Sunday, December 31, 2023

Day 1158 of GOP election denial hysteria (Trump Big Lie Clown Show Circus, South Dakota Looney Tunes edition)

ATTACK Of the Clown Show zombies
Starring Looney Tunes Minnehaha County (SD)
Leah Anderson

Headline: Sioux Falls Argus Leader, 12/27/2023
Anderson, who was sworn into the role in March after running a campaign based on election integrity, has had a strained relationship going back to the November 2022 election. 
In a September commission meeting, Anderson suggested the idea of hand counting ballots in future elections during a routine discussion on renewing a three-year service agreement with Election Systems & Service Software, the county's Omaha-based election vendor. Board members said they felt "ambushed" by the topic at the time, since the agenda item was specific to approving the agreement with ES&S.

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What's the matter with Iowa? Kimmi the Clown shocked that judge doesn't agree with her Nazi views on access to books

HeadlineDes Moines Register, 12/30/2023
Gov. Kim Reynolds said in a statement she was “extremely disappointed” by the decison. 
“Instruction on gender identity and sexual orientation has no place in kindergarten through sixth-grade classrooms,” Reynolds said. “And there should be no question that books containing sexually explicit content — as clearly defined in Iowa law — do not belong in a school library for children.

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USA box office on New Year's weekend (2017-2023)

USA box office on the New Year's weekend of 2023 is up 11% compared to last year when "Avatar: The Way of Water" was the top-grossing movie.  

 But it's down 41% compared to the 2017 peak when "Star Wars: Episode VIII" was the top draw.

Remember "Video Killed the Radio Star"?  
Meet "Covid Killed the Movie Star".
Source:  Box Office Mojo

Headline:  Variety, 12/28/2023
“Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom” is quickly sinking at the box office. 
The comic book adventure, starring Jason Momoa as the King of Atlantis, was positioned on the calendar as the de facto blockbuster of the holiday season. But, so far, the follow-up to 2018’s megahit “Aquaman” has failed to recapture the spark of the original. The $205 million-budgeted tentpole caps off 2023, a terrible year for superhero movies, as the fourth consecutive flop for Warner Bros. and DC Studios following “The Flash,” “Shazam! Fury of the Gods” and “Blue Beetle.”

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Going down: October 2022 box office drops 44% compare
d to 2018. (11/3)

Doris Walker Wilson (1927-2023) Warren High School class of 1945

1945 Dragon Yearbook

Doris's high school activities:
Stenographers' Club (4)

1967 Warren City Directory
  • Walker Earl W (Edna E) cutter Struthers Wells h516 1/2 Water Street
  • Doris and Robert live in Irvine
1983 Warren City Directory
  • Wilson Doris employee New Process hOld Route 6
  • Doris and Robert are listed as living in Irvine in the county section

The popularity of Doris as a baby name is graphed here.  Let's take a look at great-grandson Trent.

Trent debuted in 1952 and worked his way into the top 300, where he spent 41 in-and-out years, peaking at #208 in 2001.  He pretty much fell off a cliff and 2010 and disappeared from view in 2021.

Other members of the class of 1945 (32):



Roger Nuhfer.  (12/15)

Myron Sorenson.  (9/8)
Paul Dickerson.  (9/2)
Robert Uhr.  (7/16)

Glenn Slocum.  (4/9)
Violet Bimber Kavinski.  (1/25)

Richard Peterson.  (1/4)
Ruth Peterson Bennett.  (11/5)
Jean Park Johnson.  (10/23)
Marion Cook Klakamp.  (3/30)
Raymon Billstone.  (1/29)

Barbara Coe Sly.  (9/20)
Richard Olney.  (7/4)
Robert Scalise.  (3/21)
Doris Dinsmoor Lyle.  (2/6)

Mary Ann Masterson.  (9/28)
Clara Gelotte Wooster.  (7/19)
Dorothy Smith Bowser.  (6/30) 
Charles "Lindy" McConnell.  (2/14) 

Ruth Campbell Freeman.  (2/3)
Dixie Eaton Weldon. (1/25) 

Dorothy Kavinski Wycoff.  (12/21)
Robert Hammerbeck.  (12/14)

There they go again: Northwoods Wisconsin residents vote against their best interests

Sheldon Johnson oversees Spooner-based Visions Northwest in the state’s northwestern region.  Duringtw an interview on WPR’s "The Morning Show," he identified three facts that hinder a growing workforce in the Wisconsin Northwoods:  affordable high-speed internet, housing and child care are a hindrance to an expanding workforce. 

Spooner (population 2,573 in 2020 compared to 2,426 in 1930) is located in Washburn County.    

As far as expanding your workforce, it doesn't help when a county goes Trumpy, as Washburn did in 2016.  

Mitt Romney edged Barack Obama by 1.7 percentage points.  Four years later, Trump crushed Hillary Clinton by 23.4 percentage points, and repeated the performance in 2020, besting Joe Biden by 23.7 parentage points.


Democratic Governor Tony Evers, whose policies align with the Northwoods' workforce needs, received just 38.2% of the vote in 2022 against a GOP candidate who would have enthusiastically continued to promote the Republican Party of Wisconsin 'bootstrap' philosophy.   

As GOP majorities in the Assembly and Senate drag their heels on accessible Internet, housing and child care. 

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In Montana, the 3 counties with the highest death rate for adults 35 to 64 are majority Native American

You'd think that after a year-long investigation, the 5 reporters working on this story would mention this reality.

Montana counties denoted by arrows, from west to east:  Glacier, Big Horn, Roosevelt.

Map and headline:  Washington Post, 10/3/2023

Native Americans are mentioned just once in this article.
The pandemic amplified a racial gap in life expectancy that had been narrowing in recent decades. In 2021, life expectancy for Native Americans was 65 years; for Black Americans, 71; for White Americans, 76; for Hispanic Americans, 78; and for Asian Americans 84.

The population of Glacier County is 13,681 (2022 est.), of which 65% is Native American.

Source for column graphsU.S. Census Bureau QuickFacts

The population of Big Horn County is 12,851 (2022 est.), of which 66.7% is Native American.

The population of Roosevelt County is 10,572 (2022 est.), of which 61.3% is Native American.

Marilyn Peterson English (1931-2023) Warren High School class of 1949

1949 Dragon yearbook

1967 Warren City Directory

  • Marilyn and Norman live in Russell 
    1983 Warren City Directory
    • Marilyn and Norman live in Russell

    The popularity of Marilyn as a baby name is graphed here. Let's take a look at .

    Tressa made two efforts to establish herself on the baby names chart.  They both failed.  Between 1900 and 1919, she peaked at #663 in 1905 but spent the teens as a bottom feeder.  Between 1966 and 1975, she managed to spend 3 years in the mid-700s,  That's all folks!

    Other class of 1949 obits (45):
    Harold Gnage.  (8/13)

    David Winans.  (1/10)

    Richard Scalise.  (4/23)

    Robert Blair.  (9/6)
    Geoge Probst.  (7/25)

    Charles Vermilyea.  (11/15)
    Eleanor Shanshala.  (9/10)
    Constance Corbran Albaugh.  (4/5)
    Margaret Chambers Latona.  (3/18)
    Thomas Mowell.  (2/9)
    Mary Ellen Louise Riche Borden.  (1/22)

    Gail Nelson.  (11/2)
    Harold Crecraft (10/24)
    Neil de Stefano.  (1/20)

    Margaret Hartweg Albaugh Dallenbach.  (12/21)
    Dorothea Giltinan Suppa.  (6/15)
    Ruth Bengston Thelin.  (4/27)
    Donna Wenzel Ponsoll.  (1/4)

    Margaret Eustace Sutter.  (11/17)
    Paul Mahan.  (7/17)
    Paul Briggs. (7/11)
    Mary Ann Harrison Hughes.  (3/29)
    Winona Ross Prosen.  (3/5)

    Bertie McConnell Glotz.  (9/26)
    Corrine Culbertson Ryan Shanshala.  (7/13)
    Nicholas Mangus II. (6/15)
    Teresa Nuhfer Sanden.  (4/13)
    Catherine Salapek Freeborough.  (4/10)
    Richard Sharp.  (3/22/2015)

    Richard Hamilton.  (12/17)

    Saturday, December 30, 2023

    GET ME REWRITE: Laughingstock Iowa GOP caucusgoers get snookered by Trump

    HeadlineDes Moines Register, 12/14/2023
    Likely Iowa Republican caucusgoers view Donald Trump as the best candidate to handle an array of issues as president — from the economy to caring about people like them to protecting America’s democracy.

    The Iowa caucuses resemble a high-turnout spring election.  In other words, they should count for nothing, especially since they take place in one of the whitest states of the Union.

    SourcePew Research

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    GET ME REWRITE: Microsoft plans to create 1.5% of the jobs that Foxconn promised Scott Walker

    HeadlineThe Verge, 12/22/2023
    The Milwaukee Business Journal reported that Microsoft plans to initially hire 200 employees at its Mount Pleasant data center — and could add over 460 jobs over time. But it’ll still be a fraction of the 13,000 jobs that Foxconn originally promised the area back in 2017.

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    The mysteries of Foxconn (season 2).  (5/12)
    The collapse of Donald Trump's '8th Wonder of the World'.  (4/20)

    GET ME REWRITE: Two gullible guys from Racine County still believe anything Foxconn tells them.  (10/23)

    Keeping tabs on Foxconn Place in