwaukee Journal Sentinel, 12/8/2022
Steil's vote on Thursday was in-line with his July vote, when he was the only Wisconsin Republican to support the measure. Wisconsin Republican Congressmen Tom Tiffany, Glenn Grothman and Scott Fitzgerald voted against the Respect for Marriage Act, and Wisconsin U.S. Sen. Ron Johnson opposed it last week.
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Dear Meade Koehl, Your opinion on election denial is laughable and easily disprovable. Best, Retiring Guy

Sources top to bottom:
Washington Post, 11/9/2016
Snopes, 12/5/2022