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GET ME REWRITE: Looks like the FIRST (Foxconn Institute for Research in Science and Technology) will be last

If it ever happens!

Reported in More signs emerge that the pace of Foxconn's Wisconsin project is falling short of expectations.  (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 1/3/2020)

Collaborative research?  Stellar results?  UW-Madison and Foxconn?  Make your own Venn diagram.

11/6/2018 update, "Foxconn/UW-Madison agreement locks out engineering faculty, graduate students", starts here.

Foxconn’s $100M deal with the University of Wisconsin has students worried.  (The Verge, 11/5/2018)

10/192018 UW-Madison fealty UPDATE. "University GOP mouthpiece and former Tommy Thompson staffer kisses the Foxconn ring", starts here.

Photo credit:  UW-Madison

'It's a big deal': UW-Madison students, staff react to Foxconn recruiting on campus.  (Channel3000, 10/18/2018)

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UPDATE. Your UW Board of Regents: Totally owned by Scott Walker.  (10/8/2017)

Which places Becky Blank in this position (2).

9/15/2018 update, "UW-Madison, letting its hair down:  Bought and paid for by Foxconn (part 2)",. starts here.

Reported in Foxconn-University of Wisconsin-Madison partnership will be managed behind closed doors.  (Milwaukee Journal Sesntinel, 9/13/2018)

Original 9/14/2018 post starts here.

Reported in 'Cost sharing' of researchers between UW-Madison and Foxconn is a possibility.  (, 9/13/2018)

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UPDATE. Your UW Board of Regents: Totally owned by Scott Walker.  (10/8/2017)

DeAnn Swanson King (1937-2019) Warren High School class of 1956

1956 Dragon yearbook

1967 Warren City Directory 
  • King DeAnn C employee Jamesway r17 South Marion Street
  • Swanson Reuben C (Katherine C) janitor State Bureau of Employment Security h9 Alson Street
  • King Robert (DeAnn C) clerk post office h17 South Marion Street
1983 Warren City Directory
  • King Robert & DeAnn C; supervisor post office h9 Alson Street

DeAnn's best years occurred during the 1960s, when she spent 10 years (1961-70) in the top 500, peaking at #462 in 1969.

Other members of the class of '56:
Thomas Cooper.  (8/5/2019)

Frank Joseph Campanga.  (8/28/2017)
Robert Billman.  (7/3/2017)
Russell Grosch.  (3/21/2017)

Richard Mancuso.  (7/18/2016)
Carolyn Garber Grosch.  (1/5/2016)

Charles Franklin.  (11/12/2015)
Susan Brown Clark.  (11/1/2015)
John Harrington. (10/13/2015)
Carol Schwitzer.  (10/7/2015)
John Smith.  (9/12/2015)
Donald Burgeson.  (3/9/2015)
Diane McChesney Kondak.  (2/15/2015)

Neal, it's all about the 72-, soon to be 84-month car loans, not that blather about the economy

Reported in Low Rates, Cheap Gas and Deeper Debt Sustain Car Buying Boom.  (The New York Times, 1/4/2020)

How Long Should a Car Loan Be?  Is a 72- or 84-Month Car Loan a Bad Idea?  (Edmunds, 10/1/2019)
The most common term currently is for 72 months, with an 84-month loan not too far behind. It's been creeping up: 10 years ago, the most common new-car loan term was 60 months, followed closely by 72 months.

The American consumer:  an all-day sucker

Greetings from Trump's America: Carter County, Kentucky, where poverty is high and jobs are scarce

Poverty Grew In One-Third Of U.S. Counties Despite Strong National Economy.  (HuffPost, 12/19/2019)
Carter County, Kentucky, also saw one of the largest poverty rate increases, up 8.5 points to 31.1%. 
“This is rural America. We’re rich in self-sustaining nature and neighbors helping neighbors but we don’t have resources,” said state Sen. Robin Webb, a Democrat who lives in Carter County. “I’ve got a car full of toys we’re taking to a school where 60 kids weren’t going to have Christmas.”

Source:  Wikipedia (Carter CountyGrayson)

Grayson is the county seat of Bourbon County.

% of population 25 and older with bachelor's degree:
  • 13.7% - Carter County
  • 23.6% - Kentucky
  • 30.9% - U.S.
% of population 65 and older:
  • 18.8% - Carter County
  • 16.4% - Kentucky
  • 16.0% - U.S.
% of population living in poverty:
  • 31.1% - Carter County
  • 16.9% - Kentucky
  • 11.8% - U.S.

Greetings from Trump's America

Source:  Wikipedia 
3rd-party candidates received 12% of vote in 1992, 10.3% of vote in 1996, 4% in 2016
(George Wallace received 14.3% of the vote in 1968)

Other Trump's America posts:
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Mohave County.  (1/3/2020)
8th congressional district.  (4/25/2018)

Faulkner County.  (3/20/2018)
Mississippi County.  (3/19/2018)
Woodruff County.  (3/26/2018)

Mesa County.  (7/20/2017)
Shasta County.  (7/4/2017

Morgan County.  (4/25/2017)

Citrus County.  (11/9/2019)
DeSoto County,.  (9/9/2017)
Pinellas County.   (3/14/2019)

Kootenai County.  (9/25/2017)

Effingham County.  (2/15/2018)
Franklin County.  (2/27/2017)
Jersey County.  (5/12/2019)
Jo Daviess County.  (5/13/2018)
Knox County.  (5/13/2018)
McHenry County.  (2/5/2017)
Perry County.  (5/8/2017)
Scott County.  (11/7/2019)
Stephenson County.  (5/13/2018)
Whiteside County.  (5/13/2018)
16th Congressional District.  (3/26/2017)

Dearborn County.  (3/16/2019)
Franklin County.  (3/16/2019)
Granger.  (3/26/2017)
Hendricks County.  (10/1/2017)
Howard County.  (3/19/2019)
Huntington County.  (4/27/2017)
Jefferson County.  (3/10/2018)
Madison County.  (3/16/2019)
Posey County.  (10/21/2017)
Scott County,.  (10/21/2017)
Union County.  (3/16/2019)
Vigo County.  (3/15/2019)
Wayne County.  (3/16/2019)

Adair County.  (9/16/2018)
Adams County.  (9/16/2018)
Allamakee County.  (7/31/2018)
Appanoose County.  (8/4/2018)
Audubon County.  (4/26/2019)
Benton County.  (8/2/2018)
Boone County.  (1/15/2017)
Bremer County.  (8/2/2018)
Buchanan County.  (8/2/2018)
Butler County. (8/6/2018)
Calhoun County.  (9/6/2018)
Cass County.  (4/3/2018)
Cedar County.  (7/31/2018)
Cerro Gordo County.  (8/6/2018)
Cherokee County.  (4/29/2019)
Chickasaw County.  (8/2/2018)
Clarke County.  (8/8/2018)
Clayton County.  (7/31/2018)
Clinton County.   (10/15/2017)
Davis County.  (8/3/2018)
Decatur County.  ( 7/5/2018)
Delaware County.  (7/31/2018)
Des Moines County.  (8/1/2018)
Emmet County.  (8/19/2018)
Fayette County.  (8/2/2018)
Floyd County.  (9/25/2018 update)
Franklin County, (8/14/2017)
Fremont County.  (3/24/2019)
Greene County.  (9/6/2018)
Guthrie County.  (9/16/2018)
Hamilton County.  (4/2/2018)
Hancock County. (8/7/2018)
Hardin County.  (4/2/2018)
Henry County.  (7/9/2018)
Howard County.  (8/2/2018)
Ida County.  (4/28/2019)
Iowa County.  (8/2/2018)
Jasper County.  (8/5/2018)
Jefferson County.  (8/1/2018)
Keokuk County.  (8/2/2018)
Kossuth County.  (8/18/2018)
Lee County.  (8/1/2018)
Louisa County.  (8/1/2018)
Lucas County.  (8/5/2018)
Lyon County.  (4/2/2018)
Madison County.  (8/8/2018)
Marion County.  (5/23/2017)
Mitchell County.  (8/7/2018)
Monona County.  (4/27/2019)
Monticello County.  (1/13/2017)
Muscatine County.  (8/1/2018)
Palo Alto County.  (9/6/2018)
Pocahontas County.  (9/6/2018)
Poweshiek and Webster counties.  (2/7/2017)
Ringgold County.  (8/8/2018)
Sac County.  (4/28/2019)
Sioux County.  (8/26/2018 update)
Tama County.  (7/6/2018)
Taylor County.  (9/16/2018)
Union County.  (9/10/2017)
Van Buren County.  (4/25/2019)
Wapello County.  (8/3/2018)
Washington County.  (4/2/2018)
Wayne County.  (8/5/2018)
Webster County.  (8/9/2018)
Winnebago County. (12/17/2017)
Winneshiek County.  (8/2/2018)
Worth County. (8/7/2018)
Wright County.  (6/3/2019 update)

Bourbon County.  (1/3/2020)
Clark County.  (3/21/2017)
Comanche County. (12/22/2018)
Doniphan County.  (3/27/2019)
Mitchell County.  (1/29/2017)
Sumner County.  (10/1/2017)

Bell County.  (6/4/2018)
Elliott County.  (7/18/2019)
Hancock County,.  (10/21/2017)
Jackson County.  (12/9/2017)
Knox and Whitley counties.  (2/17/2017)
Lee County.  (12/9/2017)
Letcher County.  (6/29/2017)
Martin County.  (3/22/2018)
Perry County.  (10/10/2017)
Pike County.  (11/1/2019)
Rowan County.  (6/4/2018)

Calcasieu Parish,.  (5/22/2017)
St. Martin Parish.  (4/26/2017)

Piscataquis County.  (7/3/2017)

Bay County.  (7/4/2019)
Eaton County.  (6/26/2019)
Lake County.  (9/16/2018)
Lapeer County.  (7/5/2019)
Macomb County.  (11/29/2017)
Monroe County.  (3/9/2019)
St. Joseph County.  (6/5/2017)
Saginaw County.  (7/4/2019)
Tuscola County.  (7/5/2019)

Chisago County.  (6/20/2018)
Clay County.  (11/14/2019)
Itasca County.  (5/12/2018)
Lac qui Parle County.  (7/2/2017)
Mower County.  (5/12/2018)
Nobles County.  (1/26/2018)
Stearns County.  (6/21/2019)
Steele County.  (6/9/2019)

Pontotoc County.  (7/19/2017)

Atchison County.  (3/25/2019)
Butler County.  (7/22/2018)
Holt County.  (3/25/2019)
New Madrid County.  (4/23/2019)
Pike County/Bowling Green.  (5/23/2019)

Valley County/Opheim.  (5/27/2019)

Boyd County.  (4/14/2019)
Burt County.  (3/27/2019)
Keya Paha.  (4/14/2019)
Knox County.  (3/28/2019)
Nemaha County.  (3/27/2019)
Richardson County.  (3/27/2019)
Sioux County.  (12/22/2018)

New Jersey
Sussex County.   (12/1/2019)
7th Congressional District.  (4/14/2017)

New York
Broome County.  (2/14/2019)
Cayuga County.  (2/13/2019)
Cortland County.  (2/14/2019)
Essex County.  (11/29/2017 update)
Franklin County. (2/9/2019)
Fulton County.  (2/10/2019)
Herkimer County.  (2/10/2019)
Orange County.  (2/15/2019)
Oswego County.  (2/11/2019)
Otsego County.  (2/12/2019)
Putnam County.  (2/27/2018)
Renssalaer County.  (2/13/2019)
St. Lawrrence County.  (2/8/2019)
Seneca County.  (2/14/2019)
Sullivan County.  (2/15/2019)
Warren County.  (2/11/2019)
Washington County.  (2/11/2019)
19th Congressional District.  (3/26/2017)

North Carolina
Hyde County.  (11/10/2019)
Robeson County.  (12/1/2017)
Union County.  (3/9/2017)

North Dakota
Burleigh County.  (12/6/2019)
Sargent County.  (10/22/2017)

Adams County.  (12/9/2017)
Ashtabula County.  (2/18/2019)
Belmont County.  (7/17/2018)
Columbiana County,  (12/11/2017)
Coshocton County. (3/6/2019)
Defiance County.  (3/21/2017)
Erie County.  (3/5/2019)
Gallia County.  (2/23/2019)
Guernsey County.  (2/27/2019)
Highland County.   (3/19/2017)
Huron County.  (6/19/2017)
Jackson County.  (6/6/2017)
Jefferson County.  (2/20/2019)
Lawrence County.  (2/25/2018)
Marion County.  (7/14/2018)
Meigs County.  (2/22/2019)
Mercer County.  (12/8/2019)
Morgan County.  (10/10/2017)
Muskingum County.  (2/26/2019)
Ottawa County. (3/5/2019)
Portage County.  (3/7/2019)
Sandusky County.  (3/5/2019)
Shelby County.  (3/2/2018)
Trumbull County.  (4/3/2017)
Van Wert County.  (4/12/2017)
Wayne County.  (5/6/2018)
Williams County.  (3/21/2017)
Wood County.  (3/6/2019)
Wyandot County.  (5/4/2018)

Bryan County.  (5/5/2017)
Nowata County.  (5/5/2018)
Osage County/Fairfax.  (5/12/2019)

Douglas County.  (5/17/2017)

Beaver County.  (2/8/2019)
Blair County/Altoona.  (4/28/2019)
Cambria County/Johnstown.  (6/3/2017)
Dauphin County. (4/22/2017)
Elk County.  (3/24/2019)
Erie County.  (10/11/2018 update)
Fayette County.  (7/25/2018)
Greene County.  (5/3/2017)
Lawrence County.  (2/5/2019)
UPDATE. Luzerne County.  (1/14/2017)
Mercer County.  (2/9/2019)
Northampton County.  (7/20/2017)
Old Forge (Lackawanna County).  3/18/2019)
Warren County.  (6/30/2019)
Wayne County.  (3/1/2018)
Williamsport.  (1/24/2017)

South Carolina
Spartanburg County.  (6/5/2017)

South Dakota
Charles Mix County.  (11/11/2019)
Lawrence County,.  (4/27/2017)

Campbell County.  (12/10/2017)
Lake County.  (12/22/2018)
Marion County.  (4/1/2017)
Maury County.  (10/31/2017)
Roane County.  (5/1/2018)
Union County.  (5/30/2017)

Gaines County.  (4/26/2017)
Shackelford County.  (2/26/2018)

Buchanan County.  (12/13/2019)
Wise County.  (11/9/2019)

Grays Harbor County.  (8/20/2017)

West Virginia
Berkeley County.  (3/25/2018)
Boone County.  (3/23/2018)
Brooke County.  (3/17/2019)
Cabell County.  (8/4/2017)
Doddridge County.  (3/19/2019)
Fayette County.  (1/24/2017)
Greenbrief County.  (12/14/2018)
Hancock County. (3/17/2019)
Harrison County.  (3/19/2019)
Jackson County.  (6/18/2017)
Lincoln County.  (3/21/2019)
Logan County.  (3/21/2019)
Marion County.  (3/18/2019)
Marshall County.  (2/7/2018)
Mason County.  (12/16/2017)
McDowell County.  (7/10/2017)
Mercer County.  (3/20/2019)
Mingo County.  (3/25/2018)
Summers County.  (3/25/2018)
Wayne County.  (3/24/2018)
Wetzel County.  (3/19/2019)
Wood County.  (1/15/2019)
Wyoming County.  (3/20/2019)

6th congressional district.  (1/27/2018)
Adams County.  (2/6/2017)
Barron County.  (1/3/2020)
Buffalo County.  (3/19/2017)
Burnett County.  (2/24/2018)
Clark County,.  (8/13/2018)
Crawford County.  (5/14/2018)
Florence County.  (11/13/2019)
Fond du Lac County.  (3/7/2018)
Forest County.  (6/16/2019)
Grant County.  (5/16/2018)
Green Lake County.  (1/26/2018)
Jackson County.  (3/8/2018)
Johnson Creek.  (1/21/2017)
Juneau County.  (2/23/2017)
Lafayette County.  (5/16/2018)
Langlade County,.  (6/9/2019)
Manitowoc County.  (8/10/2017)
Monroe County.  (3/8/2018)
Oconto County.  (7/24/2018)
Oneida County.  (4/24/2017)
Pepin County.  (12/21/2017)
Price County.  (12/23/2018 update)
Richland County.  (11/10/2017)
Rusk County.  (6/30/2019)
Sauk County.  (5/14/2018)
Sawyer County.  (3/20/2017)
Taylor County.  (12/23/2018 update)
Trempealeau County.  (5/28/2019)
Vernon County.  (5/14/2018)
Waushara County.  (2/6/2017)
Winnebago County.  (11/27/2017)
Wood County.  (3/8/2018)

Darrell Robinault (1948-2019) Warren Area High School class of 1966

1966 Dragon yearbook

1967 Warren City Directory
  • Robinault Darrell M r111 Second Avenue
  • Robinault Glenn M (Dorothy W; Exchange Hotel) h111 Second Avenue
  • Robinault Muuray USA r111 Second Avenue
1983 Warren City Directory

The popularity of Darrell as a baby name is graphed here.  Let's take a look at sister-in-law Nadine.

SourceSocial Security Administration Popular Baby Names

Nadine enjoyed a fairly respectable run until the mid-20th century, spending 38 years (1919-41, 1943, 1950-58, 1960-61) in the top 300, peaking at #229 in 1926.

Other members of the class of '66:
Edward Houser.  (10/22/2019)
Michael Phillips.  (6/12/2019)

Sue Ellen Strandbert Nazario.  (11/25/2018)
Frank Chiaravalloti.  (9/21/2018)
Howard Johnson.  (8/3/2018)
Albert Conklin.  (4/11/2018)
Betsy Colt Brinkley.  (3/9/2018)

Deborah Snyder Sproveri.  (8/8/2017)

Sally Johnson Horrocks.  (4/3/2015)

Charlene Postlethwait Knowlton. (10/8/2014)
Dennis Peterson.  (8/31/2014)

Friday, January 3, 2020

CES2020: FutureLight files the Waydoo Flyer under 'bizarre'

7 bizarre gadgets to expect at January's CES 2020.  (FutureLight, 12/30/2019)
Why go to a gym when you can go ‘e-foiling’? Built on the concept of an foilboard/hydrofoil – kind of half surfboard, half electric propulsion jet ski with a propeller below the water – the Waydoo Flyer (US$6,495/UK£4,964/AUS$9,456) has a wireless Bluetooth hand-held controller for steering and toggling between five different speeds (up to 28mph maximum). With a slip-resistant, textured carbon fibre build, it’s got a 6,000W battery and keeps going for 75 minutes on one full battery charge. [emphasis added]

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Pizza served up by Picnic(TM) robot.  (1/3/2020)
The archives:

Trump's trade war not a winner for North Dakota

Quoted in Farmers Union vice president says farmers have 'pretty much lost all our markets since Trump took over'.  (Newsweek, 9/3/2019)

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GET ME REWRITE: Trump trade bailout of no help to farmers who can't plant in their water-logged fields.  (6/5/2019)
Well, Brent, it's clear what Iowa needs to do in November 2020.  (5/11/2019)
Is this what's known as 'chump change'?  (3/3/2019)
GET ME REWRITE: Many Americans have misplaced confidence in Trump's trade agreements and economic policy.  (2/6/2019)
UPDATE: Putting faith in Trump continues to be a losing proposition for farmers.  (1/5/2019)

GET ME REWRITE: Donald Trump pet, Ron DeSantis, stretches the leash on climate change to the breaking point

Posted on YouTube on 9/30/2019

Reported in Record Heat And King Tides: A Look Ahead at Florida’s Climate Future.  (WLRN, South Miami; 12/27/2019)

Related reading:
Gov. DeSantis goes bold on climate change. Even Rick Scott says it’s real. Now what? | Editorial.  (Sun Sentinel, 5/28/2019)
Gov. DeSantis goes bold on climate change. Even Rick Scott says it’s real. Now what? | EditorialThe new positions represent a watershed moment in a state with more to lose than any other. It feels like that moment in the Wizard of Oz, where the movie turns from black-and-white to color. That both offices will be housed in the governor's suite — and report directly to DeSantis — sends a serious message. 
With the exception of House Speaker José Oliva, Florida's Republican leaders no longer deny the reality of climate change, which every major scientific organization recognizes is real, is exacerbated by human activity and poses an existential threat.

Original 11/21/2016 post, "The Rick Scott influence", starts here.

Conversely, The New York Times, takes a head-on approach.

Intensified by ClimateChange, ‘KingTides’ Change Waysof Life in Florida.  (11/18/2016)
In South Florida, which takes rising sea levels seriously enough to form a regional compact to deal with global warming, climate change is no abstract issue. By 2100, sea levels could swell high enough to submerge 12.5 percent of Florida’s homes. These so-called king tides, which happen frequently, are the most blatant example of the interplay between rising seas and the alignment of the moon, sun and Earth. Even without a drop of rain, some places flood routinely.

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 Carl Hiaasen: Scott’s ‘creative editing’ deftly deletes ‘climate change’.  (Miami Herald, 3/13/2015)

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Norfolk, Virginia.  (2/23/2016)
Sunny-day flooding in Miami Beach: The everyday reality and the political denial.  (5/9/2014)

CES 2020: Pizza served up by Picnic(TM) robot

Picnic™ Announces Its Automated Pizza Assembly Robot Will Serve Attendees of the Consumer Electronics Show, January 7-10, 2020.
Seattle-based Picnic™, an innovator of food production technology and Robotics-as-a-Service (RaaS) solutions, announced today that its automated food assembly system has been selected by Centerplate, a leader in live event hospitality, to serve attendees of the world’s largest technology event, the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), January 7-10, 2020, at the Las Vegas Convention Center. Centerplate will use and showcase Picnic’s robot, with capabilities of producing up to 300 12-inch customized pizzas an hour, on the CES show floor.

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The archives:

Thursday, January 2, 2020

GET ME REWRITE: Dee and Carl McKnight of Boone, Iowa, signal accommodation with and approval of the Trump regime

New mural in downtown Boone features President Trump.  (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 12/29/2019)
Both Dee and her husband, Carl McKnight, are franchisees of Remax in Boone and are also realtors and landlords. 
Both are registered Republicans and Trump supporters. 
But, Mcknight said, “The side of the building needed to be painted for some time and we decided, this is what we wanted to put on there.”

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The Trump GOP/German National Socialists connection.  (1/2/2020)

Original 1/15/2017 post, "Get me rewrite:  Buncha white people in Boone County, Iowa, talk about Trump", starts here.

Iowans approach Trump's inauguration uncertain but hopeful.  (Des Moines Register, 1/14/2017)

Source:  Wikipedia

Source:  CNN

What they're sayin':
  • Have you read any of his tweets lately, Pete?  “Unity will be an essential part of his speech, but achieving unity will be much easier said than done, particularly after a very divisive campaign.  He must challenge us to look beyond politics and tell us specifically how he plans to make us a better, more prosperous and safer America."
  • "Sunshine, lollipops and rainbows/Everything that's wonderful is what I feel when we're together“.  "You’ve got to be somewhat optimistic.  If the president does well, the country does well.”
  • "Brighter than a lucky penny/When you're near the rain just disappears, dear.“   People need jobs, and they need higher wages. Don’t send the jobs overseas — keep them here in America.  He’s been talking, but I’m waiting to see if he has the power to push these things through.”

Now that you have a certain tune in your head.

From the  movie Ski Party. 

Lesley Gore's 12th single to reach the Billboard Hot 100, "Sunshine, Lollipops and Rainbows" debuted at #98 for the week ending June 19, 1965.  It peaked at #13 and spent 11 weeks on the chart.

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GET ME REWRITE: The Wisconsin Elections Commission, just a normal group of people

Source:  Wisconsin Election Commission (grid) Wisconsin Democracy Campaign (dollars)

Wisconsin Elections Commission deadlocks, keeps voters on the rolls for now.  (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 12/30/2019)
It was the second time in as many weeks that the commission broke down along party lines over the lawsuit, which has drawn national attention because of Wisconsin’s top-tier status in the 2020 presidential race. 
Monday's commission meeting came as election officials provided new estimates that suggested a smaller number of voters than originally believed — about 144,000 — could be at risk of being taken off the rolls. 
The commission in October sent letters to more than 230,000 voters who it believes may have moved because they provided new addresses to the post office, state Division of Motor Vehicles or other government agencies.

Commission members, mapped.

Watching Scotty grovel

"One of a Kind (Love Affair)" by the Spinners debuted at #71 on the Billboard Hot 100 for the week ending 4/28/1973.  It spent 15 weeks on the chart, peaking at #11.

The Trump GOP/German National Socialists connection

If "strongman" and lover of strongmen Trump can expand his base of supporters who have a "proclivity toward authoritarianism", then we are in trouble.

Columnist outlines the frightening similarities between Trump’s America and 1930’s Germany.  (Raw Story, 12/30/2019)
“A polarizing would-be despot as national leader, rising anti-Semitism, an out-of-control upper bureaucracy, a politicized media and education systems, an economically stressed middle class, widespread dalliance with extremist ideologies and the rise of armed militant groups,” Kotkin writes. “America’s descent to authoritarianism is far from pre-ordained, but the reality remains that it could happen here, and perhaps already is.”

On 1 May 2015, the new Munich Documentation Centre for the History of National Socialism opened as a place of education and remembrance documenting and addressing the crimes of the Nazi dictatorship and their origins, manifestations and consequences right up to the present day. 

A view of a small sliver of the Centre's thought-provoking exhibit is shown below.  Donald Trump and his takeover of the Republican Party frequently came to mind as I walked through it.

Photo by Retiring Guy