Tuesday, April 7, 2015

100 Years of Frank Sinatra: "It Only Happens When I Dance With You"

1948 was not a particularly good year for Frank Sinatra.  None of his recordings are found on lists of the best songs of the year.

Not on Billboard's Top 39 Songs of 1948.

Not on Popular Song's Top Pop Hits of 1948.

Not on Rhapsody's The Best 50 Songs of 1948. 

Sinatra's first recording session took place at Hollywood's Columbia Studios on March 16, when he covered two Irving Berlin songs:  "It Only Happens When I Dance with You" (the "A" side) and "Fella with an Umbrella."  The "A" side spent a week at #19 on Billboard's music popularity chart.

As daughter Nancy shares in the 1948 Frank Sinatra biographical entry on the Sinatra Family website:
FS confided in Manie Sacks, his friend and mentor at Columbia Records, that so many things were going wrong that he felt like he was all washed up. Sacks replied that life is cyclical, and that he was too talented not to bounce back. "In a few years," he said, "you'll be on top again."

Meanwhile, in the Pacific Northwest.....

Here's a small child's perspective of the living and dining rooms of the new Auburn parsonage. 

In the fourth year of their marriage, Mom and Dad remain childless.  But not for lack of trying.

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