Tuesday, September 12, 2017

East Washington Corridor UPDATE. Side street visual inspection

An area of Madison where there's been lots of construction going on the past 5 years.

8/30/2017 update, "The Lyric Apartments are ready for occupancy", starts here.

Many of you probably can't afford to live here.

Photo by Retiring Guy

2 bed/2 bath apartments run from $1895 to $2950 per month.

7/12/2017 update, "Most of the Lyric exterior work is finished", starts here.

Photos by Retiring Guy

In-betweener floor plan.  (1 bedroom/1 bath for $1,325 to $1,545 per month)

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UPDATE. Another perspective of a much-changed stretch of East Washington corridor.  (7/12/2017)
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Madison East Washington Festival Foods is open for business.  (4/13/2016)
The balconies of the Constellation.  (4/19/2015)
The Constellation burns in reflected sunlight.  (1/11/2015)
The Constellation rises above the treetops.  (9/7/2014)

4/6/2017 update,  "Two views of the Lyric Apartments from a sunny East Mifflin vantage point" starts here.

Photos by Retiring Guy

2/20/2017 update starts here.

From East Washington and Brearly

Photos and video by Retiring Guy

Not cheap

1/10/2017 update, "Stone House development, the Lyric Apartments, takes shape", starts here.

From East Washington and Brearly.

Photos by Retiring Guy

From East Mifflin and Brearly.

Original 8/23/2016 post, "Another development starts to rise along East Washington Avenue in Madison Wisconsin", starts here.

In the very early stage.

Photos by Retiring Guy

New plans unveiled for Madison Dairy site on East Washington Avenue.  (Wisconsin State Journal, 9/12/2015)
Stone House Development has submitted plans with the city for a 10-story building that would include 200 apartments, more than 12,000 square feet of retail space and a parking facility for 355 vehicles on the former Madison Dairy Produce Co. site, 1000 East Washington Ave.

This stretch of the East Wash streetscape has changed considerably during the past few years.  (Constellation in foreground, Galaxie in center-right background.)

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