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UPDATE. The Towering Isthmus: AC Hotel Madison overhang is revealed

Photo by Retiring Guy

Madison, you're about to be felt!  (But not just yet.)

AC Hotel locations.

2/7/2016 update, " on a bright, sunshiny day", starts here.

Now taking reservations.

That's why it's called a boutique hotel.

1/14/2017 update at dusk starts here.

Photos by Retiring Guy

Source:  NCG

7/4/2016 update, "AC Hotel Madison at East Washington & North Webster (view from Capitol observation deck)" starts here.

Photos by Retiring Guy

And up close

6/14/2016 update 

2/26/2016 update starts here.

Foundation work continues
.  Capitol's Edge at rear center.  (Retiring Guy photo taken  on February 27, 2016)

Retiring Guy shares mid-January photos of the construction site.

North Central Group Breaks Ground On The AC Hotel Madison, The First Marriott Brand Hotel in Downtown Madison.  (, 8/27/2015)
The ten-story AC Hotel Madison set to open in late 2016 will provide 164 much needed guest rooms to the downtown Madison market. The hotel will offer valet parking, a fitness center, coffee and espresso bar, ninth floor terrace and lounge, and flexible meeting space for business, social or family events. The tenth floor will also feature a rooftop bar/restaurant offering hotel guests and local diners spectacular views of Lake Mendota and Monona as well as the State Capitol building and will serve signature cocktails, specialty wines, craft beers and an exciting menu of European and locally influenced small plate cuisine.  

What was originally the City Car Company, then Pahl Tire in 1936, is no more.

After revisions, Plan Commission recommends East Wash hotel proposal  (Wisconsin State Journal, 2/10/2015)

Developer revives proposal for large hotel near Capitol Square.  (Wisconsin State Journal, 1/9/2015)
The new proposal by North Central Group brings a new design for a Mariott AC hotel featuring a lounge, restaurant and other public space with striking views of the state Capitol and a glass facade at the corner of East Washington Avenue and North Webster Street. 

The proposal for the former Pahl Tire site also addresses previous concerns raised by city staff and committee members.

 Pahl Tire Company (1936-2013)
At the northeast corner of East Washington and North Webster
Originally home to Pennco Service Station

Madison officials urge developers to 'up their game' after hotel project stalls at Pahl Tire site.  (Isthmus, 10/1/2014)

Dubious location.
The project was hamstrung because the lot it was proposed for is very small and on an awkward slope, complicating the construction of underground parking. It's also on a busy intersection on the outer loop around the Capitol Square, creating concerns about parking and traffic safety, as guests load and unload luggage

European style AC Hotel planned for Pahl Tire site in downtown Madison.  (Capital Times, 7/23/2014)

Or not.
To date, the hotel project has failed to pass muster with city planning officials who remain concerned about the impact on the Lamp House, which sits hidden in the middle of the 100 block of North Webster Street.

Several months ago, a citizen committee working to protect the Lamp House recommended no buildings taller than six stories on the block, in part to prevent long shadows from being cast on the landmark Wright building.

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