Tuesday, November 28, 2023

CES 2024: TomTom Map Maker

Screenshot from video below

WebWire, 11/27/2023
Map Maker is a tool which allows users to craft and style maps to fit their brand, use case, and application — the company will be showing off maps made for various use cases such as EV, delivery, and ride-hailing. 
Alongside this, TomTom will also be demonstrating Map Maker’s AI capability. To truly see how powerful this tech can be, you have to see it for yourself, but imagine being able to customize a map by simply asking it to display and augment the map to how you want. This isn’t a voice command driven interface, this is a true LLM-powered tool where it interprets your prompts and applies it to the map — the learning curve of using the tool just got a lot smaller.

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