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The Towering Isthmus UPDATE. Keeping tabs on hubbA HubBa, better known as the James Apartments

 From North Bassett and West Johnson
Photos by Retiring Guy

On North Bassett approaching University Ave. (Not counting the James leasing office, only one ground-floor retail space is occupied.)

West Gorham approach to University Ave.

9/29/2017 update, "hubbA hubBa, a virtual tour of the James Apartments", starts here.

Photo by Retiring Guy

6/11/2017 update, "hubbA HubBa, a virtual tour of the James Apartments", starts here.

Just north of the North Broom and West Gorham intersection

Photos by Retiring Guy

From the North Broom turn onto West Gorham

A 2nd-floor studio will set you back $1075/month.

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6/2/2017 update, "HubBa in the home stretch", starts here.

A view on University near Gorham.

Photos by Retiring Guy

With a portion of HubbA at left.

Yikes!  A 2- bedroom, 2-bath apartment on the 12th floor of the James East (HubBa) runs from about $2100 to $2400 per month.

11/17/2017 update, "The shadow and light massiveness of hubBa", starts here.

aka The James.

Photo by Retiring Guy

10/24/2016 update, "hubBa adds to canyon effect to the University-Gorhan corridor", starts here.

Hey kids!  You get a choice.   The James West or The James East

Photo by Retiring Guy

10/15/2016 update, "Oh, the sun shines bright on my hubbA hubBa home..." (Isn't that how it goes?) starts here.

From the intersection of University Avenue and North Frances Street
Photos by Retiring Guy

From the top of the State Street Campus parking ramp

Panorama taken at University and N. Frances (which resulted in those cute little cars you see in the shadows)

7/4/2016 update, "The Towering Isthmus: hubBa with cranes wingspan", starts here.

From West Gorham and North Broom streets
All photos by Retiring Guy

Standing in front of La Ville

From North Bassett

Looking across University Ave. to West Gilman Street (hubbA on left, hubBa on right)

5/5/2016 update, "hubBa bulks up", starts here.

The hubBa presence expands.

A West Gilman Street view.  hubbA at left.  hubBa cranes at right.


The 12-story hubBa -- real name: Hub II The James -- will include a rooftop terrace with a pool, volleyball court, and 2 hot tubs.  It's a companion building to the Hub Madison on North Frances St.

Photo by Retiring Guy

March 20, 2016
hubBa now above ground level.

The sun prevented me from getting the perspective I wanted here.

The cranes as seen from the front of the Kohl Center.

Opened in August 2015, the 313-unit hubbA, known as Hub Madison in real life, is the u-shaped building that dominates the left half of this photo.  Studio apartments start at $1,250 per month per person.  (But, hey, they're well-appointed!)

The 356-unit hubBa -- a.k.a Hub II, rechristened The James -- is under construction in the foreground.

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