Sunday, June 2, 2019

Then and Now: Middleton Public Library, 1990 and 2019 (part 1)

The first photo was taken around the time of the dedication of the new Middleton Public Library in April 1990.

Photos by Retiring Guy

On the countertop of the reference desk you'll find (from left to right) 
  1. reproducible federal and state income tax forms
  2. Books in Print, then an essential title in a reference collection
  3. Lists of fiction and nonfiction best sellers
  4. clunky Compaq desktop computer (everything saved to a floppy disk, if I recall)
  5. telephone
  6. keyboard and the edge of a Geac library management system monitor.  (An online public access catalog was still 4 years away.  The card catalog is to the right of the frame.)
In the background, from left to right:
  1. revolving audiocassette display (collection eliminated in mid 2000s)
  2. seating area
  3. 3 ranges of reference collection shelving (behind reference desk)
  4. pamphlet files (tan file drawers beyond reference collection)
  5. back issues of magazines (first range of tall shelving)
  6. fiction collection (next two ranges)
  7. large-print books (tall shelving at right; young adult books shelves on other side)

In the fall of 2003, the library expanded into 10,000 square feet of previously unfinished space on the lower level.  (We never called it the basement.)  The following services and collections are located here:  

  1. reference desk and collection (the latter greatly reduced since 1990)
  2. computer lab
  3. study rooms
  4. adult nonfiction
  5. current and back issues of magazines and newspapers

The iconic elevator tower was designed to provide ease of access between the main and lower levels.

During this project, the main level underwent a thorough remodeling and freshening up.  (Goodbye, mauve.)

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